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All types of Sex stories by Prachi [credits goes to Original writers]

I am Nikhil and this is about my sexual encounter with my Sister in Law Ruchi who was my classmate too during my graduation. Ruchi is actually cousin sister of my wife, on her mother’s side, nearly 3 years older than my wife Deepa and exactly of my age. We, I and Ruchi were not only in same batch during our graduation but we were part of same group of 6 friends.

At that time I was involved with a female name Bharti who was Ruchi’s very good friend and Ruchi was involved with one guy who was not in our batch but a year senior to us. After completing my graduation somehow I broke up with Bharti and somewhat got totally detached with Ruchi also but after really very long I met her again on the stage, on my marriage day and we both were equally shocked to see each other.

We both recognized each other without any hesitation among people and spoke to each other casually for a while. By now Ruchi was physically changed a bit and she too was married but not with her boy friend, rather to some other guy. Later during dinner we met again but as we were mobbed with people our conversation was casual and we both did not tried to pull our past affairs into that chat, even though we both were well aware of this fact that during our collage days we both were sexually involved with our partners of that time, me with Bharti and Ruchi with that guy whose name was Gaurav. Although after marriage we met again couple of times before I flew for my Honeymoon with my wedded wife but as such nothing of past in that context came in conversation.

Going back in time to give bit detail of me and Ruchi of our collage days I will say that, throughout the graduation mostly Ruchi, me and Bharti (my ex) use to roam around in free time and since her collage time Ruchi was fond of eating and never tried to put her in a barrier of maintaining figure and as a result she was having thick fleshy thighs and heavy ass mounds along with good flesh on her arms.

Though those days I was boy friend of her friend but truly speaking because of Ruchi’s body structure I was sexually more attracted towards her than my own girl friend and main reason for that was her fleshy body and after meeting her again after so many years suddenly my desire to get friendly with her rose effectively.

While trying writing down Ruchi’s appearance I will say that she is a good looking female with pleasant smile, curly hairs short in height must be 5’ or may be couple of inches more, much shorter than me and sexy in fleshier way, with heavy breasts she is having good amount of flesh over her thighs and ass mounds.

Since collage days she had put on some more weight, by now her breasts were much heavier than what she use to have in past and her big soft and buttocks were now erotically spread and I found them jutting out even more over her full blown shapely hips.

Anyway after coming back from my honeymoon, life went on going, Ruchi was gone back to her town but I could make out that one corner of my mind was blocked with Ruchi’s thoughts, apparently I never reflected anything from my gesture to my wife but I was little keen to meet Ruchi in solitude, just to chit chat about our past.

I don’t know if readers have understood what kind of feeling I had for Ruchi after I met her again after so long, I think it can only be felt, we both had many secrets of each other and I was really desperate to talk to her about those facts. Slowly with time I was getting more and more desperate to meet her but it was not easy, Ruchi was living with her husband in some other town, very far from my city and in that condition what I could do was just Facebook.

As I said was attracted towards her since my collage days, I started collecting her pictures whatever she uploaded and use to browse them on my laptop to arouse myself. Though many times I chatted with her too through social networking site but all these things kept on increasing my desperation to meet her which ultimately made me retain my habit of masturbating even after marriage and after marriage whenever I masturbated, I fantasized Ruchi and me in different intimating positions.

Anyway keeping fantasies aside, I was well aware of this fact that for me it cannot be possible to get intimate with Ruchi, though at my end I was ready for that any moment but altogether by now things were changed so much, that me giving any try to fulfill that desire of fucking her could be very dangerous for my married life.

First of all I was married to her sister, moreover she was also married, and seemed happily married to me, so immaterial what I use to think about her while doing masturbation, practically I just wanted to talk to her in solitude and face to face, I wanted to bring out few naughty moments of our past life and see her reaction.

Though initially I thought that my desire will never get fulfilled and I will never get alone with Ruchi like I wanted but it happened and by the time it happened nearly two years were passed and we both were quite frank with each other on social networking site. Things move in a way that I got opportunity to go to her town on official visit and first thing I did was I informed Ruchi about my visit and as expected she invited me to her place casually.

After reaching to her town and working late night on the first day, somehow I took next day off from my work and Ruchi too kept that day free as I was suppose to visit her and when I reached her place she was waiting for me, while being alone at home wearing simple Salwar Kameez, typical Indian outfit.

After a formal hello and how are you, she bought me simple water first and then asked me what will I have and after such formalities we sat together in her living room and started chit chatting casually, first statement which I would like to mention, after asking me how is her sister (my wife) and everyone at my home, was “achha lag raha hai aapse akele mein milkar” “aapse….I can’t handle that anymore? Humlog tu ya tum use kar sakte hain” I replied behaving casual and somewhat teased her for being formal in mild sarcastic tone. Ruchi laughed a bit on that and replied back “those days are gone, ab aap humare damad ho…

Respect to deni hi padegi” “Please formal hone ki koi zarurat nahi hai, treat me as your friend, like you use to in past” I replied back and Ruchi replied with ok with a mild smiling gesture. “So, what’s up…..how is life going” I asked her “Theek hai…. rather sab kuch achha hai…. but still I will say ….married life se bachelor life better thi”

“I know but by the time we release this, humari marriage ho chuki hoti hai and there is no way you can turn back” I replied back using my wit and Ruchi giggled on that and replied with “sahi baat hai”. “Who else is in your touch?” once again I started “now you can ask directly, we are alone here”

Ruchi replied with a naughty smile and I giggled on that and before I would have spoke anything Ruchi spoke again “I know you are keen to know about Bharti (my ex girl friend and her fast friend of collage days)” once again I laughed a bit on her gesture and spoke “believe me aisa kuch nahi hai….. and tell you frankly, I am more keen to know about Gaurav, when you broke up with him?”

This time Ruchi giggled on my instant reply “Nearly after 6-7 months, when you broke up with Bharti” Ruchi replied casually -“it was just not me….. it was a mutual decision, we both broke up” I replied in a tone as if I am trying reminding her “whatever” Ruchi replied with one word “So why you broke up with him?”

I asked her again “that was also a mutual decision… we both broke up” Ruchi replied and we both giggled again on her witty reply. ”by the way aaj kal Bharti kahan hai?” I asked her “she is happily married with two kids” Ruchi replied “that’s what she needed” I smiled while saying that. “Are you still in touch with her?” “Yes and she know ki now you are my jiju” “What did she said?”

I smiled a bit while asking her “please usko mera no. matt dena” Ruchi replied and we both laughed on that and then asked Ruchi again “arrange marriage?” “Haan…obviously ….in typical Marwari family” “Good” Ruchi replied and I spoke in reply. “maine bahut samjhaya tha usko…when both of you were breaking up, I mean sab kuch karne ke baad…you guys just broke up” this time Ruchi started and I smiled on what she said, somehow I wanted to get sex into the conversation and it was she who bought that into the chat, from “sab kuch” Ruchi meant sex. “What do you mean sab kuch karne ke baad…..tum bhi to Gaurav ke saath sab kuch kar chuki thi…, why you guys broke up?”

Ruchi smiled while looking in my eyes and got wordless for a moment, she was not at all expecting this from me. “How do you know” finally she uttered after few seconds and in response I asked her question about me and my ex-girl friend, “How do you know Ki maine aur Bharti sab kuch kar chuke the?” “Bharti told me” “same here, Bharti told me.….”

I replied bit sarcastically and then spoke again “rather tumhare Gaurav ke saath karne ke baad hi maine ussko force karna shuru kiya tha……I was so jealous of you guys” “Ya I remember, Bharti ne bataya tha ki you are forcing her for sex” Ruchi replied and acknowledged my statement, “it took me more than a month to convince her,…

I don’t think Gaurav ko tumko convience karne ke liye itna time lagga hoga”. “What do you mean…..main sex ke liye instantly ready ho gayi thi… ? as I said that Ruchi literary screamed over me with arbitrary anger while smiling and looking into my eyes” I giggled on that “no I didn’t mean that…..I am sure shuru mein tumne bhi nakhre kiye honge”

I smiled lightly while saying that and then spoke again in continuation “but as far as I could read you, you were much liberal then Bharti” Ruchi smiled on my compliment and spoke again “Tell you frankly….. humara case aap dono ke case se bahut different tha, I was not serious with Gaurav” after a small pause Ruchi spoke again in continuation “after being in relation with Gaurav for around one year I could make out ki, we cannot go throughout life….he was a guy of different planet,…… but I was not expecting that from you guys….Bharti always seemed serious to me but…..I don’t know what you guys did” “just forget that…..she is happy that’s it”

I tried ending conversation about my past affair and bring out her past affair in by asking her in continuation, “waise what do you mean ki Gaurav was a guy of different planet” “Yaa he was a guy of different planet….he was over intelligent…Romance ke naam par he just knew how to…..you know…..”

Ruchi spoke and ended leaving the statement incomplete assuming I have understood but without thinking it even for a fraction I asked her again “how to… what?” “How to fuck” “Opps” Ruchi completed her words and I smiled with bit of shock “That’s bit shocking, I never knew this…ki you are not happy with Gaurav…. Bharti never told me?”

I spoke whatever came in my mind, “why Bharti never told you….has some other reason….forget it” Ruchi smiled while looking into my eyes, “tell me…..what was the reason” I asked Ruchi again but Ruchi got up and asked me for the soft drink which I was having “want to have more “ “ok” I replied, “even then you continued with Gaurav for so long…almost three years”

I asked her from the distance, Ruchi turned to me from the place she was standing and spoke from the distance with a smile “as such mere pass koi option nahi tha….” and then spoke again while coming back to the living area with filled glasses of the soft drink “moreover he was one of the most good looking guy of our collage….”

Ruchi served me my glass and spoke again while sitting down on the couch “waise bhi collage mein ye sabb time pass hi hota….I don’t think among so many couples of our batch….kisi ne bhi shaadi ki hogi…..” I smiled on her statement while looking into her eyes and gave a thought to what I was about to speak up and finally uttered “Oh no….time pass hi karna tha to, you would have asked me” Ruchi laughed on that nicely and spoke “…… that’s why Bharti never told you ki I am not happy with Gaurav” I reflected some confusion on my gesture and clear that Ruchi spoke again, “from the very beginning we both wanted to….you know……..we both wanted approach you, unfortunately I failed and Bharti succeeded.”

I don’t know how many of readers can feel that moment of strange pleasure, weird feeling passed through my body as I heard that, but I behaved casually and replied in shocking gesture, “Don’t tell me….” Ruchi giggled on my reaction. I was realizing that it was so unfortunate for me to propose Bharti, when I could get her with a single try, as I said earlier throughout my graduation I was attracted towards Ruchi, much more then my own girl friend and from the time I came to knew that she is having physical relation with her boy friend I was feeling so envy for her boy friend and to tranquilize my urge I somehow convinced my girl friend and started to fuck her.

That moment my desire to get intimate with my friend cum Saali rose so much that in a fraction I got very uncomfortable in my pants and changed my posture to avoid getting noticed by Ruchi. Next moment I realized what would have happened if I would have gone through a proper affair with Ruchi and would have fucked her in collage days and after break up would have married her sister.

Once again I gave a thought to what I was about to speak and finally spoke “you know what….I was having same feeling for you….I mean throughout graduation while being together…..I was attracted towards you but never dared to approach you” “….mujhe lagta tha Bharti and you are best friends, and leaving Bharti….if I will propose you, tum dono mil kar mujhe jaan se maar daaloge.”

“We were best friends…!” Ruchi replied and then spoke again in continuation “and definitely if you would have approached me after getting into affair with her, we would have killed you…..” “But still I will say ki…..aapko approach karna chahiye tha…..” “What do you mean approach karna chahiye tha…? Just to get killed?” I asked her back in questioning tone, “no….just to make me win…”

“win from whom” I was little curious to know the matter, “obviously from Bharti……actually I knew ki you are attracted towards me…..and I use to say this to Bharti…but she never agreed” Ruchi replied and cleared her statement and then spoke again, “although I was sure…… ki from your side it was just a physical attraction…”

I was happy to hear that, “you know….shuruwat physical attraction se hi hoti hai…at least from our side, later we evaluate that how she is in nature.” From our side I meant to say from male’s side and Ruchi understood that as she replied in same context “and from our side, nature comes first and it hardly matters to us that how that guy looks.” “But it’s not applicable in your case”

I replied instantly and spoke in continuation, “you said….. You continued with Gaurav just because he was good looking.” Ruchi giggled on getting trapped in her own words and then spoke after giving a thought to my words, “it was not exactly like that…he was very good in nature…..but over intelligent tha…..he was more into studies…..and not at all romantic….he was not at all balanced ….ajeeb hi tha.”

“And what about me…? main kaisa tha.” I asked her back “ab aap mujhse apni tareef sun na chahte ho?” “haan…..it really feels good? ….Main bhi karunga tumhari taarif.” “Ok….” “You were more towards Romance and less towards studies.” Ruchi replied and I laughed aloud on that and asked her again “waise may I ask how you know…..ki I was romantic” “I know everything you did with Bharti….”

Ruchi replied while looking into my eyes with a naughty smile on her face, and then spoke again “Mera aur Gaurav ka affair was much longer than yours and in that time span humne itna sex nahi kiya…., jitna aap dono ne kiya” and then she spoke again “aur aap dono ne kya kya kiya hai……wo bhi mujhe maaloom hai.”

I was really surprised to hear her last statement and curious to get into that, “What do you mean kya kya kiya….?” “Forget it.” Ruchi tried to avoid it but continued with laughing gesture, “tell me…why you are feeling shy?” “I think that will be too much…..” “Friends mein nothing is too much….come on speak up.”

I told her to speak up “forget it…tell me what will you have in Lunch….I have to do preparation.” Ruchi was hesitant to speak up and wanted to avoid it by changing the subject but I was not ready to leave the matter as it was getting more and more interesting and arousing “first tell me….what you meant by that….?” “Oral sex and all.”

Finally Ruchi uttered what she was hesitant to say, “ohhh…That thing….? I remember bahut mushkil se agree kiya tha maine Bharti ko….” I replied “I know…everything, even your words, what all you spoke to her to convince her …….and I was really shocked when one day she told me that she has done oral sex with you.”

I laughed on that and truly speaking that day I was happy from my soul, it was a feeling of being on height of pleasure. “That was golden period of my life…..I wish somehow I can go back in time.” I spoke while resting my back on couch and Ruchi too replied in the same fashion “Even I want to go back in time…..I really miss that life.”

once again I gave a thought to what I was about to speak up and did not hesitated to utter “somehow if this will happen…..this time instead of Bharti I will propose you.” “Forget it, it is not going to happen. Now tell me what you will have in Lunch.” Ruchi came back to the previous state and asked me again about my preference of Lunch. “let’s go out, place of your choice.”

I gave her a proposal “Is it a date?” “Yes…if you don’t mind.” “Main kyun mind karungi….I have double relation with you…I am your friend as well your Saali.” I laughed on that lightly and spoke “just imagine what if you would have my ex-girl friend….tab kya hota.” “In that case….you would have never broke up with me…”

“….aur hum log shaadi kar lete…because I was not in hurry to get married…like Bharti.” I was not at all expecting that from her and got little shocked with what she said and could not think of what to say, but before I would have uttered anything, Ruchi spoke again “what do you think am I right?....” “…..Or you would have broken up with me too?”

Ruchi was looking into my eyes while asking that and I was speechless. “Up to an extent you are right.” Finally I uttered “what do you mean by up to an extent….. You are not sure….?” Ruchi was looking into my eyes curiously, “No! I am sure certainly tumhara nature bhi bahut achha hai.” Ruchi smiled on that I spoke again, “much better than Bharti” “aur kya achha hai”

I could not understand her, what she asked and I reflected that from my gesture. “You said mera nature bhi achha hai….” Ruchi spoke again and this time her question was clear “I want to know meri nature ke alawa aur kya achha hai what else?” Ruchi was smiling while looking at me while asking that. “ab tum mujhse apni taarif sunna chahti ho…hmmmmm…..” “yaa it feels good.”

I was delighted with the conversation I was having with my Saali and friend of ex- girlfriend and could not feel any hesitation to speak anything, “Body….. What else….I told you, through collage I was attracted towards you…and truly speaking…… wo main aaj bhi hun….even today I am attracted towards you”.

I just said whatever came in my mind without giving a thought to it, although I did not realized anything wrong in that even after speaking up because everything was running so casual and I was sure that Ruchi will not mind that and I was right. Though Ruchi reflected some arbitrary anger and spoke with a cunning smile, “mind it, you are flirting with your Saali”

“No I am flirting with my old classmate jo accidently meri Saali ban gayi hai.” Ruchi replied with “Whatever!” I smiled on her gesture, she was blushing a bit and to increase her blushing I spoke again “Anyway…… I am not afraid of saying ki I am attracted towards you since my collage, earlier I was jealous of Gaurav and today I am jealous your Husband”, I spoke boldly and smiled while looking into her eyes, Ruchi blushed a lot on my statement, by now Ruchi was adjusted with my and replied casually. “Strange, main to kaafi overweight hun…..from the beginning and Shaadi ke baad to aur weight put on kar liya hai.” “ab ye to apni apni pasand ki baat hai….I like fleshy bodies and for me you have gone better”

It was a casual statement from her side that she had put on some weight but I was really shocked over my reply over that, I was getting bolder and bolder and even I could not believe what I said and as expected after my statement Ruchi went speechless and could not think anything and just kept on trying controlling her smile while looking into my eyes and finally uttered “I think we are going too far.”

“Sorry, actually I got carried away….mauka mila to maine bol diya…..” “waise bhi Jija Saali mein thodi bahut naughtiness to chalti hai…..especially if they know each other from very long time….like we two” I immediately stepped back with my presence of mind even though I could see that matter was not serious.

“Let’s go out for lunch…this chit chat will never end” I continued and Ruchi got up to change and excused me for a while and came out wearing western outfit, jeans and T-shirt, I smiled as I saw her and spoke “Good” “kya hua” “ I was afraid kahin tum…Sari na pahan kar aa jaao” “right now I am going out with my friend….not with my In-laws” Ruchi replied casually and once again excused me for a while.

Truly speaking I was hard in my pants with just a glance of Ruchi in western outfit. Because of her short height Ruchi was looking little plumper in jeans and t-shirt as compared to Indian suit and it was clearly visible that how big and wide ass she was having and how much flesh she was having on her thighs, moreover the t-shirt she was wearing was also of stretchable material and I could make out how big and juicy melons she was having under her top.

Ruchi came out again, maybe after using the toilet and we moved to one restaurant of her choice. I must say that throughout drive I was really very uncomfortable, even after trying hard to resist myself again and again I was staring at Ruchi’s fleshy assets.

She was driving while looking straight and we were talking casually and while doing that I was trying finding moments to cherish her huge milky juggs without giving her any impression but before reaching to the destination I was realizing that Ruchi has caught me staring at her breasts several times, I could make out from her gesture, she was smiling bit naughtily while looking into my eyes and finally spoke something while entering into restaurant which made me sure that she has sensed my uneasiness because of her physical appearance and her exact words were “kya hua…..I think you are feeling more and more envy for my husband hmmmm……”. “No doubt about that….”

I replied and accepted my uneasiness casually and then spoke again in desperate gesture, “Somehow, I have to get the time machine to go back in time………that Bharti has literary spoiled my collage life” Ruchi laughed loud on that and spoke “Good….I am happy” “why? What is the reason for that?”

I asked her, “at one time I was going though this envy feeling, because you were Bharti’s boy friend…..now you are….because I am someone else’s wife” Ruchi replied with a cunning smile, “but I was jealous at that time too….because of Gaurav” I replied, Ruchi smiled lightly on my condition and then spoke “waise not being your Saali, but being your friend I must tell you frankly that I am also jealous of my sister(my wife)”, that was something which I was not at all expecting from her side, though initially her statement did not appealed me that much, I thought that she is just trying praising me but when she detailed bit about her life, I felt as if fire is lit at both the ends, not much at Ruchi’s end as compared, as it was at my end, I was lusting over her body but she was just having a boring routine life. Not being a Saali but being a friend she told me few things about her married life, as far as nature of her husband was concerned everything was fine but she needed somebody like me who is not much devoted to make money.

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Truly speaking I am not praising myself but unknowingly from the beginning, since my collage days and from the time Ruchi knew me I was perfectly balanced in different perspectives of life, I was not brilliant student, rather above average in attaining marks, that’s what I never got highly paid job, I was romantic and fun loving guy who was having ability to make people feel happy.

I think Ruchi always desired somebody like me but unfortunately like her boy friend her husband was equally opposite to me. Leaving his highly paid job in IT sector, nearly from last 4 years her husband was trying to grow up his own business and somehow things were not going in his desired direction and because of that Ruchi always found him stressed and over worked and as such on the name of romance she was having nothing except pure fucking on the bed.

Though Ruchi did not gave me so much detail in just one statement, we just went on chatting throughout lunch and slowly I realized her state and promised her that I will keep on meeting her regularly throughout my visit in the town. Leaving me at specific point Ruchi took her way to home and I got busy in my work.

Truly speaking I could feel that I was working just superficially on the location; mentally I was still with Ruchi and could not stop thinking about her. Certainly I was having soft corner for her in my heart as she was little deprived from her life, but much more than that soft corner in my heart I was having something very hard in my body for her.

I was feeling that in last couple of years I was getting more and more desperate to have sex with her from the time I was again in her touch and after knowing this little fact about her life that she is not getting much attention from her husband, I don’t know if it was sexually too, because she did not mentioned that, I got even more keen to get closer to her with pure lustful intentions.

At Ruchi’s end from her behavior I could not make out that she was intended to get intimate with me, being a friend she just shared her life with me. Anyway that day I remained occupied till 9 and by the time I reached back to my accommodation time was well passed to 10, I thought about giving her a call just to say hello but felt bit of hesitation and went to bed after having a meal.

I remember time was well passed to 11 when I received SMS from her saying “thanks for wonderful time” I replied with a question “still awake?” and she responded with “waiting for Jatin (her husband)” initially I was bit shocked from that but realized what all Ruchi detailed me in the morning, I asked her through SMS “if we can talk” and she replied with yes.

I called her and had really long chat with her and discussed my next day’s schedule, like me Ruchi too wanted to meet me and wanted to chit chat like we did that day and truly speaking by the time we ended the telephonic conversation I was aroused and like past I masturbated while thinking about her, although every word we spoke during the call was casual and nothing naughty and not at all about my lustful intentions for her.

Anyway Like fixed on late night call I freed myself by 5 and co-ordinate the spot where I was suppose to meet Ruchi and once again we sat together for a while and had good Indian snacks with coffee and had lot of chit chat. From Ruchi’s gesture I could see that she was certainly attracted towards me, but I could not make out that it was sexual attraction or simple friendly feeling for me, Ruchi wanted me to be at her home for a meal cooked by her, at my end my mind was set on fire, I could not sense what is right and what is wrong, apart from having a good friendly feeling for Ruchi certainly I was having lustful intentions for her and in last two days it was touching its peak.

Finally I accepted her proposal of having late lunch around 4, as I was having some work which I was planning to end up by 3. Once again I reached to her place and I could see unlike first day, that day there was special preparation for my lunch, though once again Ruchi was wearing typical Indian outfit, but it was not as casual as it was on first day, rather Ruchi was dressed up properly wearing decent Salwar Kameez with a beautiful Duppta with bit of makeup. As such I had nothing in mind, truly speaking I did not planned anything about approaching her but I was having this thing in mind that I have to read her and if somewhere I will feel that Ruchi is little interested in making love with me. I have to approach her and I must mention that from Ruchi’s last 2 days gesture and friendly behavior I was somewhat sure about this fact that in any case she will not harm my marriage, she might reject my indecent proposal of getting on bed but she will not talk to anybody about this.

Anyway after reaching to her place and after a casual hello, we sat together for Lunch immediately as I was really very hungry and she was also more or less in the same state. While having Lunch we continued talking on casual subject until I gave her compliment that today she is looking really very beautiful.

Ruchi thanked me for the compliment with a smile and once again unknowingly I started flirting with her by saying, “I don’t know how your husband does not come home early, agar tum meri biwi hoti to…. main shayad kaam par hi nahi jaata.” Ruchi giggled on that and replied “That’s why I was saying ki I am jealous of my sister” “you know, we both are sailing on the same boat” …

I spoke after couple of seconds while having food, “in our collage days you were jealous of my girlfriend and I was jealous of your boy friend, ……. now you are jealous of my wife and I am jealous of your husband” I made long statement and then spoke again “funny isn’t it?” “No it’s not funny; it is lack of understanding….” “But we can’t do anything for that”

Ruchi spoke bit sarcastically, I smiled lightly as she said that while giving a thought to the sentence I was about to speak but stopped myself. Ruchi noticed me smiling differently and asked me the reason for that, I tried to avoid it by saying, “forget it” but she insisted me to speak up, but I was not ready to take out even a single word, I kept on making fun of that for a while and finally uttered “I wish tum meri Saali na hoti….sirf friend hoti” “why” “in that case….I would have done something for our jealous feeling ” “what” “forget it” once again I tried to avoid it but spoke in continuation, “maine apni Shhadi nahi tudwani”(means I don’t want to break my marriage) “kya matlab?” she asked me again...

I smiled naughtily “that’s why I said….I wish tum meri Saali na hoti…sirf Friend hoti” Ruchi smiled while looking at me, she could understand what I had in my mind but she was not sure, once again she told me to speak up clearly, “aapne jo bolna hai…saaf saaaf bolo” “No….. I don’t want to get divorced…...my words could be dangerous to my marriage….” “……just because tum meri Saali bhi ho”

I replied while laughing and could see that Ruchi was also somewhat laughing, she could understand what I was trying to say “I know what you actually mean….and I must say……achha joke tha” finally Ruchi accepted that she has understood what I was trying to say and then said it was a good joke in sarcastic tone.

“Joke…..? No it’s a way out ….ho sakta hai humari ek dusre ke partners ke liye ye jealousy kuch kam ho jaaye” I replied casually as everything was moving like that, Ruchi smiled and looked into my eyes may be to read if I am serious, and I was smiling, “I think we are going too far” “Haann…wo to hai…”

I replied casually and then spoke again but in bit serious tone, “but tell you frankly I want to go even more far….. I want to break these limits” Ruchi looked up again, into my eyes, we both were almost over with the lunch, “I am not that starved for sex” Ruchi replied after couple of seconds, giving a thought to what she wanted to say, I could see that now she was little uneasy as now she could understand that I am not joking “I know…I am not asking you for sex…..and tell you frankly I am happy with my wife in all aspects” I replied while looking into her eyes in soft voice and then spoke again in same flow “it’s just my long time desire…… to feel your body and to make love with you…….you are really wonderful person”

from my end nothing was unsaid now and I kept on going in same flow “and best thing is,…. you too have this feeling for me.” I paused for a while and then spoke again, “I don’t know what is this….certainly this is just not sex, may be infatuation….something between lust and lust.”

Suddenly Ruchi started looking down as she was looking into my eyes when I was speaking to her, I could see that she was moved from the soul. Certainly she was attracted towards me, since very long and who knows if she was having same sort of feeling for me, like I was having for her from last two years, after meeting her again.

I could see that Ruchi was nervous and thinking a lot, sensing the delicacy of environment I just went silent and waited for her to speak, as such I did not had anything to say now, my intentions were very much clear to her.

Food was over, we were just sitting and chit chatting and Ruchi looked up after couple of seconds and looked into my eyes and spoke something which really made me burst into laughter, she simply said, “time machine dhoondho yaar I want to go back in time” we both laughed on her reply and got up from the dining table.

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Ruchi kept on removing stuff from the dining table while I washed my hands and came back to living area and took the seat. Ruchi asked me for coffee, I told her to sit for some time and we both started watching TV. I can say that at that point I was really keen to move ahead; somehow I wanted to raise the subject again and ask her again if she too feel like making love to me but I was hesitating,

moreover I was having no such words through which I could ask her again as I could see that because of my straight forward proposal Ruchi was little conscious and couple of times she looked at me to see whether I am looking at her or on the screen. Nearly after 2-3 minutes I asked her for coffee as I had nothing to say and in continuation of asking her for coffee I told her that after coffee I would leave, “I think coffee peekar mujhe chalna chahiye.”

Ruchi looked at me while getting up to make a coffee but as she realized that I am planning to leave after coffee she asked me, “kya hua….I thought you will stay for some time…sirf khana khaane aaye the kya?” I smiled on her complaining tone and spoke “nahi…sirf Khana khane nahi aaya tha….coffee bhi pini thi.” Ruchi smiled on my tiny wit and went to kitchen to make coffee.

It was an open kitchen and while sitting in living area I could see her standing in front of cooking gas, I could see that she was very conscious and again couple of times saw me if I am looking at her. I don’t know how, but certainly from her gesture I was feeling that she too wants to get close to me, and I could realize this too that if today I will miss this moment, I will never get it again.

With a perplexing mind state I got up and moved to the kitchen, Ruchi saw me coming there but kept on making coffee while facing away from me, I gave a glace to her body, certainly it was bit plump, as I said earlier Ruchi was fond of eating and never tried to bar herself to maintain her figure, little short in height, her thighs are thick and fleshy,

she was facing away from me and at that particular instant I could not move my eyes from her heavy bottom, wearing decent Salwar Kameez at that particular instant for me she was sexiest female on the planet, can say from the beginning of my manhood I was obsessed with heavy physical assets and in collage days when Ruchi was studying with me I was somewhat hypnotized

by her appearance but never got a chance to express my feeling for her but at that particular moment when she was back in my life as my Saali I was somewhat desperate to fulfill my long lasting desire. Finally with a thought of getting this way or that way I moved ahead and grabbed Ruchi from behind, from her waist and kissed bare portion of her neck, Ruchi trembled in shock, hissed in strange sensation and tried to turn while saying “Kya karr rahe ho”.

But not letting her turn, I grabbed her even better, “Ruchi ya to jo main karr raha hun mujhe karne de, ya just throw me out of the house” I spoke in sensual voice and then once again kissed her on her neck and brushed my wet lips over her soft skin, Ruchi moaned in pleasure and tried to release her waist from my grip,

I moved my hand up and rubbed her body nicely and finally squeezed her heavy melons nicely to give her pleasure of being a female and as expected Ruchi moaned even more sexily and tried to free herself while saying, Please…..kya kar rahe ho…..ye sabb”. Finally I loosened my grip and Ruchi turned around and looked into my eyes,

“There is no way we can go back in time…..so let’s do it once….aur koi solution nahi hai iss uneasiness ka.” I spoke while looking at her confidently, once again I tried to grab her, holding her waist I pulled her closer to me and spoke again, “ab mujhse aur control nahi ho raha………I can’t live like this….. And I know….. You like me too….”,

once again my hands were on her waist or you can say on her back just above her ass mounds and I tried to hug her while saying “let’s do it once….tumhara bhi frustration kam ho jaayega.” Ruchi hugged me with bit of hesitation, she was willing to go ahead with me but surly there was something which was holding her back, her ethics or moral but that moment was so strong that it carried away everything,

I detached her from me and lifted her face to see her facial expressions, she looked into my eyes for a fraction and then blushed, holding her chin I leaned a bit over Ruchi and kissed her on her lips. Ruchi did not responded to my kiss, though she did not dissented too, while being in my grip she just stood with closed eyes.

I kept on sucking her soft lips and swallowed every ounce of the lipstick she had on her lips. Throughout sucking her lips I was waiting for her to respond, I could feel that I was on the verge of getting a verdict from her side, whether she is ready to get intimate with me or not, and from her perplexing gesture I could not guess anything what she will decide, no wonder if she would have pushed me away even at that time.

Slowly my hands moved up from her waist and as I caressed her hairs to look at her pretty face while kissing, just then Ruchi opened her mouth and I invaded my tongue in her mouth and fenced and licked her whole mouth with my tongue just in few seconds. While standing in kitchen we both were eating each other like true lovers, Ruchi too kissed me passionately,

sucked my tongue, took my saliva in her mouth and released her saliva in my mouth and finally our kiss broke when milk started to boil and got spilled around the stove. “Let’s go to the bedroom ……. I hope your husband will not come home early” time was bit more than 5 and I was bothered about that; I spoke and asked her after turning the gas off.

“Nahi…..he will not come before 11” Ruchi replied while looking into my eyes and then kept on looking without a word afterwards. “Let’s go in the bedroom” I asked her again, I could see that she was still confused but I was not at all in any dilemma, showing no hurry I had to convince her, “I know tum kya soch rahi ho……? That this is wrong”…..I paused for a fraction, Ruchi was listening me, so I spoke again in continuation,

“but what can we do….Desires par kisi ka control nahi hota…and if you will suppress it at this stage……tumhen aur bhi jayada frustration hoga……” once again I gave a pause and spoke in continuation “it’s better to do it….. And enjoy this moment”. Once again I tried to pull her and we hugged again.

Ruchi was in very delicate state, moved from the heart and soul and I was also in mixed mind set of love and lust but I was not at all in mood to waste any time in more talking, assuming her consent I straight forward asked her, “kahan karna hai…..? Bedroom mein ya yahin Living room mein” “Guest room mein Chalte hain” Ruchi replied with choked voice.

Once again without waiting a moment I moved a bit to walk to go to the guest room and Ruchi too moved with me. After reaching in guestroom we did not had anything to speak, I simply started kissing her again and don’t know when and how we reached to bed and I was lying on top of Ruchi while kissing and caressing her luscious body.

Ruchi too was delighted with my love making as showing no hurry I was playing tenderly with her body by moving my hand from her breasts till her thighs. I squeezed her luscious milks and rubbed her thighs for couple of minutes while kissing and then took her sideways and moved my hands over her ass mounds over the clothes.

Wow that was my all time fantasy, to get on bed with her and feel her fleshy assets and now it was not fantasy, it was a dream come true. We both were getting out of senses and don’t know for how long we loved each other like that. Initially Ruchi was hesitating to make love to me but after few minutes of my nonstop tender lovemaking she started to enjoy the bliss of getting intimate with me and she too started embrace my body,

caressing her fingers in my hairs while kissing me thoroughly she moved her hand to my back to feel and grip me better. Slowly I moved down and rubbed my wet lips over soft skin of her neck and kissed every fraction of her bare skin to give her pleasure and Ruchi reacted fanatically, her moans were getting louder and embrace over my body was getting tighter.

I could see that she was in desperate need of manly treatment and I was somewhat having mastery in that. I got up a bit and started finding cord of her Salwar to take off her lower and finally pulled it to start releasing her body from the cage of clothes. Very soon Salwar went down from the bed on the floor, her fleshy thighs were exposed to me, and I was really feeling as if I am on the way to heaven.

I tried to lift her Kurta, but it was not possible for me to take it off as she was lying on her back, Ruchi got up and took off her Kurta herself, I threw that too over her Salwar. Now Ruchi was just in bra and panty and I was on the verge of getting the treasure I desired for very long time. I too started taking off my clothes and finally rested on Ruchi again, over her soft and plump body and started kissing her with just a jockey on my lower half.

Ruchi was still wearing Bra and panty but it did not lasted on her body for long, I was keen to suck her milks and pulling the strap down from her shoulder I took out one of her luscious fruit, her long nipples were erect in excitement and breasts got heavier as I squeezed it in into my mouth and started sucking her milk like a child.

Ruchi was moaning in divine pleasure of getting sucked and she fed me her milk nicely, caressed my head by moving her fingers in my hairs and while moaning sexily. I gave equal attention to both the melons, sucked them properly giving my full affection and slowly moved down to her body and kept on kissing, licking and sucking her flabby flesh till I reached to her thighs to take off last cloth from her body.

Slowly I tried to drift her panty down; Ruchi lifted her bottom a bit to help me I took her Panty out of her legs. Wow once again I praised my luck of getting her back in my life, my dream thighs were fully exposed in front of my eyes, Ruchi’s fuckhole was little fleshy, swollen and nicely soaked in her own liquid, I wanted to burry myself into those thighs to eat her cunt completely,

I tried parting her ample thighs to make space for me and moved forward to suck her fuckhole. Ruchi stopped me, tried to push me a bit “Kya karr rahe ho….?” “Let me suck you……tumko bahut achha lagega” “let me wash it first….bahut gili ho chuki hai” Ruchi replied, “nahi….I want to taste your juices….you just relax and enjoy”

leaving her love hole on my disposal Ruchi rested back on the bed and I buried myself between those fleshy thighs and initially started licking Ruchi’s fuckhole tenderly. Slowly my tongue started doing magic to my starved Saali Ruchi, like always I was electric and sharp in sucking a womanhood, flicking my tongue rapidly in and out,

round and round, up and down and back and forth and from side to side in her slit I tried licking her fuckhole in all possible ways and finally holding her fleshy thighs apart I took her labia in my mouth and sucked it hard. Ruchi moaned loud, her body was crackling with a fire of lust. She flung her head back and closed her eyes in ecstasy while moaning loudly and started lurching her heavy bottom slowly bit up and down.

Leaning on my elbows, I kept on spreading her thighs wider and wider to get my tongue more and deeper into her fuckhole. Ruchi was going crazy with every passing second, once she tried to stop me but I continued, as her condition was arousing me, her pleasure moans were charging me a lot. My head rolled and moved several times between her juddering thighs.

I used my tongue and teeth and lips relentlessly to audible effect over her fuckhole as a result Ruchi’s cunt released out fresh stream of love juices and savoring its heady aroma I lapped it hungrily. I tried to flick her clitoris with my finger while sucking her and Ruchi gasped strangely, now her flabby hips were gyrating and lurching significantly, her body jerking restlessly and I could see that she was getting out of her control.

I stopped and rose and bent over her and kissed her deeply, thrusting my tongue into her mouth, I tried to slip down my jockey and somehow got rid of it while kissing her. My hand went down to her crotch and invaded my two fingers into her fuckhole to locate her opening without looking at it.

Breaking the kiss Ruchi groaned loudly, holding my wrist she looked into my eyes with expressions of being in heaven on her face and closed her eyes leaving herself on my disposal. Her heavy hips were still heaving and jerking and I could see that she was not in state to stand for long. I bent my head and sucked hard on her breasts, tugging at the long rigid nipples with my teeth.

Ruchi gasped loudly, she desperately needed me in her fuckhole and she told me to fuck her while moaning, “Fuck me Yaar…ye saab kya kar rahe ho…..just fuck me”. I was well in position to fuck her and without wasting a second I entered into her thirsty fuckhole and immediately started vibrating inside Ruchi.

My hips rocked slowly back and forth, pumping Ruchi’s fuckhole evenly. I was fucking her unhurriedly while being on her top with a support of my elbow I was somewhat in heaven. Ruchi’s legs were splayed wide and slowly her feet locked my hips, she caressed my back and tried to get me closer.

I bent over her, forcing her legs wide and high with my hands I went on going deeper and deeper while moving my rod in and out of her fuckhole again and again. Ohh Wow I must say that Ruchi was wonderful on bed, much more demanding then my expectation, her fuckhole was hot and wet like anything and I could feel the hot clamp of her lovehole over my thick shaft,

her moans were making me crazy and the way she was holding me I could see that she was lacking manly love in her life. It was not that she was not fucked from long time, her husband use to fuck her, but in my perspective it’s just not a fuck which she needed, romance has its own place in female’s life which was totally missing in Ruchi’s life.

I kept on moving in and out steadily for some time and soon Ruchi was reaching to her climax, I could see that her moans were changing; they were getting dense and sharp, her grip over my body got tighter, she embraced me hard and tried to crush me between her arms and fleshy thighs and finally grunted loud, murmuring and chanting my name

“"OHHH Nikhil OHHHH uhhh Nikhil uhhhhh OHHH uhhh - OHHH," she moaned deliriously as the dam inside her started bursting. Ruchi's cunt convulsed and contracted like a hot, wet suction device on my dark, throbbing rod, she tried to stop my movement by squeezing me in her arms and thighs.

Sensing her condition I swung my hips rapidly and unintentionally my pace increased, I overcame Ruchi’s grip and continued fucking hard her throughout her climax and Ruchi started moaning louder and her hips rolled feverishly under mine, and she arched her back and fell, and then again she arched her back and fell.

Her head jerked from side to side, she was in the state where she could not bear this pleasure any more. Her lips were parted and she was humming strangely, her eyes closed and I was doing my best, making her whimper and cry out loudly in sheer delight of meeting an orgasm. Finally dam inside Ruchi busted, she went through violent orgasm, shivered like fish for some time,

her thighs trembled a lot while she was releasing her juices from her fuckhole, I too climaxed and gripped her hard as I saw her shaking in pleasure and squeezed my hips together two three times to release my fluid in her love tunnel. Ruchi embraced me and gripped me hard from my back and tried to crush me in delight.

Slowly we calmed down, by now we both were sweating heavily and exhausted like hell and just remained in each other arms, while feeling Ruchi’s plump body I was on her top and it was the feeling of being on top of the world. Ruchi simply kept on embracing me till my Penis slipped out of her fuckhole after losing its size and I moved a bit and got aside on the bed.

Finally it was done, I wanted to fuck Ruchi not only from last two years from the time she was back in my life as my Saali, rather from the time she was my classmate and it was matter of sheer luck that god fulfilled my this desire so well. I could see while lying beside me stark naked, Ruchi was calm and seemed satisfied.

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I took her in my arm and embraced her sideways, caressing her hairs I looked into her eyes and spoke “I love you” she smiled a bit and spoke “I love you too….” We hugged each other and remained wordless for long and then got up and used the washroom. I was yet not over, although my desire for Ruchi’s body is endless even today but at that time I could not think of leaving her just fucking her once.

Even Ruchi was willing to have more of me but she was hesitating, she came out of the washroom and started collecting her clothes, “kya hua…..are you planning to wear them” I asked her while holding her wrist, Ruchi smiled while looking into my eyes, “aur karna hai kya?” she asked me in soft voice, “obviously…..you are my dream girl…..aise thode na chhod dunga….”

Ruchi smiled again and somewhat blushed while looking into my eyes. I could see that she was starved for romance, she just needed attention, just few words of appraisal and her husband was giving her everything except that. I took her on the bed again and lied over her top, pressing her breast against my broad shoulders and just kept on talking to her, about our collage days, about my feelings for her and Ruchi seemed enjoying all that.

By now she was totally out of uneasiness of cheating her husband and seemed happy in my company and seemed ready to have fun with me again and even in future, provided we get chance. Anyway slowly once again we started making love. We kissed again, and again the fire of lust was lit. I squeezed her big melons and took her long erect nipples in my mouth to suck.

Slowly while sucking her milk my hand moved down to her fleshy thighs and I touched and rubbed her her fuckhole, Ruchi moaned sexily as I touched soft fleshy lips of her lovehole and inserted two of my fingers in that and she reacted equally well to my act extending her hand to my crotch and holding my rod and jerking to and fro.

I looked into her eyes to see her sensual and lustful expressions, I don’t know why she thought that I am expecting her to suck my Penis and she asked me, “main suck karun aapka?’ “If you are ok with it…. koi zabardasti nahi hai” Ruchi smiled on my reply and tried to get up and spoke, “I know…..I want to do it”.

I went on my back and Ruchi started making love to me, she came over me and sucked my nipples first and then slowly went down, looked at my erect rod while jerking. I don’t know how big her husband had but I was having of good size of around 8. Next moment I moaned loud as my rod was in Ruchi’s mouth and was feeling her hot breath around my monster.

Ruchi was sucking me nicely. With lot of affection, I could sense her feeling for me; she wanted to love me in every way she wanted to satisfy me completely as if I was there for her, just for her. I looked up to see her sucking me, her face was distended with my size, Ruchi was holding my Penis in her rosy lips and sucking me tenderly I groaned in strange pleasure,

I got fascinated by the sight of my enormously swollen penis emerging and disappearing into her mouth, her beautiful face was looking even more beautiful while doing that naughty act. Ruchi licked my cock-head slowly, sucked me tenderly and the warmth of her mouth, the moisture, and her incessant sucking was setting my desire to blow.

I grunted while fucking her face slowly, with exquisite pleasure, moving her head up and down with my hand to suit my pleasure. The way Ruchi was sucking me I could make out that she was not doing this first time, certainly her expertise of sucking a man-meat was telling that she is experienced in this.

I stopped her going further and spoke to her in soft voice “Wow….Ruchi that was amazing….tum apne husband ke saath bhi karti ho ye sab….hmmmm…?” “Haan….but very less…….I like doing it but Jatin (her husband) foreplay nahi karte…….we just end up in 5-10 minutes…….and tell you frankly I have leaned this by watching Porn movies…”

I smiled on her words and realized what a big fool she has got as her life partner. In money perspective he was much richer than me, almost 3 folds, otherwise he was poorest guy ever came across me, leaving treasure of love and sex of her wonderful wife he was running behind money.

Anyway now it was my turn to pleasure her and after pushing her on her back and spreading her thighs apart I swirled my tongue over her cunt flesh and immediately started licking her slit while pressing it with my lips. Holding her fleshy thighs wide apart I tongue-fucked Ruchi steadily. I entered my tongue into my fuckhole and tried to take out everything she had inside.

Within 2-3 minutes my tongue explored her fuckhole properly and I kept on, flickering and licking her swollen clitoris. Ruchi streamed out fresh heady, erotic juices and I pressed my face deeper between her thighs and sucked her love hole to the extreme get her juices as much as possible. Ruchi was delighted again with the oral pleasure and now once again she was ready to get me inside.

I made her sit and started kissing her and fondling her body, sucked her nipples for her while and played with her heavy breasts. I was ready to fuck her again and to do that I tenderly tried to turn her and spoke”Ruchi…turn around”; she understood that I want to fuck her from behind, in doggy style.

Slowly Ruchi turned around on her hands and knees before me, I too knelt, behind her on my knees and holding her waist I pulled her fuckhole toward my rod. Ruchi backed herself onto my hard penis while looking back. I bent down my head and saw her fuckhole and rubbed my erect rod over her opening, arching her back like a bow Ruchi moaned sexily.

I squeezed tip of my rod was inside Ruchi while looking down and holding her from her from shoulder tried to pull her further towards me. Ruchi eased her heavy bottom and grunted nicely as my Penis started making his way into her narrow tunnel, stretching all her virginal muscles one more time. I grunted at the tight, hot clamp of her cunt over my rod in the posture I like most.

Ruchi moved back and impaled herself even deeper by pressing her huge bottom on my crotch and twisted her face in joy as the huge, hard length of my penis was squeezed into her tight channel. I sank my shaft completely in her cave and waited. Ruchi moaned, holding her shoulders with my hands I kept on pulling her towards me and burring my rod deep inside her I remained unmoved,

I was touching deepest corner of her love tunnel, which was probably never explored before. "hmm... you're mine Ruchi, all mine ! Tum meri ho…sirf meri….Right?" I was excited whatever came in my mind to increase her excitement, Ruchi moaned sexily on my words "Ahh..yess….” and spoke again "yes…. I'm yours..all yours….fuck me Nikhil…fuck me..”

she was waiting for me to move back and forward, she wanted to feel my monster vibrating inside her I pulled bit of my rod slowly from her tunnel, and pushed back deep inside her with a rapid thrust. Ruchi arched her back while being on four and moaned in enormous pleasure. I did that again, Ruchi grunted even better "Yes...Fuck me…... yes...!" Ruchi was on ninth planet and I was enjoying her condition.

I moved slowly at first, rocking back and forth and teased her for a while with tender fucking and finally as her body was demanding I moved with some speed, and began moving my hips in a steady rhythm, driving my whole length in and out of her fuckhole with lot of control. My balls getting pressed against her huge buttocks again and again and my thighs were getting slapped with her thighs.

Gradually, I increased the pace, and went on going faster and faster. I dug my hands into her flabby buttocks, held her huge hips and started rocking her back and forth, jerking her fuckhole on my erect shaft. Things were getting bizarre for me like never before and I could see that Ruchi too was behaving erotically as if she has never got fucked like this,

she was moaning and crying in full voice, Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh OHHH uhh OHMA uhhh hanh!" I cried. "Yes... UNhhh... Yes! Unhhh... Yes! Unhhhh... Yes!" I was also panting joyously. I was drilling and pumping her huge bottom from behind with fast, deep, skewering thrusts, certainly I was in haven but it was really very tiring too, I was very far from my climax,

without realizing Ruchi’s condition I paused for a second just to ease myself, "More!" Ruchi gasped madly while arching her back and banged her heavy bottom. "Fuck me Nikhil.....” she cried in lust again while looking back. Ohh…God Ruchi was going mad in lust; somehow I continued and once again Ruchi started moaning “Ohhhhh god yes! Ohhhh yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh god yes!”

sensing Ruchi’s physical demand I empowered pain and tiredness of my back and stood up on my feet, I pushed her front down from her shoulder, to get a better access of her fuckhole from behind by raising her big erotically spread bottom and holding her waist hard I began to ram-fuck Ruchi savagely with rapid thrusts.

I could see that Ruchi was closer to her burst and enjoying my hardcore treatment with her body and resting her cheek on pillow she kept on crying in pleasure. My hips were swinging furiously back and forth as I driving myself in and out of her swollen flesh madly and suddenly Ruchi tightened her legs and clamped my huge length in her hot and wet fuck hole.

Ohhhhhuhhh OHhhh uhhh OHhhhhhh!" I gasped in surprise and failed to hold mymyself and almost collapsed on her "Ahhh…... ohhh god " Ruchi too cried erotically while trying to retain herself, on her elbows and knees while bearing my weight but finally collapsed on bed and we both reached to our climax at the same time,

I squeezed my buttocks again to release my load and Ruchi too went through violent orgasm again and I felt her fleshy thighs shivering in pleasure of getting shattered in disastrous orgasm. I kept on lying over her fleshy body; Ruchi too remained calm flat on her front with spread thighs while bearing my whole weight.

We both regained after couple of minutes, “Mazza aaya?” I asked her while resting on her, “haan…bahut….Jatin ne kabhi mujhe iss tarah fuck nahi kiya….” “wo bahut jaldi discharge ho jaate hain…” “aap bahut powerful ho…aur mujhe Deepa(my wife) se bahut jealously ho rahi hai…” Ruchi replied while lying under me with bit of laughter,

“stop feeling jealous now…and tell me mujhe kal dobara aana hai” Ruchi smiled a bit on my question and replied with “I don’t know?” “What happened….still feeling guilty….?” I asked her “haan….thodi weird si feeling hai…that I have done something wrong….” “don’t worry…..one more time and you will get rid of both….jealousy and guilt”

I replied casually and giggled on that and asked her again “when is your husband coming….I want to meet that lucky fellow jo actually mein bahut unlucky hai” “Let’s go out for Dinner and call him there” I got up while saying that and we use the toilet. Time was bit passed to seven and Ruchi asked her husband about his plan of coming back home.

That day he was not getting that late, so she informed her husband that I am at her place and inviting both of them on dinner and we decided to meet in one restaurant around 9:30. Me and Ruchi had some more time and we chit chatted in that time and finally took a leave on a public transport as her husband was already having a car.

I met her husband on decided venue and we had dinner together with bit of chitchatting and finally they dropped me at my accommodation. I stayed for 4 more days in the town but next two days were totally uneventful as Ruchi was little confused but we did not stopped chit chatting on phone in breaks in the day time and for long in the night till her husband reached back home.

Third day without informing her I reached her home around 6, just to give her surprise and once again after bit of romance we had good time on bed. That day I fucked Ruchi just once but we kissed several times and I took her out for a coffee and she was back home by 8, much before her husband reached back.

Forth day was again uneventful as at 6 I was supposed to fly back to my town. After this incident life is really very changed at both the ends, though I love my wife but I am enjoying extra marital affair with my old classmate as well as Saali, and Ruchi is bit happy as compared to past. Since that day we are in very good touch of each other and we both have accepted this fact that we are having extra marital affair.

I must mention that I have managed to get myself into the touring job to that specific town, not much but at least thrice or four times a year. So I may Visit Ruchi again in next couple of months; and by the time we will meet again we will be very horny because we often do phone sex and talk to each other about positions we are going to try next time we will meet.

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Disha losing virginity to friends husband

My introduction with Disha was through my wife. Being a male I do not have to give any reason to anybody that why I was keen to fuck her as I feel that it is always good to have anything if it is extra and if it is a virgin and decent girl like Disha then its great. Talking about her mind set, seriously I don’t know why she got indulge with me sexually.

She knew that I am married and there was no chance for me to falling in love with her, we were in touch somehow for some time and maybe she was desperate to try sex and found me safe who will not blackmail her and in addition to that certainly my appearance attracted her as I am good looking guy with good health because of my regular workout in badminton coat.

Disha, the girl I am talking about was actually my wife’s companion in gym and like my wife she too was plump, rather much more than my wife, or you can say because of her short height she use to look more plump. If I had to graph Disha in words then I will say that she is a fair girl with very innocent features, short in height hardly standing on 5 feet, though she did not had much belly but anything except that, means rest of her all physical assets were plump.

Actually she was working in bank and had lot of sitting and in addition to that she was fond of eating so she was really very fleshy on her arms, and thighs. Though her breasts were not very big, neither too small rather they were medium in size and but her bottom was a real beauty, it was round and big and too fleshy and because of sitting job it was getting heavier,

and truly speaking a guy like me who really love ass of a female body among all her other assets can die for that. In a first glance Disha really did not appealed me, I was coming out of my house to go somewhere with my wife and she was walking across the street when my wife introduced me with her as her friend but later when I took out the car and moved ahead and saw her walking facing away I realized that she will always be great fuck from behind.

Anyway it was just my, you can say desire at that time to fuck her from behind and as such I never tried to talk to my wife and tried to approach her by doing any long conversation whenever she met me around my house or in nearby market and whenever we met we ended up with just hello or good morning and good evening etc.

Things between me and Disha got better when in the morning my wife saw her rushing to go to office, at that time I was taking out my car. After knowing the reason my wife told me to give her a lift as I was going in the same direction, rather branch of the bank in which she was working was on the way of my office.

It took me around 25-30 minutes to reach the place and I really enjoyed that ride while talking to her. Outwardly she was soft voiced and shy and little timid in talking to me but by the time I reached to her work place she was little free in talking to me. You can say that day some sort of fire was lit inside me and I was getting strange type of pleasure in recalling her body and the gesture in which she was talking to me.

After that day with a pure lustful intentions to stare her body I changed my timings to leave for office and within 10-15 days I was coming out of house when she use to walk down to catch a bus. Showing a formal gesture I asked her for a lift and she accepted that. That day too I had eyes full of her fleshy thighs and delectably round and fat ass when she got down.

We spoke about banking throughout the way and I promised her that I will open an account with her branch and put some amount in term deposit and to that I told her to massage me the details of the rate of interest offered by her bank. For me it was a way to get her number and to get in her touch and it really worked.

For few days we remained in touch and intentionally I involved my wife into this and opened a joint account so that in case she speaks to my wife regarding this during gym then my wife should not be surprised. Later after all this I continued giving her lift while going to office and picked her up wherever I crossed her walking and for me it was really surprising when she told me to pick her up from the bus stand instead of the street of my house.

She did not wanted to get noticed by my wife and anyone else, truly speaking I am not assuming this, she herself told me that and her words were “aap mujhe bus stand se pick kar liya karoge, Priya (my wife) dekhegi to kya sochegi, ki main roz aap ke saath hi jaati hun”.

What else I needed, but to give her a casual reaction I smiled on her statement and replied, “then what…. I mean what is wrong in that?” “nothing is wrong, but aise hi, you never know what she will think” Disha replied and I could see that like first time she was not shy or timid and she smiled while saying that.

I accepted that by saying “Ok” and then asked her again, “That means I do not have to tell her that I give you lift every time I see you?” “Obviously…nahi to main aisa kyun bolti…… I don’t want her to think anything non-sense, I mean…..” she stopped in between, or you can say I stopped her by saying “ok..ok… I understood… don’t worry… main Priya se koi baat nahi karunga” we continued riding for many days together and I really enjoyed staring her luscious assets.

As such I never tried to give her any hint that I am lusting over her but gradually I can see that we were getting free and sometimes she use to read out some light naughty messages from her mobile and I too started doing that. We never thought about sending messages to each other as it could be accessed by my wife.

Anyway things moved like that for many days our conversation went on movies, music and almost on all subjects but as such there was no further progress in that context, and truly speaking even I was not at all expecting any progress and I was mentally prepared to limit myself in fantasizing her while fucking my wife or while masturbating in which I was regular, especially after meeting Disha.

I can say things moved again in my favor again when in the morning after coming from gym my wife stood on weighing machine and told me that she has lost nearly 5 Kgs, I gave her glad reaction and while riding to office with Disha, I asked her that workout she is doing is working or not by saying,

“gym ka koi faayeda ho raha hai ya nahi?” “bilkul bhi nahi” she replied not at all, she was right I could make out, though I could not say whether she has lost weight or not but I could see that physically she was intact. “achha…. But Priya has lost around 5 Kgs” I replied in somewhat informing tone,

“how do you know? Weigh kiya tha kya?” she asked back, “ nahi…. Kal raat ko main usko drawing room se utha kar bedroom mein le gaya than a issliye mujhe pata hai” I would have said just “yes” to her question but I don’t know how it came out of my mouth and I spoke in sarcastic tone as if we make fun of someone’s stupid question.

Disha smiled on that initially and then tried to control her smiled and looked into my eyes blush fully and went silent. I really liked her reaction and enjoyed her shy gesture. “forget it…. I was just joking, but ye baat sach hai ki she has lost 5kgs”…..”why it’s not working with you?” I asked her after a small pause, “I don’t know?” she replied just with that.

“weigh kiya?” I asked her again, “nahi” she said no, “then do it” I replied and once again my tongue slipped and once again I cracked a gag by saying, “maine tumko pahle nahi uthaya, nahi to abhi utha ke batta deta, whether you have lost weight or not” this time once again Disha could not believe what I said, I could read her expressions as she was looking at me and trying to control her smiled,

“ok…ok…. Just joking…. don’t bother…maine aise hi bol diya” I concealed and she went normal but I could see that my words have made some impact and it is positive, she is not minding my comments, so that really provoked me and I tried to continue talking to her casually and kept on looking points where I could bang my naughty comments.

With a subject of her workout and no results we reached somewhere on dieting in our conversation and she told me that she is fond of eating and cannot control her and most of the time her mother scold her for this. Cutting a long conversation short after few statements subject went on marriage and Disha told me that her mother is really very tensed for her in this context because she is overweight,

I smiled lightly on that and said “it hardly matters…. I mean you are not that overweight….tumhari shaadi to ho hi jaayegi” Disha blushed on my reply as she caught me looking at her body while saying that, specifically her fleshy thighs. For a fraction I thought that things will go wrong from here but Disha took that thing casually and our conversation went on and somewhere in this context of weight and marriage I gave her my example by saying,

“Priya is any day heavier than me from the very beginning, you can see that…. So it’s not a big issue” “ab sabb logg to aapki tarah nahi sochte na…… har kisi ko slim aur sexy ladki hi chaahiye” Disha replied and continued giving her argument and once again I found a chance to bang on, using my wit and I replied confidently “who said you are not sexy……?”

I spoke again in continuation “waise sexy ki har ek ki apni apni definition hoti hai and in my definition you are sexy…. I really like extra flesh as you see on Priya” (everyone has his own definition of sexy……..) I spoke and later realized that I have gone too far, Disha was also surprised with my words and I could feel her heart pounding hard but she did not reacted negatively on that and dried up her face from smile,

though she wanted to smile. Being an experienced man I could sense her condition and I was feeling really proud of myself for what I said. Once again she reached to her place and got down and just then I spoke, “Don’t take me otherwise….sometimes I go weird…I hope whatever I said, tumne mind nahi kiya hoga?” Disha said no to that with a smiled, “that means I can say all this I future also?”

I asked her again with a naughty expressions and she smiled on that, “waise bhi main to tumhari taarif hi kar raha tha, aur taarif to sabhi ladkiyon ko achhi lagti hai” once again I uttered and this time Disha went on smiling after pushing the door to close. I could see that she has digested my words and now my mind was set on fire, somehow I wanted to keep all this alive.

At the other end I was feeling that my sex life with my wife was improving because of Disha, amazingly I was always mobbed by her thoughts and at the end of the day most of the time I use to be very aroused and finally use to end up fucking my wife in the night at least twice a week and truly speaking after releasing my pressure,

for some time I use to feel guilty that I am doing some sort of sin but by the morning when Disha use to meet me at bus stand my animal use to get up again and all this went on going for many days.

Gradually I was going crazy for Disha’s seductive body and looking for opportunity to make things happen. While being with Disha from last so many days I was sure about one thing that she was also attracted towards me though I was not sure that up to what extend she wanted to get along with me, and sometimes I thought that she is just taking me as a good friend because she knew this fact very well that I am married and there is no future in this relation.

But at my end, crossing all my limits I was getting desperate to fuck her in all possible positions, especially in a doggy way while holding her round fleshy hips. Moreover from her gesture I could easily make out that she was virgin and never been touched by a male species,

I use to go crazy imagining this fact that while fucking her I will be able to hear her first painful cry and will be able to see her bleeding from her fuckhole as I will penetrate my monster size into her tight virgin fuckhole.

Anyway as I said earlier I was seeking for opportunity with Disha to get alone except while travelling from home to office and after many days I got one and I used that well in my favor. Like every morning we both were on our way to office and she was looking at latest released movies she told me that this particular movie has released.

Though some time back I was aware of the cinema world but from nearly last one year I was detached with all this, so with a very natural gesture I showed her some interest and asked her about the movie she was talking about. Disha detailed me whatever she knew about that movie and at the end told me that she is going to watch this movie in theater but she has to seek for the company first.

She further told me that she is thinking about talking to one of her colleague for the company for this movie. I gave a thought to it and casually asked her back that if she will go with her colleague then who will pay the entire show. Disha replied that it will be pooled by both. Once again I gave a thought to it and cracked a casual joke that it will be great if she will go with her boyfriend, in that case she do not have to spend.

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Disha replied to my statement by saying that she does not have any boyfriend; I knew this fact as some time back we had a tiny talk over this subject. At that particular instant as she said “I don’t have any boyfriend “ I took a chance and casually gave her a proposal, if we can go for a movie by saying, “Ok, if you want I can take you for the movie”

Disha looked at me for a fraction without any expressions and went silent for a fraction and then asked back, “just we two”? I was little shocked as I was expecting a no from her. “Ya….but if you are feeling insecure, we can take Priya (my wife) along, I replied with bit of giggle. Disha too smiled on that and asked back,

“Why should I feel insecure”? “Just in case……, if you are thinking that I will try anything weird with you in the dark” I replied back casually, Disha smiled back on my reply and looked into my eyes and gave an impression as if she is aware of habit of making fun of everything. “Tell me…..yes or no”? I asked her again after a minute or so as there was no reaction from her,

“what……movie”? She asked back, “Haan….” I confirmed “when”? She asked back, “whenever you say…..I need a day in advance to inform my office” I replied, “I will tell you,…. if it will be possible….” Disha replied back. I was happy within myself; at least she did not ridiculed my proposal bluntly. Next two days went just like that; intentionally I did not raise the topic of going to movie together.

Third day was Saturday and hardly 10 minutes before reaching to her Bank, Disha herself raised the subject of my plan of going to movie by asking, “So you are going tomorrow to see (XYZ-that particular movie)” “No…. I am not interested in wasting Sunday for a movie” “Then…..”? she asked back,

“then what….I was waiting for you to reply…..tum bataao kab chalna hai….. and it has to be weekday” I replied, “why not Sunday”? Disha asked me with a smile as if she was expecting a witty and humorous reply, “Sundays Wife ke naam hain…..Girl friend can choose any other day from rest of six days” Disha smiled on my reply and went silent for few seconds,

she could not respond to my statement, moreover she could not control her smile even, “Girl Friend…..who me”? Finally she uttered, and asked back after couple of more seconds, with a real big smile “’hmmmmm……”’ I just hummed to say yes without looking at her and continued looking forward on the road and waited for her to respond

“See….you don’t have boy friend….and I don’t have girl friend, so……” I left the sentence incomplete, “aur Priya”? Disha asked back “wo to wife hai na”? I replied casually. “Are you serious…..”? Disha responded as if she in shock but she had a smile on a face. “No…..I cannot be serious with you…..I am already married” I replied and it was even better, truly speaking I don’t know how I was responding to her so well.

Anyway Disha smiled again on my response and kept her mouth shut. Finally her destination came and she got down and looked at me with bit of smiling gesture, straight into my eyes, may be to read my mind but I was much better than her in controlling my features. I asked her again in very casual way as if nothing has happened strange in our conversation,

“anyway…..tell me if you want to go for a movie….I have to plan accordingly” “Monday to possible nahi hai……Tuesday ko dekhte hain….” Disha replied in the tone as if she wants to somewhat postpone the matter, but I was in the mood of this way or that way, even then I gave her enough time to think by saying. “Think about it and tell me by Monday…I will plan my work accordingly”.

I raced ahead my car and moved on my way as she smiled back to say ok from her gesture. Through out the day I was really uneasy with a thought that if somehow Disha will say yes then what will I do to get her further close. I was really getting desperate to fuck her and at any cost I wanted to grab this opportunity to fuck a female other than my wife.

I am sure 100 out of 99 males wants to do that but because of some sort of insecurity we never try and I was not at an exception, even I was feeling insecure but my desire for Disha’s untouched body was so high that I was ready to take any risk. Anyway at that time the biggest question in front of me was about the place, where I can take her to confront.

Something was already running in my mind for that since morning and by the evening I was having a safe place to take Disha to get intimate with her, obviously only if she will say yes to it. Though I was not at all sure about that but it was really great feeling, assuming that I will fuck her with all my passion.

Anyway the place I was talking about was my friend’s vacant flat, at present he is living very far in south in one of the IT cities and he wanted me to lend that flat, but I never tried to do that till that time. Same day somewhere in the afternoon I called him and told him that someone in my work concern is interested in taking that flat for few months,

further I asked him few things about his flat and the place from where I can get keys and ultimately while coming home I picked up keys and next day made a touch and go visit to that flat. It was almost furnish flat and one of the room was proper bedroom with a decent bed and all other necessities.

Once again on Monday Disha met me on the same place and as usual we went along on the same path. Somewhere in the middle I told her that I have spared Tuesday and Wednesday from my work and she can choose anyone of the two days. To my surprise Disha was waiting for me to speak up on this subject and as I said that she replied positively by saying “I have applied for a leave on Tuesday”.

Truly speaking as I heard that strange sensation went through my body, though as such there was nothing to be so glad even then I was happy and Disha too seemed bit conscious to me after saying that and we hardly spoke in this context after that. More or less after that we both silently reached at the place where she was suppose to get down,

once again just to confirm I spoke while looking at her with a smile, “tomorrow…on the same time..” Disha just said Ok to it and went walked down to her work place. I too reached to my office after some time but virtually I was lost in assuming things. I was thinking about naughty statements through which I can approach her to fulfill my dirty desire but none of them seemed appropriate, that would work.

As the time passed I got even more nervous and horny, for sometime I felt guilty also that I am thinking about cheating my wife but Disha’s seductive body’s lust was ruling my mind and it overcame my ethics and all. Next day everything went well, Disha was looking stunning in the outfit she was wearing.

She was wearing tight black color Lycra leggings at the bottom and nice navy blue color Kurta without any stroll or Duppta. Though her kurta was not tight but I could easily make out size of her breasts, but truly speaking my sight was again and again going to her lower half. She was sitting on my left and I was getting a view of her thighs tightly packed in stretchable leggings,

amount of flesh she was having on her thighs was too much and as I said in the beginning I really love females with a fleshy assets and Disha was on the top of my list with that concern. Anyway through out the way I was really very uneasy as I had really bad or you can say lusty intentions for her and because of that mind state I was failing in behaving casually,

like I use to everyday and this change in my gesture was visible, Disha too was nevertheless confused or perplexed and this could be seen easily because she was really getting very conscious for her looks. Anyway I intentionally took her to the theater which was far from our residence and work place and close to that flat where I was planning to take her somehow.

We reached to the theater and bought tickets and entered into the auditorium and settled down to see movie. I don’t know about Disha’s mental state, at my end butterflies were tingling in my stomach and I was eager to go ahead but somehow could not gather courage to do anything in the dark.

Finally may be after more then one hour movie seemed to coming to the mid, I unintentionally knocked her knee with my hand to ask her if she wants to have pop corn and as I touched her knee to get her attention she removed my hand, I casually asked her whatever I wanted to and she said yes to it.

We both came out to get the soft drink and pop corn and I said sorry to her for what I did by saying, “’I think tum bura maan gayi….when I touched you to ask you” she said “nahi to” (means not at all), while looking at me into my eyes. “sure”? I asked her with same smiling gesture, “ya….” She replied.

We came back in the dark and settled down again and finished our drinks and pop corns. Movie was running on its pace when I touched her again at the same place and this time it was intentional and not at all in the format of asking anything, I just placed my hand on her knee. Once again Disha removed my hand immediately and looked at me with a question mark as if she is asking now what?

I moved ahead a bit and somewhat whispered “you said tumne bura nahi mana……iss liye maine dobara touch kar liya” Disha’s heart was beating high, I could see it from her facial expressions, though she tried a lot to control but she smiled a bit on my statement and spoke while looking into my eyes, “please matt karo” (means please don’t do) I just said ok with a smile and focused on movie.

Finally we came out of the auditorium and settled down in food court and ordered something. Superficially I was busy in getting my order but mentally I was trying to make a way. I was really confused and could not decide what to do;

I knew this very well that after touching her knee second time as such there was nothing hidden as it was intentional touch from my side and it almost went negative for me because she said not to do it and I knew this as well that if I had to something I have to do it today as I will not get this type of chance again easily.

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Anyway when I reached back after collecting my order from self service counter Disha was busy on phone and I could make out she was talking to her mom, telling a lie that she is in coffee shop nearby her branch. Coincidently as she ended my phone rang and it was my wife, I too lied that I have came to bank to withdraw some cash from companies account.

Finally I too ended my call and focused on my approach to go further in the conversation with Disha and uttered “I was just thinking…ye humara extra marital affair hai kya……” Disha looked at me with a shock; she was not at all expecting that. I spoke again in correcting tone “I mean extra marital sirf mera hai……..but yahan main apni wife jhoot bol raha hun that I am out for office task, aur wahan tum apni mom se jhoot bol rahi ho…what is this…”?

I spoke with some courage and took my old casual gesture back and spoke again and replied to my own question “nahi….ye affair nahi hai……affair mein aur bahut kuch hota hai…..jo hum nahi karte…..” Disha got more shocked and went more silent and looked into my eyes, I could see she was conscious and heart was pounding. “what….”?

“Why are you getting conscious….you want me to talk about the movie?” I asked her back in the typical tone I speak, she replied with no with a knobbing head, “it was ok…ok stuff isn’t it” I spoke again “hmmmm……” Disha just hummed to say yes and looked into my eyes to read my brain. “I think tum mind kar gayi……hmmmm…..”?

I asked her; once again Disha looked up while chewing her bite and stared into my eyes. “you know me from last so many days……I don’t keep things in my heart….I just speak out whatever I feel..” I spoke again and by now I was getting confident in my voice, though I was not sure over what I had in mind,

but like always in all contexts I was in mood of this way or that way do or die kind of a thing “and I want to ask you something…..in straight forward words..” once again Disha looked at me with a question mark on her face and did not uttered anything, “can I ask”? I asked her again in a soft voice with bit of smile to release some of her pressure and she hummed to say and moved her head in favor.

“ye humara extra marital affair hai kya……”? I asked her same question with bit of smile and reaction from Disha was same, she could not utter anything and kept on looking into my eyes for few seconds. “See….I know this is wrong at my end…… I am married…..but I cannot hide my feelings for you…..”? by now from my end nothing was unsaid, my heart was beating high but somehow I continued speaking whatever I had in my mind

“This is also sure that there is no future in this relation….it’s just a physical thing….and I am really getting desperate for that” Disha was muted, I could see, her heart was throbbing but she did not reacted negatively, she kept on staring into my eyes “believe me I have never felt like this for any female……I mean you have something which has made me crazy……I don’t know what it is?

But you have literary floored me” my this statement was really long and it was mixed with Hindi and English and if had to write down word to word, it went like, “believe me…maine aaj tak kisi ladki ke liye aisa feel nahi kiya….I mean you have something….jisne mujhe pagal kar diya hai….I don’t know what it is, but you have literary floored me”

Disha was in utter shock from my straight forward words and kept on maintaining silence and had few sips of soft drink to release her choked throat and looked again at me, I was expecting her to speak and I waited for few seconds but in the end I spoke again, “I know…..all this could be dangerous for me,…..I mean for my marriage and aisa bhi nahi hai ki I am not happy with my marriage...

ye bus ek lust hai…..which I cannot suppress…..I mean I am spending sleepless nights because of you…….” Once again it was a long statement and further straight forward and it was bit shocking in usual circumstances that even then Disha was sitting in front of me and did not walked away after slapping my face and I spoke that in my words,

“Maine jo kahna tha wo almost kah diya hai, ab tum Chaho to mujhe thappad mar ke yahan se jaa sakti ho….Chaho to mere proposal ko refuse kar sakti ho…..I promise I will not ask you again and we will be friends like we were aur Chaho to mera proposal except kar sakti ho…….without any fear……after all main bhi married hun…..mujhe bhi thodi si insecurity hai ki kahin kisi ko patta na chal jaaye….I will take care of privacy”

Disha was scared I could read her face, her heart was beating high and she could not eat, as I ended she did not looked up for a while and kept on looking at her food while thinking, for me best part was that she did not reacted negatively. “I am really sorry, agar tumkp bura lagga to…..meri yehi problem hai….I cannot keep things up to me…..I just speak up whatever comes in my mind”

I spoke and once again Disha looked up, “see…..I am not forcing you….you just be frank…..just like me…….you can say no….I promise I will not ask you again….but truly speaking I cannot change my perspective to look at you….you have literary blew my mind” I smiled a bit while saying that and spoke again, “smile kar do yarr…. Main tareef karr raha hun tumhari…I am praising you, that you look sexy”.

Once again there was no words from her side, once again she took few sips of soft drink and did not uttered anything. “kya soch rahi ho……”? I looked into her eyes and waited for her reply once again she tried to take her sight away from my eyes by looking down but I raised her chin lightly and spoke again,

“come on…say something…..tell me ….kya soch rahi ho…..” “kuch nahi” Disha nobbed her head in no “tell me……it’s yes or no”? Once again from my side it was this way or that way. Disha looked up with a throbbing heart, “say No…if you don’t feel like doing I am not forcing you” I spoke again after a small pause, “tell me if you need time to think…I not at all in hurry…..”

I waited for her to reply but she was muted “tell me…..you need time”? I asked her again, Disha moved her head in yes without uttering a word and continued looking down. We both were almost over with our things to eat and none of us were interested in whatever was left in the tray but we continued sitting there silently for couple of minutes and in between, we both looked into each other eyes for few seconds.

“Tell me one thing…..at your end kuch positive hai…..ya sab uch negative hai”? Once again I uttered and asked her but she kept the silent, “come on….speak up….” I somewhat forced her to speak up, “I don’t know” finally she uttered something and I was happy it was not “No” with a slap. “Ok what is negative…..”? I asked her again, somehow I want to get into this conversation,

“You are feared of pain”? Disha looked up as I asked her that, and finally uttered “no….” as she saw that I am waiting for her reply. “Privacy”? I asked her again “hmmmm……” she hummed to say yes and looked into my eyes, “hope you are not feared that I will blackmail you…” Disha looked at me and moved her head in no,

“Ok…don’t worry about privacy……I will take care of that….for me it is a matter of life and death” I replied and asked her again, “what else”? She looked up “you are feeling guilty” “hmmmm….” Once again she hummed to say yes “ok” I replied, I did not had anything to say for that so I changed the concern a bit and asked her again in continuation “now tell me what is positive…

I mean….you want to experience…?” Disha looked up and she was more nervous her heart was throbbing, “tell me…you want to experience that”? “Yes” Disha moved her head somehow in yes, “ok” I was glad, now I had a clear path, somehow I had to vanish her hesitation and this could be done only by talking about sex but delicately.

“see jahan tak experience ki baat hai….I must tell you ki first time it is bit painful for a girl….but because I am experience I can make things go smooth….I hope you understand what I am saying” I made long statement “but this is wrong….Priya is my friend and I am cheating her” “I know…this is true but…..sometimes we can’t do anything…..you are attracted towards me and I have a same feeling for you…..”

I replied casually “I am sure you are also spending restless nights like me…..” once again I spoke sex but indirectly once again she could not utter anything in response “tell me…yes or no”? I asked her again “hmmm…” Disha hummed to say yes which I knew up to an extent but the best part was she looked into my eyes while saying yes from her gesture.

“then you have to decide….waise bhi I believe chori tab chori hoti hai jab pakdi jaaye….Priya will never come to know and who knows ye affair kitna chalna hai….as soon as you will get married….it will end” I was feeling that my confidence was coming back to speak everything casually.

Once again there was a silence for a minute, I could make out that Disha was thinking “kya soch rahi ho…..” “kuch nahi” I aske de her and she replied back, “I have an Idea….” I paused for a second and Disha looked at me to hear from me, “I have a place somewhere near…..we can go there…… we will sit and relax…..”

“Trust me I will not do anything against your wish…… waise bhi we have hell of time to kill” “till the time you will not be comfortable…..we will just talk…… and if you will not feel like going ahead we will step back….I am not at all in hurry…aaj nahi to fir kabhi sahi….whenever you are comfortable”.

I got up while saying that and Disha too got up, I could see that she was not comfortable in going to that place with me and she wanted to say something, reading her gesture I asked her that by asking, “you want to say something…”? “where are we going….”? “yahan pass hi mere friend ka ek vacant flat hai….but if you are not comfortable we will not go there….tell me kahan jana hai…I cannot go home so early”.

I replied, Disha did not uttered anything but seemed in dilemma, “See….I have promised you I will not do anything against your wish…..we will sit there and chit chat……like whatever you think about me and whatever I think about you….you know thodi si different chit chat…” Disha smiled a bit on my reply and that really eased out her pressure.

We took a lift to the basement and reached to the car, once again before starting I asked her, “so we are going there…hmmmm….you trust me na”? Disha moved her head in yes with bit of smile and took the first gear and came out of the parking. “tumhare liye meri intentions impure hain….but it is not hidden….I mean I cannot lie….I told you in the very beginning ki it’s just a lust…

and I think you too have same attitude for me” I spoke to initiate the conversation once again and Disha smiled a bit on my statement, “tell me..You also think about me…like that” Disha blushed this time as I asked her that. “come on…..we are friends…tell me the truth” I spoke again and Disha looked at me with a big blushing smile,

“you think about me….when you are alone…hmmmm…” I further asked her with a naughty gesture, Disha did not replied to that but from her gesture I could make out that its yes from her side. “When you think about me like that….?.....in night when you are in bed”? I asked her again almost same question and waited for her to speak and she hummed in yes with hell of blushing without looking at me.

“Good…..at my end…truly speaking Priya is suffering because of you” I spoke about my condition, Disha looked at me as she could not understand what I meant by that and I instantly spoke again to clarify what I meant by saying, “tumse milne se pahle I use to seduce her once or maximum twice in 15 days, but now she is getting seduced almost twice or thrice a week…

and it’s all because of you…you’ve made me really very restless….” Disha smiled deep within herself, I could make out from her gesture, though outwardly she tried to hide her smile and her heart was still pounding high. By this time I was really very close to my destination and within couple of minutes I parked my car at the right place.

We came out of the car, looking around Disha was still in perplexing mind state and I was trying to ease out her pressure with my words. “We can watch movie also…I have few good movies saved in the Hard Disk….”

I spoke while getting into lift and spoke again in continuation “just be comfortable…Don’t feel scared……I am not going to attempt a zabardasti on you……jo kuch hoga tumhari marzi se hoga” I spoke while looking at her, she was standing far from me in the lift, Disha remained silent but heart was beating high.

Finally we entered in the flat and first thing she asked me was the location of the toilet. I took her to the bedroom and waited for her there, took off my shoes and climbed the bed and settled down on comfortable posture. Disha came out and saw me resting on bed; I was comfortable and prepared for the naughty chit chat to arouse her.

“Just be comfortable…if you want I can switch on laptop” “nahi….theek hai” she replied “Ok…then let’s just sit and talk….” “Ye flat kiska hai”? she asked me, “one of my friend’s, he is living in Banglore…..he wanted me to lend this flat….but I never paid any attention to it” I replied and spoke the truth.

“so that’s why so travelled this far to see the movie……because you had a place here” Disha asked me with a timid tone while sitting on the corner of the same, “yes…you can say that….my intentions are clear to you…..main sab kuch to bol hi chukka hun…even then I have something to show you….open the outer zip of the bag” I replied to her and pointed my hand to my laptop bag and told her to open the zip.

Disha did what I said and took out small bottle of coconut oil which was sealed, yet there was something and I told her to take out that too by saying, “kuch aur bhi hai usmen…just take out that also” it was a pack of Kama Sutra, 10 pieces of condoms. She took out that and glanced the attractive cover and looked up into my eyes, “only if you will say yes…..nahi to I will use it with Priya”

I spoke as I saw her blushing and my words made her even more blush. “Tell me….what you feel for me…..I mean…when you are alone in the night…what you do”? I asked her, once again Disha was speechless but I was getting really aroused and I wanted her to speak sex because that was the only way through which I could make her lie on the bed on which we were sitting.

“don’t feel shy……at least you can talk…even that will give you pleasure….tell me what you do in the night..while thinking about me…..” Disha smiled a lot while looking at me and blushed again but she did not uttered anything, “come on…speak up…..mujhe maloom hai what you do…I know everything…but I want to hear your voice….”

Disha was smiling continuously while looking down and I was waiting for her to speak, finally she uttered without looking at me, “I masturbate…” “how….”? I further asked her Disha laughed and knobbed her head in no and said….”please I won’t be able to speak…” “come on tell me…..how do you masturbate….you use something or just with your finger….”?

Disha smiled further on my question and spoke “I use finger….” and like last time she was not looking at me. “Ok….you know how guys masturbate”? I asked her she looked up to see me and looked back down without uttering a word, ”we jerk our Penis, and think that we are fucking…….” I spoke and then spoke again,

“and that’s what, I am doing these days…when Priya says no….and I fuck you in my fantasies” Disha did not raised her head to see me, but she smiled lightly, I was getting bolder and bolder with my words though Disha was hesitant to speak but for me positive sign was that she was enjoying all that. “I have few movies….I mean xxx movies in my laptop…if you want to see”?

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I tried to go further and I was sure that if she will agree to that, it will be easier for me get her closer but Disha said no to it by saying, “nahi…..movies mere paas bhi hain” she looked up and spoke “I know…after certain limit movies won’t work…you have to have it…isn’t it”? I asked her in the end and she looked up in my eyes with a smile.

“tell me….you want to have it….I mean I am just asking you…..you are free to say no to it…we can talk more….I am not at all in hurry” I spoke and asked her if she wants to have sex with me, she looked up for a fraction into my eyes, I could see that she was still confused and her heart was pounding high. “I think you are afraid of pain…”

I spoke while looking at her “tell me…if I am wrong” I spoke again, Disha moved her head in yes in a very hesitant way, “I can understand your condition…pain to hota hi hai….that’s why I have bought that bottle of oil…..massage karne ke liye…it will reduce your pain” once again as I said that Disha looked at me with a pounding heart, “I think you are still not comfortable….”

I tried to read her gesture and she moved her head in yes, “Ok…we can touch each other over the cloths….I mean you touch me….. and I will touch you one by one….over the clothes” I continued looking at Disha after saying that to see her reaction, but she did not moved even a fraction neither she looked up to give me any sign, I realized that she was not ready for that.

“Ok..we will not touch each other…we will just see each other….without clothes” I spoke the main word “without clothes” in the end and this time she looked up to see me. Disha was really very uneasy but I smiled as she looked up, “nahi….? You don’t want to see me naked…”? once again she looked up as I asked her that and this time she did not took off her eyes for me and waited for me to speak again,

“tell me……we can do at least this…..I will show you my body….you show me yours….we will not touch each other” I asked her and waited for her reply, once again like before she was silent but I was restless but I asked her again in soft voice, “say yes or no…”? Finally after few more seconds Disha moved her head in yes with a throbbing heart; while looking into my eyes, I could see that she was scared of her life.

Just opposite to her I was getting confident and without wasting even a second I started opening my shirt slowly while looking at her and got up on the floor and opened my belt, with in a fraction my trouser raced down to my feet, I was just in my under garment, before getting to bed I took off my undershirt and came to bed with a jocky on.

Once again I lied on the same posture while looking at her, at Disha’s end her eyes were glued to my body, though she was scared but she wanted me to go further and I did that. Lifting my bottom a bit I took off last cloth of my body and hard and fully erect Cock popped out of it. “Tumne movies mein to dekha hi hoga….ab real mein dekh lo….”

I was holding my rod in my hand and pleasuring myself while saying that and I continued by saying, “this goes into female’s fuckhole” I was somewhat jerking my rod with my hand while looking at shy gestures of Disha and I spoke again somewhat in continuation, “and that’s how we masturbate….”

Disha was sitting where she was, scared and confused “now it’s your turn…show me your body….I promise I will not touch you” Disha was holding bed sheet in her hands in fear and excitement while looking at me and my hard Penis, by now I was jerking my rod better and pleasure was incredible for me.

“Come on…take off your clothes…if you are feeling insecure you can stand far….but darne ki koi baat nahi hai…..I will not do anything without your consent” I waited for her to move while jerking my rod with my hand. Finally after hell of hesitation and couple of my cheering up comments, like “come on” and all Disha got up slowly and moved away from bed, stood bit more far facing away from me and lifted her Kurta and took it off.

Now she was wearing white color bra on top and same tight black Lycra leggings and as she was facing away from me I was getting a life taking view of her perfectly round and plump bottom packed in tight lower. I was still jerking my rod and things were getting really out of my control, “Wow……Disha you are amazing…....now take off your leggings”

Slowly Disha followed what I said, she took off her lower in the same posture while facing away from me, color of her panty was also white and it was printed. I must say that if it would have matter of fucking her just once then certainly I would have fucked her at that moment but I wanted to enjoy this innocent creature properly like a gentleman;

anyway Disha was still facing away from me and she was feeling shy in turning her face to me, I told her to unhook her bra and she did that in very slow pace, next I told her to bought her panty down but she did not moved, I forced her to do that by saying, “Disha…Panty bhi uttar do…show me your body….main kuch nahi karunga”. Finally she did that too in the same slow pace.

Wow..Disha was standing stark naked in front of me, though she was facing away but I could see the thing of real beauty, her flabby ass. Disha’s ass was so beautiful that any guy who loves to fuck in doggy position can go wild on her and only I know how I was holding my nerves. As I said earlier she was fair, short and bit Plump, her round and heavy hips were really amazing,

they were feast to my eyes even when they were fully covered in clothes, and at that time they were fully exposed to me. Now I wanted to see her breasts and wanted her to turn but she did not moved, I forced her to do that, I wanted to see her bashing gesture too. After bit of motivation finally she turned and looked at me for a fraction,

her face turned red as I was standing on my knees on the bed while looking at her but she could not see at me into my eyes, she was just looking down and I was having eyes full of her luscious body. She was covering her breasts into her arms, her fleshy thighs were hiding her fuckhole, I could see that she was having bit of hairs on that.

I told her to open her arms and legs by saying, “Disha show me your breasts and open your legs” she looked up and saw me jerking my rod in full swing, she was nervous, after all first time in her life she was standing stark naked in front of a man, who was also naked. “come on…show me your breasts….”

I spoke again in puffing voice while jerking my monster rod, she straighten her hands slowly to reveal her juggs, and they were beautiful, not too big, neither too small almost of the size of small watermelon and seemed as juicy as watermelon, nipples were hard and stiff in excitement.

Disha was still hiding her fuckhole between her thighs and now I wanted to see that and I told her to expose that too by saying, “open your legs, show me your fuckhole…” after forcing it couple of times Disha opened her fleshy thighs and revealed her fuckhole,

“Oh…God…” I moaned in pleasure, I was jerking my rod from last 5-10 minutes and my excitement was at it’s peak still I was no way near ejaculation, I was tired of masturbating but view in front of my eyes was not letting me stop.

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Disha was again and again looking at me and blushing, fire was lit in her body too but she was still scared of something, I could read her expressions. Finally I stopped jerking my rod as my hand was aching and I settled down on the bed in half lying posture and raised my arms and called her with affection by saying “Come here, Disha mere pass aa jaao hmmmm….”

“I want to make love to you…..hmmmm……kuch nahi hoga….tumhe bilkul dard nahi hoga….trust me” she did not moved and stood there only but continued looking at me, wow what was Disha looking at that time, stark naked having nice fleshy thighs and luscious breasts with hell of confusion and blushful gesture.

I got up a bit and once again spoke in excitement “come on….I will not fuck you….I just want to touch your body” Disha did not moved even then but she did not stepped back even. I got up and got down from bed and went closer to her, held her in my arms and kissed her on her neck. Disha moaned loud and tried to step back, I could see that she was scared but I held her in my arms and spoke,

“Disha main kuch nahi karunga….sirf tumhen pyar karunga…jab tak tum haan nahi kahogi…andar nahi daalunga” my hands were on her bare back and her luscious fruits were touching my broad torso, I could feel her excitement from the hardness of her nipples, they were fully erect and ready to get it sucked.

Holding my nerves I took one of her melon in my hand and caressed it gently, Disha moaned nicely, she wanted me to play with her body but she was hesitating and she stepped back in that uncertainty. I gripped her better but still gently and made her look up into my eyes by raising her chin with my and spoke again,

“kahan jaa rhai ho Disha….? Mere pass aao…..I will not fuck you….I will just touch your body…..tumko achha lagega”. From her back my hand slipped down to her ass buns, wow finally my hand was resting on my dream ass, I was holding one of her plump hips, leaning on her neck once gain I started rubbing my wet lips over her sensual zone and Disha went on going crazy with sexy moans.

I was squeezing her hip with one hand and licking her neck just below her earlobe and took lower end of her ear in my mouth along with her earrings and sucked it sensually. Ohhhh….God I cannot forget the way she responded to my suck over her earlobe, she moaned sexily and tried to get away but I held her firm and pulled her on my body and our bare fronts touched nicely.

I felt softness of her succulent breasts over my firm torso and she felt my fully erect cock over her bellybutton. Without wasting even a second I grabbed her cheeks in my hand and made her look at me and started kissing her and tried to invade my tongue into her mouth. Disha did not responded to my kiss initially but I kept on sucking her lips and my tongue kept on knocking her mouth to get a way.

Finally Disha opened her mouth and I kissed her properly, it was first kiss of her life, I could feel it from the response I was getting but I kept on moving my tongue in her mouth and licked every corner of her mouth, my hands were holding her naked body gently and by now Disha was also holding me firmly, one of her hand was on my back and other one was on my shoulder.

I moved down and took her breast in my mouth and started sucking her luscious melon. Disha fed me her milk with nice and erotic moans, my tongue was moving around her erect nipples and by the time I sucked both of her breasts she was at the verge of excitement.

My hand was still resting over her ass mound and slowly I moved it to her thighs and as it went between them Disha stepped back and held my hand, looked into my eyes without a word. “Kya hua…..Main kuch nahi karunga….sirf rub karunga”…… “Come on” I spoke while looking at her and moved head and once again took her in my arms and kissed her again and this time my hand went to her soft fuckhole easily,

though Disha tried to hold my hand but I kept on going and touched her pleasure zone tenderly. Ohhh….God Disha was so wet and hot there, her fuckhole was totally soaked and dripping wet. I rubbed her fuckhole very lightly for few seconds and heard her moans changing, they were getting intense, holding my arms firmly she was breathing very heavy,

she was gasping in pleasure from which she unaware till that day, it was touch of a man over her womanhood and she was enjoying that. I kept on rubbing her fuck opening with two of fingers till I felt her releasing out fresh stream of her pleasure juices. Intentionally I did not tried to insert my finger in her fuckhole,

I was trying to arouse her up to that extend from where she could not think of getting away without a proper fuck and I could see that I was on the path of success. Disha was at her best closing her eyes she was moaning an gasping strangely, her fuckhole was dripping like hell and she was shivering erotically as my fingers were moving over her fuckhole.

Being an experienced man I could see that she wanted me to insert my finger as now my hand which was rubbing her fuck opening was getting pressed between her fleshy thighs and holding my wrist she was trying her best to get maximum pleasure but again being an experienced my I knew where I have to stop to make her shudder in fucking desire and I just did that.

As I stopped rubbing her fuckhole and withdrew my hand from her thighs Disha trembled erotically, much more feverishly I was expecting. Her fleshy thighs shivered and I could see that her fuckhole was at the verge of explosion, she instantly tried to hold my hand to take it back to her fuckhole but I withdrew it completely and sucked my fingers which were soaked in her love juices and spoke while looking into her eyes,

“let me suck your thing, tumko bahut mazza aayega” “nahi please…aisa matt karo” Disha spoke after very long time, her voice was choked with her own saliva, “let me do it…. I promise Main apna wo, tumhare andar nahi daalunga, jab tak tum haan nahi bologi…..I just want to suck your fuckhole” I spoke again and tried to convince her which was not impossible, that I will not insert my thing into her and to my surprise Disha believed that.

Gradually Disha was giving me access of her body and now with in no time I took her to bed and after putting her on her back I buried my mouth between her fleshy thighs to take out fresh stream of her love juices. Disha was behaving strangely certainly it was not pure pleasure; she was feeling weird as my tongue was rolling over her fuckhole.

But being an experienced man I knew how to play with a fuckhole to make female desperate and I did that. While being on my front and between her spread thighs which were making a big W with her legs as I kissed Disha’s fuckhole first time some sort of current passed through her body, she tried to resist, pushed my head a bit and tried to bring her thighs together but now she was in my control and I had no plans to leave her without fucking.

Spreading her thighs with my hands further apart I kissed her fuckhole deeply and she went crazy, she tried to get up while holding my head but I kept on going further and further deep in sucking her love juices and licked her love opening like a dog without giving her any halt and somewhat tried focus on her clitoris with in few seconds I reached to right place and saw Disha going mad in lust,

she was going crazy and trying to get away as she was feeling strange and along with moaning sexily she was requesting me to leave her by saying, “please…..Ahhhh….Ahhhh…..bass karo….ye kya karr rahe ho….?.....please…please ….chhodo mujhe” but I kept on licking her fuckhole and somewhat pushed her hard on bed to make her lie straight and once again went inside her fuckhole with my mouth and tried to insert my tongue in her virgin fuckhole.

For me things were beyond my imaginations, I was somewhat sucking her fuckhole forcibly without her consent and it was very arousing in itself. Soon Disha surrendered and stopped opposing me and lied down on her back with spread thighs, giving me clear access of her fuckhole.

I looked up to see her, Disha’s eyes were closed and she was moaning, puffing in pleasure, slowly she was getting comfortable with the weird feeling of getting sucked. But once again I stopped leaving her reaching to climax and she groaned in desire, once again her thighs shivered, she was dripping like hell but yet not released from the pressure.

I picked up small bottle of oil and spoke while opening the seal of that “main tumhare fuckhole ki massage kar deta hun, you just relax” without waiting for her to say yes or no, I settled down between her legs and spreading her thighs further apart I poured lot of oil on her fuckhole and started massaging her fuckhole.

Disha was already wet like never before and now oil, her fuckhole went very slippery and fingers were moving over fuckhole very nicely. As expected Disha uneasiness increased like hell and now she desperately wanted to cum but I was not letting her cum, after rubbing her fuckhole with oil for a minute I took out some more oil and rubbed it over my hard cock and spoke to her while showing that

“Disha thoda sa oil main use kar raha hun….Bolo tumhare andar daal dun isko….tumhe bilkul drd nahi hoga….bolo hmmmm…..”? Disha was very aroused but as she heard that she got bit scared, though technically she was more than ready to get a fuck as there was hell of lubrication and if I would have penetrated her fuckhole all of a sudden without asking her,

she would have realized that she is fucked after getting my full length inside her fuckhole but I asked her as I was sure that from this point she will not turn back. Anyway initially she did not said yes to it and I asked her again in sensual voice and casual words “Bolo daal dun…hmmmm…” with that I rubbed my cock tip on her fuckhole and she moaned like never before,

holding the pillow with both the hands, arching her back a bit she raised head and moaned loud. Truly speaking at that instant even if she would have said it no, I would have fucked her as I was in really good position to fuck her, I was somewhat on my knees and one of her fleshy thigh was straight and under my weight and other one was in my hand and they were well apart as I was sitting between them.

Though Disha too wanted to feel a real man but she was really afraid of whatever was about to happen with her and could realize that there is no way to get an escape from my monster. I rubbed her thighs nicely with both the hands and asked her again “bolo….jaldi….hmmm…..daal dun”?

Finally she uttered in a excited and bit fearful tone “please Condom lagga lo” “Don’t worry……. I can control, main andar nahi release karunga….” I spoke in reply and moved ahead and once again touched her virgin fuck opening with my cock head and this time I did not rubbed it over her fuckhole, rather I squeezed my cock-head into her tiny opening and pushing myself slowly into her,

ohh…god it was so difficult to get inside her even though there was lot of lubrication, certainly I was hurting Disha, she was crying in pain and trying to get away, couple of times Disha tried to push me away but holding her hand I kept on going into her and at certain point I flexed my buttocks rapidly into her and ripped her virgin fuckhole with a sudden jerk.

I think it was hardly an inch or bit more of my monster length which made Disha’s mouth tore open in a big painful cry, Ahhhh ……. Ahhhhh……Ahhhh……, although there was enough lubrication but she was hurt badly but I did not bothered about her cries and my rod was still going inside Disha but now slowly, Disha was trying to get away couple of times she tried to push me again by saying

“please….. mujhe dard ho raha hai…..” but holding her hands and controlling her body with my body weight I continued crushing her womanhood well, and spoke while looking at her “pahli baar……thoda dard to hota hi hai….” I was feeling every fraction of my monster rod sizzling and reaming into Disha.

Her fleshy breasts were bursting, and nipples were rigid with excitement and she was crying in pain of losing her virginity as my monster was brutally filling her fuckhole inch by inch. By now I was nearly half inside her and I could not see going further deep like this, I monster was stuck in her tight channel and I had no other way to get inside her except giving her another brutal jerk and I did that instantly,

with a wicked roll of my buttocks I flexed my bottom 2-3 times and ripped Disha’s fuckhole madly and kept on going deeper and deeper into her virgin fuckhole. Ohhhh God… what was that, with my rapid fucking thrusts Disha just got out of breath and could not speak anything, she could not even cry for a fraction and somewhat got unconscious in pain for few seconds.

I was sensing her condition; she was in extreme pain. Truly speaking in past while thinking about fucking her I was desperate to see her bleeding but at that time I really did not bothered to look down, I was just looking at her facial expressions and her painful expressions and cries were really very arousing me.

I leaned over Disha to kiss her, she did not responded to my kiss but I continued sucking her lips, I caressed her hairs to get her attention, looked into her eyes and our eyes met, Disha was looking beautiful while laying under me with spread hairs and painful expressions. After a long awaited desire finally I deflowered her virgin fuckhole, by now I was completely inside her virgin fuckhole and Disha was still in pain.

I did not moved for a minute or two so that she can settle down with a pain and then slowly withdrew myself, hardly an inch and Disha moaned sexily in pleasure but as I moved back in she cried in pain. I did that again and got same response, Disha did not seemed comfortable with my movements and couple of times she tried to push me to get away but I very well knew how to

control a female lying under me and holding her body firmly from her arms I continued fucking her with short and slow jerks and increased my speed slowly. Once again Disha’s pain increased as my fucking strokes rose up in speed and she tried to get away more desperately but I gripped her harder and continued doing my job,

by now my hard cock was moving in and out of her fuckhole with ease and my pleasure was incredible, I was moaning in bliss while looking at Disha’s mixed expressions of pleasure and pain. Her breasts were jiggling with my strokes and except closing her eyes and gasping in pleasure and pain she could not do anything.

I got up a bit and looked down to see myself fucking her, from very long I had a desire to se her getting plunged and what should I say Wow what a fuck hole Disha had, more I was pumping her fuckhole, more I got charged while looking at my hard cock. My whole length was appearing and disappearing in her flesh. I fucked her for few minutes, nice and steady while looking down.

She was holding me tight, moaning and gasping and by that time her pain was subsided and she was somewhat enjoying her first fuck. Finally Disha opened her eyes, and looked into my eyes with painful expressions; I smiled while pumping her fuck hole. “Disha mazza aaraha hai, hmmmm…” I asked her in sexy pleasurable tone that is she enjoying.

She did not responded to my question and closed her eyes again and swallowed her own saliva, and kept moaning in pleasure. I leaned over her and kissed her, she responded to my kiss and made a pleasurable noise in my mouth as I changed my pace of pumping her fuck hole. Now I was reaching to my peak and my pace got higher, I was hurting her bit with fast strokes and she started screaming sexily again in pain and pleasure.

She was overwhelmed and breathing heavy, she was also very close to her first real fucking orgasm, I got up and rubbed her clitoris, and she just went mad, in just few seconds I felt that she will burst. I was also ready to cum, again I came on her and fucked her with few furious strokes and whispered in her ears, “bas meri jaan, ho gaya…. Ahhhh…. Shit fuck”

finally I was about to blast and I took out my rod on a very next moment and discharged my white sticky cum over her pelvis with a loud moan. She was holding my arms like crazy with her both hands, and moaning; she was also about to met her orgasm too and I could see that she needs bit more of me.

I rubbed her clitoris further with my finger and finger fucked her in rapidly with a brutal fist and Disha went bizarre, she cried erotically loud and cummed with lot of shivering and jerking. She looked so sexy when those waves of pleasure were hitting her body and she was trembling while having a broken breath.

I was spent, she too was exhausted, everything was really messed up and muggy, and other than oil and our pleasure juices we were drenched in our sweat too. As such there was nothing like pure blood as a evidence of loss of Disha’s virginity, but surly there was bit of pinkish liquid over the root of my rod, I wiped that and my gunk from her abdomen too with whatever came in my hand and lied down on the bed next to her without saying even a word.

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Disha too remained silent and recollected herself from whatever happened just now, she was realizing that she is no more virgin and at my end I was realizing that finally I have succeeded in achieving my long lasted desire and I really wanted to continue this relation with her as long as possible.

I turned to her to look at her, Disha seemed comfortable, I smiled to comfort her more and she responded positively, I leaned over her and tried to kiss her and after couple of seconds she responded to my kiss and say after a minute or bit more broke the kiss and tried to get up. “kya hua….”? I asked her, “toilet jana hai…” she replied,

I gave her way to get up and she did not turned back to see me till she closed the door of toilet and I really enjoyed view of her chubby ass cheeks going away from me. Disha came back and started collecting her clothes, “abhi bahut time hai…..thodi der mein chalte hain….” I spoke from the place I was laying on the bed, still nude with a semi erect cock.

She looked up to see and did not uttered anything, just kept on looking at me for few seconds, “ek baar aur karte hain” (let’s do it one more time) I spoke again, once again Disha looked at me with her big eyes and spoke after few seconds, “main agar pregnant ho gayi to problem ho jaayegi” “don’t worry….tumhe pregnant nahi hone dunga…..this time I will wear a condom”

I spoke while getting up a bit, “abhi jo aapne bina condom ke kiya hai wo…..”? Disha asked me back in a soft voice, “maine tumhare andar kuch nahi release kiya…..and for safety sake I will get you pills, wo 72 hours mein leni hoti hai….” I replied in same casual tone with bit of smile and further got up and picked up my mobile to see the time and spoke again,

“we still have lot of time……ek baar aur karte hain”? by that time I was close to her and took her hand to take her to bed, Disha hesitated a bit “come on ab kya Sharma rahi ho….ek baar to ho hi chukka hai”, I bought her closer and took her in my arms and started kissing her, she responded to my kiss but I could see that she was hesitant to go one more time but at my end

I was somewhat desperate to fuck her again and that could be seen from my erection as I was hard again and once again my fully erect cock was touching Disha’s abdomen. “Mazza aya tha naa jab iss se pahle kiya tha”? I asked her after breaking the kiss for a fraction, Disha did not uttered anything in response, she just looked at me into my eyes,

“I know tumko dard hua tha….par pahli baar to dard hota hi hai….ab dobara dard nahi hoga….sirf mazza aayega” I spoke again and rubbed my wet lips over her neck and sucked her earlobe to arouse her and as I expected Disha trembled erotically and moaned loud and tried to get away but I was holding her luscious body firm and there was no way she could get away.

I continued loving her and while brushing my lips over her sensual zones my hands were exploring her body and they were continuously moving over her breasts, pinching her erect nipples and in between my hands went over her heavy and perfectly round ass cheeks, I squeezed her massive flesh again and again to pleasure myself.

In between I moved my hand to her fuckhole too and rubbed her opening to arouse her and effect of my rub over her fuckhole was really very effective as she went crazy whenever I touched her there, my hands were moving continuously over my dream thighs, I must tell you guys that because of my height and built I was any day much stronger and heavier than her but Disha’s thighs were much fleshier then mine,

they were thick and tight and because of her short height they use to appear even more fleshier and I was getting despirate to get between those fat thighs again. Intentionally I was not touching her fuckhole much, my hands were moving around her pleasure hole as I was little afraid that she might cum if I will rub her there hard, I just wanted her to go crazy to get a fuck and I was doing that job well.

Within next one minute Disha was aroused and I could make out that she was losing control on herself, the way she was holding me while moaning I could not stop myself diving inside her fuckhole again. I pushed her on bed and came on her top again and tried to kiss her, she broke the kiss and spoke while looking into my eyes, “please Condom lagga lo” “ok…”

I got up and within couple of minutes I covered my rod to fuck her again and without wasting any time in sensual love making I sat down between her spread thighs and explored her fuckhole with my finger to see the exact opening and Disha moaned erotically as she felt two of my fingers invading her wet fuckhole.

Spreading her fleshy thighs further apart I plunged her again and this time it was much better, though Disha cried in pain when initially I went inside her fuckhole with a rapid jerk but that pain did not lasted for much time, within couple of minutes she was crying more in pleasure and les in pain.

My hips were moving up and down steadily, driving my whole length into her fuckhole again and again and we both were in extreme pleasure. I lasted nearly for two more minutes as I was changing my pace of fucking her to get a long lasting fucks session and Disha seemed really very delighted with my fucking skill.

Finally my pumping strokes ended and I squeezed my buttocks two three times with deep screwing thrusts which made Disha scream really very loud in pain and pleasure at the same time, I too moaned loud as I was shooting my load with all my pressure. She too orgasmed hard, I too released my pressure as better as possible; as a result we both were exhausted once again, tired and sweating like hell.

After resting for hardly 2-3 minutes I came over Disha again and started kissing her and touched her gently to comfort her and spoke while looking into her eyes, “it was really great…. Mazza aagaya….hai na”? Disha blushed a bit and tried to avoid looking into my eyes, “say yes or no….mazza aaya ya nahi”? I asked her again, she just hummed to say yes and that is without looking at me.

I kissed her again and moved down to her breasts and loved both of her luscious fruits nicely before getting up to get a wash. We both entered in the toilet together and washed our gentiles, while washing my limping cock I looked at her and spoke while jerking it “next time main tumse apna Penis bhi suck karwaaunga….jaise blue films mein hota hai” Disha went speechless,

she started at me without uttering a word in the beginning but finally spoke “main nahi karungi….” “ok….mat karna…..sex to karogi na”? I asked her back whether in future she will have with me or not. Disha blushed on my question and once again did not replied, but I was keen to hear yes from her so I asked her again, “tell me….dobara karne aaogi na….”?

Holding her hand I took her closer and caressed her cheek and spoke again, “you know main bahut din se soch raha tha tumhare saath ye sab karne ka…aaj ho hi gaya” I finished and waited for her to speak something but as usual she did not uttered anything and spoke again “tell me…tumhara bhi mann than a mere saath karne ka”?

I made her look at me by lifting her chin up and she blushed again and before looking down again she uttered “haan” and moved her head in yes slowly. We came out of the washroom and wore our clothes and to further relax her I spoke again “tum please iss sab ki tension matt lenaa…don’t feel guilty and all ye sab chalta hai…aajkal har koi shaadi se pahle hi ye experience kar leta hai……”

I finished and then spoke again in continuation “Saturday ko dobara plan karte hain…midday ke baad….I will pick you from your place……aur I will not force you to suck me….rather I want to tell you ki next time main tumhe doggy style mein fuck karunga…peeche se…mujhe tumhara bottom bahut pasand hai”. Disha smiled on my casual words and started giving final touch to her appearance by combing her hairs.

So friends that was first time when I cheated my wife to fuck a this innocent creature Disha and I did this cheating again on Saturday and also I kept my promise, I did not ask Disha suck my Penis and fucked her in doggy style too while holding her waist. By the time we reached to that flat third time I could see that Disha was very free in talking to me about sex

as compared to first time and that day I requested her many times to suck my Penis and she did that for nearly 2-3 minutes and I really enjoyed the view of her face filled with the inflamed size of my monster.

Though I have fucked Disha numerous times after this but as such I do not have much to write about rest of my experiences with Disha, we just met and had sex casually in various positions taking all precautions to avoid pregnancy. Before ending I will say that comments from the readers of this wonderful blog are awaited.

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