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Old 22nd May 2009
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Mastubration with Kala Aunty

Masturbation with Kala aunty
Hi, I am 30 years old vijay and I have got 6.5 dick in height and about 3 inch in diameter as I will not tell a lie that mine is 9 or 10 inch as other people usually do. I have got white and fine color body but had black cool penis.

Now the story that is now I am going to describe is my last week sex experience, which I got from my aunt. Before this I already posted my first sex experience! Last Sunday I went to my friend’s aunt house to help her to shift her house to Delhi. First of all I should describe the psyche of this aunt. So you guys doesn’t get bored. Well, she was a taller lady and having age of round about 33. She has a long hair which probably can touch her butt, when set free. She is also fine in color and has a trimmy body. Like all others ladies in her age, she also got a perfect cup shaped breast sized 36 with clear nice looking nipples.

One thing which is really impressive and mind blowing in her psyche was her really cool and round ass. Her ass was prominent in all body. I already met her two or three times. All the time, I masturbate, while imagining her ass only. Yap, another thing is about her is that; she doesn’t wear any bra and panty as well.

Her husband already gone to delhi to prepare their residence. So she was all alone as she did not have any child yet. When she came to the door and unlocked it for me, I saw that she was again without Bra. At room she sat in front of me and started talking about my family. I was replying her quickly then she changed her legs position unknowingly, and this made her pussy and ass quite clear and observable. I saw this and got horny. She then went to kitchen. There I quickly, pressed my shirt in the pant and grabbed my penis, which was hardily erected. Realizing her body again I started jerking off but I did not know when she came back. When she saw me playing with my penis, she came and sat before me.

So I got idea that she did not mind this. I was thinking this, and I saw her again. I said that “plz don’t mind about what had just happened”. She said “NO its ok. I know this is a natural and guys usually do this”. But she said that “I never saw how you guys actually do this?. So now would you plz show me how you do this and I want to see it. I got pleased and my dick erected responding. She never moved her eyes from my penis shape seen in the pant. I started to remove the zip and gave some fine touch to my cock so that she can see my dick red head. While playing, I tried to touch her but she denied it and said “just do your self and don’t touch me”. I told her that I also need to make my self hot so please let me touch you. After some conversation, she agreed but said that “first of all she will touch me. I said “ok” she came and grabbed my penis in her hand. I felt my self again in sky. The woman, I liked the most and to whom I had been masturbating in now all mines. She touched my glands as well. This gave me a more shock than electricity! She was moving her soft hand at all my body and I was breathing hardily. After enough time, I stopped her and said now it’s your turn. She said “OK” but you will touch me externally mean she will not take off her clothes. I said “OK” and got closer to her. In women body, I always like two lips between two legs, then boobs and then ass.

So I touched her legs first and moved my hands between her legs. She closed her eyes when I touched her most private parts. She made a little soft scream, when I touched her organ lips. After that, I moved my one hand towards boobs and other hand touched her ass cheeks. I gave a fine massage at her breast. I just grabbed her nipples with my fingers and pumped them. During this time, she was softly moaning. She said, “You are giving me more pleasure. She said that you must be a sex expert. Then I told her to lay, so I can touch her pussy again. She was lying at bed, and her pussy was completely under my hands. So view of her body really made mad, her body was slowly shaking because of my little pressure on her. I grabbed her with my hands and squeezed it gently and continued massaging, rubbing her pussy and ass made her more screaming. I then tossed my dick in her pussy, although she was wearing her loose night gown. I gave her a thrust so my dick can adjust its position at her sweet hole. I was afraid that she will stop me but her never. She said “release your sperm while doing this but don’t insert your dick in any of my holes and don’t take of my clothes I said “ok” and continued thrusting.

I know that I will compel her for full sex, but it needs some time. So I request her to help me Cuming. She said Ok and I suddenly she raised her gown and started to masturbate her pussy by her fingers. She said “Please don’t stop, don’t stop continue to masturbate with me.

After I enjoyed the sex moment with in her, I also started to jerked my cock and after few minutes, we both cum. She told me to release my white juice on her outside area of pussy. She started to rub my cock head with her pussy lips and commended that “hai, how your cock and my pussy is kissing each other”. After that she kissed my cock and promised that when she come back to Chennai or if I come to Delhi we will have good fucking session. And you aunties and girls can also contact me at this below ID, if you want to enjoy more.
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Old 22nd March 2010
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