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A fantasy story adopted from the net.



Exhibitionism is considered as a taboo in our country.I think I have been an exhibitionist from my childhood. In my childhood there was no electricity and the countryside life was peaceful but full of enjoyable moments.

There was a big river flowing through our village and the water was not polluted that time.

People bathed in the river and there was no bathrooms constructed along with houses.

Ladies were not shy to bath in public as in nowadays and then there were no prying hidden cameras and of course no Internet on those days.

Sex was not a taboo as it is in our present India, people were more broadminded and tolerate and there was no religion, caste fanatics as in the present world.

People lived in a mixed environment and most of them were poor but they were willing to share the resources.

There was a custom to conduct a lottery for collecting money for marriage of daughters. There was no dowry and people were very liberated.

Of course sex was enjoyed that time but strict monogamy was not practiced.

In fact polygamy was supported and it was not news to find brothers marrying same women. The younger brother of husband learnt sexual practices from his big brother's wife and finally they shared same woman.

There was no newspaper but old grannies who used to wander from houses to houses passed the gossips and they were better than the tabloid papers we have now.

Oh those golden memoirs!!, gone are those days!!!.

My breasts were abnormally large and they started growing at the age of nine itself and when I was ten years old they were well rounded and large in diameter but not heavy as it is now.

When I sweep older men and our male servants took special attention and my mother noticed the commotion created by me on such occasions. She guessed the reason and asked me to wear brassieres at home and stitched some cotton type old-fashioned brassieres for me.

My mother asked me to wear brassieres whenever others are present, but the woman readers may be familiar about how difficult it is for a girl towear them for the first time.

It obstructs our freedom enjoyed and always causes discomfort. So I did not wear them as much as possible, but I was surprised at how my mother detected it, when I thought it was a hidden secret.

Soon I too became aware of other people staring at me, more precisely at my budding boobs. It might be the stares I received from others which gave clue to my mother about I disobeying her orders.

I have told you that I had some exhibitionist tendencies, so Ienjoyed flashing my precious assets, which were growing abnormally.

I was aware of the commotion it created in my teachers and other girls. I got a
thrill if someone looked at my tits, and I felt disappointed if someone
did not look at me.

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We used to go to bath in the river at the evening when the ghats
(places where steps are constructed into the river so that people who do
not know swimming can sit on them and bath without fear of drowning) were
less populated.

My mother would carry clothes to be washed and along came my younger brother who was three years old at that time. My father would wash the clothes by hitting them at the rocky steps and my mother would be busy washing my younger brother.

Then she would apply oil on her hair and body and watch me taking my swimming lessons. Before the age of ten years most of our village girls learnt their swimming lessons.

Now, It was late in the evening. It was quiet and the breeze had not yet awakened.

I opened my blouse and wearing just my panties started swimming and soon saw so many
people staring at me. My mother asked me to stay in water and should not step on the steps.

She was trying to hide my nudity, which was making elders crazy.

I was really thrilled by the looks I got at my breasts. They were protruding like small melons.

Then my mother started her bath.

The sun was going to set. It was a perfect time selected by my parents to bath as
there would be enough darkness to cover our privacy.

My mother aged 36, was one of those goddess like woman who exuded sensuality in every form.She was about 5`6 ft in height and had quite a fair complexion.

Now recalling about her beauty... My mother had a smile that could lit up the whole sky. Her face was so much prettier, too.

She had very long hair which fell up to her ass when she kept them open. She used to wear only blouse and petticoat exposing her huge breasts , sponchy stomach with folds -deep navel .

My mother had massive, real massive ass,which used to roll like bulky pumpkins whenever she used to walk...she never wore bra or panty.

She had luscious lips and her breasts were heavy waiting to be freed from the blouse..

When My mother opened her blouse and wore only a muslin towel to cover her breasts and the lower portion, I saw her breasts for an instant. They were like two big watermelons, and no wonder how I also got such big breasts at such an younger age.

My mother's breasts were so huge capped with erect nipples. When she came out of water, her big boobs jiggled and bounced all over her chest.

I could clearly see all of her hidden assets and the muslin towel was more revealing than concealing.

I saw a tickle starting between my thighs seeing my mother's wet big breasts .

My mother asked me to stop swimming and start drying. I obeyed and was sitting on the steps guarding my brother.

My father started soaping my mother. They moved to a shallow part of the river under the bamboo trees grown almost like an umbrella over them from the banks of the river.

There were yellowand green bamboo forests everywhere in our village at that time. Couples used to sneak under them and mate; only fear was that there might be snakes too coupling under bamboo leaves.

No one bothered anything about the people mating in open air at nights or even in daytime. Sex was no taboo at that time.

There were some country prostitutes who catered to everyone who were needed. They were not greedy like nowadays professionals who take money first and offer service next and that too in a business way.

But our country prostitutes were willing to give it on loan basis. Sothe summer nights were busy with amorous activities in the tapioca plantations and none quarreled about it.

There were no fighters for cultural freedom and chastity protection at that time.
When I looked at my parents I saw that My mother was standing half nude in the river and my mother was applying soap, which was made up of hibiscus plant leaves paste.

The green paste was applied all over My mother's back and my father was busy with the front.

I could see the swaying of my mother's precious watermelons through her sides. I saw her giggling and my father massaging her melons using both of her hands.

I experienced the tickling once again between my legs, I started rubbing my
thighs together and I was getting some relief.

My brother was innocently playing with the pebbles collected from the river. Then my mother dipped herself into the water and all the green paste was flowing in the water
around her.

When she stood she was facing me and I saw her beautiful marvelous breasts and they had big nipples too.

There was no breeze and the now the trees were motionless.

When the bath was over, My mother worn a petticoat and used the towel to cover her breasts, by tying it over her big melons.

She then put the clothes over her shoulders and proceeded to our home.

The way from our home to the river was narrow with high steep mud walls on both sides. The both sides of the narrow path were tapioca plantations protected by bamboo walls constructed.

Then we saw two people coming against us with a flare made up of coconut leaves. It was the common light source at the nights at that time.

Since electricity was a dream and the village was full of snakes at night, one would carry flares with them in their night walks.

I recognized them as our village tailor and his barber friend, both of them were drunk and were on their return from the toddy shop.

The toddy shop was our village bar that catered toddy made out of coconut trees. Toddy is a sweet drink to taste but when it becomes fermented after some days it can intoxicate us.

The men came to us and greeted my father, they had half a bottle of the
drink with them and they offered it to my father. My father was more than
eager to share it.

While he was busy gulping it down, the tailor came to us and hugged me.

He called me daughter, and commented I was grown up, and during the hugging he pinched my nipples, and cupped at by budding breasts.

"Like mother like daughter", he commented, and I did not understand that he
was comparing the breasts at that time.

He was constantly gazing at My mother’s huge boobs through her semi-transparent blouse.

…I think My mother noticed him but she didn`t react... she could not say anything as my father had accepted drink from them.

Then he turned at my brother, and began to entertain him with his face brushing at him. He continuously stared at her big boobs.

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His breath was full of foul smell of toddy, and his companion was struggling to keep balance and was holding the flare away from us.

Then I saw the tailor trying to tickle my brother at his legs, but in the process his hands were busy cupping my mother's breasts.

He used his clever hands to untie the muslin towel my mother tied to cover her mammoth breasts. He also tried to get the nipples held between his fingers.

My mother was showing unhappiness and was looking at my father for support.

But my father was gulping the toddy and he was not looking at us.

I thought my mother would slap him, but I saw she was putting only a grim face but the tailor was massaging my mother's breasts secretly.

The barber guy was astonished with the sight of my mother's big breasts and his flare was fallen to the ground.

The guy tried to take it out but could not keep thebalance and fell on the path.

The tailor mocked at him and used the opportunity to make my mother's other breast too uncovered and was tickling at the nipples.

I could see my mother's nipples getting taut and she could not do anything to prevent the attack as the tailor man was playing with my brother and my mother was carrying him.

I was also thrilled at the way he handled my mother, when I become old someone could handle me like that.

By that time the other guy stood up and the flare was again providing light. My mother kept the tailor's hand away and my father had finished the toddy.

The tailor guessed it was dangerous now to go on with his naughty way. So he bid good-bye to us.

When we were walking alone I heard my mother saying, "That nasty rascal,
he does not have any manners with woman".

But my father consoled her,"Dear I saw him cupping your breasts, you know I am proud about your breasts. Everyone is saying you have the biggest breasts in our village. Men are filled with envy about me, who crush them every night".

My mother was furious, "Are you not ashamed to talk like this before your kids. you
are a spineless man. you saw another man touching me and did not utter a
word. I thought you did not see it".

"Dear he is the only tailor in our village. So he has the opportunity to cup at the
breast of our entire village woman and he has got a way about cupping at the
breasts. In fact he is an ardent admirer of you. I have heard him praising
about your big breasts to so many other people. In fact I don't mind
someone appreciating your assets". My father replied casually.
My mother was still unhappy but she too was pacified with the backhanded praises she received.

"Then I will walk naked in the village, and let all see my assets". She retorted back in a angry voice.

My father told her, "Dear I am sorry, but you can walk like that now", saying that he took her muslin towel away and made my mother walk half nude to our home.

To my father, My mother was built for non-stop male attention and told her he found it exciting and there was no harm in it, especially when they were ogling openly.

I could see My father cupping at her breast all the way. Since My mother made me walk in the front,I missed the scenes running behind me.

My father was a sex crazyman. He used to make love at noon and perhaps in the full night. He did not have any particular job; he was a rubber taper and a occasional carpenterby profession. But he was lazy and did not earn much; he used to drink toddy at evening.

Our house was a small one made of mud and had only two roomsand a verandah. Since we had ancestral properties, there was no problem in living comfortably.

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It was during one of those festivals at our temple I tasted the
pleasures of sex first.

The temple in our village was famous for its one week grand festival. Snake dance is one of the greatest folk arts of our State.

My mother bought two blouse pieces for me and asked me to take
them to the tailor's shop.

When I went there, he hadnot opened the shop, so I went to the tailor's house.

When I reached there he was away to attend a marriage but his wife was there.

Her name was Ponnuthai.

She asked me to put the pieces there and she offered to take measurements of me. She took a tape and began to take measurements of me.

But her touches were so delicate and I began to giggle due to the tickling she caused me. First she took the measurements outside my blouse.

When she found my giggles, she opened my blouse and was surprised to see my budding assets.

"You are becoming plump like your mother", saying this, she began to fondle my

Her fingers rolled my nipples, and she was slowly massaging my
other whole breast. I did enjoy the excitement caused by her but I felt my
cunt getting heated up and I closed my thighs and rubbed them together.

She might have sensed it, and suddenly put one hand inside my skirt, and
directly reached my cunt.

"No, please leave me", I begged her. But she did not care.

She removed my blouse fully and began to suck at my nipples. It was
really exciting. She took my small nipples, and using her lips, she began to
chew them without touching with her teeth.

Then another lady came to the house unexpectedly. she was the wife of our countryside barber.

His barber shop was near the market, but he used to visit the houses to make a living by cutting hairs.

The wife too was a barber but of a special kind. She was a barber for females. She came there to shave the pussy of the tailor's wife.

During the summer seasons most of the ladies removed their forest between the legs by her. The fee would beone liter of rice, or a coconut.

The tailor's wife was not expecting anyone, so she was sucking me at the verandah itself.

The barber ladycaught her at her act.

"Rungamma, I was measuring the girl, but see herbreasts; I have never seen such big breasts for any girl in this village at this age, look at these", the tailor lady told her.

I have told you that I am an exhibitionist. So I get more pleasure, when more and more

people see my nudity and crave for it.

Rungamma was also seemed surprised and ogling at my breasts.

“What is this, she had grown hair in her armpits at this age, doesn't she want to cut them?",Rungamma asked.

She took a razor sharp knife and shaved my hairs from my armpits.

In the nearest tree, a single leave was dancing rhythamatically, and the rest of the abundant leaves were still.

They locked the door and began kissing my breasts. Two mature women were
sucking my small breasts like two kids. I was getting an unknown pleasure
starting from my nipples and the waves soon captured all over my body.

Both of them were pinching my nipples but I did not feel pain but

The tailor lady moved downwards and began to remove my skirt,

when she had undone my skirt she began to shower my pussy with ardent

Rugamma moved to the top portion of the cot and opened her blouse,
"Amma intha mulaye parunkal, rumba chinnathu, ivalukkellam periya
mulaye koduthittane, enakku mattum chinnathe (Look at my tits, god is
so cruel he had given me small tits but gave big melons for little girls
like you), she lamented.

But I was fascinated by her breasts, they were not small, but well shaped and rounded. They would never sag as they were of perfect globes.

She put each one of them into my mouth. I began sucking at her breasts and I loved it.

She had a smell, which was a mixture of sweat and mustard oil and it excited me. She had shaved her armpits; everything about her was well rounded and oily.

She might have been applying oil to her body on a daily basis. She felt like a slippery
fish to me, while I was chewing her nipples she was massaging my breasts.

I began to part my legs wider and the tailor lady loved it. I was already wet and drenched there it was a volcano building up in me down there.

The sun was alreay high up.

When I reached my house my mother scolded me for taking such long time. Then I told I had gone to the tailor's house and she was relieved.

Then the festival began at the temple. Since the festival had started,
my father spent his time making decoration to the stage.

When he was free he spent rest of the time at the toddy parlour. The actors and background scorers for the folkarts had come to our village.

All of them were great fans of our village toddy, and most of them spent their time either at the toddy shop or at the river taking a leisure bath.

The village prostitutes were having a flourishing business during the time. .

It was a warm day . There was a strong breeze from the west, sweeping through the village.

On one afternoon I saw the barber lady coming to our house. I was afraid if she would disclose about me to my mother. But she went directly to the kitchen and began
gossiping with my mother.

After some time I saw both of them moving to thebamboo shades at the end of our property. I guessed the reason and I decided to verify it. I too followed them after a while.

I went there and I could see the bamboo shrubs quite clearly sitting there.

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My mother and Rungamma were nowhere to be seen.

There was the murmur of bees in the flowers.

After some time I got bored and decided to look out for them.

Then they appeared from the next compound.

They were carrying a pot which obviously was fresh toddy preserved somewhere else.

Rungamma made two cups using the green leaves and expertly stitching them using stems of coconut leaves, she poured white color toddy into it and gave it to My mother.

I was quite surprised to see my mother drinking toddy, as most of the
time she was blaming my father for drinking it.

Rungamma too helped herself from the pot.

I returned to house without giving my mother and her barber any clue of my presence.

Myfather was already there. He was sleeping and it was obvious that he had
drunk much.

--*--*-- --*--*--

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Next day, I went to the river, with my mother carrying my younger brother.

There were a few wandering clouds in the early morning sky. It was so pale and quiet.

On the way, I saw the tailor and the village barber standing under a tree. Once we passed them, they started following us.

My mother’s Blouse was not able to hold her mammooth breasts and her fat belly with deep navel was treat...Her huge ass was rolling when she walked.

The tailor made crude sexual comments about my mother's body…yamma idhu mulaiyattam …kana kankodi vendum (this is boob dance…need crore eyes to see)

My mother gritted her teeth and showed her anger in her walk.

After we reached the river, We started to take bath. My mother looked very disturbed and finished the bath soon.

The sun was about to come.Then we walked back to our house.

On the way, once again, they joined us. There was no breeze and the trees were motionless.

The tailor started praising my mother's body. " What a big beautiful breasts she has. It should be smooth in touch"

The village barber did not comment anything. He looked apprehensive because he belonged to the lowest caste in our village. And we were a high caste family.

So if anything went wrong, the barber would be punished severely. The tailor belonged to the caste which was next to our caste.

So the tailor was somewhat bold and the barber just tailed him.

As I did not want to see my mother' angry face, I walked with my head down.My mother was boiling with anger.

Now the comments from the tailor became more gentle and appreciative.

“your blouse was obviously the wrong size, meant for a woman with a quite smaller boobs.” He sang in a coarse voice.

"They're so big they just keep on jiggling." He went on.

After sometime, I looked at my mother's face and was surprised.

Her face was full of smiles. Now I realised, she was no longer angry. My mother even enjoyed the comments.

Anyway, We reached the house.

--*--*-- --*--*--

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At night we went for folkdance.

It was one kilometer away from our house. When it was night we ate supper and started to the temple taking flares with us. The way to the temple was through paddy fields.

Finally we reached the place and the folk art form in our state had already started but only few people were assembled there. There were separate section for ladies and men and I went to the ladies area separated by coir and small barricades.

There were comparitively lot of women audience than men, perhaps men were busy at the toddy parlours and other country liquor shops which had boomed almost everywhere in the premises.

The moon was in the clouds but the mountains and the dark hills were clear.

My mother sneaked through the crowd and found a good comfortable place to sit, my younger brother was already slept.

There were so many children sleeping here and there.

My mother was looking eagerly at the stage.

She was looking more beautiful than usual...She was wearing a green sari which was slightly below her navel...She had let her long, black hair loose, which fell on her ass. She was just looking like a sex-goddess!!!

My father had already been on the stage to take charge of curtains.

The tailor's wife and Rangamma came and sat by my mother and started talking.

After sometime, both whispered something into My mother's ear.

For a time being, My mother stared at the stage contemplating about something.

There seemed to be a great rejoicing and shouting among the crowd. Everybody looked cheerful and racious.

Soon minutes passed.

After some time, My mother , having a determined look, gave my younger brother to tailor's wife .

Her enormous tits jumped up and down as she stood up. Rangamma gave a flare to my mother.

The flare was the common light source at the nights at that time.

Carrying the flare in his hand, My mother started walking towards the jungle path with her huge tits bouncing all around.

I wondered where she was going? following from a safe distance.

The path was covered with paddy fields. Then the road went west, curling through the massive trees, on the slope of hills.

Afterwards, she took a path which was covered with trees.

As my mother walked, her big boobs bounced and wiggled inside the blouse. Her big buttocks shook and rolled sexily.

It was so inviting.

It was cool and quiet in the woods, except for the stream with its cold waters.

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Finally she reached a place surrounded by huge trees. The ground under the trees was dustless. Someday must have made it clean.

Instinctively sensing a weird situation opening up , as my Mother stopped and looked around , somebody came forward behind a tree.

oh! It was the Tailor. Now it added up.

The tailor welcomed My mother with a silly grin on his face. My mother smiled back at him and they conversed for sometime.

He wore no shirt and only a dhoti on his waist.

As I could not hear the conversation I moved to the tree standing so close to them.

There was the light of the pale moon on the trees.

Soon the tailor began to light up many flares and the place suddenly became full of light. It looked as if it were a day.

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Dressed conservatively, white in colour, My mother looked very sexy in the light.

My mother's huge tits were straining so powerfully against the Blouse that her areolas were clearly visible. The nipples stood like two nails which were so distracting to the tailor.

I found many toddy pots under the tree . and some were full to the brim. Some were already empty which he must have gulped .

My mother became blushed and her face suddenly turned red, when the tailor picked up a toddy pot and offered to her.

My mother politely declined and pushed the pot away a little.

Gradually her shyness faded away. And after much persuation from the tailor, My mother finally accepted it with a awkward smile and began to drink.

She finished half of it, wiped her mouth , and returned the pot to the tailor. The tailor gulped it as if it were a prasad from the god.

My mother stood there rotating her eyes in every direction. Her eyes scanned the entire direction somewhat excitedly and also nervously. But still felt at home.

There was the murmur of the wind, insects and calls of many bird .

After some minutes, the tailor made a move and hugged my mother eagerly. Her large boobs were mashed against his chest.

I felt shiver on my back.

As the tailor pressed My mother, her large tits practically covered his whole chest and some of his stomach.

Relishing the feeling of her chest pressing into his, he gave many wetkisses on my mother's pretty face. He started to plant wet kisses on her neck.

After kissing her for some time I saw that the tailor put his hand on mom`s bare, white, smooth abdomen to which mom suddenly shook a bit...He started moving his hands all over mom`s belly and kissed her all over her neck...!

Then with a derilious joy, the tailor started pulling My mother's saree.

My mother gave in rather halfheartedly.

He removed her saree , neatly folded it, and put it on the ground. I was very much aroused.

The tailor then stared at My mother’s mammoth boobs with wide open eyes...

The poor blouse was not able to hold her massive melons and her huge belly with deep navel was quite staggering.

Her massive boobs were ready to spill out of her blouse.

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Suddenly he buried his face in between My mother`s deep cleavage and started to rub his nose all over her blouse-covered boobs….Meanwhile My mother closed her eyes.

There was an enormous bulge in the tailor’s dhoti.

After sometime, the tailor put his mouth on one of My mother’s boobs and started to suck the blouse itself...! she moaned .

She closed her eyes and started enjoying it. The toddy was making My mother even more mellow.

He sucked on the other boob too.I saw that due to the heavy sucking, My mother`s blouse had become wet.

He then put his hand on the hooks of My mother’s blouse and started to open them..

Her massive titties although were still very much seen like huge balls sticking through her overworking blouse.

After he had opened all the hooks, The tailor quickly snatched the blouse, suddenly her gigantic jugs fall down heavily.

My Mother’s massive tits sloped down a bit on her chest They stuck out really far from her chest and moved with her breathing.

The tailor and looked astonishingly at My mother’s huge titties jumped off to jiggle and slap together. He was definitely going wild and I spotted huge erections in his dhoty.

She seemed to know exactly how arousing this was to him and studied his face with a kind of conceited, almost nasty grin.

With a wild excitement, the tailor reached out and grabs hold of My mother’s huge tits and started to knead them. He massaged them and played with them.

His hands looked small and weak and veins were protruding from it. He could not hold My mother’s entire breasts.

He placed his mouth softly over her nipple and aerola and switched his mouth back and forth between her breasts.

The tailor took My mother’s right nipple into his mouth. He Sucked it like a newborn baby and teased the nipple between his lips with his tongue.

While he sucked one boob, he squeezed the other with his hand.

He was sliding his tongue under each tit, then sucking on the bottoms. My mother’s nipples seemed to grow extremely.

He gently ran his tongue over her nipple and the closed his lips around it.

The tailor started to open the knot of the rope of petticoat...After some struggling, he was successful! As he left the string from his hands, her petticoat fell down on the floor...My mother herself stepped out of it..

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