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Old 2 Days Ago
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Hey friends! I am sagar, doing my final year b.tech in Vizag. I want to narrate my story about how I hooked up my mom to an online friend of mine and how their relation evolved. I added some content to the real life incidents that took place to make the story more Horney. So letís get on to itÖ.
I completed my intermediate with good percentage and now in a hunt for a good college to do my b.tech and my prime destination was Vizag because it had beautiful beaches and even more beautiful girls and aunties. By godís grace I got admission in a good college in Vizag. My parents hesitated to send me that far but finally agreed with a lot persuasion. My mom wanted to come and stay with me in Vizag since she didnít want to put me in a hostel or a room. I was wondering why my mom would want to leave her husband and come and stay with me. I couldnít understand her intension. She made a big scene too for going with me to Vizag but finally she agreed to my fatherís decision to put me in college hostel. I still canít understand my momís motto.
My momís a 43 year old lady with good height and reasonable measurements. She had a lot of friends around my house and she does a job as a teacher in nearby school. I didnít understand why she wanted to leave all of this and come with me to Vizag. My father thinks its mothers love towards a child but I suspect there is something more to that intension. My momís a social animal. She like to have new friends and attended a lot of parties and social events.
Finally I joined college in Vizag and it was a complete new world. Girls, aunties everywhere. It was like heaven. But sadly my college had very strict rules and so did my hostel. We have to where formal dress, an id card, shoes etc. I hated all these rules and we were not supposed to talk to girls outside the classroom or else our id cards will be confiscated and we had to write an apology to get it back. Stupid college took the fun out of my life. The same story continued in hostel too. We were supposed to go out of hostel only 6 to 7 pm. If we are late they would call my parents and we canít bunk the classes too as they would send a message to my parents. Itís like being in a jail in hell.
My roommates were good folks and gave a lot of English movies to watch. I liked the movies but my mind was on blue films, the hardcore stuff. I want to ask my roommates but I hesitated to ask. I spent most of my time in college watching and flirting sexy girls and waiting for my English class. Our English teacher was a goddess. Very beautiful and a perfect shape. In even skipped few of my classes to attend her classes.
A few weeks later we got Wi-Fi in our hostel and the Facebook madness began. But I hated fb, I thought fb was a waste of time and wanted to download porn. I was browsing too many porn sites and downloaded my films. One particular section caught my eye Ďincestí. I got very interested in incest. The sexual relation between mother and son caught my attention. I started exploring every site on internet about incest. I suddenly thought of my own mom. She had very good shape but I never saw her sexually before. But internet changed everything. I started to memorize my momís figure. Her slender hip, medium boobs and a slightly big ass. I was mesmerized by my momís body. I wanted to have her in bed and fuck her hard but suddenly that thought sparked a disgraceful reaction in my brain. I felt shy, sad and bad for having such a thought. I think itís sinful to imagine my mom in my bed. So I deleted my thought and started to browse aunty porn. I watched a lot of porn and was eager to fuck someone. But I could help it, so I started to masturbate in my wash room and did a lot of it.
A few weeks later I asked my friend to give me his hard drive to copy some films. I took his hard drive and that night started to browse his hard drive. In a hidden folder I found 120 GB of porn films. I was in cloud nine. There were no boundaries to my happiness. I copied all that stuff and started to watch them. They were really hard core and of good quality. One particular film caught my attention. In that film a husband makes his wife get fucked by a stranger. Itís called cuckold. I liked it very much and saw the film thrice. Then suddenly a monstrous thought sparked in my mind. I wanted to see my mom being fucked by someone. But after some time I found gay stuff in the films. Men fucking and sucking men. I was really interested in gay porn now and saw all of it completely. I was not enough for me. I look up in the internet and found that there a lot of gays in Vizag too and I even found some contact numbers. But I was initially afraid to call any one but after a few days I want a cock desperately. Yes I found that am a versatile guy and liked sucking cock and getting my cock sucked. So I posted an ad in the forum and got a ton of responses. A lot of people called me and invited me to come over and have a session but I was too afraid to do anything.
Finally I found some courage and went to sheelanagar to meet a doctor who was a top gay. He took me to his apartment and we went to his bed room. I was very nervous and shaking since itís my first sex. He removed his dress and told me to remove mine. I removed my dress. He switched off the light and made me lie on the bed and he stated to kiss my nipples and sucked them. I was in heaven and I was electrifying. I was moaning and moving furiously. He started to bite me everywhere. After five minutes he told me to suck his cock. I immediately took his cock in my mouth. I was a bit salty and not too big as I saw in porn. I sucked his cock for more than 10 mins. I didnít get a pleasure out of it and I hated it. I thought never to suck cock again. Suddenly he unloaded his cum in to my mouth. I was bitter and I spat it out. We cleaned ourselves and I left. I hated every moment of it and I didnít even cum. I told myself never to do it again.
Life continued boringly for a semester and I went home for holidays. My mom was very happy to see me. She told I became thin and wanted to come with me to Vizag again. I said it all ok and I am fine. I still couldnít understand what the matter with mom was. After few days crazy thoughts were flying in my mind. I wanted to see her bra size, her panties. I secretly saw them. Her bra was 32 dd and panties were 34. I think thatís a good score of a 43 year old women. I was waiting for an opportunity to see her naked but was afraid to make a move. I went back to Vizag after a week.
A few weeks later I got a call from a stranger.
Stranger: hello is it sager?
Me: ya who asks?
Stranger: I was told that you can give a blowjob, will you meet me?
I was very angry with is words and hanged the phone. He never called again. I kept thinking of this man the whole night and wanted to try him out. So next day I called him.
Me: hi its sagar, you called me yesterday.
Stranger: oh you, I thought you would never call.
Me: ya me too. Ok what are your interests and your name.
Seenu: I am seenu and I am a top. I like being sucked and anal sex.
Me: ok, will you suck cock?
Seenu: no, I donít like it. Will you meet me?
Me: oh fine. What is your age and what do you do?
Seenu: I am 25 and I work as supervisor at a paper mill in jagadamba Centre.
Me: ok whats your stats?
Seenu: I am 5.10 in height, 60 weight, slim and fair in colour.
Me: your cock size, width?
Seenu: I didnít measure it but its long and fat. Donít worry you will like it. A lot of people did. Now tell me will you meet me or not?
Me: ok I will meet you but where and when, you have a place?
Seenu: no place yar. We can use the public toilets, they are good, I took many people there.
Me: are they safe?
Seenu: ya they are safe. No one will disturb us and I have a lot of experience. Donít worry, you just come to rtc complex.
Me: ok then when shall we meet?
Seenu: this Sunday evening 6pm ok?
Me:ok I will come.
Seenu: ok then I will see you at rtc complex, bye.
I thought this seenu fellow was a good partner and wanted to meet him. I was dying to meet a person with a big cock. So I was eagerly waiting for Sunday. I even studied some pages in internet on how to give a blowjob.
Sunday came and I went to rtc complex and was waiting for him. Suddenly I saw a slim person in a t shirt and I thought he was seenu. He is not a very attractive person. He had beard and was thin and in shabby cloths. I decided to walk away and go to hostel but wanted to give a try. So I went near him and infact he was seenu. He told me that the toilets ware a street away and we started to talk. He asked about my family and told me that he had a wife and two kids. We reached the toilets and went inside. Seenu went in to one toilet and after checking that no one was seeing I went inside and locked the door. Seenu immediately made me sit on my knees and opened his pants. I now saw his cock. I was an absolute monster. Thought it was not fully erect it was bigger that my fully erect cock and I was very fat. I immediately took his semi erect cock in to my mouth and started to suck it. After a while I was completely erect and I could see a huge and fat cock. It was just like a black manís cock but was in fair colour and had a pink head. I loved it. I tried to take the entire cock in to my mouth but It was took big for my small mouth. I was enjoying every bit of his cock. Seenu was enjoying the pleasure of my blowjob and was simultaneously watching a porn film in his cellphone. I continued to suck his cock from 20 mins and still he didnít cum. I was surprised at his stamina. I asked how long will it take for him to cum and he said while sucking almost an hour. I couldnít suck a cock for 1 hr and the toilet was too dirty so I said I was done. So seenu said me to drink his cum and he started to masturbate. After 10 mins he unloaded his hot cum in to my mouth. I was bitter too and I spat out. We left the toilets and went to near by park to have a little chat.
Me: so how was it then?
Seenu: nice boss. I liked you technique. But you could have done it for a longer time na?
Me: the place was not good. If it was a bedroom I would have done a long time.
Seenu: ah ok but I cant take you to my house. We have to take a lodge for that.
Me: ya we will see about that. Soo how many people did you meet like this?
Seenu: ahh till now including you 7 people. All like my cock very much. I fucked 2 people.
Me: you did anal sex? Wow they should be very brave to take such a monster in to their ass.
Seenu: they liked it boss. I have a good technique. I will fuck with out pain. You can try it if you want.
Me: no way seenu. Not a chance.so how many women did you fuck?
Seenu: I fucked two aunties and a teenage girl. I regularly visit a muslim prostitute too.
Me: wow a teenage girl, how did she toke your cock?
Seenu: well she was very afraid in the beginning but I used oil and later she enjoyed. But I left all of them. They moved on. Now iam busy and I am trying of any lady. I want a permanent setup, like a second wife. So I am hunting for one.
Me: why whats wrong with you wife?
Seenu: my wife is very thin like me, and she cant handle my cock bro. I want a lot of sex atleast twice a day but my wife can barely take me one time. So iam not happy with her, but I can leave her na I got kids. So I am looking for a setup.
A crazy idea sparked in my brain but was too afraid to tell seenu.
Me: so tell me bro how did your cock grow so big uh?
Seenu: well its gods gift bro. I was born big I guess. Also I take the meat of an animal called Ďudumuí. I helps ypu to stay long in sex and helps your cock size.
Me: ahha so thatís your secret, so you eat a lot of it ah?
Seenu: no bro I costs 300 per half kg. costly stuff. I eat once every week.
Me: good.
Seenu: so you donít have any girlfriends?
Me: not yet, but iam trying.
Seenu: I heard that college girls are doing prostitution, do you know anything about it, can you get one for me, money not a problem.
Me: I donít know bro, I too want to fuck a young pussy but no luck right now.
After chatting some more time about seenuís sex life I left for hostel. I still couldnít take seenuís monster cock off my mind. From his conversation I found that seenu is a sex crazy guy and a womanizer. He only called me because he wanted someone to suck his cock. He is also interested in aunties too. He trapped two aunties and fucked them till they pleaded him to stop. I think seenu is the right person for my mom. I want to see seenu fuck my mom till she beg him to stop. I want to see seenu nail my mom and make her pregnant and give me brothers and sisters.
So I wanted to discuss this fantasy with seenu and decided to call him.

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more updates coming dudes

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update pls... longer ones.. superb concept.. incest and gay

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Hot n erotic start........

Congrats for starting new thread

keep going on.....

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Nice start

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wow good start

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Next update..when. .?

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part 2

I called seenu at night 12 am. He was at the printing press doing night duty. He asked me what the matter was. I didnít jump to the matter directly, I told I was bored and he started telling me how he like to fucks a women and how he once fucked a virgin girl. Slowly I took up the matter.
Me: seenu I have a fantasy, will you fulfill it?
Seenu: anything for you boss tell me.
Me: I have a very strange fantasy seenu. i want to see you fuck a aunty.
Seenu: oh, ok I like that but I iam not in touch with any aunty to fuck her bro sorry.
Me: donít worry seenu I know an aunty, she is 43 and her husband is out on camps, so she is mostly alone at home. You will just have to trap her and fuck her.
Seenu: really, whatís her name and sizes, age?
Me: I think she is 43 and her name is Padma. I donít know her sizes seenu but she is of good shape, right amount of fat at right places, medium boobs and fair color. You will like her for sure.
Seenu: she is old na, I think her pussy is loose, also I donít like old aunties sagar.
Me: well she doesnít appear old seenu. She is hot man and all her body parts a still stiff. So I think her pussy is not too loose.
Seenu: ok but first I have to see her and you will have to introduce me to her. After that I will trap her and fuck her in front of you. Ok?
I was having a hard on, and fell like masturabating. I already had pre cum.
Me: seenu I have to tell you something.
Seenu: ya tell me whatís the matter?
Me: can I trust you? You should not tell this to anyone.
Seenu: definitely yar, I promise.
Me: the aunty I was talking aboutÖ
Seenu: yes...
Me: she is my mother.
Seenu: what?! You want me to fuck your own mother, are you mad?
Me: no seenu I am serious. I want you to fuck her brains out while I am seeing and make her pregnant. Will you do that for me seenu tell me?
Seenu: I canít tell anything now sagar, meet me tomorrow at the beach and we will talk.
I was very eager and afraid too. I donít know how he would react. What if he says no, what if he makes my mom pregnant really, what if my momís divorces my dad and marry seenu, what if he blackmails my mom for money, tortures her, make her in to a slutÖ all their thoughts stormed my mom and I had very little sleep that night.
The next day I went to beach directly from college and was waiting for seenu. He came after 1hr. he seems to be in a good mood too. We met and went to a lonely spot to chat.
Seenu: are you serious about your mom?
Me: yes seenu I am dead serious about it.
Seenu: well then if you cooperate then I will take your mom and become your step father.
Me: thank you seenu thatís all I want from you.
Seenu: do you have a pic of your mom?
I showed seenu my momís pic and he immediately removed his cock out started shagging it. I thought he liked her very much. Later I too joined and started to suck his cock.
Seenu: your mother is soo hot man, itís like she wasnít been fucked at all. I am sure that her pussy is still tight.
Me: you think so?
Seenu: ya for sure. Only difficult part is to meet her and talk to her. I canít come to your town, she has to come to Vizag.
Me: ya, thatís a problem. But we will figure out a way right?
Seenu: absolutely man. I can wait to taste your momís boobs by the way they are not soo big you see. I like women with big boobs but donít worry after I start my treatment on your mom all her sizes will increase.
This made me real hard. I always wanted a mom with big sizes and I think my dream is going to come true. After chatting for half an hour we left and seenu took my momís pic in his cell phone.
That night my brain was storming with ideas to trap my mother. Should I bring her to Vizag or take seenu to my home or should I tell her about my fantasy. I thought she would get angry if I told her directly. I couldnít sleep at all. Then crazy thoughts came to me like my mom dancing for seenu, seenu torturing my mom before me, my mom begging seenu to fuck her more, seenu fucking my mom in public or in open place. So I called seenu and I wanted to meet him immediately. He told itís not possible now and we shall meet tomorrow.
So I went to seenuís printing press the next day. He took me to a lonely place near the outskirts of the city. There was no one there and I was about to talk but seenu took my hand and placed it on his cock. I understood what he wanted and immediately got on my knees and took his cock out and started to suck it. Seenu was enjoying it and was watching my momís pic in the phone while I sucked him. I was not able to suck of more than 15min as my knees started to hurt. Later I started shagging seenus cock for 20 min but he didnít cum. My two hands were paining. So I told seenu I was done and later he shagged for 10 more mins and cummed on my face. We had some water and started to talk.
Me: seenu did you plan how to trap my mom?
Seenu: I got two ideas man.
Me: wow hats that?
Seenu: first you take me to your home and introduce me to your mom as your friend. I will slowly develop friendship with your mom and finally take her to bed. The next plan is that you have to suck my cock while your momís watching. She will feel angry and hot at the same time. Then I will blackmail her that I will tell everyone unless she goes in to bed with me. So what do you think?
Me: wow! You have been seriously thinking havenít you?
Seenu: ya I was thinking about these ideas for a long time now. But for all these plans to work your mom should come to Vizag.
Me: ya she should come to vizag.I think the first plan wonít work as she wonít believe you are my friend ok. And for the second plan there are many outcomes. What if she goes to police, what if she doesnít care? We need better plans man. But first we should bring her to Vizag.
Seenu: ya first she should come to Vizag to stay with you. Also you should not stay in an apartment as someone will see what we are doing or someone might get a doughty. You should rent an individual house of a house with two portions then no one will suspect what we are doing. Even when I rape you mom no one can suspect or hear her moans.
Me: rape?!!!!
Seenu: yes man, if she wonít accept I will rape her and take her nude pics and blackmail her to be my slave of rest of her life.
Me: oh my god, you are devilish dude. I always fantasized about my mom being fucked but this is next level man. I like it.
Seenu: I always wanted to rape someone. Your mom could be that lucky women.
Me: letís not jump to conclusions ok. I have to go now and my final exams are nearing. So I wonít be in contact with you for 15 days. I will call you after exams ok?
Seenu: what 15 days, then who will suck my cock for 15 days dear.
Me: I donít know but I am sure you will find someone big cock.
Seenu: ok then suck me one last time before you go.
Saying this he got his cock out of his pants and placed it in my hands. I was semi erect and I took it in to my mouth. Within minutes it grew it to its full size. I was surprised by his stamina. This time I sucked him for 20 min and shagged him for 30 min and still no cum. Seenu said that second round stays for long time. So I took 10 mins rest and sucked his again. Seenu cummed in my mouth after 15 mins. It tasted bitter so I spat it out and cleaned my mouth with water and later I left to my hostel.

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next update coming before 6pm folks. keep commenting and post your suggestions too dudes. happy reading......

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Hot hot update....

thanks for the update....

keep going on....

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