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Old 17th July 2009
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This is an old english story indianzed by me with my added mirch masala,

My name is Sumit and I am 40 year old typical average man, I have my own house, married to a beautiful wife and have an equally beautiful teenage daughter. This is a story about what happened one fateful night how it nearly destroyed my life.
It was Friday night and I was having my monthly Kitty party with several of my friends and their families. We were all typical middle aged married guys all except for Banwari. Banwari was almost 65 years old and is my late father’s friend, he never married and preferred to just live the bachelor life. We had a well known reputation with the ladies and equally interesting stories to go along with them.
That's where I differed as well, my wife was gorgeous sexy women who at 33 years old still had an amazing body and more importantly still had her youthful look compared to some of my friends wives who had already started to let themselves go. I always enjoyed her company so there was no need for me to escape her for the night.
The night started off like any other, we were sitting around my poker table in the basement playing, drinking and watching some cricket match that was on the TV. My wife was attending every one and bring us some beers. I could tell all my friends were looking her up and down and "eye humping" her, she was after all wearing a tank top with no bra on so you could clearly make out her perky nipples from her large C cup breasts.
My wife was also drinking, she usually only drinks beer cokes and was already on to her third or forth drink. I could tell she was getting friendlier with my friends flirty chit-chat where as before she just kind of ignored it. Banwari was trying to flirt with her the most commenting on her figure. My wife just kind of laughed it off, I was getting a little angry at him but didn't say anything.
It was starting to get late, we were all drunk by this point and our poker game was slowing down. My 15 year old daughter Neha came downstairs at one point and gave me a kiss good night. I could see Banwari eyeing her up and down, looking at her still growing small tits, what a pervert he is I thought. Banwari then commented to my daughter how cute she looks saying she was turning into a little sexy hottie. Neha just laughed and called him a dirty old man.
My daughter and wife then said they were going to head to sleep in their respective bedrooms and my wife whispered in my ear that “I am feeling very horny and I wants your cock between my legs immediately” and not to keep her waiting too long.
Before we called it a night however the guys still wanted to play a few more hands and we all had another two beers. Almost another hour had passed before we all finally decided to call it a night. Most of my friends left and just walked home since they all lived within a few blocks from my house. Banwari lived further away and had driven here, he asked if he could sleep on the couch or something.
I told him he could sleep off his drunkenness in our spare bedroom upstairs this was across from my daughter’s room. He said thanks and asked where the bathroom was, he had to take a piss. I told Banwari to use the washroom upstairs beside my bedroom because it looks like some one puked all over the downstairs one. He stumbled and staggered upstairs.
I on the other hand had to stay behind and clean up some of this mess we made down here all night long. I had to clean up the washroom here otherwise the entire basement is going to smell nasty in the morning, I also cleaned up all the beer bottles and chips and food left around. I was fairly drunk myself at this point so it took about 15-20 minutes.
Unknown to me at the time, Banwari had made his way upstairs and found the bathroom with ease. He walked in, relived himself and
then proceed to look for the guestroom however something caught his eye. The glow from the bathroom light allowed him to see faintly into what he assumed was his host’s bedroom. He could see my wife's naked body(as she was waiting for me for nice fuck) in the soft light.
Banwari was too drunk and too curious to turn down an invitation like this, all he saw was a naked women laying there with her legs spread open in an inviting way. In the back of his mind he knew it was my wife but being a ladies man he was too much in the habit of going to bed with a women at the end of a night of drinking, he was so drunk that this seemed no different then any other night to him. In his head he just thought as usual that this woman was waiting naked for him.
He walked in slowly and stripped down naked, he was already getting hard just looking at her. He sat down in the bed with her and started to feel up her body and fondle her ample breasts. My wife was breathing heavily in a deep sleep already, she had too much alcohol earlier and had fallen asleep waiting for me to come to bed. Banwari wasting no time started fingering her, she started moaning and was already a little bit moist down there (thinking that it is me who is touching her) so in no time after a little bit of fingering she was getting extremely wet.
When he believed she was ready to take him he climbed up between her and lined up his large 10 inches hard cock at her warm entrance. He toyed with the tip of his cock on her clit for a minute and my wife started to moan yet she was still asleep or passed out from her drinking.
Banwari was now ready himself and started to slide his long hard cock into my wife's pussy. It slipped in slow at first because for his size her cunt is very small as I am having an below average thin cock about 5 inches but as he thrust harder the full length of his shaft sunk down into as deep as possible hitting her new unexplored areas. Banwari then began to slowly thrust in and out of my wife while grabbing and squeezing her tits. My wife was now starting to moan fairly loud, she always was a loud one during sex, not fake loud but was actually authentically loud during our love making.
It was around this point that I had finished cleaning up downstairs and heard something is happening upstairs, when I reach there. I first checked the guestroom to see if Banwari made it but he was no where to be seen. I then checked on my daughter and she was fast asleep in her room. Then finally as I got closer to my bedroom from where the noises are coming then I heard loud moaning, my wife’s loud moaning. I got butterflies in my stomach as I inched closer to the doorway. What I saw shocked me, I could see my friend Banwari naked on my marital bed fucking away at my wife.
I was in shock and frozen unable to move or do anything. As my eyes adjusted better to the low light I could see my wife was asleep or passed out but was reacting instinctively to Banwari's assault on her body. Banwari was plowing into her fairly hard but still at Steady pace, my wife was moaning loud and the bed was shaking and making a lot of noise.
I could now tell that Banwari was getting close to cumming, yet I was still in shock just standing still at the doorway like an idiot. I should have just ran over there and pulled him off because unknown to Banwari she wasn't on any birth control, normally we just relied on using condoms. I couldn't budge though, I continued to be amazed and shocked at the sight before me, I couldn't believe my friend Banwari was fucking my beautiful wife.
Banwari had almost reached his point of no return, he threw my wife’s legs over his shoulders and started pounding into her as hard as he could. From this angle I could see his large cock pistoning in and out of her extremely fast. His cock was way larger actually double then mine both in terms of length and breadth, so He was definitely filling my wife both length and width wise like never before. I noticed that I am watching him fucking my wife for past 15 min and he must be fucking her for last half and hour I was amazed at this because I never took more that 5 min to ejaculate then I thought that this fucking dirty old man really has the guts to satisfy any women and this could be the reason that he is so popular among the women even as young as her grand daughter now I noticed that Banwari start to groan loudly and freeze in her with his cock fully implanted in her cunt. I knew then that he was ejaculating his sperm into my fertile wife.
After Banwari was finished he collapsed on to her for a minute or two before rolling over on to his stomach beside her. It was then I
could see all of Banwari's cum oozing out of her pussy. I started to come back to my senses and walked over finally. I threw some of the bed covers over my wife and started to tap Banwari who had already dozed off to sleep. He was startled and confused a little, I played stupid like I didn't know what just happened and told him he went to sleep in the wrong bedroom and to go to the guest bedroom down the hall.
Banwari had thought he was caught he knew he was naked in his friends bed with his naked wife, he sort of expected his ass to be kicked but it seemed like his friend didn't know he just fucked her so he played stupid as well and said "oh sorry man, guess I was too drunk and not noticed that it is your bedroom". He got up picked up his clothes and walked out naked breathing a sigh of relief.
After I heard him walk down the hall, I closed the bedroom door and pulled the covers off my wife to inspect what he did to her pussy. I could see cum still following out of her pussy, her pussy was also stretched open a lot. All that rough hard fucking with a long wide dick had really stretched her pussy a lot. I decided not to clean her up, there was simply no point, Banwari had already dumped a huge amount of cum into her and she could already be pregnant.
Strangely watching Banwari fuck my wife I realized I had become very hard and was still maintaining that hard on. I was hesitant to have sex with my wife now though, I have never had sloppy seconds in my life but here I was thinking about it. I decided I was too horney and would fuck her anyways despite Banwari just cumming in her a few minutes ago.
My wife was still passed out or sleeping and seemed oblivious to anything going on. I left her on her back and lined up my cock to her freshly fucked pussy. I pushed in and it was easy going since she was so wet with Banwari's cum. Immediately I noticed how loose she felt, I could hardly get any feeling from her, Banwarihad stretch her pussy so much that my now averaged sized dick wasn't enough for her cunt. I tried to continue fucking her but it was too sloppy and I wasn't getting enough feeling. Instead I just pulled out of her and jacked off and cummed on her pussy lips. I cummed a fair amount on her but it just 10 percent to compare to the amount of cum Banwari had deposited in her.
Feeling defeated, embarrassed and sad I retreated to the bathroom for a drink of water and to clean up my dick a little from my wife’s mess. I was about to head back to bed and call it a lousy night but I noticed down the hall Banwari's clothes were piled on the ground at the base of my daughter’s bedroom door. I started to get a sickening feeling again, what the fuck was going on? I saw the way he looked at her earlier, he couldn't have the fucking nerve to mess around with my 15 year old virgin daughter though especially after getting away with fucking my wife what a man of his age could do?
I slowly walked down the hall careful not to make much noise. When I got to her bedroom door I could hear whispering, my daughter and Banwari talking. I was also able to peak in because the door was slightly open, just barely enough for me to see. And I was amazed to see that this never tiring 65 year old man Banwari was lying naked in my daughter’s bed with the covers loosely over both of them. It looked like to me Banwari was showing my daughter his monster cock and she was curious and mesmerized by its size.
Banwari was instructing her to touch it by saying “hold it my little angel it does not bite little girls it only loves them”. I watched as my young daughter started to slowly jack him off. I was somewhat relieved that she still had her clothes on however things quickly changed when I heard Banwari whispering to her "don't forget what you promised now baby, I've shown you mine fucking tools to you now it is your turn to put yours on the show”..
Again I was in shock at what was happening, here was a 65 year old man naked with my daughter fooling around together.I told myself any normal father would have ripped this pervert off his daughter and killed him by now but for some reason I still couldn't react to what I was seeing. I just continued to watch, frozen and unable to move and see that how far this old man can go.
My daughter taking off her top and bra just giggled and said "here they are, not very big yet but they are growing fairly quickly, I have to keep buying new bras". I could now see my daughter’s breasts, I estimated them to be a small B cup in size. Banwari began to feel and fondle her young breasts and she offered no resistance. I could tell my daughter was enjoying this as this is new to her.
Banwari continued playing with my daughter, sucking on her nipples and said “these are lovely tasty candies” and began lowering his hand down her legs and holding it right on her panty covered pussy. Neha didn't object she was just moaning softly, I could tell now he was rubbing her pussy. He then whispered to her,"how about you remove these? And show me your lovely little pee-pee".she was hesitant to do it but Banwari was persuasive and kept massaging her pussy and telling her it would feel a lot nicer and I will show you the benefits of being a girl enjoying in hands of a old man if she removed them for him.
Neha eventually gave in to his advances and reached down and removed her panties for him. My 15 year old daughter was now totally naked with a man who was two times older then her own father. He began to finger her slowly and started to work up speed, she was now starting to moan fairly loud just like her mother. At the same time Banwari took Neha’s hand and placed on his monster dick which she readily gripped and on Banwari’s instruction slowly giving Banwari a hand job.
After a few minutes, he whispered something into Nehas hear which I couldn't hear. She seemed unsure of whatever he said but he started to direct her. I watched as my daughter climb over top of Banwari and got into the 69 position. I could tell that all this is new to my daughter as she was fumbling on every move she started to lower her head and suck on his large cock.
Banwari was licking away and sucking her young teenage cunt as she continued to suck his monster tool of a dick. They stayed in this
position for about 15 minutes until my daughter started to orgasm. At this point Banwari immediately rolled her over and lined up his cock at her tight wet entrance and whispered “get ready babe now its time to change you into an women you will no longer be a girl”. Neha started to object saying she wasn't sure about what is going to happen as his dick was too big for her small unexplored virgin pussy.
Banwari ignored her concerns and rubbed the head of his large fat cock up and down her virgin slit. He bent down and put his lips on neha’s lips to seal her mouth to smother cries as he started to push into her, I suspected that how could he succeed in his attempt. I could see his cock trying to make its way in but it was so wide for her tight inexperienced virgin pussy that it was slow going. Eventually her pussy started to adjust as he stretched her to allow this old man's monster cock into her. And when Banwari break her barrier with a jerk, blood started coming out from the edges of her pussy and she started throwing her legs and hitting Banwari with her hands on his chest.
His monster inch by inch now started to disappear into my daughter, Banwari was taking it slow to make sure he didn't hurt her further. After a couple minutes of slowly sinking into her tight hole he bottomed out finally I could see his cock fully impaled into her with his hairy balls resting at her ass dripping with her first blood. My daughter had somehow managed to take in his entire cock. He smiled to her and whispered, "oh baby your definitely the tightest pussy I have had in years, presumably in decades no in the whole life, you are very tight". Neha remained silent and was just moaning softly. As her pussy began to stretch more and adjust to Banwari's large size he began to slowly thrust in and out of her.
I continued watching as they began fucking at a good tempo, my daughter was enthusiastically humping back at him and had locked her legs behind his hairy ass. My daughter’s bed started rocking and creaking and her
moaning became much louder as Banwari began to fuck Neha at a faster and harder pace. I also shamefully found myself getting hard watching my old friend fuck my daughter.
As Banwari the seasoned fucker continued to fuck her steadily for about an hour in every possible kamasutra position with both soft and hard strokes and forced her to more than orgasms.
Suddenly he starts groaning I sensed he was about to cum soon and suddenly remember that she is in her most fertile period as I knew (from my wife)that it is only a week that she was having her periods. she was too young to understand the consequences. I was about enter the room and tell Banwari that you need to pull out, and let her suck you off". But hesitated but Banwari did not stop, he continued his poundings and says "My little babe I’m about to cum in you and I will not pull out, I will impregnate you as I had done the same thing to your mother just a while, listening this that this dirty old man had also fucked her mother another orgasm shook her body, the eleventh of the night, that was now too much for Banwari the moment he felt her
pussy contracting on his cock that pushed him over the edge and he groaned again out loud as he started ejaculate his second load of sperm of the night into my fertile daughter.
Neha realized he was cumming in her but was too far lost in her own orgasm to care, her body was enjoying the moment and accepted his load of potent sperm. Banwari had emptied another huge batch of cum into my daughter, even after fucking my wife he still had plenty left to completely fill my daughter. When he rolled off her to catch his breath I could see a river of cum mixed with own blood flowing out of her and her pussy looking in more pathetic condition and more stretched than my wife’s.
I had seen enough, I had just cummed in my boxers after watching my young daughter being fucked by an oldie. Again shamefully I did nothing to stop it, I just watched as Banwari had used both my wife and daughter for his own personal pleasures. I had now failed as a protector of my wife and daughter.
I went back to my bedroom and fell asleep again beside my wife. Sometime again in the early hours of the morning I woke up again and headed to the bathroom. Again just like before I noticed that Banwari's clothes were still at base of my daughter’s bedroom door. I tip toed over again quietly to see if Banwari was still in there, as I got closer I could clearly hear the sound of love making.
I got back into the same position I was in before, they were definitely fucking again only this time my daughter Neha was on top bouncing around riding his long fat cock. She had her hands on his hairy chest and was bouncing on him hard, I could clearly see his cock moving in and out of my young daughter. What was worse was that she was clearly enjoying fucking this 65 year old man.
I had seen enough and retreated downstairs to the basement, I could no longer bare to be near my wife or daughter after what just happened tonight. I felt like a defeated loser for allowing to happen what Banwari did
to both of them.
In the morning my wife woke up with a hang over an empty bed and a sticky mess between her legs. She realized she had sex but her pussy was gaping open, she felt sore down there and couldn't understand how her pussy was so stretched and worse why her pussy was such a mess.
Banwari was gone without even saying a goodbye to me. When I peeked into my daughter’s room she was still sleeping naked her legs wide open bedsheel red in her own first blood, her wide stretched pussy in a mess, cum still flowing out of it. I was in total shame and thinking about what had happened the pervious night. The night an oldie changed My life and shape and size of my wife’s and daughter’s pussy and make mess of them.
About two months later my worst fear comes true, both my wife and daughter were pregnant and I very well know’s that who’s seeds are there in their wombs.

Reply if you likes it and let me know whether I post it afresh in hinglish version with desi language.

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