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Old 24th March 2014
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Vacation turns into something else!

She wanted to show off. Her shapely breasts, her curvacious figure. When she was young, she imagined what the life of a nude model would be like. Pay your bills by flaunting your nakedness – that is an idea that always enchanted her. She was never a lesbian, but whenever she saw those nude models on the internet, she felt an urge to emulate them. When she was all alone, she would strip down to her bra and panties, put on makeup and pose for an imaginary camera. She would then proceed to strip all the way to her birthday suit and pose in many different ways. But there was never a camera – she was too timid to try such things. Now, when she is married, with two sons, all that is a distant memory. No more posing nude for an imaginary camera. But her desire to keep her body beautiful never left her and she duly obliged. In spite of the cumbersome routine that a married life entails, she managed to keep herself in shape. All those years never showed on her face or her frame, but definitely on her upper body. Her breasts had kept growing, especially after her bearing two children. But that was it – there was not one ounce of undesirable fat on her wheatish skinned figure. The occasional glares she received from the neighborhood boys reassured her of her sex appeal now and then.

Her nephew Vikram was the biggest fan of his aunty Kiran. Whenever she visited his family, he would be thrilled at the thought of getting to see her divine figure. So when the opportunity arose for him to stay with her for his vacation, he didn't let it go. He reached their house on a Sunday afternoon. He was greeted by Kiran, who was wearing a cream color saree. It's a fact that she was always fond of Vikram, because when he was a child, she used to take care of him. Her elder sister, Vikram's mother would be away at work, so it would be Kiran who would take care of him. So naturally, when she saw him at her doorstep, she felt overjoyed and hugged him tightly. Vikram was on cloud number nine as he felt the warmth of her hot body. The vacation was just an excuse – he wanted to be with her. He had once overheard his mother talk to her friend about Kiran's old habit of posing in front of the mirror. From that moment on, he couldn't control himself.

As he went in, he saw his little cousins and their father seated on the couch. They all greeted each other and exchanged pleasantries. Kiran went to the kitchen to fetch some water for him to drink. He couldn't help but look her way as she walked, her ass jiggling smoothly. He felt his dick tighten inside his pants. He looked away and started talking to the other members of the house. Soon, lunch was served – there was a variety of dishes, all prepared by Kiran, for Vikram. There was a lot of laughter at the table, as all of them shared stories of the family. As soon as lunch was finished, the father went off to take a nap. Kiran took Vikram to the room where he was supposed to stay for the two months. It was a fairly big room, with a double bed. Vikram was quite pleased by the room and profusely thanked his aunty for her generosity. She gently ruffled his hair and told him that she is also his mother. Vikram decided to take advantage of this moment and hugged his aunty. He felt the warmth of her uncovered lower back. Kiran of course didn't find anything wrong with this sudden burst of emotion. She reciprocated his hug equally.

Vikram then set about unpacking his bags.

Kiran: “Vikram, take some rest and then we will arrange everything together.”

Vikram: “No mausi, I want to finish this work first.”

Kiran smiled and said, “Okay, at least change your clothes first!”

Hearing this, Vikram got excited. He looked around the room.

Kiran: “What are you looking for, baba?”

Vikram: “A bathroom – to change my clothes.”

Kiran; “Uff, don't do all this drama now Vikram! I have two kids, I am not going to ogle at you!”

She laughed saying this. Vikram also smiled, but got worried a little. The worry was because there is something that Kiran didn't know about him. He had a condition called 'Oversized Male Genitalia'. Now, this condition causes the person's penis to grow to absurd proportions. He always felt embrassed due to it. His main worry was that she would noice the size, as it being so big, even in a flaccid state, it would look like a coiled up snake inside his undies. Litle did he know that Kiran already knew about his condition through his mother. She had shared it with her some months back, as she was concerned about him. Kiran had consoled her saying that it's perfectly normal. Kiran did not feel any sexual urges when she heard about it, but was only concerned about his well-being, like his mother. Radhika, his mother had told her that ever since his penis grew to such a big size, he has been feeling uncomfortable and his confidence started to drain away. She said that Vikram is not even ready to talk to her about it. Kiran had promised her that she would talk to him and help him to face this problem with confidence.

Vikram was still pondering about his predicament.

Kiran: “Arre, for changing clothes, you have to think so much??”

Saying this, she asked him to move aside and after opening the suitcase, started looking for something for him to wear. After looking for a while, she picked out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. She handed them over to him.

She rose up and sat on the bed. All this while, Vikram was staring at her round ass as she bent over looking for the clothes.

Not wanting to appear overly shy, he began undressing. He had a decent figure, as he played a lot of football. Kiran didn't want to make him feel awkward, so kept on talking while he was changing. She was especially careful to keep talking when he pulled down his pants. She noticed his penis, unmistakably bigger than usual, coiled up in his undies like a snake.

Vikram did not have the courage to look her in the eye, so kept his eyes to the floor while changing. Soon, he was done changing and he no longer felt shy.

Kiran noticed all these subtle changes in his emotions and felt sorry for her dear nephew. She vowed to herself that she would get this problem out of his life forever.

Kiran: “Chalo, now let's quickly arrange everything”

Vikram smiled and nodded in agreement. He wasn't going to miss any chance to be near his hot mausi.

Vikram opened all his bags and spread all his clothes on the bed. Kiran tucked her pallu end at her waist like all women do when they are about to do manual work. Seeing this, Vikram's snake stirred a little. But he was very careful not to get a hard-on, because she would definitely notice it, such would be the size.

Soon they were finished and Kiran left the room. As soon as she went, he locked the door and quickly removed his shorts and undies in one pull. Now that his dick was free, he felt very relieved.
He decided to take a quick nap. In his haste to sleep, he failed to notice that the curtain to the door-sized windows in the room were not closed. The sliding type windows were such that they covered the entire wall and led to the balcony. And because Kiran and family lived in an apartment, the balconies of two apartments inevitably faced each other.

Mrs. Sharma had strolled into her balcony after lunch to get some fresh air. When she looked across to Kiran's balcony, she noticed a new face. She looked on curiously, until the new boy crept into the bed. She was bewildered by what she saw. She had never seen such a humongous penis. She was more amazed than she was excited. How could such a young boy have such a huge penis, she thought. She decided that she had to have a closer look at this masterpiece.

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Old 24th March 2014
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good start..

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Old 24th March 2014
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nice start

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Old 24th March 2014
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Old 26th March 2014
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P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Vikram was dreaming in his sleep when he heard Kiran knock on the door and call his name. He quickly jumped up and put on his undies and shorts and answered the door.

Tea was served and everybody watched tv together for some time. After some time, the father and the two kids went to the market to get some items. Vikram watched TV for some time and then joined Kiran in the kitchen.

Vikram: “What are you doing, mausi?”

Kiran: “Nothing re. Just preparing dinner”

Vikram: “Do you need any help?”

Kiran: “No no, you go and watch TV.”

Vikram: “There is nothing good on TV, so I thought I'll spend time with you”

Kiran; “As you wish, beta”

Kiran was washing some utensils at the sink and Vikram was standing beside her. As they kept talking, his eyes roamed to her upper body. He could see a little bit of the blouse from under her saree pallu. Kiran was obviously oblivious to her nephew's hungry stares. He adjusted his position such that he could see her blouse covered breasts under the pallu. They were so big and shapely that he wished time would stand still so that he could explore them with his hands.

Vikram looked away just when Kiran turned in his direction.

In an effort to impress his mausi, he volunteered to cut vegetables for her. Kiran didn't agree at first but then gave in after a lot of coaxing. Even though he took it up, Vikram was new to all this and invariably cut his finger accidentally. Kiran freaked out when she saw the cut and her first instinct was to put his finger in her mouth. As she was sucking, Vikram imagined her sucking his dick. She caught hold of his hand and took him to the master bedroom. The bedroom was huge and smelled very nice. Vikram's mind wandered to images of her posing naked in front of the huge mirror on the wall. Kiran took out the first-aid box and put a band-aid on the wound.

Kiran: “I told you I'll do the work – see now what happened!”

Vikram: “Arre mausi, all this happens. No big deal”

After making sure that the wound was properly covered, Kiran went off to the kitchen. Vikram followed her, not knowing what else to do.

Kiran soon finished her work and told Vikram that she would now have a quick bath, as is her usual routine.

Vikram was in his room when Kiran came in asking for his soiled clothes. He handed them over to her.

Kiran: “What about you underwear?”

Vikram: “ That I'll wash tomorrow mausi”

Kiran: “Don't be mad. I do all the washing in this house”

Vikram was still hesitant. Understanding that he was shy, Kiran asked him to hand it over to her once she was in the bathroom. He agreed to this proposal.

Once she was inside the bathroom, she realized that she hadn't taken her clothes with her. This was because normally she would come out in a towel, as the kids were small and didn't mind. She thought about what to do. Soon it dawned on her that if she was to remove Vikram's shyness and instill confidence in him, she would first have to get rid of her inhibitions.

Meanwhile, Vikram felt a strange kind of freedom in this situation. His hot mausi was in the bathroom and there was no one else in the house. But he decided against trying anything outrageous as it was his first day in the house. He quickly removed his undies and changed into a new pair. Now that he was fully dressed, he knocked on the bathroom door. There was no response. The water was running, so he assumed she hadn't heard him. He again knocked and called out, “Mausi...”

The water stopped and the door opened slowly. Kiran peeked out and extended her hand to take his soiled underwear from him. He noticed that she was not wet at all, except her hands. Her hair was tied into a bun. She winked at him with both her eyes in a childish manner as she took it from him. He also managed to smile. He imagined her naked body on the other side of the door. Kiran closed the door and the water started running again.

Vikram didn't know what to do and sat on the sofa in the living room. He flipped through some magazines, though his mind was still at the bathroom door. After 15 minutes, the water stopped. He understood that she was done and would be out any minute. He didn't hold out any hope of seeing her body as he assumed she would come out fully dressed. Clearly, he wasn't prepared for what he was going to witness.

The door opened and Kiran stepped out in a towel. This was the most erotic sight of Vikram's life so far. His mausi was standing there with nothing other than a towel wrapped around her voluptuous body. His feelings were in stark contrast to those of his mausi, for whom this was part of her therapy to help her dear nephew.

Kiran went across to him and stood near him.

“Are you hungry, Vicky? Do you want anything to eat?”

As she was saying this, she was untying her hair and consequently both her hands were up in the air. This time, Vikram's dick would not listen to him. His undies started tightening. He prayed that her towel would fall off and he would get to see her beauty in its entirety.

“N-no mausi, I don't need anything”, he replied meekly.

Even though she was clad in a towel, there wasn't much on display. The towel did a good job of covering her cleavage and her thighs. But being treated to her silky shoulders was enough for Vikram's dick to grow.

After the short conversation, Kiran went to the master bedroom and closed the room. Vikram was disappointed that the towel didn't fall off after all.

Once the door was closed, Kiran let the towel drop. On a different day, she would have gone about posing in front of the mirror. But today, she hastened to put on her clothes, as Vikram was around. As she was putting on her clothes, she wondered how could she expect Vikram, with his problem, to come out of his shell, when she herself was so guarded and secretive.

Once she was dressed, she opened the door and found Vikram still sitting on the couch. She went across to him.

Kiran:”Is it paining now, Vicky”

Vikram: “Not at all, mausi”

Kiran: “Great!!”

Kiran smiled and headed to the kitchen.

He was about to follow her when the door bell rang. Kiran opened it and it was the father and the kids. Vikram cursed his luck.

The night went on without any major happenings.

Everybody parted wishing each other a good night.

Vikram headed to his room and closed the door behind him. He went out to the balcony and spent some time there. He was lost in the thoughts of his hot mausi and the scene a couple hours ago. He swiftly went back to his room, took out his laptop and watched some porn.

Mrs Sharma, upon noticing the light in the opposite balcony, sat up on the bed. Her husband was fast asleep. The lights in the room were switched off, so there is no way the boy could have seen her watching him.

As he watched the porn, his dick grew. It kept growing till it reached its maximum length. In its full glory, it looked like a big banana, no, the biggest banana that could ever be. It was when he was ready to cum that he realized there was no bathroom in his room. He had no other option but to go to the bathroom outside. To get there, he would have to cross the master bedroom. He prayed to his gods and opened the door trying to avoid making any sound. He peeked through the door and found that it was very dark outside. He breathed a sigh of relief. He thought for a while and decided against wearing his shorts as it would pain a lot trying to contain his monster. Anyway, it was pretty dark outside.

He tip-toed outside and slowly glanced across the hallway into the master bedroom. To his relief, they were asleep and it was quite dark in the room. He went to the bathroom and slowly closed the door. He had an enormous ejaculation, spewing out streams of cum across the bathroom floor. Once he was relieved, he made sure it was all cleaned up.

He slowly opened the door and made his way across to his room.

Kiran had just gone to bed, so when she heard the creak of the bathroom door, her eyes opened. She sat up and decided to enquire.

Even as she walked slowly, her bra-less breasts inside her nighty undulated vigorously. It was her practice to change into a nighty before sleeping, and most of the time she avoided the innerwears.

She saw the light was on in the bathroom and looked in the direction of Vikram's room. She estimated that he was in the bathroom and so retreated to her room.

She climbed back on the bed and closed her eyes. Soon, she again heard the bathroom door creak and she opened her eyes. What she saw amazed her. From his silhouette she made out that he was naked. She also saw his huge penis hanging down lifelessly. When her sister told her about his condition, she had never imagined it would be so big. The sight lasted for only a second as Vikram went to his room rather hurriedly. Even at this point, there was hardly anything sexual in what Kiran saw. She had too much motherly love for him to harbor such feelings. She started thinking how she can help him and soon fell asleep.

After closing the door, Vikram went back to his bed and browsed the internet for some time. Soon, his eyes started drooping and he fell asleep.

Across the street, Mrs.Sharma had one hand in her panties as she witnessed all this.

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Old 26th March 2014
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very nice my dear

to you

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good start, post more
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nice continue

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Old 28th March 2014
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Very hot story continue on

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Old 29th March 2014
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