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Old 25th September 2010
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My Son Make Me his Friends Whore

Hy I am Shilpa Sharma a widow from Canada

I was married with Akash and then we both go to Canada for earning money there he was worked as Professor in college but last year he is died in accident and after his death the college management give me the job of Teacher in Boys college. As i have no experience of teaching and my english is also poor.

So when our principal call me in his office he is says me some rules specialy for me if i continued this job. He says me Mrs. Shilpa if u want to do this job then u have to wearing what i says. I says ok sir. He says u wearing Sleevless, backless blouse without bra and transparant saree and wearing saree low on my belly.

OO god i says no no sir but i never wearing this type of blouse or saree.

Principal : if u want this job then do what i says otherwise there is no scope for u to teach my boys as i know your english is poor.

My self : ok ok sir i accept it.

And for the first day i wearing dress what he says and when i entering in class all boys is staring me god with wide eyes because first time in there life they seeing an indian female teacher in Saree.

And they all seeing my transparant belly button.

I start to study them turning myself and start to writing on board i feell so shame because i know my almost bared spine is facing to whole class and they all are young boys. as i bending i know in tight wrapping by my saree my ass cheek in great shaped as my ass cheek is realy the greatest aspect of my body my husband is mad for it and in india when i was in college all boys waiting to watch my swingining ass cheek in tight Salwar Kamiz.

As now i hearing some moaning from behind me as i turning and watch i see all boys eyes is wide open. i feeling so much shame on it. As noticed in class 90% is white boys and 10% is Asian and African's. As within one week i am popular in whole college boys they all are seeing me with so much lust. As more students is taking admission in our college suddently.

As one day my princial call me in his office and says me

Principal : ooo great job u doing shilpa keep it up great.
I : sir i have problem my son is now come in college as i want him to study in good college can u give him reference so he sutdy in good college.
Principal : R u mad our college is good so u must be take his admission in this college ok othersie u are terminate.
I : oo no no sir pleaseee (as i feeling so much fear god how my own son study as i am popular in college like Sexy INdian teacher god nooo) but i have to accept it if i want my job continue As i take my son admission in same college in which i working as teacher. And for my badluck i take the lecture of my Son's class room from first day as i entering my son is seeing me as she noticed all boys is seeing me lustfully and i know he may be feeling to shame of this his name is Ken and he also look at me and feeling so much shame as his mom is standing there in sleevless backless blouse both shoulders and upper arms is naked and her deep navel is see through from her transparant saree.

I my self also feeling so uncomfortable as i standing on stage and teaching student in between when i up my hand to make my hair back they alll seeing my naked shaved armpit and some boys is licking there lips like they wish to lick my armpit god as i also feeling little bit wet in my pusy.

As when i go to my home my son asked me mom why u wearing sleevless and backless blouse in college. And i not able to answering this quetion i just says Son nothing as i feeling comfortable in it.

But i feel my son not like to stop me wearing this because he also like to seeing me in this sexy indian dress. I notice many times he is staring to my boobs when i bending to give him food on dining table. And many time he stared my swinging big wide firm ass cheek when i walking in dining room.

After one week my boys make his new friends. And i found there best friends is two African Nigros Muslims they both is make my Son there friend i not know how they become friend. As i know they both (there name is Salim and Saif) is always staring my swinging ass cheek and many times they saying bad words about my ass cheek and naked spine even i hearing this many time. Salim is son of Very rich Gold Mine Father. So he is residing with Saif in big house. He is spending money like water. And they both make my son also bad habit to playing in Casino and my son also spend money.

As one day my son coming home with lots of blood on his mouth. As i see i shocked and seeing oo god what happening son. My god with whom u fight. Ken says mom i lost lots of money in casino so i take more money from Salim and i lost that also. I says "goddddd what r u mad ken u know as i have not much money for spending on this type of habit". He says sorry mom but i lost $10,000 today and Salim is warn me if i not return this money in one week then they both sending me in Prison.
What what in prison ooo nooo how it posibal I says with shock. Please son no no if u go Prison then i am died u are my only son. No no.
Ken says mom only u save me from prison as both Salim and saif want to meet u and says if your mom is cooperate us then we save u from Prison. Otherwise in one week u return this money.
How i return money son u know i have not higher salary i am just a teacher not a professor in college.
Ken says ok mom please save me i not want go in Prison.
Ok ok son i says ok i meet to your both friends. I think what to do about this ok tell me when they come to meet me.
Ken says they both coming our house today evening. I says ok.

As at 6 pm both Saif and Salim come at my house as they both sitting on sofa as i entering in my dinning room.
Hello Salim and saif they both says hello Mam.
As i sit against them. I am in sleevless blouse and saree as i noticed they both looking at my big saree covered boobs.
Salim says : Ok mam as u know all the things as i gues ken is saying all ok so when u return $10,000 tell us.
I says : Salim i request u u give me one month for this money i promise i return it in month ok. As u know i have currently scarecityof money so please give me more time and please dont complaining Cops for this please.
Salim says : Ok mam we will give u one month time ok but after one month if u not able to return this money then we return it our ways ok. As we want to make a deal for this.
I says : what deal salim.
Salim : if u not able to return this money after one month then after one month finish then from the next day u are coming our house and for one month u are become our maid servant. U working as our maid servant for one month ok.
I : what working as your maid servnat for one month ohh nooo please Salim i am your Teacher in college how u says me like this u son of bitch.
Salim with laughts : haaaa haaaa haaaa yessss mem if u want then we call police and complaining that Ken is teach us stolen our money ok. As we both have a proof of it.
I : no no pleaseee salim no no not calling police please. I accept your deal.
And they both standing and say ok madam we both comes on 31St March ok and we both wish u are ready with money.
As after that day i working hard for money as i doing lots of overtime and also i doing some part time jobs. But i make just $5000 at the end of the month and when 31march is come i am feeling so much afraid what happening when they both come.
As they both coming i slowly come there in my hand there is pocket in which just $5000. As i give it to Salim. Salim open it and counting the money.
Salim : Where is other money mam.
I : Sorry salim i make just this please give me other month i return other money also.
Salim : Mam u remembered the deal.
I : With shame yesss that if i not able to give u 10000 then i am working as your maid servant for one month.
Salim : Ok then as per deal u are coming our home tomorrow morning ok and u stay our house for one month and u working as our maid servant ok. I nothing else to hearing from u now. And if u not come tomorrow morning we wait till 8 then we call police and your son is in jail.
I : no no pleaseeee don't do this please i beg u please give me another one month Salim.
Salim : Ok mem we give u another month as u are our best friends mom so we give u this ok but we change our deals. If this time u not able to return other $5000 then u stay and working as our maid servant for two months not one month ok.
I : ok i accept it (as i have no other way but accept this)
As this month i have confident i easily make remaining money. But i am wrong because very next day i am in severe fever so i not able to work in college or parttime job and so at the end of month i not even gethered $2000 for them. And at the end of month again they both come.
Salim : Ok aunty i hope this time u give us remainign money.
I : Sorry salim i not able to give u money. With lots of shame i says can u give me another month as this month i am in fever please give me other month.
Salim : Enough is Enough mam as i already says because u are our friends mom so we give u this chance but this time no chance. So we both hope u are at our house in tomorrow morning at 7 ok Sharp 7. Otherwise your son is in jail.
I : no no pleaseeee Salim i am coming at your home at 7 ok.
Salim : Ok mam and u don't want to come with your laugage ok just come in That indian dress which u weared in college ok nothing else as we both arrange for your clothes which u wearing at our house.
I : But why as i have lots of dress then why i not brings it.
Salim : Listen mam as our maid servant u do whatever we says if u not obye us then we immidiately police and sent your son in Jail so not argue me ok.
I : Ok Salim i am at sharp 7 at your home with my wearing clothes nothing else but just on my wearing clothes, with lots of shame i agreee with him.

After they both Salim and Saif go i am soo afraid what is happening next day. My son is coming from college and i says all about what his friend says me.
I : Ken u tell what i doing as i try my best to return money but i not succeded. And i have no idea what i doing tomorrow if i not go there at 7 then they both call police at 8 morning and u are in prison son.
Ken : Mom please save me i not like to go in prison please. This is matter of just two month. so please.
I : Ok son i will go there don't be afraid ok as u are my only son.
Ken : Ohhhh thanksss mom u are greatest mom of the world.
And he kiss me on my forehead.
As at night my mobile phone is ringing and i take it.
I: Hello,
Salim : Hi mam i am salim, as i forget to says one thing that tomorrow morning u are come in sleevless backless Blouse with no bra and under your peticoat u wearing Thong ok no panty but skimpiest thong.
I : Ok, with shame i answered.
Salim : And u shaved all the unwanted hairs from your body ok we want your body hairless except your head and eyebrow.
I : Ok i do what u says but if i am little bit late then please don't call police ok.
Salim : We waiting for u till 9 but after that we call police.
I : Ok salim.
As aftr that talk i do what he says shaved my pusy and armpit as my other parts of body is naturaly smooth and hairless so i not need to wax my legs and hands as it is soo smooth like marbal.
IN morning i bath and then i go to my bedroom and wearing my thong first god my thong string is invisible between my big ass cheeks.
as i wearing my peticoat overit then my sexy blouse sleevless and backless. I wearing it and tide the string on my smooth spine. As remaining parts of my spine is bared except that string. My round shoulers and smooth hands also naked. As i ready my self it is already 6.30 here so i go to my son room and awekening him.
I : Son now got up i leave now for two months.
Ken : Ooo mom i miss u but please mom do what they says otherwise they send me in prison.
I : Ok Ok son.
As i go there in my car and knocking the door. Salim open the door, god he is just in boxer. and he is strong body dark brownish skeen. He is African Muslims.
Salim : Ooo hello mam u are 15 minute late but ok no problem please come in.

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Old 25th September 2010
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my friends exbiians if you want con give like repalys..................

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Old 25th September 2010
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I comingin the room as salim is close door and turning and i know now he staring my naked spine and my ass cheek which is wrapped tightly by my saree. I noticed Saif is sitting on Sofa and he is also staring me says "Good morning mam". i also replay Good morning.
Saif : Oooo mam u are looking soo sexy in this saree goddd i love to see indian female in saree god this is sexiest drees of the world.
Salim : yessss and look her blouse goddddd i love it from i seeeing u first mam. When u studied us in class u know i many time cumed in my nickr to seeeing your firm big wide ass cheek god.

As i hear this i feeling so much shame godd what they both thinking about me.

Salim : Ok mam now u start the work as our maid servant has left from last one week so our house is dirty so first u cleaning it. ok and cleaning it good we wan't need any dirt on floor.

And i first cleaning the dirt with Zaadoooo. As they both staring my ass cheek when i cleaning it in bending position god. And they off A.C. of the room so my body is feeling so much hotness my armpit is wet with my sweat. and my spine and my legs also feeling little bit wet. I noticed the bulbge of both Salim and Saif as both sitting on sofa and seeing me with lust as i feeling so much shame.
Salim : Ok as we both now call u bitch ok u are our bitch.
I : What what u says r u mad.
Salim : yes i am u are our bitch maid.
Saif : Ok if u don't want to become our maid bitch then we both make your son prisoner.
I: OOhhh no no pleaseeee. I agree to become your bicth.
Saif : Good slut u are.

Salim : Now u removing your sareeee as i know u are feeling so mucch hotness. And u wearing this clothes for one week ok aftr one week we all go to shopping mole and purchase new clothes for u so u are to save this outerwear for one week if there is no other dresses for u. So now u removing your Sareee and doing working quickly i want my Room cleanin quikcly.

I : Ok sir.
I removing my saree and i put it on a table. God now i am just in Blouse and peticoat and i not wearing any bra in my blouse while in my peticoaat i am wearing skipiest thong. I feeling so much shame both Saif and Salim seeing meee staring me.
Salim : God u bitch u are looking like a whore. God your spine is almost naked your blouse is soooo sexy i not understand why u wearing this blouse in our college. as your spine is almost naked in it.
Saif : Salim she want to showing her assets to our classmates so she wearing this dress in class am i right Bitch.
I : O no noo i am not the that type of female.
Both SAif and Salim : We both know your type bitch.
Salim : Now as u removing dirts on floor with Zadooo but we want u make it clean more with water.
I : Ok sir i do this and i running toward bathroom for water but salim stop me.
Salim : Stop u bitch i not complete it, as we are scarcity of water. So i want u used your saliva to clean our room's floor.
I cried out oooo what ooo noo pleasee how it is possibal r u mad.
Salim : U are our bitch and maid servant ok. So u come all your four on floor and start to lick our floor with your tongue ok and u make your ass high in the air when u do this ok.

My goddd they both make meee dirty maid oo nooo but i have to do this for save my son.

As i go to opposite corner of room and coming on my four and start to licking the floor with my tongue and my boobs almost visible through my blouse neck when i am on my four. As i continue working walking like a bitch in front of two african guy as they both looking at my hanging down boobs. As i notied there is four big mirror on this room's walls. So they both easily see my big ass cheek also in mirror as it is moving with my bitch walking. As after some time because i licking long time i am so thirsty so i ask for water.

I :Sir i need water for drink.

Salim : Ok comes toward us but on your four ok i give u water.

He hold the water bottle in his hand.

I Crawling me toward them god i am like bitch walking as my both boobs moving forth and back when i taking steps with my knees and elbow. When comes close Salim is up bottel in the air and then he says now u open your mouth so i drop down water in your mouth u bitch.

When i open my mouth he down bottle and water running down toward my mouth as i drinking ittt like a bitch as in between intansnaly sallim is moving bottle and water is cuming down on my blouse and make it wet. And my blouse is now become transparant from front. God and my nipples is erected and now it is seethrough from my blouse. As some water dropping down on the floor on near to there foots. Both salim and Saif staring at my big boobs and erected black nipples. God i not able to hide it from there eyes.

Saif : OOo salimmmmm she is biggest boobs i ever see in my life goddd.

SAlim : Yesssss i was noticed in in classroom when she bending and reading books when she studies us i know she loves to showing her boobs.

God what they both thnking about meee that i love to showing mee but only i know my Principal make me force to wearing that type of sexy blouse and saree in class for my job. As this is deal with my principal that if i wearing it then and then he make me his college Teacher. Otherwise he is terminate me. But i not able to saying this truth to them.

Salim : OO u bitch how u drinks water as some waters is make our floor wet so if we standing up then we sliiping so make it clean right now. And i want u clean it with your Peticoat covered ass cheek rubbing your ass cheek on floor and cleaning it u bitch.

OOO godd what he saying god but i do it.

As i sitting on floor touch my ass cheek on that wet area and start rotating my big wide firm peticoat covered ass cheek on it. God and that make my white peticoat wet and i know what happening next. After cleaning watre on floor i am again on my four my ass cheek is toward saif and Salim they both is now saying
Both : Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddd u bitch goddd what a ass cheek Saif look ittt goddd.
Saif : Yesss Salim.
I Know now my wet peticoat is transparant and so my ass cheek is seethrough from my peticoat and my thong is not able to hide my ass cheek it is creeping toward my ass crack.

Salim : Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddd u bitch goddd what a ass cheek Saif look ittt goddd.
Saif : Yesss Salim.
I Know now my wet peticoat is transparant and so my ass cheek is seethrough from my peticoat and my thong is not able to hide my ass cheek it is creeping toward my ass crack.

Salim and Saif removing there boxer and become totaly naked. I seeing there cock with shocked god they both are too big and thick and black, big balls hanging down.

Salim and Saif standing and come near me, I am humiliated to standing just in wet peticoat and blouse as my two student seeing me god I feeling soo shy.
They both standing totaly naked behind me 3 feet away then they says me,

Wow bitch start walking and make your Ass cheek swaying and moving maximum for us if we find u not doing it good then we punished u.
Ohh god my I tearing and begging them please don’t do this to me please.
And salim is come near me and up his strong open hand and landed his strong thick palm forcefully on my wet peticoat covered left ass cheek SATAKKKKKKKKKKKK. “AAAAAAAAAAA” and I jumping. It is sooo loud noice of spankign goddd and I feel the wiggling of my ass cheek when he spank.
Salim : Come on start to walk u bitch.

And saif is also doing same thing to my right ass cheek before I walk SATAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKk. ooooooooooooooo and I screaming and without any wait I start walk like a slut model.

I start catwalk goddd and I know my big and firm ass cheek jiggling and wiggling up and down and moving right and left goddddd what a scene for both of them, looking at my moving and wiggling both ass cheek in just covered by wet peticoat.

As saif and Salim is followed me by there cock is poking towards my ass cheek so hard

Saif following me he says “Ohh salim look how her ass cheek moving and juping and wiggling as she walk godddd look it is soo hot goddddd”
and Salim also reply yesss it is Indian sluty ass cheek look how it is up and down and moving right and left with her each step ooo yes.
And then they both come near to me, right behind my left and right ass cheek.

When I walk means when I takes right foot forward my left ass cheek up and salim is spanked my upward left ass cheek hard SATAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK ooooooo goddd and then they both laughing when my ass cheek jiggling with spanking and I screaming loudly.

When I take left foot forward, so my right ass cheek is up and Saif is spanked the upward right ass cheek soo hard satakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I screamed godddd they both spanking my moving and jiggling ass cheek which is just covered by my wet transparent peticoat.

Salim souted to me walking quickly not stoping and I am tearing and try to make my ass cheek swaying more to stop the spanking they did.
But as I swaying my ass cheek more they are become more wild and then they are take the moving ass cheek in there each open palm and feeling it’s movement and softness.

I continuing walking and suddenly Salim is cut my peticoat string and it is falling down goddddddddddd and my long legs, smooth thigh and great firm smooth wide plum ass cheek is naked now just a thong which is disapper between my as crack not covered firm and big ass cheek.

Then they both laughing and ooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmm they both moaning loudly to see my both naked smooth ass cheek globes. And I feeling wetness on my pusy because I know they both enjoyed to seeing my almost naked ass cheek. I feel so much shame for my wet pusy.

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Old 25th September 2010
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99edited has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph99edited has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph99edited has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph

Now walk again u bitch we like to see your naked ass cheek swaying and Salim is spanked my right ass hard SATAKKKKKKKKkkk and soo it make my naked ass cheek jiggling and he laugh to see it and says to Saif
“god Saif look how it is jiggle when I spank it” and then again he spank it hard and says “Look saif oo it is jiggling, Saif u also try it look” and again he spank my smooth plump left naked ass cheek satakkkkkkkkk
and saif also spank my right ass cheek satakkkkkkkk ooooooo and I am jumping and start to walk again. As they both are mad for seeing my naked ass cheek jiggle when they spanked.

Now I start walking again and when I walk the left foot which is behind me and my naked left ass cheek is up and Salim is spanked that upward left naked and so smooth ass cheek hard SATAKKKKKKKKKKKK and with spanked I take that foot forward so my right foot is now on back and also that ass cheek is now up and Saif is spanked that upward ass cheek SATAKKKKKKKKKKKK and after spanking my ass they both not removing there palm from my smooth ass they both roaming there hand and rubbing my ass cheek feeling it’s movement when I walk.

God I feel they both are loved my jiggling and swaying ass cheek.
In between Salim take his fingers between my mom’s ass crack and he take out my thong string with his fingers and he stretched it as much as possible behind my ass cheek then he suddenly left my thong string from his fingers and god the Elastic of thong is bang right between my ass crack I think it is banged on my anus and god I jumped and cried out. God what they doing with me.

And they both laughing loudly, oooo u poor Indian lady. This is the punishment for u to wearing thong ok now u never wearing thong otherwise we do this again and again.

And with saying that Salim repeat that action five time god and each time I jump and cried.

When I reach to the Wall Salim says me to stop and put my both hand on wall and bending and push my ass cheek back side. I standing there as her instruction. Salim is come behind me then he take my waist in his hand and push his cock on my naked firm ass cheek then he start to rotate his groin area on my smooth and wide ass cheek oooo and his 14” long cock is traveling over my whole smooth ass cheek surface with total freedom. and then with his both hand spreading my ass cheek wide and seeing my wet pusy

“oo she is soo wet” Salim says as I moaning when he rubbing his hardness on my naked ass. Saif sitting on sofa and seeing all this action.
Salim hard push his cock and insert his half cock in my pusy goddddd and my son’s friend fuck my pusy. His cock is half in my pusy, I cried out, I never feel huge cock like him in my pusy. Salim now put his both hand on my boobs which is covered by two buttoned blouse. As he open both button and make my big boobs out from it and then he take both in his both hand and start to pressing it and rotating it hard. Now he push his cock more and more in my pusy and with strong stroak he is totaly insert his cock in my pusy and I cried out loudly aaaaaaaaa ooooooooo please save meee ooo god.
Salim takes my both nipple in his fingers and stitching it out and clutching it hard with now he push his cock in and out in my pusy slowly very slowly.
Then he increasing the speed and I screaming and my scream is converting in moaning as now I also push my ass cheek back and forth to fuck myself with his huge cock and i feel I loved his cock in my pusy.
“Oh she is love my cock” Salim says and then he bang his cock so hard in my pusy with forcefuuly fully in my wet pusy. His cock is wet with my pusy and suddenly he out his cock from my pusy and then he spreading my ass cheek so wide and then he push his cock head forcefully in my virgin ass hole ooooooooo and I cried out with deep pain god he fuck my tight virgin ass hole noooooooo.
“OO yesss she is a tight ass hole “ he says loudly and then he force his cock more in my anus his thick and long half cock is disappear in my anus god and now he put his both hand under my both thigh and then he left me up and says me to rounding my both hand around his neck then he hold me in the air and then he up and down me on his cock god and I screming to feel his monster cock in my soo tight anus.
My wide firm and big ass cheek banging on his groin, then he hold me up in his both hand and turning me and then says Saif to come and fuck my pusy from front when he fuck my anus. God what I hearing, and Saif’s cock is already erected to it’s full length. He standing and come near to me. Then he take my both legs and guided it around his waist then he push me up and he take his cock in his hand as Salim down me and so Saif cock is fully in my pussy god and Saif is moaning aaaaaaahhhhh tight Indian pussy god.

Wow two guy sandwich me, fucking my both hole same time. Now Salim push his cock fully in my anus then held it there and says Saif to fuck my pussy with fast strokes and Saif start to pumping his 10” cock in and out in my already wet pussy hole and salim is rotating his waist on my ass cheek.
Now I sandwich between two strong young African Nigros Muslims. They both fucking my both hole very wildly as they both fuck simultaneously when Salim insert his cock fully in my anus Saif is out it from my pusy and as Saif insert his fully cock in my mom’s pusy Salim out his cock from my mom’s tight anus. as salim’s strong muscular thigh banging on my naked ass cheek very hard and so it is jigglign with his each bang.

Both Said and Salim banging me hard i am holding by them in the air and Salim fuck my ass hole like i am bith from behind and Saif from front fucking me hard by his monster cocks.
I feel both are now fucking me quickly make quick and hard stroakes in my holes. As i moaning and shivering feeling unbelievable pleasure which i never feel. And i feel now they both are soo closed to cuming and i also pumping there cocks in my holes using my inner walls on there cocks.
And oooooooooooooooo god they both cuming same time godddddddd lots of cum in my pusy and anus. As cumes running out from both holes and down on my smooth thigh. Both out there cocks from my holes and both falling me down on floor and then they both moving towards Sofa and sitting there. There coks is limp now. I am falling on floor sitting there so tired. My whole body is so weak now. My blouse open and thong is wet with there cum.
Salim : What u doing there bith come here and clean our cocks it is dirty with your cum u bitch so quickly come here on your four and licks our cocks and make it clean from your cum.
And i again come on all my four like bitch and then i moving toward them. My both boobs hanging down and my almost naked ass cheek moving up and down which is visible in mirror behind me. They both sitting with widening there legs, cocks hanging down between there legs. I reach between Salim's legs and i held his cock in my hand it is limp but as i open my mouth and start to lick it's upper side it is jerking and when i moving my tongue up and down over it's mashroom black heads it is now again erected slowly.
Salim : Ooooooo yessssss indian bitch yessss used your whole tongue on ittt u bith.
And i running down my tongue up and down and then i up his cocks and i licking the underside of his cocks. It is soo long and thick so i make it wet with my saliva make it clean from my own cum and his cum. And i hear knock on the door, and i stop to licking, OO someone is coming there please sir can i stop this can i wearing my clothes.
Salim : Bitch never wear any clothes understand so continue what u doing now no problem who ever there.
Godddd oo nooo i feeling so much shame someone whom i don't know may be seeing I am sucking a African Nigro's big cock.
As Saif beind naked go there and open the door and he says
Saif : OO ken yess come in we both waiting for u.
And i shocked to hearing that the person is non other but my own son goddd. And when he coming salim is pressing my head toward his cock hard with his hand on my head backside and says me to open my mouth and when i open it he shoved his whole cock forcefully in my mouth and i am gagging.
Salim : Suck it u bith and shows your son how u suck our cocks.
Ken : Ooo friend our plan is succeded god u realy make my Mom a whore.

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99edited has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph99edited has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph99edited has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph

God What i listening my own son enjoying to seeing his mom sucking his friends cock.
Ken : OO moommmmmmm i love to seeeing u sucked my African friends cock godddddd u realy look like indian slut moomm mmm my cocks also fully erected to seeing u naked and like a slut.

I am not able to speaking because Salim is quickly fucking my mouth with his monster, his balls banging on my lips every time when he fully in my mouth. Now Saif is also sitting with Salim and my son is standing behind me and i know he is easily seeing my naked body.

Ken : Mom u know we threee make plan for this. As my both friends tells they want to make u there whore and i also says ooo i also like to seeing my mom fucking and used by u, so then we three make this plan.

And they all laughing and i shocked to hearing this. Now Saif is take my hand and he put it on his limp cocks and i start to massaging his cocks with my smooth hands while Salim pumping his cocks soo deep in my mouth. Now i myself up and down my mouth on his monster cocks.

ooooo I feeel someone caressing my naked smooth ass cheek and i know he is none another but my son.

Ken : OOOOOOOOOo mommmmmmmmmmmmm What a Asss u haveeee ooo yessssss super soft like a marbal and god it is big firm and wide and look it's crack goddd it is deepest ass crack i ever seen in my life. U know Saif and Salim what indian Says Ass cheek in there language.

Both : Noooo tell me what they says.

Ken : Mommm u tell them what u says Ass cheek in your language.

Ken : Momm u know that in this room there is lots of hiden camera so this whole things is recording in it and we planning to put this in an INdian Porn Website. WE know they loves to seeing there lady fucking by Black guy.

I : OOO Goddddd no ken pleaseee noooo.

Ken : They it is deal that u have to do whatever we want to keep this secrete. Ok

I : Okkk ok i accept it.

Salim : So from today u are our lifetime bitch maid servant ok and u obye our all instruction. If u disobey us then next day u found your self fucked hard in Indian porn Site. We know your parent have good prestious in india.

I : OO yesss if they seeing me then they died goddddd so please don't do this.

Saif : Then how much money we earned if we put in Pakistan Porn Website.

I : Goddd pleasee don't there also pleaseeeee. As in indian Pakistan Website also surfed so please.

Ken : So first u tell them loudly what u Indian tell Ass cheek in your language.

I : With lots of shame " WE tell ass cheek in indian language GAND"

With laught Salim : OOOOOO GANDDDDDD GAND yessssss more erotic words then ass is't it Saif and ken.

They both : Yes.

Salim : As i want from next week u start to working in college and on sunday u come our house for serve us.

I : OO thanks salim for that.

Salim : But listen carefully on sunday u are totaly our bitch. And in college We used you also for our benefits ok.

I : OO pleaseee not in college.

Salim : Yessssss as From today we all says GAND not Ass ok u also. NOt only here but in college we used this word for your Ass so no one know that we talking about your ASS. GANDDDDDDd ooo yes i like this word.

Saif : Yessss now come here and lick my cock u bitch.

Ken : Yesssss mommmmm and i want when u lick his cock u put your both hand on your big GAND and then start to spank your own ass cheeek forcefully with sucking saif cock ok.

I : OOO goddd what ken r u mad what the hell u saying i spanked my own ASS

And i strong smack landed on my ass
Ken : REmebered u always says GAND not ass ok.

I : Ok ok sorry

and i moving betweeen saif legs
and takes his cock in my mouth first i sucking his mashroom black cock head and immidiately his cock growning maximum.

as i take it slowly in my mouth Saif moaning and i put my both hand on my GAND then i moving my both hand up in the air behind my Ass then i forcefully moving it toward my Ass and both landed heavily on my naked Ass cheek SATAKKKKKKKkkk

And Ken and salim both standing behind me is laughing.

Yes look my mom how she looking now cock in her mouth and with her both hand he spanking her own great GAND yesss. And look Salim how much her Gand jiggling when she spanking it yesss. Mom spanks it more and more till i not say u stop.

And i up and down my mouth on saif monster with spankign my own ass cheek hard with my own hands as Saif enjoying my mouth on his cocks hard surface and Ken and salim enjoying seeing an INdian Widow spanking her ass cheek and sucking black cock.

As loud noice of spanking surrouding in hall SATAK, SATAK, SATAK, SATAKKKKKKk
godddd and i myself spanking my ass.

And Saif moaning loudly also my lips brushing his hairy balls when i taking his cock totaly in my mouth soo deep.

And when saif cock is hard again he push it forcefully in my mouth and says me

Saif : Now u bitch i am cumming so swollowing all cum
And Saif cumming in my mouth and i drink it whole cum goddddd.

Ken : Now mom turning and seee your son.

ANd when i turn and see god what i see, my son is stand there naked and his cock is fully erected god, first time in my life i see my own son cocks. It is bigger then his dad.

Ken : NOw mom take your son cock in your indian mouth.

And i reach there and take my son cock in my hand
then i open my mouth and start to take my son cock in my mouth and when it entering in my mouth he is moaning

Ken : oooooooooo goddddddddddd mommmmmmm aaaaa yes suck it hard now.

Now Saif and Salim sit on sofa and enyoing to see this mom-son sex show.

I sucking my son cock hard, feeling my son is become bigger and bigger in my mouth and godd he is enjoying his mom's mouth nooooo.

as now he take my head with his both hands
and pumping my mouth on his cock hard
forth back, forth back, So badly fucking his mom's mouth with his white monster not as big as his friends, but still bigger then normal indian male.

And suddently i feel my son is shivering feel his balls moving and his cocks inner muscles moving fast now i know he is ready for cum.

aaaaaaaaaa moom yesssss now i am cum mom drinking my cum drinking your son's cum down in your throat.

And he is cum, god lots of cum in my mouth and i drinking my own son's cum goddd how much i dirty and slut when two boys seeing me i drink my son's cum my own son blaickmailing me make me his friends slut.

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AFter i drinking all cum my son is also sit on sofa as they all sitting and i am laying on floor i tired so much.

Salim : Now u bitch wearing your clothes and make foods for us.

As i standing an weaing my thong and salims stop me to do that.

Salim : U bith u not allowed to wearing bra and panty now ok never wearing this otherwise we doing ame treatment that we doing today. Snapping your ass crack with your thong string.

I : OOO no no pleaseeee salim don't do this i not wearing thong or panty now.

Salim : That good indian slut. And other things that in our house u always wearing Petcoat and blouse not wearing sareee, And blouse must be sleevless and backless, i want see anything on your back just a string is tide on it nothing else understand. And from front your blouse just covered your nipples ok if i found your blouse covered more parts then i pushined u hard.

I : Ok sir i purchase it but currently i have to wear my old blouse.

Salim : U don' want to purchase it as your son purchase it for you today. Ken show your mom her new dress which she always wearing in my house.

And Ken is out something from his beg it is a sheer short blouse and transparant peticoat he through it to me and says me to wearing it without any bra and panty and then order me to make some foods for them.

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Old 26th September 2010
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Awesome story

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sexy story .. moms shud b like this

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Old 28th September 2010
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99edited has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph99edited has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph99edited has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph

Now ken is open a packet and give me my dress and says me to change it right now

I take it and i go toward change room but Salim stop me and says me to change here in front of them.

And i removing my blouse and peticoat and again i am naked then i take blouse goddd, blouse which ken give me is soo short as it is sleevlesss and backless. as on blouse it is two string one string is on my neck and other on my spine and in front blouse just covered my lower part of boobs and my nipples and my upper part of boobs almost naked in it. And my peticoat and white coloured and transparant blouse also white.
I wearing my blouse tide both string one back on my neck and one back on my spine. My both shoulders wholly naked, both smooth upper hands and whole spine naked in this blouse. And my peticoat is i feel soo stransparant. And as i not allowed to wearing any panty or bra under it i know when i walking in this dress my both boobs and ass cheeke jiggling and wiggling more and more. I working in this house wearing this dresss, goddddd they realy make me a slut maid now.

I wearing it and then standing there as Salim ask me to turning my self so they watch me from all side. And they all satisfy with my dress. Salim says me to make food for them as they all now wearing boxer and Switch on Tv as i making food in kitchen. I hear door bell ringing and Salim is called me and when i come in room i says a 60 years old and strong man standing there. Salim says him,
Aslam uncle she is our new maid u help her in kitchen as she not know how to make nonvage. And salim instruct me strickly that i obyed him completely in kitchen as he is my master in kitchen and i obyed all his order. I says ok sir.
I noticed that Aslam is staring my whole body lustfully and i see his Groin area is become bigger and bigger after seeing me. He wearing Pathani Kurta as i going in kithen and he follow me with seeing my transparant bouncing ass cheek as i enering in kitchen he enetering in it and then he removing his kurta and he hanging it on a door stoper says he always working like this in kitchen because of Hot condition in kitchen and i see god he is a wide and strong chest and so much hair on it.
Aslam : R u Indian
I : Yes
Aslam : OO realy then u definately know hindi and i know both hindi and urdu is same language so i want u always talk with me in hindi when we are in kitchen.
I : Thik hey
As i afraid to alone with this old man in kitchen god i know he is easily seeing my half nude body and my transparant Thigh, Ass and boobs. Aslam says he is Pakistani and he comes here in Canada as a Cook and Salim is give him this job.
Aslam : Jese Sahab ne bolaaaaa meee is kitchen ka malik hoo tooo jab bhi too kitchen me hogi too too meri nokarani hogi samaji or meee bhi tuje kutiya kahake boluuga samajiiiii.
OO god what i hearing a Cook is tell me Bitch but i have to obyed him.
I : Thik hey. Or me apako kya kahooo
Aslam : Saliii kutiya muje too Malik kahegii samajiiii. Saliiiii kyaaaaa Gand or boobs he tereee ooo Indian Aurateee kii gand bahot badi hoti hey ye soona tha aaaj dekh bhi liya ooooo (And he start to rubbing his cock over his Payjama, as i noticed he is not wearing any nicker under his pyjama.
Aslam : Tujeee Matan banana aata heyyyy.
I : Nahii meeee to Ek ***** hoo to muje kese aayega.
Aslam : Saliiii yahaaaaa nokarani hey to sab kuch sikhana padega samajiiii. Or mem tute ye sab sikhawooga par tuje mereko isaki Gurudakhsina Deni padegi samaji. Jese purane jamane meeee INdia meeee dete the veseee Joo guru kaheee wo denekaaa samaji. Warana me tuje Nonvage Khana banana nahi sikhawoga. Or sahabane bola hey ke agar too ek week me khana banana nahi sikhegi too tujeeeeeee College me Nanga karake le jayege. Or class roomme sabakke samane teri Gand marege.
I : OOO nooo nahi nahii pleaseeeeee. Muje ek weeek me sikha dena Malik meee college meee apane apako badanam hona nahi chahati Malik. Pleaseeee meeee apako jo kahege wo Gurudaxina doogi par please muje ek week mee nonvage khana banana sikha dena Malik.
Aslam : Acha to Usake liye tuje harroj me jab bhi kitchen me aawo to mera Loda bahar nikala keee tumare mooh me lena hoga.
I : Whatttt what u says kyaa goom pagal hooo.
Aslam : Areee me tera guru or malik donoo hoo thik hey agar mere bat nahi mani too tujeeee College meeeee.
I : Nahi nahi thik hey thik hey muje manjoor hey ye
Aslam : Usake baddd tuje apana ye peticot apani gand keeee upar uthakeeeeee apani gand ko nangi karakeeee apaneehi dono hathoseeeee apani gand ko jor jor seee pitana hoga jab tak me tumare mooh meeeeee mera ras na chooduu samaje agar too ek bar bhi rukeeegii tooo meeee teri pith parrrr yeeeee makhan jesi pith parrrr apanee Belt see pituga samajii.

I : God what he says nooooo but i have to accept this.

Aslam : Kutiye kiska Intezar kar rahi hey challl aaj ki gurudaksina deeee. Chal kutiya ki tarah hoja or mere lund ko bahar nikal karrrr kutiya ki tarah choos chal.

Or wooo kitchen meeee Tanga huwa belt apane hatho me leta hey or meri pith parrrr zad deta hey SATAK. OOOOOO
areee areeeee please muje mat maroo meeee karati hoo

Or me kitchen meee ek 60 Sal ke Pakistani Cook ke per ke pas kutiye banake usakee Payjama ka Nada kholati hoo or wo niche gir jata hey orrr me kya dekhati hoooo godddddddddddddddd.

Ek bahot badaaaaaaa LUnd tana howaaa motaaaaa mere samane hey or usake asss passss dher sareeeee hair heyyyyy jese hair kaa Jungle godd Sale ne kabhi Bal nahi katwaye esa lagata tha. Or me apana mooh khol keee usakeeee lund koo andar leti hooo godddd or woo ek dhaka marake usako pura andar dal deta hey or wooo mere gale ke andar gushhh jata hey. OO Goddd.

Abb me apane dono hatho koo meri Gand par rakhati hooo or phir usaka lund chusate chusate dono hath upar uthakarrrrr Bar Bar apani hi Gand par zor zor see patakane lagati hoooo orrrrr meri apani hi gand ki pitai seeee meri Gand ke kulheeee uchal kud karateee heyy or woo salaaaaaaa JOr jor see moaning karakeee usakaa maja le raha tha.

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Old 28th September 2010
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Meree moooh meeee Wo Cook ka lund andar bahar andar bahar hota tha or me ek kutiya ki tarah usako jor jor see choos rahi thiiii. Or wooo dono Ankh bandh karakeeeee jor jor see moan kar raha tha or kabhi kabhi ankhe kholakeee meri Gand ki pitai dekhata to kabhi mere dono uchalate boobs.

Tabhi Kitchen me salim ayaaa or ye dekh kar hasane laga or bola
Salim : OOOOOO Uncle great u also make her slut great u says her that if she not learning to cook Nonvage in one week then what i do with her.

Aslam : Yessss Malik i says her.

Salim : Ok as i am saif both go to Picnic for one week so i give u full authority for my house and also this Indian Slut ok. If she doing anything wrong then call me on my mobile i know what i do next. (Then he says me) And uuuuu Bitch listen meeeee for one week our Cook Aslam Uncle is your master and u do whatever he says u ok. If we listen any complain about u by him then we are punishing so hard u know I put that Vedio on INdian Porn Website. So i hope when we come our Uncle will not complaining bout you ok.

As with cock i up and down my mouth shows him i agree with it and be obyed to my new master.

Then Salim goes out as i continue sucking and waiting when he cum in my mouth. I sucking his cock more forcefully so he cum early but goddddd he is sooo experience in this thing so he enjoy more and more. As his long pubic hair roaming on my nose and lips when he fully insert his cock in my mouth goddddd i feel soooo ashamed and soo dirty for me but i have no choice. And i feel his cock is now vibrating in my mouth so i know he may be cum shortly and yesss he shoot his cum lots of cum in my mouth and he strickly says me to swollowing all cum in my mouth. And i drink his all cum god what i doing drinking fourth man cum today. I feel i am Cum drinker. After he finished it he says me to standing and says now ready for learn how to make Nonvage.

Aslam : Chal abbb khadi hojaaa aaj me tujeeeee Meat kese banate hey woo sikhata hoooo.

And he put Meat one big meat pieace on kitchen platform then take a big knife.

Aslam : Abb dekh isss badeeeee Knife se pahaleee is Meat keeeee chote chote pieaces karane keeeee eseee
And he start to make it then he learn all things one bye one and after he finished it he says me

Aslam : Abbb menee tuje sab kuch sikha diyaaa abbb kalseee too hi ye sab banayegiii or me tumare piche khada hokeee dekhuugaaaaa samaji. Abhi kud yad na raha ho too puch leee agar kal see muje kuch bhi puchaaaaaa ya Nonvage banate vaqt kuch bhi galati kiii to meeeee ye mereeee 5 Kilokee hath keeeee Hathelii seee teri Gand koo Bajawooga samajiiiiii. Jeseeeee Ustad log Tabale Bajatee heyyy na eseeeeeeee. Tumhe pata na hote me kah doo meee ek Tabalachi bhiii hooooo too abbbbb me TAbaleee ki Bajayeeeeee Tumari Gand par Riyaz karooga harroj Saveree samajiiiii.

Or ye me soon keeeee shocked ho jati hooo Salaaa yeeeeeeeee Haramiii meri majboori ka pura fayada utha raha hey.

I : Malim agar ek bar phirseee aap muje sikha deeee tooo kal see meee nahi puchogii.

Aslam : Saliiiiiii toooo bevkhufff heyyy itni achi tarah sikhaya fir bhi bhul gayi salii kutiya. Chal sali kutiya pahelee too mere balls koooo chusss phir me sikhata hoooo chal nicheeeee beth jaaaaa or sooro kar jaladi.

Or me phirseee usakee samane niche bethati hoo or usake donooo Hair seeee dhakeee balls kooo hair ke sath mooh me leti hooooo. Or useeee ek Randi ki tarah chusana sooro karati hoooo. Orrr woo mere mathe par dono hath rakh karrr usakoo niche dabata hey. Usake dono balls mere pure mooh koo bhar dete hey. Wo ek per upar uthakeee useee meri nangi pith par rakhata hey or meri pith koo apaneeee per ki fingerkeee nail seeeee ragadata heyyyyy. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo ooooo god salaaaaaaaa Kutaaaaa me maname kahati hoo.

Wo bolata heyy jor jor see Chuussss salii or zorseeee chussssssss ooooooo oooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wo bekabu ho jata hey or mere ball pakad kar mere sir ko upar niche karata hey.

OOOO orrrr usaka lund phir see khada ho jata heyyyy or woo wahii mere mooh parrrr bahot sala cum chodata heyy or mera pura mohhh usake cum see chikana chikana ho jata hey.

Aslam : Salii apana Ghagharaa upar utha keeeee mooh saff karadee jaladiii bahot gandi lagati hey randi jeseeee jaladi karrrrr.

Orrr meee mera ghagharaa upar uthakeee mera mooh saf karati hoo mera Ghagharaa Ganda ho jata hey.

Aslam Phirsee muje nonvage bananeee ke bareee me sikhata heyyy or me vo sab yad rakhati hoooo. Or wo mujeeee khana Room me jakeeeeee Saif Salim or mere beteee koooo Parosane ke liye kahata hey. Me khana lekeee jati hooo wo tinooooo T.V. dekh rahe the. Muje aata howa dekh Salim Apan boxer utara deta hey or Ken or SAif ko bhi kahata heyyyy Wo bhiii nange ho jaye. Or wo dono bhi nange ho jate hey.

Salim : Ok nottttt make our plate as we all taking food with beind naked and u also open your blouse when u serve me on dinning table ok.

And they all walking toward dinning table with naked cocks i showing there big cocks moving with there walking there cocks is look likeeee a long Sticks like Hammer.

As Ken and saif sitting with side bye side and Salim sitting opposite of them. Then Salim call his Cook Aslam and he also says him to naked and then sitting with him.

God as they all naked and sitting there and i start to serve them with open blouse my both boobs moving with my movement. As they all seeing all with lustfull eyes and i know there cocks is now rock hard again.

Salim : Okkk as we alll taking food u are sucking our cocks one by one till we not finished it ok and after that u take food. U take food after drink our cums again. And this is your Routine activity understand. Whenever we are taking foods on Table u come under it and start to sucking our cocks till we not finished it understand.

With lots of shame i says Yes sir.

And as i finished to serve him as per salim instruction i going under that table and first i take Aslam's Cock in my mouth goddd and it is so hard and when he take food its cock is charged with that and become more and more growing.

Salim : Why i want your mouth on our cocks when we taken food u know. Because We are eat more food if someone taking our cocks in her mouth with laughs he says.

Godddddddd he is realy think i am bitch not a human being. But i have to do whatever he want otherwise He make meee Porn Start in india by that Clippings.
As i sucking Aslam soo hardddd and he cumssss and i again take Salim cocks in my mouth as salim is put his one hand on my head and pushing my head forcefully on his cock and so his cock fully insert in my mouth as he pushing my head there for long time he don't want my mouth movement but he want his fully cock remain long in my velvate mouth.
Then he also cum. And i turning my self and taking Saif cock in my mouth as i turn My Ass cheek is toward Salim as he put his both legs foot on my both ass cheek and then with his feet fingers he up my peticoat over my Ass and then he start to caressing and fingering my ass cheek with his feet fingers. Godddddd soo with moaning i sucking saif moreeee forceufully.

Salim : Okkk as we already says that I Saif and your son going for Tour for one week soo i wish u aree take good rest from us because i have lots of plan for u after we return from that tour. And Aslam uncle i want u also stay here for one week ok don't go to your home even night becuase i don't any faith in this Bitch.

Aslam : But Malik i have to go my home in night as u know i have Threee Younger Son and they miss me if i not go home.

Salim : OO then what weee doing Saif for night have u any idea.

Saif : Simpleeeee Salim i thinkg this bitch also staying with Aslam Uncle for one week in Uncle house so we locked our house for one week ok have u any problem with that Uncle. And she is also yoru house maid servant for one week ok. So u bitch listen meeeee u are doing same job what u doing here in our Uncle HOuse ok. Uncle tale me howmany members in your family.

Aslam : I have threee son and two daughter in law. As u know my wife was dead one year ago. As my younger son is unmarried 20 year old.

Saif : Ok then i think this slut is no problem to set her self in your house ok slut. So from tomorrow morning u are staying in Aslam Uncle house as there Maid Servant.

God What i hearing nooooo my humilation not stopeed now i become other ones maid also and the family is Pakistani nooo noooo how i accept this god. And in family there is four male members and three are Young.

I : Pleaseeeeee Sir can i come with u in tour pleasee i don't want to go with Uncle pleaseeeee sir.

Saif : Noooo no wayyy u have to obyed our order ok there is no excuse for this.

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