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Old 16th November 2010
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Bro had everything arranged

he had ac in guest room with only one bed with Tv also , he insisted dad to stay there . My bro was to sleep on sofa and me and mom on his bedroom but he used to change place with me everynight or i have to watch them fucking.

Dad used to enjoy ac and tv while his wife was getting banged by his son in other room .

My bro used to come everynight around 10 pm and it mom start to get excited by 9 pm . she used to get prepared for him everyday , 1 hour she used to spent on preparing only to get thrashed by my bastard bro .

I did seen my bro nailing her many time , everyday he used to fuck her so roughly , she used to look like a street hooker gangraped when bro gets finished . I don't know why she loved him so much .

one day when dad was out she prepared for him in bridal dress with full makeup , and what my bro did to that , he tore her clothes , seemed like he wants to eat her completely , i watched , he lustfully tore he clothes , banged her all around the house , pieces of clothes were lying everywhere .

finally i thought they went to bedroom , but they were lying in hall and mom was on floor , her lipstick and sindoor was all over her face n bro was sitting on sofa holding his dick n smiling to her n she was shying ,
bro was saying " aa de doon fir se ek baar , maa aa gaya aaj to "

i couldn't get courrage to cross the room for water , i told bro
"bhaiya , paani de dena please "
n the jerk replied "are khud lele , dekh kya fry karke rakh rakha hai maine janam ko aaj "

i crossed the room , mom was lying half naked , torn petticoat , and torn blouse , bro also had lipstick over his face , i ignored them n went to kitchen when i returned mom was sitting on his foots and he fas forcing her head to his penis saying " are le na jaanu , are maan le , le na , lele zara , utha ke loonga teri , bada maza aata hai na tujhe "

bro looked at me "samjha na ise , itni baar liya hai , aaj sharma rahi hai "
mom said "aaj somwar hai aaj muh main nahi"
bro said "aai hai , choot main to aise uchhal uchhal ke le li lekin "

i gave a disgusted look and went to room .

suddenly i had a bang on my door , then another bang , i got it , she was nailing her pinning her to my door , now i was hearing moans also .

suddenly bangs stopped , i went and opened the door , n bro was nailing her pinning her to wall , my bro had power , he had her lifted in air holding her thighs with his hands n mom's hands were on his butts , i was startled to see this because my mom was smiling at me n shying from me and looking down .

bro knew i was there , he told "beti kya maa kichudai dekh ke seekh rahi hai kaise kara jaaye , seekha de maa ise sab , chal ac main le jaake thokta hoon tujhe "

n bro carried her to my bed n i was still standing shocked at door why i'm watching all this .

I was seeing my bro's his going to and fro deep in mom's pussy , my bro had his hands on her thighs which had bent them completely 90 degrees to bed straight up.

i left and came after 20 mins to get my walkman , i saw bro was over her , and she was lying upside down , bro was completely over her n his rod was in mom's ass , his hands had clamped her .

n he was licking her earlobe n cheek , mom was making a painful face , she was having pain , bro was slowly raising his hip n then pushing it down untill depth , i saw she was crying n pleading him "nahi beta , please chod de abhi , bahut dard ho rahi hai "
n he was saying "are dard main hi to mazaa hai jaanu "

i loved mom i couldn't see this , i went to him, n punched my bro n threw him aside , n said "i'll kill you if you won't treat her with respect "

mom was sating to me "beti , koi nahi , gussa mat ho "
i began escorting mom outside the room , she had trouble walking , i saw there was blood drop from her ass on the floor .

as i reached door my bro threw me aside , took mom inside and closed the door from inside .

i was looking through keyhole , n beating the door ,

mom was moving away from bro "nahi beta aaj to chod de mere raja " n bro towards mom , saying "bada dard ho raha hai , le abhi deta hoon dard "
bro quickly held her face n gave her a deep smooch , he bit her lips .

and finally threw her on bed and turned her over . she took his rod in hand andd showed it towards keyhole with a grin n he spreaded her legs wide looking at keyhole untill mom moaned ,and finally inserted his dick in her ass hole again .

mom was crying "aaaaaahhhhh , eeeeeeeeeeeeeh nahiiiiiiiii beeeetttaaaaaaaa"
and the bastard increaded his rythm , i was also crying hearing her cries n watching her getting raped n i was banging the door , he fucked her ass wildly for 10 minutes n finally he came .

he got away and walked towards door , n opened the door , i punched him , he smiled and left , i went to mom . she was mildly unconcious , i held her , she was unable to get up and walk , i saw there was big red spot of blood on bedsheet , there were makrs on her hands too as he broke her bangles .

i took her to bathroom, bathed her , dressed her n slept hugging her . I was really angry at my bro , her ass was really hurting Next few days i didn't even allowed my bro to talk to mom , in front of dad he was stealing oppurtunity to come near her to talk but i used to call maa for something .

My bro was looking for any opportunity he could get to be with maa but i wasn't allowing so i was sleeping with her with door locked .

One night i got up due to thirst and saw mom isn't on bed , i thought fuck ,and i saw window was open , he came from window .

i opened the door and saw mom was nowhere in the house . Where he might have took her. I went to garage slowly n looked from window , i saw the car's door was open and two pair of legs were coming out of car , then i began to hear moans also as i opened the window more . Mom was lying on backseat of car n bro was over her fucking her , I was stunned how he consoled mom so easily all my talking was failed .

Suddenly he began to give hard strokes n mom was moaning in pleasure . I knocked on window and spoke in anger "you bastard "

My bro came out n looked at me n gave me a grin mom just about to come out he turned around and jerked her inside n jumped over her n banged her wildly , I went inside house and slept in my room , mom came after 1 hour satisfying my bro , quietly slept beside me facing away from me .

I got up n switched on the lights n made mom sit , mom was looking down , i raised her face to look me in eye i said "mummy tum fir se uski baato main aa gayi "

she mumbled "beta... wo "

I looked n saw there was new payal she had , I looked at those and said "so this the the gift .... huh......... "

n in anger i was out of control "you are really a slut .... you know that you slut , tumne hi pehli baar bhai se chudwaya hoga .. bolo sahi bol rahi hon na"

She began weeping n i realized i went tooo rough on my lovely mom .

I took her in my arms and said "sorry maa , i was angry ... please forgive me "

Mom mumbled on my brests "meri zabardasti izzat looti thi usne pehli baar ..."

i held her hard "ohh maa , bhool jaooo , main hoon ab tumhare liye ...."
mom again mumbled "baar baar balatkar kiya mera ........ "
i was shocked to hear this as mom and bro had told me they said they started with consensual sex with bro's advancements .

mom again mumbled "kya karti main........ "
I understood her pain .... as my son was only boy too her , she fell for him .
I held her strong n said "koi nahi maa ..... par tum sach main iss tarah jeena chahti hoo iss rishte main "

she left my embrace and said "doosri tarah nahi jee paungi " , she got up and i don't know what went in her mind she went out of room and headed towards my bro's room . I followed her but i saw she ended up in my bro's arms and bro hugged he , bro game a smile and took mom's face in his hands n said "alle alle kya hua mummy , didi ne kuch bola kya "
he looke at me "buri baat ...."
He held her n took her to his room giving me a grin n while going he slapped mom's ass and squeezed it and licked her neck .

I was unable to stop my cuddly mom who was going to be eaten by my animal bro in a while "

I loved mom so i closely went towaeds the room and stood there at door looking at them . He was kissing her and slowly undressing her while passing me lusty grins . Then he threw mom on bed in a sudden after makin her nude .

He was undressing looking at me , he held his cock in his hand it was erect n huge 8 in dick , He spreaded mom's legs n positioned himdelf between them , he looked at me n inserted his dick in her pussy n i heard mom's moan "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh"

I closed my eyes and looked other side , slowly the bed started to make noises , them mom's moan started increasing , after some time sound of bed churring and bangles shaking and payal shaking and mom and bro's moan was making a lusty mixture in my ears i turned around to see .

Bo was over mom banging her pussy wildly , he had folded her legs along her stomach with his hands n he was kiising mom voilently n mom's hands were ruffling her hair and scratching his back .

He sat straight up banging mom and now holding her thighs n her butts on his thighs he began to bang mom with ultra speed mom was now moaning loud and freely "aaa aa aa aah aah aaa ahh.........."

he looked at me with lusty grin n increased his sped further and finally gave a deep stroke n filled mom's cunt , after few seconds he collapsed on her and began smooching mom with his dick still inside mom's pussy .

I went to my room and laid there , mom came after some time n slept beside me and asked me for hug , i hugged her. I understood what she wanted to show , she showed me that she want sto keep this family togather , i understood her and we both slept in each other arms .

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Old 22nd November 2010
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thanks to all....................

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Old 18th December 2010
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18th December, Friday

Me and my wife were in the middle of a heated argument when her call came for the first time after all those years. The room suddenly fell silent as the somewhat harsh notes of the ringtone rang in the heavy atmosphere. Sheila, my wife, glared at my cell, then at me. As if that disturbing call was also my fault. I ignored her stare and proceeded to pick up the phone.
?Don?t you dare touch it when I?m talking to you? my beautiful wife hissed, standing in blouse and petticoat.
I paused for a half second before I picked the mobile and glanced at the number. Unknown caller. I again looked at my wife. All the blood of her body had converged on her face making it red and glowing hot, like almost an apple. Her twin peaks were impatiently heaving with her blouse as she intensified her laser like stare at me. I pressed the answer button and calmly said ?Hello?.
'Hi'. The voice was a woman's sounding breathless. Judging that a conversation with an unknown woman right in front of my dueling wife would really send matters over the edge, I carried the conversation to the balcony leaving Sheila in flames.
"Yes, now I didn?t get ur name exactly. May I know with whom am I speaking?' a hint of annoyance in my voice might have conveyed the barbed situation I was in the middle of, for the womanly voice replied somewhat sarcastically, 'Forgotten me already, have u? Well, it?s not shocking given the way we departed."
Now i'm a bit confused. Who is this chick calling out of nowhere? I put some pressure in my voice and said, 'Who are u?'
A small pause prevailed. Then came the answer which dropped a shell in my stomach. "It?s me, u I-D-I-O-T." Only one female in the world used to called me an idiot by spelling it out. And I was on the verge of believing she was dead.
"Natasha..... Is that you???." I had difficulty gathering myself together as I blurted.
?Yeah. Thank God, at least you remember my name.?
?Hey, don?t say that,? I felt hurt the way she put it, given our ending, ?but I am surprised.?
?Yeah, it?s hard to believe after all these years, I guess. Hey, why don?t u do one thing. Meet me at the CCD (Caf? Coffee Day) in CP (Connaught Place, N Delhi) at nine. N u?ll know for sure if it?s me or the devil, though I know both are the same.? She said laughing that famous laugh of hers. The sound of that voice and laughter was taking me back to those days when we were together. I wished if I could just jump from the balcony and magically land into our old canteen six year back, leaving this place, this marriage, my job and all the fucking worries that come along with it every second. I wanted to meet her right away. Plus I wanted to know what actually happened that time. Why she had disappeared. And had now suddenly reappeared out of the blue. All these thoughts were bugging me when I heard her voice on the phone.
??.ey u moron. R u there or have fallen down somewhere? Hello???? she yelled.
?Hey don?t shout like that. Ur neighbors might call the police.? I lightened up. She laughed again. ?Aaah. Thank god u?re alive. So, tell me. U coming?? she sounded just like the chirpy DU (Delhi Univ) girl she was six years ago. ?Well, let me think.? I said taking a peek inside the room through the window. Wifey had left the room. Well, I had two options. I could find out where my wife was and court the trouble I had timed out from. Or I could quietly tiptoe out of the apartment, make a getaway and have a full blast of trouble tomorrow. They say tomorrow is always another day.
Seeing me wait, she quipped. ?Don?t bother if u?re dining with the PM or enjoying a butfuck from ur boss.?
Her reply brushed off all my trepidations. I had to be with this chick right away. I was already getting an old familiar sensation in my loins with her talks. I replied, ?I was just thinking if you still smell like a dead fish u used to. Besides, who knows how many wrinkles have you grown over these years. I might go right past u without knowing. It?s a real dilemma how we?re gonna meet?? i said sounding serious as a monk.
?Don?t worry. I?ll be the one carrying a danda to smack ur dull head. Be there n don?t make me wait forever like u used to.? And she hung up.

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Old 21st December 2010
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u write so well,,loved it

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Old 28th December 2010
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love them all raju

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Old 29th December 2010
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thanks to all give me some repssssssssssssssss.

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Old 30th December 2010
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Thanks for great updates.

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Old 31st December 2010
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thanks to all and happy new year.

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Old 17th January 2011
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Hi readers raj here gain with new story of my mom. Maloom nahin aap ko meri pehli story “mom ko papa ke dost ne choda” pasand aye ya nahin par ab aap ko apni mom doosari real story batane jar aha hoon
Mom ka description ek baar dubara bata deta hoon
Name : Ranjana
Age : 42
Mummae : 40
Kamar : 38
Gaand : 42

Mere papa tour se bahar the.. hamare relation mein ek shadi thi. To humko wahan jana tha…. Kyonki papa ghar nahin the isliye mom ne mere ko bola chalo chalet hain… raat ki party thi…. Maine kaha theek hai chalet hain… mein tayaar ho gaya aur mom bhi tayaar ho gaee Mom ne Chocolate colour ki sari pehni hue thi jiska blouse deep neck tha. deep neck ke karaan uske mummae ki daraar jo dono mummae ke beech ka protion aur thoda mummae ka upaar ka

Portion nazaar aa raha tha aur uski bra ka strap blouse ke andhar se slip ho ke shoulder pea a jata tha who baar baar neeche karti thi… mom ne oonchi heel wali chappal pehni hue thi jiske kaarn uski sumo jaisi gaand hil rahi thi.
To hum dono kareeb 9.15 baje party mein pahunche Mein party mein apne dodton ke sath bath gaya unme kuch aise ladke bhi the jo mere ko aur mein unko nahin jaanta tha….

Aur mom apni saheliyon ke sath chali gayeeee…
Party mein DJ laga hua tha to mom wahan chali gayee aur sab dance karne lage…..
Mere friends bhi chale gaye naachne … ab mere paas do ladke jo bathe hue the mein unko aur who mere ko nahin jaanate the

Mom naach rahi thi aur uski bra baar baar bahar aa rahi thi aur who andhar kar rahi thi…
Mere paas do ladke jo bathe hue the who apaas mein baatein kar rahe the
Pehla : Yaar kya mast aurat hai.

Doosra : Koun si who chocolate colour ki sari wali
Pehla : hain yaar; Sali ki gaand dekh kaise hil rahi hai jaise lun andhar gaya ho yeh masti le rahi ho
Doosra : Aur mummae dekh aise lag rahe hain jaise ki coffee mein issi ka doodh nikaal ke daalenge….
Pehla : chal try karte hain shayaad baat ban jaye….. par agar baat ban gayee to kahan kare ge sab masti..

Doosra : Yaar mein papa ki badi wali laal bati wali gadi laya hoon parking mein hai aur wahan laal bati wali ke paas bhi koi nahin aata wahan kar lenge
Pehla : Chal pehle try to kareen Fir dono naachne chale gayee aur peeche peeche mein bhi chala gaya… mein mom ke peeche ki taraf naachne laga aur dono ladkon ki harkatein aur baatein Sunane laga…. Meri taraf mom ki gand thi isliye mom ko nahin pata tha ki mein bhi satge pe hoon.

Ek ladka mom ki gaand mein nachte waqt hath laga raha tha aur doosra age nache raha tha aur apni arc se uske mummae ko daba raha tha..Kuch time baad peeche wale ladke ne apna lund seeda kiya pant ke bahar se mein samaj gaya ki iska saamp mom kay bill mein jana chaata hai….. aur usne himmat kar ke mom ko thoda paas se bola

Aunti you are looking smart
Doosra ladka : hain aunti aap bhaut smart aur who ho
Mom : Who kya ho
Ladka : Sexy
Mom : Hasne lagi aur boli thanx…
Pehle ladka : Aunti apki bra ka strap bahar aa gaya hai
Mom : o sorry and thanx

Doosra ladka : aunti chalo bahar chalk e baatein karte hain aur thoda enjoy karenge
Mom : Yaheen par enjoy kar lete hain
Ladka : Aunti Bahar maza ayega
Mom : bahar problem hai
Mein samaj gaya ki mom to tayaar hai par who mere karaan shayaad nahin ja rahi ya dar rahi hai… Maine mom se kaha mom mein apne friend ko drop karne jar aha hoon ek daed ghante tak vapis ayoonga

Mom : Okay par jab aaoge tab phone kar lena mein bahar aa jaoongee, Maine kaha theek hai mom Fir mainen hall ke peeche ja ke parking mein gaya aur laal bati wali ghadi ko trace kiya taki wahan pahunch jaoon agar who bahar ayee.e… parking mein to andhera tha par unki gaadi par banquet hall ki roof wali light thodi parh rahi thi jiske kaaran gadi ke andhar dhikayee de raha tha par glass ke saath lag ke dekhna padta tha fir mein aa ke hall mein peeche khada ho gaya.

Ab mom aur who dono ladke chair par bathe hue the aur baatein kar rahe the… fir 10 mins ke baad who teeno bahar chale gaye… mein bhi chup ke dekh raha tha ki kahan jaatein hain… who teeno parking ke taraf gayee. Mein samaj gaya ki yeh plan ke mutabik gaadi mein jayenge.

Fir mein thodi daer baad unki gaadi ke peeche chala gaya aur andhar jhaank ke dekhne laga…. Gaadi ke sheeshe thode khullae the thodi garmi thi .. par unohne ac nahin chalaya tha kyon khadi gaadi ko start rakhne se kissi ko bhi shak ho jata to isliye glass thode neeche kiye hue the..

Jab maine andhar jhanka to …
Ek ladka mom ka ek mumma bahar se daba raha tha aur doosare ne mom ke blouse ke andhar haath daala hua tha……
Mom : Thoda jaldi karo koi aa jayega…
Ladka : Aunti koyee nahin ayega… aap chinta mat karo… vaise bhi laal bati wali ke paas kam log hi aate hain Mom : Are prashant drop karne gaya aa bhi sakta hai
Ladka : theek hai aunti
Chalo ab apne football jaise mummae bahar to nikalo
Mom ne apne hath se dono mote mote aur latke hue bhaari barkam doodh ke can ek ek karke bahar nikale

Ladka : aunti aap k ek ek mummae mein to dud dud kilo doodh hoga
Mom : Chalo ab yeh dairy farm aap dono ka hai nichode lo inko
Fir dono ladke ek ek mummae choosane lage aur mom unke lund pant ke bahar se masalane lagi

Fir mom ne ek ladke ka naam le boloRaaj tum meri choot ko garam karo aur jaldi karo please
Yeh kah ke mom ne apni saari kamar tak utha lee aur fir seat pe bath gayee raju ap mom kee jango be beech uska bharatpur chaat raha tha .. raju ka sara muh mom ki moti moti jangon mein chupa hua tha aur doosara Vicky mom ke rasbhar aam choos raha tha
Mom : ooonnn uffffff. Vicky kya sara doodh peene ka iradha hai kya

Vicky : Mera bas chale to mein yeh gaayae (Cow) ghar le jaoon
Mom : ooonn.ufffff.. ahhhhh
Fir mom ne raju ko apni moti moti jaanghon ke beech se nikala
Vicky peeche ke saet pe bath gaya aur mom uske lund ke upar bath ke uthak bathak karne lagi .. aur raju mom ke bade bade mountains kop choos raha tha

Mom jab uchaal rahi thi tab gaadi choon choon ki awaaz kar rahi thi aur mom aahhh oooo..uffff lki awaz kar rahi thi
Fir mom ne raju ko agli seat ko folds karne ko kaha
Raju ne agli seat fold kee aur mom fir ghodi ban gyee
Vicky ne peeche se dala
Vicky : aunti itni badi gaand hai ki mera lun to choot tak pahoonche ga hi nahin

Mom : Try to karo
Vicky : Lo sirf lun ka topa hi pahuncha age
Mom : Ruko
Raju doosari seat bhi fold karo raju ne doosari seat bhi foild ki

Ab mom ne dono seats par apna hath rakha aur ek taang car ke andhar ki partition k eek taraf aur doosri taang partition ke doosari tarf rakh ke is tarah bed hue ki uska face gear lever ke paas tha aur mummae seats ke beech latak rahe the
Mom ki sumo jaissi badi gaand ab Vicky ke saamne thi
Vicky : Wow meri sumo.ab jayega mera sara samaan tumahari diccky ke andhar
Mom : Jaldi karo

Fir Vicky jatke dene laga aur raju mummae daba raha tha
Gaadi hil rahi thi
Mom : ooo.uffffwow. chdod na mujko onnn
Fir eka ek Vicky ki speed bad gayee aur mom ek dum age bed gayee aur uska lun bahar nikaal liye
Vicky : aunti hone wala tha lun kyon bahar kar diya

Mom : hone wala tha tabhi to bahar nikala
Ab mom ne vicky ki muth maar ke uska saar pani bahar nikala pani bahut zada tha par mom ke mummae bade honer ke kaarna ek hi mummae pe sara ka sara pani sama gaya
Mom : Raju aao ab tum apna samaan dalo meri dicky mein
Raju : ooo aunti

Fir raju peeche aa gaya aur usne mom ke andhar daala
Mom : tumahar samaan bhar hai Vicky se
Raju : hain aunty main truck ka driver hoon na bhari samaan laadne ki adaat hai yeh to sumo ka driver hai
Raju : aunti mera lund bahar mat nikalana jab hone wala hoga..

Mom : andhar mat girana apna ras
Raju : nahin tumahari dicky ke upaar daloonga
Fir mom thodi siskiyaeen lene lagi aur khud ko peecvhe karne lagi taa ki raju ka poora andhar jaye

Fir mom ke tange tan gayee aur do teen jatke diye mom ka sara pani nikal gaya
Mom : Raju ab jaldi karo
Raju : jatkae pe hatka maar raha tha for raju tez ho gaya aur tez aur fir jatke se bahar nikala aur mom ki gaand ke upar muth maar ke pani gira diya

Mom ne tissue paper se mummae aur gand dono saaf keee Fir mummaon ko bra ke andhar kiya . kacchi pehni aur saree neeche kare poori tarah theek ho ke bahar nikaleeeFir 15mins baad maine phone kiya ki mein aa raha hoon, Aur bas fir hum ghar chale gayeeee,

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