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Old 26th May 2009
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Mom raped in my birthday party (very short story)

My name is Arvind.I had turned 18 that day and had kept a big party in my house.Mom was busy in keeping the house clean and preparing food.All my friends , from and college , were coming.All my friends came and brought many gifts for me.I talked to everybody.We chatted for long about our school days and how we used hang out those days

Mom then came and brought the cake.She said its time to cut the cake now.All friends gathered and started singing.We all had food and were still chatting.One of my friends said lets play something.Another friend suggested we play dark

Everyone was ready for dark room.In dark room , all the lights are switched off , and one person has to guess the others without getting out.All of them convinced mom to also play.Mom was initially were reluctant but later she agreed.All the lights were switched off and everyone took their positions.

Anil was taking the den (he had to guess who were the rest).He came into the room where me my mom and 4 - 5 friends were hiding.He went towards my mom and touched her back.He must have immediately come to know it was mom since there was no other girl in the party.He still acted as if he was trying to figure out who it was.

He was feeling mom's back and then suddenly put his hand on moms ass.Mom was still silent and i couldnt make out since it was dark that whether mom was enjoying this or not.One of my friend who saw all this got up and put his hand on moms other ass cheek.My mom was now getting molested by friends in front of me.Two more people got and started massaging and sqeezing moms tits.Mom didnt utter a word except few moans.One more person got up and started feeling moms milky thighs.5 of my friends were molesting mom.

What if arvind will come to ? said one boy

He wont and he is probably not in this room otherwise he would have stopped us by now --- said another

Lets fuck her , all of us

I grew very excited hearing this.Mom now realised she was in great trouble.She tried getting up and shouted leave me.She was overpowered by 5 boys filled with great lust.She was trapped.3 boys went behind and came back nude while the two who were holding mom went after they came and became nude

Mom had to now satisfy 5 hungry cocks.One of my friend slammed his cock in to moms pussy without any warning.Mom screamed loudly as she was
surprised.One friend inserted his cock is moms mouth so as to keep her quiet.The friend attacked moms asshole and penetrated it hard.The remaining two were playing with moms boobs and nipples.My poor mom was being raped as i was just watching.

Im gonna cum said the one who was inside moms pussy.Mom shouted dont cum inside me but he didnt listen and came inside her.He went back and somebody other came his place.Seconds after that moms asshole was filled with cum and somebody other came and filled it with his cock.He alternatively enjoying mom.Turn by turn all of them fucked moms pussy and ass.In all boths of moms hole had five ejaculations inside them.

They quickly dressed up so that other friends in the others rooms dont become suspicious.They felt the house as soon as possible.Others also left leaving mom my filled with their cum in her holes.Even i left the room and pretended to behave normal.Mom came outside and i asked casually so u had fun ? Ohh yes dear very much but it was tiring.I smiled and left

Should i tell my friends that i know that they raped my mom ? or else how should i take my revenge and fuck their moms ?

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Old 26th May 2009
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thanks for share

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Old 26th May 2009
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Old 5th June 2009
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abey chutiye ....un ladko ki gaand maar jaake

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Old 12th November 2009
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abe gandu jake un ladka logo ki ma ko chodo

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Old 18th November 2009
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