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Old 18th October 2006
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Meri sauteli maa ka pyaar

This is truly original story based on actual personal relationships in reality. Enjoy it.

My name is Chintamani. I was born in January 1941, and because of a lot of respect for my Uncle, I started calling my mom “Bhabhiji” just like my uncle used to. Unfortunately for me in 1949 my mother passed away. I remember feeling guilty for my mom going away and I used to go to her picture and used to say: “Bhabhi, mein tumse kabhi nahin ladoonga aur kabhi mithai nahin mangoonga. Tum wapas aa jao, mera dil tumhare bina nahin lagata!” But all in vain!

My father had arranged his marriage with a 16-year old girl from Maharashtra, because her parents were poor and she was almost illiterate. In 1953, my step-mom, Bhaminidevi arrived and she hugged me, but I shied away and went in a corner and cried. She was only 4 years older than me, and I was not willing to accept my step-mom. She on the other hand tried much harder to show me her love. Next morning she called me in the bathroom and asked me to remove my clothes, because she would give me a bath. I felt shame at removing clothes, so I said, I will take the bath by myself, but she said “No, I will really clean you up. Come here fast with your clothes removed.”

I obeyed, and she massaged soap in my head, face, and all over my body and then between my hips and then in the front she she held my then small lund in her hand and tried to push the skin back and the skin refused to go back. After a lot of trials the skin didn’t move at all. She called my father “Are sunte ho, yahan aao!” When he came she told him that he will have to take me to the doctor or hospital because the skin on this (pointing to my lund) does not go back. He took me to a private hospital and there they scheduled me for circumcision. I was released in one week after the stitches came out.

My step mom made delicious kheer and poori to celebrate my coming back home after successful surgery. Next morning she took me for my bath and showed me that the front of the lund was now without skin and the remaining part she showed me the skin slid back and she showed me a circular area just below the head of the lund where lot of smudge accumulates and it is important to clean it. She cleaned that area, and then she put her hand horizontally on my lund measuring it with her hand. My lund was loose, not erect, but still it was of the length of her hand from one end of her middle finger to almost her wrist. She said to me: “Wah beta tum ab bare ho gaye ho. Tumhara yeh bhi khoob lamba ho chala hai. Iski achhi hifazat karana.”

In October 1954, a year after her arrival in our home, she gave birth to a baby girl but the baby girl had breathing problems and she passed away in three months on the new years’ day in 1955. I was almost 14 at the time. My step-mom was having great difficulty with her breasts that were full of milk and it was not used, because her daughter passed away. One Monday, when my father had gone out of town on business, I saw her squuezing her boobs to try to get the milk out but I guess, she found it very painful. She went back to the bedroom, lied down on the bed and began crying. A little later, she called me in. I was peeping in her bedroom just being curious, so I immediately went there. She asked me to lie down next to her and suck the milk from her breast. She told “Is doodh se mujhe bahut dard ho jata hai. Ab tum mere bete hi to ho, so tum mera doodh pee sakte ho. Ye tumhe takat bhi dega.” I obeyed and lied next to her. She had already removed her blouse and bra, and I felt that my lund became very erect and much bigger than when she had measured it with her hand. So I put my one hand down there, in an effort to hide the elongated lund, and began sucking my step-mom’s milk. She saw my hand pressing down on my lund, so she asked: “Kya baat hai beta. Kya dard ho raha hai wahan?” I replied: “Nahin, dard nahin, who bahut lamba ho gaya hai aur mujhe sharm aati hai.”

She immediately loosened my shorts and removed them, and also the underwear. Now I was naked below my waist with my lund even more erect after getting touched by my step-mom. She took it in her hand and measured it from one end of her middle finger to way beyond her wrist. She said, let me measure it, so she got up, took a measuring tape from her sowing machine, and told me: “Are baba, yeh to tere pitaji ke lund se bhi baraa hai. Poore nau inch ka ho gaya hai. Chal mein tujhe kuch nai tarkeebein sikhati hoon. Chal apne sare kapre untaar de aur mein bhi yahi karati hoon, aur hum dono paas paas let jaate hain. Tu ab bara ho gayaa hai aur mein tujhe aaj zindagi ka gyaan doongi.” I lied down next to her naked body and she asked me to lie down on her and suck her milk like a baby. I did just that, and somehow I began to feel wetness with lund that was on top of my step-mom’s choot. Without any effort on my part or the part of my step-mom, my lund slid inside her choot and I bagan feeling that her choot was squeezing my lund. My step-mom put her arms around me and squeezed my body hard and removed my mouth that was sucking milk from her breasts and she put her tongue inside my mouth. I felt a very strong shock l;ike that of high voltage current!

My step mom began moaning: “Aaahhhhh.. Aaahhhhh.. Aaahhhhh.. Shhhhhh… Shhhhhh… Shhhhhh… Haye Mar gayi mein.” I quickly said “Bhabhi, kya hua, meine koi galti kardee?” She replied: “Nahin, kuch nahin. Mujhe maza aa raha tha aur mein maze mein yeh sab kah gayi. Iski kuch parvah mat karo. Bas isi tarah se karate raho.” I asked: “Kya karata rahoon?” She explained: “Aage peeche dhakka maarte raho. Mein bhi tumhare saath dakke maroongi. Tumhe bhi mazaa ayega.” So I began my in-out-in-out “dhakke marna.” And my step mom started doing the same. I began to feel excitement in my lund, and then I felt a big spray of liquid on my lund inside my step-mom’s choot. And I heard her moan out loud: “Ooohhh.. Haye .. Haye .. Aaahhhhh.. Aaahhhhh.. Shhhhhh… Shhhhhh… Cchhhooo !!” And suddenly she collapsed and told me “Mein to jhar gayi, ab tumhari baari hai. I continued my dhakke for another five minutes and suddenly I felt like the sky had burst and it felt really very very good to my lund and it began shinking.” My step-mom said: “Ab tum bhi jhar gaye! Aao let jao meri baahon mein.” I slumped on tom of her and again began sucking her milk and I don’t know when both she and I fell asleep. Suddenly at 6 PM, we heard a knock at our outside door, the milkman had arrived to deliver milk for the evening.

After our dinner, my step mom said: “Tumhare pitaji to teen mahine ke liye baahar gaye hain. Mujhe raat mein bara dar lagata hai. So, tum mere paas hi so jana jab tak tumhare pitaji wapas nahin aa jate.” I obeyed her again. In the night, she again asked me to remove all my clothes and she too did the same and we repeated what we did in the day. I became addicted to doing that. I asked my step-mom: “Yeh jo humne kiya uska kya naam hai.” She happily replied: “Ise chudai kahate hain. Tumne mujhe choda, lekin aur kisi ko mat batana ki tum mujhe chodte ho nahin to gazab ho jayega.” Our chudai took place after lunch and after dinner every day. I had become very adicted to my step-mom’s chudai, and she was too. At the end of two month’s she said: “Are Chintamani, gazab ho gaya. Tumne mujhe garbhwati kar diya.” I asked “Yeh kya hota hai.” She replied: “Har aurat ka shreer kareeb har chaar hafte mein ek andaa banata hai. Jab aadmi aur aurat ek dusre ki chudai karate hain to aadmi kaa virya aurat ke ande se milne ki koshish karata hai, aur agar who mil jate hain to ek naya bacchhaa bananaa shuru ho jata hai. Tab kahate hain ki aurat garbhwati ho gayi.” I asked: “Yeh virya kya hota hai.” My step-mom replied: jo tumhare lund mein se nikla tha jab tum jhare the.” I asked: “Aap to mei maan hein, aur mein is bache ka baap, aur yeh bachhaa aapka bhi beta hoga. To yeh to rishtedaari mein garbar ho gayi.” She said: “Koi baat nahin hai. Hum kisi ko nahin batayenge ki yeh tumhara bachhaa hai. Tumhare pitaji thore dinon mein aane waale hain. Sab samjhenge ki yeh unhi kaa bachhaa hai. Tum is bare mein bilkul chup rahana. Sab theek ho jayega.

Next month my father returned back. And I started sleeping in my room, but “Bhabhi” and I continued making chudai in the day when my father was busy in business. In some of the nights, my father did her chudai. On the nights that he didn’t do that, she used to come to my room about 1 AM, and we used to do chudai, and then she would go back to her room. My father used to sleep very fast, so he never knew that “Bhabhi” was not sleeping with him throughout the night.

“Bhabhi” and Pitaji arranged my marriage and I got married in 1959 to a very beautiful girl of age 16 named Preeti. Just like her name, she was all love. At the time of my marriage, “Bhabhi” had given birth to four sons that were biologically my sons, but legally my half-brothers. In 1960, Preeti gave birth to a baby-girl, and Bhabhi gave birth to another son, also were biologically my son, but legally my half-brother. Then Preeti and I moved to Bombay, and my relationship with Bhabhi stopped!

My dear friends at Xboard.US, I hope that this true and original story was entertaining for you. Your comments are welcome.

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Old 19th October 2006
lvmimurs lvmimurs is offline
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My dear cis3820,

First of all, I am very sorry that you lost your real mother at a very early age. But you had a real great step-mom. I would love to have such a step-mom.

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Old 19th October 2006
fmuc2000.y fmuc2000.y is offline
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Loved your truly original story based on your actual personal relationships in reality. You were so lucky to have a greate step-mom. I hope the she is living with you.

Post your current relationship with her.

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Old 19th October 2006
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I also read your story “My secret similar to Jeevan Lamba’s ‘Bus Journey With My Wife.” It looks like your step-mom, Bhaminidevi was more loyal to you than your wife Preeti.
Enjoyed your writing and found it very erotic. Good luck to you. Hope to read more of your writing. You are a good writer.

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Old 19th October 2006
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Really enjoyed your story. Wonderfully written and very interesting and erotic.

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Old 19th October 2006
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Enjoyed your well written story. Quite interesting!

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Old 19th October 2006
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You are very lucky to have such a caring step-mom. I wish I had one like yours.

Excellent story. Look forward to more from you.

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Old 19th October 2006
fmucpp fmucpp is offline
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Loved your erotic story. Keep up the good work.

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Old 19th October 2006
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What a lucky guy you are. I wish I had a step-mom like yours!

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Old 19th October 2006
hotmail0283 hotmail0283 is offline
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Wow, tum apne paanch bhaiyon ke baap ho? Tumhara jawab nahin.

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