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Old 17th February 2005
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The hotel room was shaped sort of like a check mark, with the shorter section being a more private sleeping area. There was another bed basically in the middle of the main part of the room, and a pull-out couch as well. Since Kussum and I were a couple, we ranked the semi-private bed. Hemant and Priya were just hooking up for the weekend, so they had the choice to share a bed or sleep separately, depending on how things worked out. Priya was Kussum's best friend and Hemant was mine. They had met a few times before and Priya had expressed an interest in Hemant and, since Hemant had no objections, we'd set them up. We all agreed that a weekend at the shore together would be fun no matter what ended up happening.
The day started out great, but ended even better. After checking in, we spent several hours on the beach, with the ladies looking hot in their swimsuits. Kussum is tall and dark, with lambaa taangen and big choochiyan. Priya, she was smaller, but also dark with nice choochiyan. Hemant and I counted our blessings for their company. After the beach, we all showered – Kussum and I together, Hemant and Priya individually, though we did catch them making out a little as we came out of the bathroom. Once we were cleaned up, we went and grabbed some dinner at a nice little seafood place, then headed to a bar for a few hours. We walked alambaa the beach on the way back to the hotel from the bar, me holding hands with Kussum and Hemant with Priya.
Back in the hotel room, we sat up for a little while lambaaer before deciding to call it a raat. Kussum and I retired to our semi-private bed and started fooling around, quickly ending up angna. We started snickering, though, as we heard the sounds of passion from the other part of the room. We decided to take a peek at what they were up to, assuming we'd be able to see in the dim light. As it turned out, we could see them very clearly. Wearing only her panties, Priya was kneeling between Hemant's spread taangen, her head bobbing up and down on his lauda. Hemant was lying flat on the bed moaning out words of encouragement. My lauda had already been rock hard from fooling around, but it was a steel rod now. I was thinking about how I could fuck Kussum while still watching when she whispered the suggestion that we join them.
Needless to say, I was pleased and surprised, so I recommended that we sneak over quietly and Kussum straddle Hemant's face while I got behind Priya. Hemant's eyes were closed, but he opened them when he felt Kussum step onto the bed. I didn't hear any complaining as her choot approached his face. At about the same time, I put my hands on Priya's hips and started sliding her panties down. She looked up and saw Kussum's ass blocking out her view of Hemant's face, so she knew it could only be me behind her. I didn't get a sense that she was uncomfortable with this turn of events as she lifted first one knee, then the other, to allow me to slide her panties completely off. Tossing them aside, I leaned in between her ass cheeks and darted my zubaan out far enough to encounter her slippery choot. I could hear her moan around Hemant's lauda as I slurped the juices that her choot was abundantly producing. I could also hear Kussum beginning to moan which made me realize that I was the only one not getting some sort of stimulation. After a few more chaatos of Priya's choot, I decided how to remedy the situation.
Standing, I noticed Hemant's hands gripping Kussum's ass as I guided my lauda to Priya's choot. With a push of my hips, I slipped right into her schaato hole, resulting in a moan from each of us. God, her choot felt so good! Maybe it was just that I'd been fucking only Kussum for so lambaa, or maybe it was that I was so damn horny, between fooling around with Kussum and watching the two of them. Whatever the case, I held Priya by the hips and slowly slid the full length of my lauda in and out of her. It didn't occur to me at the time, but I was actually fucking Priya before Hemant got the opportunity - nothing like a little group action to loosen things up. Priya continued to chooso Hemant's lauda as I fucked her and he ate Kussum's choot. As I was enjoying the feel of Priya's choot on my lauda, I was watching her head bobbing up and down and listening to the slurpy sounds she was making. I also watched Kussum's ass rocking against Hemant's face, hoping he was enjoying the taste of her choot as much as I did. I was surprised that he hadn't cum yet, thinking maybe that it was due to too many beers and hoping it wasn't because Priya wasn't a very good laudachoosoer. Either way, I was happy to continue sliding my lauda in and out of her warm, wet choot. I leaned forward to cup her swinging choochiyan, feeling her hard choochiyan in my palms. I wasn't able to take nice, lambaa strokes this way but I figured it would help me last a little bit lambaaer, if nothing else. Plus, her choochiyan were very nice. After a few minutes, I let one hand slide back over her stomach and between her taangen to seek out her clit while continuing to fuck her.
Despite shorter strokes and more focus on Priya's pleasure, I could still feel an orgasm approaching. It didn't sound like anyone had cum yet, so I thought maybe a change of position would help everyone. I was happy fucking Priya, but I thought putting her in control might help her cum. Hemant seemed to be having no success cumming in Priya's mouth but Kussum was the best laudachoosoer I'd ever known, so it made sense to have her take over for Priya. That left me with Kussum's choot in my face, which was fine by me. I loved to eat her choot and I knew I could make her cum. Continuing to fuck Priya, I broke the relative silence and suggested a change. I had Kussum move off Hemant and Hemant slide up to sit against the headboard. I finally pulled out of Priya and had her move off the bed so that Kussum's ass wasn't right in her face. Kussum basically took over for Priya, taking the same position, so I lay on my back and slid up so my head was between her taangen and her choot was directly above me. As I raised my head to start chaatoing Kussum's choot, I felt Priya grip my lauda in her hand and pump it a few times before the warm wetness of her mouth engulfed it.
I could hear Hemant's more enthusiastic noises as I slurped Kussum's clit while fingering her slippery hole. Priya was sliding her mouth up and down my lauda and, I have to admit, she really wasn't that good. Despite being on the verge of cumming while fucking her, it was no lambaaer an immediate danger. While it may be true that even a bad blowjob is better than no blowjob, I'd been getting superior blowjobs from Kussum for a while now, so that made Priya's seem even worse. My hope, though, was that just as I had realized that I was odd man out before I'd started fucking her, Priya would abandon the blowjob and start fucking me. She'd been blowing Hemant for a pretty good while, anyway, so I guessed that her jaw was probably getting pretty sore. While I was getting Kussum close to an orgasm, I could tell that she was helping Hemant recover from Priya's unskilled fellatio.
I never thought I would feel relieved to have a woman's mouth leave my lauda before I came, but when Priya slipped me out of her mouth and pumped me in her hand, I definitely felt better. When she stopped pumping, though, I waited anxiously for her to straddle me in some way. It took lambaaer than I expected and, just as I was beginning to worry that she'd given up on me, I felt something cool sliding down my lauda. I could tell right away that it was a condom, which could not have been a better sign. I felt Priya's knees on either side of me and soon the warm tightness of her choot engulfed me again. Her snug, slippery choot was a welcome relief after her blowjob, so I slipped the hand I'd had on Kussum's choochee down to stroke Priya's clit while still fingering Kussum with the other hand. Now this was an amazing little set up.
Hemant still hadn't cum yet, which could not be blamed on the talent of the laudachoosoer, but I could tell that Kussum was nearing the verge herself. With Priya riding me, I chaata Kussum's clit and fingered her slippery hole until I knew she was about to explode. Lowering my head from her choot, I whispered up to Kussum that she should crawl up and straddle Hemant, finishing him off with her choot. She didn't answer, but I could feel her starting to move. With Hemant sitting up against the headboard, she'd straddle him with her big choochiyan right in his face. Being right up on the edge, it wouldn't be lambaa before she came and, the way her choot felt when she came, there was no doubt that she'd pull Hemant right over the edge with her. Once Kussum had moved up, I could see all of Priya as she rode up and down on my lauda, her eyes closed and her choochiyan bouncing. I had always thought she was cute with a tight little jism, but never expected to see her angna much less touch and fuck her. I watched as my lauda disappeared and reappeared just below her narrow, dark strip of pubic hair, feeling like I was on my way back toward my orgasm.
When Priya opened her eyes and realized that Kussum had moved, she leaned forward and pressed her honth against mine. As we made out, I was raising my hips to fuck her, but she soon pulled her face away and took control again. She was still leaning forward, though, so her choochiyan were right in front of me. Raising my head slightly, I chaata and choosa her choochiyan as she slammed herself up and down on my shaft. I loved fucking Kussum, but I have to admit that it was wonderful to have another choot working over my lauda. Priya's choot felt so good, despite the condom, that I knew my orgasm was only moments away. I was holding her ass, which was fine just like her choochiyan, but still letting her do all the work, only raising my hips to meet her on her way down. Behind me I could hear the telltale noises Kussum always made just before she came, so I knew Hemant was in for a treat momentarily. Knowing that Kussum was on the verge of cumming with someone else's lauda crammed up her sweet choot was almost as big a turn on as having my lauda crammed up her best friend's choot.
My lauda was beginning to swell within Priya's fleshy confines when I heard Kussum let out a gasp as she started to cum. The feeling of Kussum's choot was amazing, but even more so when she came, so I listened for Hemant's reaction. Sure enough, a second or two later, Hemant's vocal response made his feelings very clear. I was right on the verge, myself, by that point, and Priya was getting pretty vocal, as well. She was slamming herself down on me frantically, her orgasm imminent. She felt so damn good, that I completely lost control and my lauda started to spasm as I shot my load into the condom. This must have set her off, because she let out a moan and started to shudder as she appeared to go into slow motion. I kept pushing into her as lambaa as I kept cumming, then just collapsed backward onto the bed. When she finished cumming, she lay on top of me while we each tried to catch our breath.
After a few minutes, Kussum got up and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Almost immediately, Priya got up and, taking the condom with her, followed Kussum into the bathroom. Hemant was still sitting up against the headboard while I continued to lie on my back.
"I have a feeling this is going to be one amazing weekend," I commented.
"I agree," Hemant replied, "but I can't believe I'm getting your sloppy seconds."
"Hey, man," I started, sitting up, "you didn't have to suffer through Priya's painful blowjob. You could have stopped her and fucked her instead."
"She is bad, isn't she?" Hemant laughed. "Fortunately, it appears as though Kussum's mouth and choot have healing powers. Thanks for sharing."
"I'll have to suggest that Kussum give her some laudachoosoing lessons," I said, getting up. "I'm beat. I'm going to bed." I headed over to the other bed and climbed in. A minute or two later, I heard the bathroom door open and was soon joined by Kussum. We didn't even talk; we just fell asleep.
The next morning, there was already light coming into the room as I woke to find Kussum was already awake. I realized pretty quickly that she was gently pulling on my rigid tool. When she was sure that I was awake, she didn't even say anything, just got up on her knees and straddled me, guiding my lauda into her choot. I don't know how lambaa she'd been awake and pulling on my lauda, but she was absolutely dripping wet. Her choot engulfed my lauda in warm, slippery wetness, which felt outstanding in itself. Then she started riding me, sliding her choot up and down my shaft. I couldn't help but moan, it felt so amazing. She had a hand on either side of my head, so her big choochiyan were swinging just above my face. I reached up to steady them and started chaatoing and choosoing her protruding choochiyan. It wouldn't have surprised me if she had been fingering her choot as well as pulling my lauda while waiting for me to wake up. She was so fired up and so wet, I suspected that was exactly what she'd been doing. She was riding me hard, which generally meant that her orgasm was not far off, so I just enjoyed her choochiyan while she pursued what she needed.
The noises Kussum started making indicating that she was just about to topple over the edge were loud enough that I'm sure Hemant and Priya were hearing them, too. While they couldn't spy on us like we had done to them, I hoped that what they were hearing was getting them pretty revved up. Kussum let out a gasp and I felt the tremors and flooding lubrication in her choot as she came. I wasn't quite as charged up as she was, so when she came down, I still hadn't cum. Kussum dismounted me and lay on her back beside me, pushing her choochiyan up and together. I knew exactly what she was offering, so I got up and straddled her ribcage, laying my lauda between her choochiyan. She squeezed the soft flesh together on either side of my rigid, slippery pole and I began to fuck them. As I started, I was also toying with her choochiyan while she held her choochiyan together. I traced circles around her large, dark gulaabi aureoles and gently rubbed her choochiyan while sliding my lauda between her choochiyan. Gradually, as I felt my orgasm building, I leaned forward with my arms above her head. She was sticking out her zubaan to chaato my head as it popped out from between her fleshy globes. Once I knew I was very close, I pushed forward so that my lauda slipped all the way into her mouth. She knew this meant that I was close, so she worked her oral magic on my swelling lauda as I fucked her face.
She gripped my ass, pulling me into her mouth as she worked her zubaan over my shaft. Kussum was just too amazing when it came to laudachoosoing, so it was just a matter of minutes before I shoved my lauda deep into her mouth and started spewing. She swallowed and kept choosoing until I was spent and pulled my shrinking lauda free. As I settled back onto the bed, I could hear the moans and heavy breathing coming from around the corner. Kussum and I looked at each other, then got up to look around the wall. There was Hemant's hairy ass, pumping between Priya's spread thighs. The view didn't do as much for me as watching her chooso his lauda had, so I went back behind the wall while Kussum headed to the bathroom. I lay there angna listening as they approached their climax and finally quieted down afterward. Kussum came back wearing her bathing suit and handed mine to me, so I slipped into it. We heard the bathroom door close again, so we decided it was safe enough to come out. Once we were all in our bathing suits and had eaten, we headed back to the beach for the day.
We didn't talk much about the raat before as a group, but Hemant and I discussed the ladies and Kussum and I compared a few notes as well. Kussum wanted to know how I enjoyed Priya, and I was honest – I loved fucking her, but she was terrible at oral sex. I asked Kussum how she could be so outstanding while her best friend was the polar opposite. Kussum was glad we hadn't told Priya that she was terrible and thought she had a way to help her improve. I found out later how that plan worked.
Back in the hotel room later that day, Hemant went to the shower first. He invited Priya to join him, but Kussum said she needed Priya for something, so he was out of luck. Calling me over by the bed, Kussum worked on untying the drawstring to my swimsuit while explaining to Priya that it was time for lesson number one. My lauda was already growing as I realized what was going on and how I would be contributing. I stepped out of my swimsuit as it hit my ankles and sat on the end of the bed, my lauda protruding from my lap. Priya and Kussum both dropped to their knees on the floor as I leaned back and propped myself up on my elbows. Kussum had my lauda in her hand, gently pumping, as she explained a few things to Priya. She then lowered her mouth over my lauda while Priya watched closely. She slid her mouth up and down a few times then moved back to give Priya a go. Priya tried to imitate what Kussum had done and, though it was better than what she'd been doing before, it still wasn't quite perfect. Kussum asked how she was doing and I responded honestly. Priya stopped and Kussum explained a little bit more then choosa my lauda again. Kussum's technique was flawless. Priya tried again and this time she was almost there. Kussum showed her again and this time, as Priya started going down, Kussum took Priya's fingers into her own mouth so Priya could feel how her mouth was supposed to be working on my lauda. That did the trick in more ways than one. I could feel Priya adjusting her technique, which was a vast improvement, and watching Kussum choosoing Priya's fingers made me feel like shooting my load. I watched Kussum choosoing Priya's fingers and Priya choosoing my lauda, feeling the sap rising within me.
By this time, Hemant had finished in the bathroom and was standing in the doorway watching. I could see the effect it was having on him by the way the towel around his waist was tenting out. With my eyes half closed, I gave him a thumbs-up and nodded my head. Priya had improved immensely and I was now looking forward to shooting a load into her pretty mouth. I was pushing my hips up slightly as my lauda began to swell within the confines of her mouth. I wondered briefly if any guy had ever made it this far with her choosoing on his lauda. Finally, with a cry of relief, I began pumping my load into her mouth. She had successfully and painlessly extracted an orgasm from me and I told her how much better she had become in such a short time. Kussum looked over to see Hemant in the doorway, so she waved him over as she told Priya that she had a bit more practicing to do. I got up and headed for the shower as Hemant dropped his towel and took my place.
I didn't take a very lambaa shower, wanting to get right back to the action, but I had time enough to do some thinking about what was going on between the four of us. I didn't expect that we'd find ourselves in a situation like this too many more times. Hemant and Priya appeared to be hitting it off, so even if they didn't end up dating I suspected they'd at least be fucking each other for a while. Even so, how many times would we all be together somewhere that we could get it on like this? I didn't think Kussum would be suggesting any threesomes with Priya and I really didn't think she'd be cool about me fucking Priya without her around, so I knew I needed to fully appreciate Priya as much as I could this weekend. Likewise, I didn't intend to invite Hemant to join us in a threesome any more than I expected him to invite me. I thought there might be more group action and swapping in the future, but I decided I'd better not count on it. As I stepped out of the shower, I resolved to enjoy Priya in every possible way before we checked out of the hotel on Sunday.
I could already feel the blood returning to my member even before I stepped through the doorway and saw what was going on. Priya was focused on choosoing Hemant's lauda, still kneeling on the floor at the end of the bed. Kussum, meanwhile, had left Priya on her own, stripped off her swimsuit and straddled Hemant's head. While I moved behind Priya, pulling a condom from the strip that had been sitting nearby, I realized that the positioning was almost identical to the previous raat. Priya was still wearing her swimsuit, which I thought would make this interesting. I knelt behind her as I rolled a condom on, then ran my hands up from her waist to her choochiyan before dropping them between her taangen to pull the swimsuit crotch aside. Sliding on my knees between her taangen, I guided my lauda up into her choot. While she held her kneeling position and continued to chooso Hemant's lauda, I was sliding myself in and out of her slippery, snug choot. Once I got a good rhythm going, I worked the top of her swimsuit down to her waist and fondled her choochiyan as I fucked her.
Her head bobbing was picking up so I sensed that she was preparing to swallow Hemant's load. I planned to continue fucking her until she came, so I just kept at it. Sure enough, Hemant let out a moan of relief and bucked his hips toward her face a few times before going limp on the bed. Priya raised her head and started pushing back against me as I fucked her. Keeping in mind what I'd been thinking about during my shower, I focused on the feel of Priya's choot sliding up and down my lauda and the feel of her soft, fleshy choochiyan in my hands. In the event that I never found myself in this position again, I wanted to make sure that I remembered every little thing about it. I felt Priya's hand briefly caressing my balls before she put it to work on her clit while I fucked her. Glancing up, I could see Hemant still working on Kussum's choot with his zubaan while she humped his face.
Both Priya and Kussum were getting noisy, but it sounded like Kussum was going to cum first. I could see that Hemant was pumping at least a finger or two in and out of her choot as he was eating her while his other hand had a grip on one of her ass cheeks. Her movements were getting faster and faster, not unlike Priya's bouncing up and down on my rod. Finally, Kussum let out a cry and dropped forward onto all fours while Hemant continued to chaato her through her orgasm. Priya and I were the last ones left, and I had a feeling she was closer than I was. While Priya continued to get louder and faster, I watched as Kussum swung her taang over Hemant and Hemant slid up the bed. They were both lying there watching us as Priya got closer and closer to cumming.
Not unlike Kussum, as Priya's orgasm approached, her choot was completely engorged and flooded with schaato juices. Even through the condom, her choot felt better and better until suddenly she let out a cry and shuddered. As I felt the tremors within her hot choot, I pumped just a couple more times and started shooting my load into the condom. Priya settled back onto my lap, my shrinking lauda still buried inside her. As we caught our breath, Kussum got up and headed to the bathroom to take her shower. Priya gingerly started to rise off my lap, my lauda slipping free and flopping against my taang. She turned, still on her knees and slipped the condom off me, intending to take it to the bathroom to flush. Before she got up, I pulled her toward me and brought my honth to hers. She opened her mouth to admit my zubaan and I did likewise and we made out for a minute or two.
She got up and went to the bathroom, jumping in the shower as soon as Kussum was done. Hemant had already pulled on some shorts and was heading onto the balcony with a couple of beers, so I pulled on my shorts and followed him. As the girls got ready for another raat out, Hemant and I celebrated an already outstanding weekend. We threw out a few ideas about the raat ahead, such as tag team sex and any potential to get the girls involved with each other, but mainly we knew we'd be content with whatever went down. Finishing our beers, we went inside to get ready for the raat ourselves.
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Old 17th February 2005
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Old 17th February 2005
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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
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Originally Posted by mayurs
Thanks for your interest in the thread.
REPPED you, Pls Receprocate.
Mega Story Teller : Erotic & Incest Stories (Mostly Indian)
XB's Best & Largest Story collection Over 1000 pages & Over 1,00,00,000 Page Views

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Old 17th February 2005
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Originally Posted by taxindia
Thanks for your interest in the thread.
REPPED you, Pls Receprocate.

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Old 17th February 2005
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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
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hothon ko buri tarah choosne lage mein buri tarah bikhar si gayi aur
meri nas nas me ek madak ta bharne lagi.Meri choot me gudgudi see
hone lagi. main kahti rah gayi "OH MAMA ...UI MAA HAA AAHHH "bas mama
ne mere joban pe haath fera aur lage unhe dabane ...mujhe to bas maza
hi maza aa raha tha pata nahi kya kya ho raha tha...mama ne aahista
se meri T shirt unchi kar dee aur mere doodh jaise safed gore jism ko
dekh ke bole " Haye MInu kaisi gori aur chikni hai meri
jaan...oooommmhhh". meri choot me jaise cheetiyan rengne lageen aur
meri kachchi see choot bheeg see gayi thee.aisa lag raha tha jaise
choot me se kuchh bahne laga ho. aur mama zoro se yaha waha choomne
lage aur meri chhoti bra ke oopar se hee mere stano ko choomne lage
unke haath barabar meri jangho ko sahla rahe the aur fir unhone mujhe
utha ke meri T shirt utar dee meri chikni peeth aur seene ko sahlate
rahe " mujhe kya pata tha teri T shirt ke andar itna gadraya badan
hai ...haye minu ...oooommhhh u sexy....kaisse kasi hui ho yaar.."
Meine shararat karke kaha "slax hata ke nahi dekhenge???" Mama ne
meri chhoti si bra utar dee aur bole "haye meri lollipop teri slax me
to sari duniya basi hogi ....pahle in dono ko to pee loo..." aur mama
ne dheere se mere chhote se stano ko hotho se pahle to chooma fir
chaatne lage ...uffffffff mein to pagla gayi ...see see karte huye
AAAHHH UUHH OOOHHH karti rahi bas...fir mama ne mere stano ko muh me
bhar liya ...mera right breast poora unke muh me bhar gaya chhota sa
stan apne muh me le ke mama ne chhosna chalu kar diya mein to bas
maze leti rahi fir mera left breast apne muh me bhar ke choosne
lage..."minu teri jaisee chhoti si umar ki ladkiya badi fresh hoti
hain ...jinke stan chhote se ho aur poora ka poora muh me aa jata
ho...badi mast cheez ho yaar hhuummm" mama mere chhote choote stano
ko chooste chatte jaa rahe the aur mein "MAMA OOHHH AAHHH UI MA MAMA
MUMMY " karti jaa rahi thee.Fir mama ne meri slax ko kheench
liya ...unki aakhe chamak gayi slax me kasi meri dhoodhiya chikni
janghe baahar aa gayi mama meri reshmi chikni jangho ko aise dekhne
lage jaise kisi rasgulle ko dekh rahe ho.meri nangi kasi hui jangho
ko bade hole hole sahla kar mama bole"kaha chupa rakha tha ye fool
didi ne ....minu too sach me kamal al hai" mama meri jangho ko
sahlate rahe aur fir choomne chatne lage ...baar bar mere stano ko
bhi masal dete aur fir mama ne meri panty ko kheencha ...mein sharam
ke karan apni janghe dabane lagi magar mama ne meri panty utar
dee.aur meri chhoti see choot ko dekhe ke bole "Haye Minu kya kachchi
kali hai...ekdam fresh maal hai tooo hhhmmm meri jaan " aisa kahte
huye mama ne meri chhoti see gulabi kali ko chhua ...HHAA HHAA main
machal uthi. meri choot ke paas do char sunhare baal hi aaye the tab
tak.mama bole MInu isi me to sari khujli hai meri jaan...teri isi
choot ne to tujhe pareshan kiya hua hai...jaise khet ko jota hai
vaise hi aaj teri choot ko chod doonga meri jaan." aisa kah ke mama
meri choot ko sahlane lage aur meri masti bhari aaho se maze lene
lage. mama meri choot ko masalne lage aur meri jangho ko faila kar
meri chhoti si kasi kasai choot ko choomne aur chatne lage ...."OOOHH
MAAA" mai chillati rahi aur mama meri kachchi jawani ke ras ko
chooste rahe...mein baar baar soch rahi thee ki chudai kab hoti hai
yaar.. kafi der tak mama meri choot ko chatate chooste rahe aur main
yoon hi chillati rahi....fir mama ne mujhe chhor diya maine aakhe
khol ke dekha mama ne apne kapde utar diye aur unka lund... haye
itana bada lund ...halanki mai photos dekh chuki thee lekin samne
itna bada lund ho wo bhi sirf 13 saal ki umar me...badi dhheere se
mama ne bataya "Ghabara mat isi se teri choot kee gudgudi mitegi meri
minu" Aur fir mama ne apna lund mujhe de diya mein dheere dheere
sahlake usase hil mil gayi tab mama ne us lohe ke dande ko dheere se
meri machalti hui chikni ho chuki choot ke muh pe rakha aur dheere
dheere meri choot ke muh pe ragadne lage....OHHH mere god Bata nahi
sakti aisa jalta hua lund meri choot pe ..OH GOD... mama thodi der
tak meri choot pe lund ko ragdte rahe fir mujhe samjhate huye
bole "MINU shuru me thoda dard hoga bas thoda sah lena baad me bas
maza hi maza aayega" Mein to bas intezaar hi kar rahi thee ki kab
mama meri chudai shuru kar den bas... Mama ne dheere dheere se meri
choot me apna lund dala mujhe to din me tare dikh gaye mein chilla
padi "MAMA nikal lo pleeeease OH MAMA DUKH RAHA HAI PLZZZZZZ" 13 saal
ki umar zyada nahi hoti.isliye meri bhee choot behad tight aur chhoti
thee.Ekdam kassi kasaai tarotaza choot thee us wakt meri. Mama mujhe
samjhate rahe aur thodi der me sara dard chala gaya jo dard rah gaya
tha usme mazaa aane laga mujhe...fir to mein khud hee uchke lagi aisa
lag raha tha ki kuchh khali hai isliye mein mama se boli"mama kuchh
karo na .." mama bole "kya karoo ??pahle bata kya karoo??" Main
boli"chodo mujhe " "Chudaegi MInu??" "Haan mama " "Fir se bol
Minu...Kya karoon???" Mein fir se boli"CHODO MUJHE MAMA CHODO
NAAAAAAAAAA" Aur fir mama ne mujhe chona chalu kar diya ...zor zor se
chudai chal padi...mama ke lund pe meri tight choot poori kasi thee
kyonki meri chhti see choot thee hee itni tight ki mama ke lund pe
poori tight fit ho gayi.Mama bhi kahne lage "MINU behad tight choot
hai teri ekdam fresh ekdam kassi choot ..." mein bhee apni choot kee
tareef sunke itratee hui mastee karne lagee. mein maze le le ke mama
se chudwati jaa rahi thee aur mama apni 13 sal ki kamsin kali jaisi
bhanji ko chode jaa rahe the.beech beech me mama mere stano ko
chooste aur bolte "Minu bade tight aur nukeele hain stan
tere ...tujhe dard to nahi ho raha??" mujhe dard to ho raha tha par
wo dard bada mazedaar tha "mama isi dard me mazaa aa raha
hai " "Tujhe mazaa aa raha hai MInu?" "OH MAMA YES ...BADA MAZAA AAA
RAHA HAI...OOOHHHHH ...HMHMHMMMM MAMA " Fir mama ne speed badha dee
aur zoro se chodne lage main mastee se chillati rahiii"AAHH OOOHHHH
na jaane kya kya ..."UI UI UIIIII MAMA EEEEEE AAAHHHH " Fir ek baar
to mujhe zyaada hi maza aa gaya aur achanak hee min satwe asmaan pe
mastee se tair gayi....aur bas...!mama ne garam garam kuchh meri
choot me daal diya sab jaise tham sa gaya.UFF KYA HO GAYA ZARA SE
ME....Mein sochne lagi kya tha is chudai me pata nahi....lekin fir
bhee itna mazaa ...uuuffff.Mama badi der tak meri choot me lund dale
pade rahe ...mere nange chikne badan pe aur mere kamsin angon ko
sahlate rahe. is ke baad mama ke saath meine kareeb 8-10 baar chudai
ka maza liya fir mama poona chale gaye aur main akeli rah gayi.tab
meeine apne bhai se chuwani shuru kar dee

Bahut se ladke meri kasi chhoti see choot ko chodna chahte hain aur
mere chhote chhote boobs aur nipples ko choosana chahte hain.
suniye ! meri aadat hai bhai ke saath lipat ke sone kee. pahle to sab
theek tha par Bhai jab is baar ghar aayya to mein poori badal chuki
thee kyonki mein kisi se apni choot chudwa chuki thee.Mama kee choot
maari ne meri chadhti jawani ko aur nikhar diya tha.13 saal kee umar
me hee mein badi hee gadraayi mast ladki ho gayi.mera kamsin kunwara
badan bhar gaya aur bhai ke saath mein chudai kee sochne lagi.pahlee
raat ko bhai ke saath soi to bhai se chipak gayi aur koshish yahi
karti rahi ki bhai ke lund se meri choot chipkti rahe aur mere
ubharte huye stan bhai ko maza dete rahe. mein mama kee aakhiri
chudai ke baad chudwane ko behad tadap rahi thee. meri choot baar
baar kuchh andar leke chudna chahtee thee mera madmaata yauvan pyaasa
thaa isliye mein bhai se chipak chipak ke use bahkane lagi, bhai bhee
mere gudgude rasbhare jawan hote jism ka sukh bhogne laga. meri
chadhti madak jawani ka asar us par usi raat ho gaya aur usne bhee
mujhe apne se chipka liya.uska lund ekdam hard tha.mein baar baar
apni choot uske lund pe daba daba ke uske saath baate karte karte so
gayi.us time mein 9th me thee. mere seene par umar kee uthan saaf
dikhti thee.baaki girls ke mukable meri shirt zyada uthee aur nukeeli
thee.mere nipples bhee bade nukeele hai so meri shirt pe sabhi kee
nazre rahti thee jahaaan mera yauvan ubher ke itara raha tha.skirt
meine chhoti rakhee thee jisse meri doodh jaisee gori aur chikni
chikni janghen sabka dil dhadka deti thee.agle din mein school se
aakar let gayi.ghar me koi nahi tha.meine ek takiya apne munh pe
rakha aur leti thee socha agar bhai aayega to dekhoongi kya karta
hai. Mera anumaan sahi nikla bhai aayaa aur dheere se usne mujhe
dekha ki mein gahri neend me hoo ki nahi. fir bhai ne meri skirt
pakad ke oonchi kar de aur meri kamsin aur nikhrti hui jangho ko
dekhne laga.uske haath meri chikni chikni gadrati jangho ko sahlaane
lage aur mere ubharte joban ke maze lene laga.dheere dheere uske
haatho kee garmi se mein bahkne lagi thee isliye meri garmaat saanso
se bhai ne mujhe chhor diya aur baahar chala gaya.uske jaate hee
meine apnee shirt ke oopar ke chaaro button khol diye aur laaparwahi
se let gayi. thodi der baad bhai fir aaya aur meri uthi hui skirt se
chamakti meri gori gori nangi janghe dekhne ke baad meri chikni
chikni janghe fir se sahlaane laga aur bola"minu" mein kuchh nahi
boli to use laga mein neend me hoo so wo dheere se fusfusaya " haye
kaisi kasi hui janghe hai minu" aur meri chikni janghe haath se
sahlake maze lete huye kahne laga "kitni gadra gayi hai minu kitna
chikna aur sakht badan hai tera minu hhhmmm kaash ! ek baar tere
chhote chhote sakht nipples choosta teri chhoti see kunwari choot
chodata... haye minu kaise oohhhmm oohhmm karke kasmasayegi meri minu
teri choot kitni kassi kassai hogi ekdam tight" bhai kee harkaton se
mere pyase badan me aag laga gayi bhai ne fir meri khuli hui shirt pe
dhyaan diya. wo samajh gaya ki meine hee jaanboojh ke shirt ke button
khole hain.uskee himmat khul gayi wo bola " minu..." mein kuchh nahi
boli to usne haule se mere ubhrte huye seene pe apna haath fer
diya..oh god kitne dino me aisa maza ayaa.mein chupchap nahi rah saki
jab bhai ne mere nipple ko daba diya...SSSSsshaaaa ..mere munh se
nikal hee gaya. bhai ne mere munh se takiya hataya aur bola "chal
minu aaj teri uthti jawani ko maza de doon. bade dino se kisi se
chudne ka soch rahi hogi too hai na??" meine bhai se lipat ke
kaha "haan bhai sahi nahi jaati is jawani kee jalan. bhai mujhe pyaar
karo plzzzz" bhai ne mujhe utha kiya aur mere bedroom me le gaya. fir
usne mujhse poochha "ITNI SEXY KAISE ho gayi minu" bhai mujhe paaglo
kee tarah choomne laga.use maaloom hai ki meri jaisi kam umar kee
ladkiyon ka badan kitna mast hota hai.tabhi to log school girls ko
chodane kee khwahish rakhte hain.usne meri skirt poori utar dee aur
meri shirt bhee utar fainki. mere sakht aur nukeele stano ko dekhke
bhaiya se raha nahi gaya aur wo mere tane huye boobs ko choomne
chatne laga. BHAI MERE STANO KO munh me poora bhar ke choos raha tha
kyonki mere chhote chote samose jaise boobs uske munh me poore sama
rahe the. bahi mujhe mauka nahi de raha tha. mere stano ko haath me
maslata aur nipples choosta bhaiya bola" hhhmmm minu how sharp ur
nipples yaar... aisa lag raha hai ki gulabi ice cream ho aur tere
nipples...jaise ice cream cone pe cherry rakhi ho ..." mein boli "
cherry ko chooso bhiya...aahhhh bada maza aataa hai " KISME
minu ?""ye cherry chuswane me bhai." -"are ruk minu choot chatoonga
to aur maza ayega.... haye too jab chudegi tab kitna maza ayega tujhe
nahi pata minu" meine poochha " chudai me aur maza aataa hai
bhiya?" "hhhmm chudai me chhot me badee gudgudi hoti hai badi
khujlahat hotihai minu ladkiyon ko choot me khoob mastee hoti hai,
are badkismat hai wo ladki jisne chuwai nahi kabhi." fir thodi der
baad bhai ne meri marmari chikni chikni janghe choomee bhai pagalo
kee tarah meri thighs ko apne munh se sahla raha tha aur choom raha
tha. aur hole se bhai ne meri panty kheench dee" ...haaayye eee
minu ... kaisi anchhui kali hai too..." bhiaya meri bina baalo wali
adhkhili gori gulabi choot ko dekhta rah gaya. bhai ne mere pooree
choot haath me thham lee aur meri poori choot ko daba diya aur bola "
haye minu meri bahan kya cheez hai too...kya mast badan hai kaisee
chatkati mast kali hai minu...hhhmmm ssss hhaaaaa.." bhai ne meri
andar kee janhghe bade pyar se chhomee aur sahlate huye meri jangho
ko faila diya. fir bhaiya nemeri kamsin kachchi kali kee khushboo
soonghi " hhhmmm haaaa wahh minu kunwari kali kee kunwari khushbooo
haye meri bahan kitni mast hai aur mein bahar kee ladkiyon ko chodta
raha. " aur bhaiya ne dheere se meri faili jangho ke beech me dekha
jahaan meri chadhti jawani kaa raseela chhed hai.meri choot kee kali
ekdam kassi hui thee. dono fanke chipki hui thee bhai ne haule se
meri chipki hui fanko ko ungli se ragad diya .....sssss
hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ui bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaaa" aur bhaiya ne meri fir
nahi suni jut gaye meri gudgudi choot ko chatne chhosne me. meri
nangi chikni choot kee kali pe dheere se jeebh chala dee usne aur
mein ...seeeeeee ... siskar uthi masti me. haye kitne dono baad koi
meri choot ko chat raha tha. kareeb 4-5 maheene se choot ko nahi
chatawaya tha. mama ne khoob chata tha par ab bhai se chatwane me aur
maza aa raha tha. jab bhai thodi der ruk gaya to mein boli"haye
bhaiya ... choooso naaaaaa" bhai ne meri choot ko poora apneee
hatheli me tham liya aur bola "itni khujli ho rahi hai minu ? " mein
boli "hhmmmm haan bhai plzzzzzzzz chooso naaaa" bhai ne meri choot
kee dono fanko pe honth rakh diye aur kasi hui choot ke hothon ko
apne hoth se daba ke buri tarah choosne laga aur mein to bas
kasmasati rah gayi, tadapati machalti "aaaahh aaahh bhaiya haaa uiiii
aahhhh " aur bhai choos choos ke meri adhpaki jawani ka ras peeta
gaya, meri kachchi kali ka kachcha ras use bha gaya. badi der tak
meri 13 baras kee chhoti see choot se chipka raha. mein baar baar
kahne lagi chhor do bhaiya mein rone see lagi tab usne mujhe chhora
aur tab tak meri choot choone lagi mera saara ras choo choo kar meri
mutti se bahne laga.bhai chatkare le ke mere chootras ka paan karne
laga. "minu hhhmmm meri jaan badi chhoti see choot hai teri, pata hai
jab too chudegi to tujhe aur maza aayega. poochh kyon?" meine
poochha "kyon" wo bola "kyonki minu kasi hui ekdam tight choot me
ling fit baithta hai kas jaata hai aur chudai me bada maza aata hai.
meine kai baar tere jaisi kunwari kaliyon kee seal todi hai. kachchi
umar me jab ladkiyan chudwati hain to unki choot me behad kasavat
hoti hai aur chudawte hue wo kasamasati hui chilati hai to mujhe bada
maza ataa hai.aaj mein teri bhee seal tod doonga hhhhmmmm" bhai apni
kunwari bahan kee choot ka mazaa lena chahta tha par bhai ko nahi
pata tha ki mein pehle hee apni seal tudwa kar chudwa chuki hoon.
bhaiya "minu teri kunwari choot aaj mastee me doob jaayegi" bhaiya ne
apne kapde utar diye aur jab apna lund dikhaya...waw mama ke lund se
kafi badaa aur seedha tha. mama ka lund thoda tedha thaa. bhaiya ne
apna bheega chikna ling mujhe de diya aur mein use pyer karne lagi.
ras se poora chikna ho gaya tha meine munh me lena chaha par mere
chhhote se munh me bahi ayya tab bhai ne apna bheega lund mere stano
pe sahala diya. mere nukeele tane huye nipples bhai ke lund se sihar
uthe "ssssss bhiya " bhai mere nippples ko apne lund ke chikne ras se
masal ke sahlata raha fir uth kar meri jangho ke pas gaya. meri thos
chiknni jangho ko sahlate hue usne apna ling meri choot kee darar pe
fisla diya "ccccccc ssssssss " machal gayi mein. meri choot kee kasi
hui fanko pe apne ling se ragad karke bhai ne meri kasi kasai fanko
ko door kiya aur bole" kya cheez hai minu haye itni kasi choot ekdam
tarotazza choot hai meri bahana kee." aisa kahte hue bhai ne dheere
se meri choot me apna ling dhakaya. mein kasmasa uthi kyonki bade
dino baad kuchh choot ke bheetar ghus raha tha.lekin mein bhee to use
ghuswane ko baichain thee.bhai ne mujhe sahlate huye kaha "minu pehle
thoda sa dukhega fir khoob maza ayega is choot me" fir bhai dheere
dheere karke apna lund meri choot me dhakane laga. bhai apni chhoti
bahan kee choot me apna lund ghusa raha thaa...kitna mast scene tha
sochiye. ek 13 baras kee school girl apne 23 saal ke bhai ke sath
nangi hoke bistar pe chudai ka maza le rahi thee. bhaiya ne mere
hotho ko chooma aur unka chikna lund meri chiknee chiknee choot me
sarkne laga mujhe dard bhee hone laga abhi bhai ka adha lund baahar
thaa aur aadha meri choot ke bheetar. bhai aadhe lund ko hee andar
baahar karne laga taki meri choot ka ras aur unke lund ka ras
geelapan la sake aur chudai me aasani ho sake.fir bhaiya ne mere
nipples ko chooma aur chooste huye dheere dheere ling aur andar
ghusane lage meree takleef badhatee jaa rahi thee, par dard me maza
aata hai. mein kasmasa rahi thee"ooonnnhh ooonnhhh aaaahhh oooiii
bhaiya" lekin wakai bada maza aa raha thaa.maheeno baad meri pyaasi
choot ko kuchh mila tha. "uuunnnnhhhhhh bhaiya ruk jaao na...dukh
raha hai" bhai bola "bas minu thodi der me maza aana lagega." aur fir
dheere dheere bhai ne apna poora lund apni bahan kee chhoti see choot
me ghused diya aur sukoon se bola "bas minu poora andar hai ab dekh
chudai shuru hogi" bhai ne pahle mere nipples choose for dheere
dheeere apna lund kheench ke fir se dheere se ghusa diya... is tarh
badee heee dheere dheere apni pyari bahana ko chodne lage"unnhh
aaahhu haaaye aannnn bhaiya aai ... ai reeee bhaiya hhhnnnn oooohhh "
mein maze le le ke chudwane lagi bhai bhee meri tight choot me apne
fit lund se mujhe chodne ka anand lene laga.thodi der me jab choot
aur lund ras se bheeg ke chiknepan ke kaaran aasani se ghisne lage to
bhaiya ne speed bhee badha dee. meni bhee dard jhelte huye dhakke de
de ke chudai ke maze lene lagi. mein bhai ke saath mil ke khoob
uchhal kood karte juye chudwane lagi bhai zor zor se pumping karte
huye mere nipples ko bhee choos leta aur fir meri choot me khoob tez
khujli see hui baadal umar aaye aur gudgudahat ke ssath meree choot
ras se bheeg gayi..." bas bas bhaiyaaaaaa hhhhhaaaaaa amhmmmmmmhh"
shant ho gaya sab jaise. thodi der me bhai ne fir dhakke diye aur
meri choot ke bheetar unka garam garam lava tapak pada....bhai ne
mujhe sahlate hue pochha "minu theek hai na too...meri jaan"meine
kaha"haa bhai" bhai ne fir thodi der baad pochha "pahle ye bata ki
isse pehle kiske saath kheli hai too?" mein use dekhti rah
gayi "mujhe pahle hee pata tha bata de minu i wont mind jawani kee
masti me chudai nahi hogi to kya hoga" meine bata diya use kya farak
padta jab bhai apni bahan ko chod sakta hai to mama apni bhanji ke
maze nahi le sakta aur fir mere maama ko to meine hi bahkaaya tha.
khair bhai ke saaath ab mein aazad hoo aaj 16 baras kee umer ho gayi
lekin bhai meri saaath choob khelta hai aur mein bhaiya se khoob
choodwati hoo. ham baarish me bheegte hue bhee khele hai aur bathroom
ke shower me bhee.kai baar bhai mujhe god me le ke chodta hai. bhai
meri choot me kabhi kabhi apni naak tak ghusa deta hai kul mila ke
bhaiya mere sath har tarah se maze leta hai.
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Pahla Naasha

24 saaal ki umar main imran university ka akhari saal main tha aur us din, july ki aik garam dopaher aur 99 ka saal tha k woh garmiyoon ki chutiyon main ghar lout raha tha,aur cutiyoon k akhari 15 din ghar per he guzarna chahat tha,us na mom & ko bataya nahin tha apnay aanay ka baray main woh un ko surprise dena chahata tha, woh train sai utra aur texi cab na usay ghar ka samany he utara tha ya aik beach front house tha aur woh july main bhe sea breeze k jhonkey mahsoos ker sakta tha.

texi ko farigh kernay ka bad woh car porch ki tarf barha subha k 11 bajay they aur woh janta tha k dad office main hoona gayand mom bhe kaheen baher he ne gaye hoon us na porch sai pahlay building ki side main aik white toyota khari dakhi, lakin zayada tawajah na dee.

us ka dada na ya koe 20 saal pahlay han lakin dad na us ko thek rakha tha aur aaj bhe shandar lagta tha us k dad na shadi ki jab woh kuch 31 saal k hon gain aur us ki maa 20 saal ki thi,aur us k dada k office main as a personal assistant kaam ker rahe theen dad ko un sai pyar hua aur 5 maheenay main he shadi,bas un ka husan he tha jo ad ko ghayal ker gaya aur aaj tak bhe unhon na bohat theek rakha tha khud ko woh aaj bhe mid forties main bas kuch mature lakin bohat slim theen kuch weight gain keya bhe tha tou sahi jaghoon per.imran un ki wahid aulaad tha.

imran na main gate khola, aur under dakhil ho gaya as usual main door lock nahin tha woh ander aaya aur seedha kitchen ki taraf gaya ya sooch ker ka mom wahan hoon geen, dining table pay 2 adhay bharay orange juice ka glass rakhaye hua they,us na khirkia main sai veranday main dakha lakin wahan bhe koe tha, sooch erk k mom apnay room main hoon geen woh usee janab chal para.

jesay he woh room ka pass pooncha usay kuch ajeeb sai awazain anay lageen kuch siskiyaan see ya k kuch!!Aaheen. Ooo shit mom dad ghar per he hain... aur us ka chahra kuch lal sa hogaya ya sooch ker k ander kya ho raha hoga woh mura aur apnay room ki taraf barh gaya.

kareeban kuch 20 min k baad us na main door zor sai bandh honay ki awaz sunee,apni khirki sai neechay dakhnay pay usay koe main gatee ki taraf jata nazar aaya tou dad aab ja rahay hain us na khud sai kaha aur dakhta raha lakin woh shaks kuch bara aur bhari dekahi deya tab he us na mom ko dakha jo k main gate pay aa chuke theen aur janay wala k saath aik lambi french kiss main gum ho gayeen kuch 45 sec baad woh alag hua aur woh banda baher khari toyota ki taraf barh gaya.

lakin tab tak imran k moun khula ka lhula rah chuka tha woh koe aur nahin us k taya ji they us k dad k real baray bhai,us ki tangon main jaan jesay nahin rahe thee us ki mom aik white bathrobe main theen,taya ji car main bathey aur chalay gayee,aur mom wapas ander aa gayeen,woh nahin janta tha usay kya karna chaheya tab he us na main door bandh honay ki awaz sune.

woh bojhal kadmoon sai, ahista ahista chalta hua apnay kamray sai nikla aur front door tak gaya aur ya zahir keya k jesay abhi abhi aaya ho aur zoor sai awaz lagayee "koe hai ghar pay?"

koe jawab na pa ker woh apnay parents k room ki gaya aur knock keya door per.

raheela janay wali thee shower main jab us na dooor pay knock sune, us na sirf aik towel lapata hua tha apni kamer pay aur uppar kuch nahin tha, ya sooch ker ka woh Raza hai(taya ji)us na darwaza khool deya, maa aur betay na dekaha ik duaja ki taraf, aur imran rook nahin paya khud ko apni maa k khulay hua boobz dekhnay sai,un k nipples abhi tak bhe kuch ubhary hua they shayed kuch daar pahlay k asar sai, woh abhi bhe kuch sookha hua cum dakh sakta tha un per jo k chamak raha tha.woh kafi baray they kuch 38d size tou hoga he.

imran ka kabhi bhe aaj tak mom ko naked nahin dekha tha aur aab woh un ko aik aurat ki tarha dakh raha tha aur usay kuch tanaoo mahsoos hua apny pent main.

"Imran"unhoon na us ka naam leya shock main,jab ka ahsaas hua k ya un na beta hai raza nahi, aur un k haath aik dum seenay pay aa gayee apnay boobz chupanay k leya ya sab ka chand lamhon main he tou hua hoga.

"sorry ammi"irman na kaha apni ankhain doosri taraf ghumatay.main na awaz bhe dee thi aap na shayed suna nahin, bas abhi aaya hon apnay room main hoon aap ko milta hoon baad main.

raheela na dooor bandh keya aur us sai lag k khari hogaye,O god kya esay pata hai raza ka? kya is na dakha hoya usay woh khud sai sawal ker rahe theen, aur jawab bhe khud he deya ..haan nahin shayed woh tou abhi aaya hai,woh jaldi sai shower main gayeen aur splash ka neechay khari ho gayeen jesay k gunah k nishon ka saath guhan ka ahsaas bhe doo dalna chahate hoo,lakin tab bhe woh ya he sooch rahe the ka kahen us ka betay na unhain us halat main dakh tou nahi leya kaheen usay kuch idea tou nahi hogaya hoga.

Esi dooran irman na apna door lock keya aur apnay bed pay ja layta, us k demagh main andhiyaan chal rahe then woh apnay khawbon main bhe nahin sooch sakta jo us na dekha aaj, us na kabhi bhe apni maa k baray main sexual way main nahin soocha tha.haan lakin abhi kcuh daar pahlay us na khud ko woh he sab apni maa ka baray soocha hua paya tha jo ka koe mard kesi aurat ka baray main sooch sakta hai.

aur taya ji na kya hoga us ki maa k satah ya sab sooch ker us ka lund khara ko chuka tha kabhi kabhi kuch batoon k leya khud ko rook paana shayed na-mumnik hota hai,woh apnay lund pay haath phartay kuch soochnay laga )ya batanay ki zaroorat nahin k kis k baray main) aur kuch pre-cum aab chamak raha tha pink mashroom head per, woh bathroom main gaya aur muth main usay is bar kuch waqt nahin laga hoga.

jab woh naha k kitchen main aaya tou raheela pahlay sa he wahan thelakin dono he aik duja sai nazrain chura rahey they,unhon na kuch 2/4 batain bhe keen lakin dono he comfortable nahi they.mom na usay kuch halka lunch bana ker deya, woh table pay amnay samnay bathey hue they aur us na aik bar phir muafi mangi kuch dar pahlay jo hua us k leya.mom na muskura ka dakha aur kaha kuch nahi bhool jaoo, dil main is yakeen k saath ka imran nahin janta us na nahin dekha jo kuch un k aur raza ka darmiyaan hai.kiyon ka us na koe ziker jo nahin keya.

weekend guzar gaya bina kesi hadsay k, dad na jana tha aik convention k leya delhi is leya woh early monday morning he airport k leya nikal gaye ghar sai,irman mila tha un sai janay sai pahlay aur nastha bhe saath he keya tha teenon na haan lakin un k janay k baad imran ka dil na janay kiyon zoo ron sai dharaknay laga.us ki ammi baraber main he bathe hue theen aur ya sooch ker k friday tak dad nahin hon gain ghar per, woh janta tha us ka yoon soochna theek nahin hai, apni ankhon k konay sai woh apnay baraber bathi hue aurat jo k us ki maa bhe thi lakin usay us din wali he aurat nzar a rahe thi jo ka khula booz k saath darwazay main khari thi.

us waqt raat k 9 bajay hon gay jab woh aur mom TV dakh rahay they k phone ki ball baji aur unhon na aik duja ki taraf dekha aur phir imran na phoen utha leya,

haan "woh hayeen hain" us na kaha aur apni maa ki taraf dakhtay hua " aap ka leya phone hai" phone un ko de deya " taya ji hain"

raheela na imran k haath sai phone leya aur woh aasani sai dakh sakta tha k un k haath kaaap rahey they, us na apni ankhain TV ki he taraf rakheen lakin kaan phone ki taraf.

nahin woh delhi main he hoon gay friday tak, imran na un ko kahta suna, nahi imran abhi 2 haftay ghar per he hai"mera pass un hoon na halki awaz main kaha aur phone rakh deya.

tayaji kya pooch rahay they? imran maa ki taraf mura. Oh, woh bas ya janna chahatay they ka humaray dad ghar per hain ya nahi, shayed kuch baat karni hoge, raheela na jawab deya floor ki taraf dakhtay hua.

imran janta tha ka woh aab mazeed ya sab apnay ander nahin rakh sakta us na mur ka maa ki taraf dekaha aur us na dil zooron sai dharakna laga.

un ki nazrain mileen aur jesay bandh see gayeen imran utha aur TV sab lights bandh ker deen elawa table light ka aur TV be bandh ker deya.aur maa k samay wali chair per aa ker bath gaya aur us ki ankhon main dakhna laga woh aaj bhe payari lag rahe thee apnay white satin blouse aur knee long soft skirt main.

"Kya hai?" raheelan ana poocha us ki taraf dakhtay hua.

"Mujha pata hai mom" main na dakha tha kya hua tha us din. imran na aram sai kaha.

"Tum kya kah rahay hoo?"raheela na kaha lakin us ki awaz laraz rahe thi.

"Aap aur taya.......ji" is baar imran ki zuban bhe saath nahin daa rahee thi.

raheela na apnay beta ki taraf dekha aur apna chahra apnay hathon main chupa leya.ansu us ki ankhon sai bahnay lagay aur woh siskiyaan la rahe thi imran us ka jism kanpta hua mahsoor ker sakta tha.

"Kya dad jantay hain?" us na aram sai poocha woh kafi haud tak kaboo pa khuka tha khud per.

"Noooo" raheela na halki awaz main jawab deya

"Ya sab kab sai chal raha hai?" imran na baat jari rakhi.

" teen maheenon sai" raheela na jhijhakta hua jawab deya.

"Kya aap chahate ho maa ka main unhain bata doon?" imran na kaha lakin us ka dil totta ja raha tha maa ko itni takleefda halat main dakh ker.

"Nahin.. main tumhari minat karti hoon asa maat karna humari aur tumharay taya ki shadiyaan berbaad jo jayeen geen.

us ki taraf dakhtay hua imran ko apna lund main kuch heat mahsoos honay lage thi,woh uttha maa k pass gaya us na haath ankhon sai hatayee aur usay khara ker deya.

raheela na ansu bhai ankhon sai us ki taraf dekah aur kaha " kya hai?"

Us na aik haath maa ki kamer main dala aur unhain un k room ki taraf la chala,raheela k aik saher main thi woh kuch bhe nahn ker pa rahe ti us na apna sir bhe us k sholder per teka deya,darwaza kholna ka bad us na mom ko bed ka pass khara ker deya.

aur ja ker bedside lamp bandh ker deya,wapas aaya aur aur us k samanay khara hoker us ki ungliya ahista ahista blouse ka button khool rahe theen.

"Nahin Na" us na halki awaz main kaha"kya ker rahay ho"us us k haath pakernay chahey usay rookany k leya.

"maa ya baat humaray beech he rahey ge,us na kaha lakin faislakun awaz main.

raheela na haath pakray bhe hua they lakin woh phir bhe button khol raha tha aik k baad aik jab tak ka us na blouse khool k us ka shoulder ki taraf dhakeel deya. aur woh bed pay gir gaya.

aab black bra main do shandar ubhaar nazar aa rahay they us na side sai bra ka under haath dala woh kafi tight thi kiyon ka size kafi tha boobz ka lakin kuch he waqt main woh boobz ko azaad karnay main kamyaab hogaya.woh aab bhe kafi tight they aur nipple ahista ahista sakht hote ja the theen, us na un ki taraf dekaha aur kho gaya they were lovely,thoray saa side ki taraf rukh wala lakin tanaa hua,

raheeela na us ka haath hatanay ki koshish main aur us na hatahon ko daba deya " nahin imran nahin main maa hoon tumhari" ya bohat ghalat hai..ansu un k galon tak bah rahay they.

imarn ki bhe ankhain num theen lakin woh aab kafi agay ja chuka tha aur maa ka jism ki chahat us ki bardash sai baher thius na maa k haath hata ker side per ker deya aur buri tarha masalnay laga un boobz or nipples ko woh kuch aur ubher gaye theen, woh ka bas chootnay k kareeb he tha tab us na apna hathon main tham leya dono boobz ko aur un ka awazan mahsoos kernay laga. aur tab he usay maa ki siskiyaan see sunaye deen.woh kafi movies dakh chuka tha aur janta tha in awazon ka matlab.

raheela na ankhain bandh ker le thee apni beta ka hathon ka lams usay mahsoos ho raha tha panay boobz per, us ki tangoon main aab bhe kapkapahet thi ... tab he usay imran ki zuban mahsoos hue apni nipplez per aur aik thandi laher see us k jism sai guzar gaye woh kuch ajeeb he mahsoos ker rahe thi jesay k imran k hathon ka lams aur moun apnay boobz aur nipples pay mahsoso ho raha tha.

woh bilkul bachon ki tarah choos raha tha nipples jesay ka doodh peena chahata hoonaur raheela ko lag raha tha us ka boobz us k chosney sai kuch aur bhe baray ho gayee hain.woh moun khool k lambi lambi sansain la rahe the, imran aab us ka boobz sai us ka paat tak chala gaya tha woh apni kees pay batha tha,aur tab us k haath us k skirt aur panties tak poonch gaye aur us na aik jhatkay main unhain uttar he deya tha bas raheela ko un mian sa paon nikaly paray aur aab tou poori tarha nagi thi apnay beta ka samnay.

us ki choot k baap taza taza trim huwa they aur choot k lips pay kuch nami bhe nazzar aa rahe thi aur chamak bhe jesay imran k honton na us opening ko bandh sa ker deya aur woh unhain honton ki tarah he choom raha tha, us k maa na aik lambi siskari lee aur apni tangain kuch dheeli choor den, aab woh honton ko khool chuka tha aur us ki zubaan ander wali tahoon ko chaat rahe thi aur aik ungli is ki choot main adhi ander ja chuki thi aur jab ungli poori under chali gaye tou raheela rook nahin paye khud ko aur woh apni hips agay peecha karna lage, imran ungli sai chod raha tha maa ko aur aik aah k saath he raheela apni manzil ko poonch chuki thi, choot na pani choor deya tha aur imran ki zuban mojood thi us ko zaya hoanay sai bachana k leya,woh choor raha tha her katra aur us na maa k chooter poori taqat sai pakray hua they aur us k haath gand ki laker ka beech main they poori tarha, raheela farigh ho ker dheeli per chuki thi aur usay kharay rahna mushkil ho raha tha woh girti chali gaye bed pey.

Imran ko lag raha tha jesay tangon main jaan na rahe hoo,woh abhi bhe apnay honton pay apni maa ki secretionz ka maza mahsoos ker sakta tha,aur phir us na jhuk ker maa ko honton per choom leya,aur apni zubaan dal dee maa k moun main us waqt raheela mahsoos ker rahe thi apni he ejaculation ka taste aur woh musky se khushbu bhe,

aab imran apna aik haath raheela ki tangon k neecha la gaya aur us ko bilkul bed k edge pay leta leya,aur maa ki knees mor deen us ka boobz ki taraf aab mom ki choot bilkul samnay aur bed k adge pay thi, us an jaldi sai apnay kapray utray aur uppar sai dakhnay laga maa ki taraf us ka lund poori tarha khara ho chuka tha.us na mom ki choot pay haath phara aur phir us ko ungli aut thumb sai khoola thora sa aur apna lund mom ki geeli choot per rakh deya,bed sai neecha kharay us na apna topa mom ki choot ki laker main ghumaya,raheela na aik aah bhari jab usay imran apnay peechay mahsoos hua us na bedsheet ko haath main jaker sa leya jab us kuch apni choot ka jata mahsoos hua.

imran ruk sa gaya sirf topa underdalnay k bad bohat garam thi choot under sai aur usay tou lag raha tha jesay under ki taraf chanch rahe ho woh tik gaya bed k adge pay aur mom ki tangain utha k poori uppar ker dee aur mom ki butt bhe nazar see anay lagay apna topa woh bhe mom ki choot woh bardash nahin ker pa raha tha us k haath barhay aur us na mom k boobz thaam leya aur dabanay laga, aur phir aik jhatkay sai lund aur under ker deya aur chodna laga ahista ahista, raheela na kabhi bhe khud ko itna full mahsoos nahin keya tha woh bas kaheen badlon main thi aur tab he imran na apni speed barha dee aur usay paglon ki tarha zor zor sai dhakay marnay laga imran ko lag raha tha woh nashay main hai haan lakin ya kuch aur he nasha tha pani tarha ka pahla nasha.raheela bhe nazdeek he ti jab usay imran apnay under he choota mahsoos hua aur jab ka us ka mind adha sooya sa hua tha tab bhe woh aik dum rooknay lage usay nahin imran nahin meray under nahi main pregnant bhe ho sakte hoo hatoo plz.

lakin daar ho chuki thi woh apna sara cum nikal chuka tha jo ka kafi zayada tha normal k hisab sai,aur woh dhakay marta he raha jab ka woh choot bhe chuka tha aur jab woh ruka tab bhe us ka lund poora under tha aur poori tarha batha bhe nahin tha,aur mom ki choot sai us na kuch cum bahnay bhe laga woh utha mom k uppar sai aur choot ka moun khula he rha thora lund nikal bhe jany k baad aur white foam sai bahnay laga us main sai,raheela bhe hoosh main aa chuki thi aur ushu phir us ki ankhon main they us na ankhain bandh ker lee aur wesay he pari rahe imran k ceiling ki taraf ghorna laga aur apna room ki tarah jatay soochnay laga ka us na abhi abhi apni mom ko rape ker deya.

woh room main jatay he kab soo gaya usay yaad bhe nahin jab us ki ankh khuli tou din nikal chuka tha woh bath gaya aur wahan usay yaad aaya kaal kya hua tha ya ka ya sab khawb tha us ka woh neecha aaya aur mom nahin theen lakin bas aik chit pari thi dining table per ka tum khana kha lena mujha raat ko daar ho jaye ge aatay ataya. imran soochnay laga kahan gayee hoon gee kaheen kuch ker na lain khud ko woh soochta rha sara din haan lakin keya he kya ja sakta tha.

raat kareeb 10 bajay us na min door khulan ki awaz sunee aur phir mom k kadmom ki awaz aur un k room k dooor ki awaz us na sukh ka saans leya lakin tab he us ka under a janwer bhe jaag gaya woh kaal hua sab kuch phir sai soochnay laga.

woh rook nahin paya khud ko aur neecha chala gaya mom ka door lock tha under sai us na knock keya,mom plz "let us talk" us na baher kharay kharay kaha, lakin koe jawab nahin tha.

ammi plz mujh sai baat tou ker lain.

chalay jaoo imran kuch nahin hai kahnay sunnay ko.

usay maa ko phir hasil karnay ka agay kuch nazar nahin aa raha tha

aacha mom main ja raha hoon ya gher choor ker, kabhi nahin lotoon ga mujha aap ko aik ber dakh tou lenay dain.

raheela na door ki taraf dekha aur aik gahra saans leya bed sai utri aur door khool dey, jesay he us na door khola imran under aa gaya raheela tab bhe aik bathrobe main he thi, aur woh rook nahin paya khud ko us k boobz daknay sai aur raheela bhe samajh sakti thi us ki ankhon ki bhook.

phir us na rukte rukte kaha " jo kuch hua humain bhool jana chaheya,main kabhi bhe us baray main baat karna nahin chaoon ge "tum bas apna khayal rakhna" main tumharay daddy ko bata donge k tumhain jaldi jana tha.

imran khara he raha us ki nazrain hath he nahin rahe theen mom per sai.

"mom main aap ko bohat chahata hoon" mom main nahin rah sakta ..us na ajnabi see awaz main kaha jesay demagh kahen aur he ho us ka. us sab baad bhe jo tum na kaal raat meray saath keya? tum pagal tou nahi hogaye ho.. main maa hoon tumhari, raheela ki awaz rundh see gaye thi.

woh janta tha woh aab bhe maa per kaboo pa sakta hai ager woh mana bhe karay lakin us na aik koshish aur karni chahe" aacha theek hai main janta hoon main ghalat tha lakin main na aap ko koe nuksaas tou nahin poonchaya na main na aap ko farigh karaya aik bar he nahin kaye bar woh sab tou ghalat nahin tha lakin ya aab aap ki marzi hai ager aap chaheen k main dad ko sab kuch bata doon.

Imran main maa hoon tumhari, tum meray saath ya sab kiyon ker rhay ho? haan mujh sai ghalti hue lakin us ki saza main tum mujha kesay chood saktay hoo? kya tumhain maloom hai tum na shayed kaal raat he mujha pregnant ker deya hai..mom ki poori body laraz rahe thee aur woh aik bar phir roo paree.

mom k boobz nazar aanay lagay they bathrobe sai aur imran rook nahin paya khud ko us na utaara deya robe aik jhatkey sai aur woh mom ko khanchta la gaya bed tak.. raheela na khud ko hawalay he ker deya tha shayed imran ki aur hallaat k woh janti thi imran us na raaz khol sakta hai aur kya chara tha bhe us ka pass k raaz raaz he rahay tab phir us ka leya imran us k saath kuch bhe karay woh nangi bathi thi bed ka adge per aur sun sakte thi imran ko us k kapray utarta.
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Bhaji Wala

HI,Main shela 34 mera age hai,5.3 height.34-30-34 ka figure hai,sawli hu colour me,shape me sab kuch hai ekdam tight.
Ha to mera naukar shamu gao chala gaya aur main ghar me akeli pad gayi pati bahar jada rahthe the aur shamu ke sath sex karne ke baad pati ka chota cork pasand nahi ata tha so masturbate karke kaam chlati thi aur thak gayi thi wohi karkar ke.Par ek din main apni nighhty me ghar me thi ki niche se bhaji wale ki awaz suni so maine use upar bula liya bhaji lene aur maine dekha ki woh bhajiwala jo ki umar me 50 saal ka tha meri ball ko gur raha tha.Nighty ki 2 button khuli thi or use andar ki bra dikh rahi thi aur woh dekh raha tha main samaj gayi aur nighty tik ki aur jab woh bhaji le kar uta to maine dekaha ki uska lund khada ho chuka tha aur woh chala gaya raat bhar mujhe usi ka khayal araha tha aur dysre din jab mere pati kaam ko chale gaye to duper me woh bhir bhaji niche bhej raha tha.
maine phir use upsr bulaya par aaj meri niyat tik nahi thi so maine janbujkar sare pehni thi ab phir woh jab mujhe dekh raha tha maine pallu niche giraya ab mere do bade ball uske ankh ke samne thi or uski nazar usi phi thi maine aise hi sare ek side me bandh li par dusra hisa dikh raha tha ab maine jada bhaji le li aur use andar bulaya kitchen me rakhne ko woh andar agaya to maine door bandh kiya aur main bhi andar chali gayi maine use bitaya aur pani di uska lund khada hi tha tabhi maine girne ka bahana kiya woh uta aur mujhe utakar bedroom me le gaya maine ab use balm malne kha woh ab meri kamar me balm mal raha tha aur uska lund tight ho chuka tha maine ab apni sare nikal di aur uske hath ko apne ball pe rakh diya ab bhaji wala use zor se dabhane laga usjki badi hath se woh meri ball ko daba raha tha.
ab usne meri chadi aur blouse nikal diya aur usne apni dhoti nikal di aur yska bada lund 10 inch ka mere samne tha ab usne usme oil lagaya aur mere chut me dalne laga meri chut ko itna bada lund milne se main pani pani ho gayi aur zor zor se chilane lagi mujhe kafi acha lag raha tha "ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" aur woh zor zor se meri chut me bada lund ghusa raha tha pura room chudai se gunj raha tha "dhap dhap dhup dhap "awaz ho rahi thi aur main zor zor se"uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"kar rahi thi meri awaz se uski chodne me speed arha tha aur woh puch raha tha"beti kaisi lag rahi hai chudai"main"bahut achi aur chodo itna bada lund pehli bar mil raha hai aur chodo ahhhhhhhhh uuuuufffffffffffff "woh bola"saab nahi chodthe"main"nahi tum chodo mujhe roz"woh"ha zaroor tu to atom bomb hai le zor ka phatka le aur zor seahahhahahahahhhhhahha" ab meri pani ane wali thi aur is tara chudate hue pehli bar bahut pani agayi "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lo meri pani agayiahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaj tak itni gili kabhi nahi hui chacha loloahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"woh bolo do beti pura ras nikalo aaj mazaa aya ab uska bhi pani ane wala tha aur ab uski speed bad gayi woh bolo"lo mera bhi chic ane wala hai lo garam chic jada hai kahi dino ka jama hai le lo pura andar lo lo lo aya ahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh "aur uska pura chic meri chut me agiri aur aisa laga jaise pyase ko pani mil gaya aur chic andar jate hi main boli"uffffffffffffffffffff ouuuuuuuuuuuuu mar gayi ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" aur isthara se bhaji wale chacha ne meri chudai ki .
parab uska dil bhara nahi tha main to ut gayi par woh soya tha maine ab use jane kha to usne bola abhi to teri gand marunga beti maine mana kiya par woh nahi mana aur mujhe doggy style me bitaya aur meri gaand ko chatne laga aune ab meri gand ke khade ko jib se chatne laga aur apni tuk se uski hole ko gila kar raha tha hole ko gila kar kar ke woh usme ungli dal raha tha aur hila raha tha mujhe kafi acha lag raha tha uski chatne aur ungli dalne ki ada.
woh jib ko hole me gusa raha tha aur ungli dal kar meri hole ko bada kar raha tha pehle ek ungli dali aur ghuma ne laga phir thodi der baad dusri ungli daldi ab mujhe thoda dard ho raha tha aur mazaa bhi arha tha main dhire se awaz kar rahi thi"ouooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuffffffff oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh "aur woh puch raha tha "beti kaisa lag raha hai main ise pehle thodi malis karunga phir apna lund dalunga mujhe acha tazorba hai acha lag raha hai na"kahkar phir woh chatne laga aur main boli"bahut acha lag raha hai chacha ufufuufufufffufu main ti aaj pagal ho rahi hu mujhe aur chodo na chut me oohohohoohoho ahahhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuufffffffffffffff"woh bola "aur chodunga beti pehle teri gand to mar lu aur tumhe ab mera moo me bhi to lena hai aaj to tujhe 6 bar chodunga ha.
part 2 me puri story hogi
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UL: 15.65 gb DL: 24.46 gb Ratio: 0.64
Mera Naukar

Hi, Mera naam Mina hai. Main apni pahli chudayee ki dastan likh rahi hoon. Us samay meri umar 18 saal ki thi. Mere ghar par Pappu naam ka ek naukar rahta tha. Uski umar lagbhag 42 saal thi. Wo dehat ka rahne wala tha aur bahut hi takatwar tha. Uska badan kisi pahalwan jaisa tha. Mere mummy papa us par bahut vishwas karte the. Jab kabhi mere mummy papa bahar jate to mujhe uske saath ghar par akela chhod jate the.
Ek din mere mummy papa 4-5 dino ke liye bahar chale gaye. Ghar par main aur mera naukar hi rah gaye the. Shaam ko usne khana banaya aur mujhe khilane ke bad khud khaya. Raat ke 9 baj rahe the. Wo aur main baith kar TV dekh rahe the. Kuchh der baad mujhe neend aane lagi aur maine TV band kar diya. Maine apne bed par so gayee aur wo hamesha ki tarah mere bed ke pas hi zameen par so gaya. Raat ke 2 baje main bathroom jane ke liye uthi to meri nigah us par padi. Uski dhoti hat gayee thi aur uska lund dhoti ke bahar bahar nikla hua. Wo lagbhag 9" lamba aur bahut mota tha. Wo gahri neend mein so raha tha aur kharrate bhar raha tha. Main khud ko rok nahin payee aur badi der tak uske lund ko dekhti rahi. Maine kabhi intna lamba aur mota lund nahin dekha tha. Main jawan to thi hi, uska lund dekh kar mujhe josh aa gaya aur maine man hi man us se chudwane ki thaan li. Main bathroom se wapas aa kar let gayee aur sochne lagi ki us se kaise chudwaya jaye. Mere man mein ek khayal aaya aur main so gayee.
Subah huyee to Pappu ne mujhe jaga diya aur chaye banane chala gaya. Thodi der baad usne mujhe bed tea la kar di. Main chaye peene ke bad fresh hone bathroom chali gayee. Bathroom se naha kar nikalne ke bad main bathroom ke bahar zameen par let gayee aur zor zor se chillane lagi. Maine kewal ek towel lapet rakha tha. Pappu dauda hua aaya aur mujhe dekh kar bola kya hua baby. Maine kaha main naha kar nikli to mera pair sarak gaya aur main gir padi. Main uth nahin pa rahi hoon. Tum mujhe sahara de kar bistar tak le chalo. Pappu ne mera haath pakad kar mujhe sahara diya lekin main khadi nahin ho pa rahi thi. Wo mujhe god mein utha kar bed par le jane laga to meri towel neeche gir gayee aur main ek dam nangi ho gayee. Wo mujhe usi tarah utha kar bed par le gaya. Uski aankhon mein ek chamak si aa gayee. Main samajh gayee ki ab mera kaam ban jayega.
Bed par litane ke baad usne meri towel mere upar dal di aur bola, "kahan chot lagi hai baby." Maine apne ghutno ki taraf ishara kar diya. Wo ja kar Iodex le aaya aur bola, "lao, Iodex laga doon." Maine kaha, "theek hai, laga do." Usne mere ghutno par se towel ko upar kar diya aur Iodex malne laga. Uske haath phirane se mujhe josh aane laga. Maine kaha, "thoda aur upar bhi laga do, wahan bhi chot lagi hai." Usne mera towel thoda aur upar kar diya aur meri jangho par bhi malish karne laga. Main aur josh mein aa gayee. Maine dekha ki wo ek haath se kabhi kabhi apne lund ko bhi masal deta tha. Usko bhi josh aa raha tha. Malish karte hue wo dheere dheere aur upar ki taraf haath badhane laga. Main aur jyada josh mein aa gayee aur apni aankhein band kar li. Wo apne haathon se meri chut se kewal 4" ki doori par malish kar raha tha. Meri chut abhi bhi towel se dhaki huyee thi. Main us se chudwana chahti thi, is liye maine kuchh nahin kaha. Wo dheere dheere apna haath aur upar ki taraf badhane laga. Thodi hi der mein meri chut par se towel hat gayee aur wo meri chut ko nihar rahat tha. Malish karte huye beech beech mein wo apni ungli se meri chut ko bhi touch karne laga.
Uska lund dhoti ke andar poori tarah tan chuka tha.
Thodi der tak wo meri chut ko ungli se touch karte huye meri malish karta raha. Main aur josh mein aa gayee. Maine use roka nahin. Uski himmat aur badh gayee. Usne apne doosre haath se meri chut ko sahlana shuru kar diya. Maine kaha, "tum ye kya kar rahe ho." Wo bola, "kuchh bhi to nahin. Mujhe ye achchha lag raha tha, is liye main ise chhoo kar dekh raha tha." Maine kaha, "mujhe bhi achchha lag raha hai, tum aise hi malish karte raho. Thoda us par bhi malish kar dena." Wo samajh gaya aur bola, "Theek hai, baby." Wo apne ek haath se meri chut ko sahlate huye dossre hathon se meri janghon par malish karta raha. Thodi der baad usne apni ek ungli meri chut main dal di aur andar bahar karne laga. Mere muh se sisakri nikalne lagi. Maine ek dam mast ho gayee thi aur maine use roka nahin.
Uski himmat aur badh gayee. Usne kaha tumhara badan bahut khoobsurat hai. Main dekhna chahta hoon. Maine kaha dekh lo. Usne towel hata kar phenk diya. Main kuchh nahin boli. Ab main bilkul nangi thi aur Pappu ek haath se malish karta raha aur doosre haath ki ungli ko meri chut ke andar bahar karta raha. Main janti thi ki wo ek mard hai aur apne samne ek nangi aur kunwari ladki ko dekh kar jyada der bardast nahin kar payega.
Wo mujhe chodega zaroor aur main us se chudwana bhi chahti thi. Thodi der baad usne apni ungli meri chut se nikal li aur meri chuchiyan masalne laga. Main kuchh nahin boli. Usne malish karna rok diya aur ab apne doosre haath ki ungli meri chut mein dal di aur andar bahar karne laga. Thodi hi der mein meri chut se paani nikal pada. Usne apni jeebh se meri chut ko chatna shuru kar diya. Main ab josh se ek dam bekabu ho rahi thi. Wo meri chut ko chatne aur choosne laga. Uska ek haath abhi bhi meri choochiyon par tha aur wo use masal raha tha. Mere muh se siskariyan nikalne lagi.
Kuchh der tak meri chut ko choosne ke bad wo hat gaya aur apni dhoti kholne laga. Dhoti khulte hi uska mota aur lamba lund bahar aa gaya. Usne apna kurta bhi utar diya. Ab wo bilkul nanga tha. Wo mere karib aa gaya aur apna lund mere muh ke paas kar diya. Main ek dam josh mein thi aur uske bina kuchh kahe hi maine uske lund par apni jeebh ko phirana shuru kar diya. Wo aahein bharne laga. Maine uska lund muh mein le kar choosna chahti thi. Uska lund bahut mota tha aur mere muh mein thoda sa hi gaya. Wo bola, "Baby, chooso ise." Main uska lund choosne lagi. Thodi der tak choosne ke baad uska lund ek dam tight ho gaya. Usne apna lund mere muh se nikal liya aur mere pairon ke beech aa gaya. Main samajh ki gayee ab meri man ki murad poori hone wali hai.
Lekin main uske lund ke size ko dekh kar ghabda bhi rahi thi. Usne meri chutad ke neeche 2 takiye rakh diye. Meri chut ek dam upar uth gayee. Usne meri tango ko pakad kar phaila diya. Ab usne apne lund ki topi ko meri chut ke beech mein rakha aur dheere dheere andar dabane laga. Mujhe dard hone laga aur mere muh se cheekh nikal gayee. Wo bola thoda bardash karo Baby, abhi kuchh der mein tumhara dard khatam ho jayega aur tumhein khoob maza aayega. Wo apna lund meri chut mein dheere dheere ghusane laga.
Main phir chillane lagi to wo ruk gaya. Thodi hi der main jab main shant ho gayee to usne apna lund dheere dheere andar bahar karna shuru kar diya. Wo apna poora lund meri chut mein dale bina mujhe chodne laga. Thodi hi der mein mujhe maza aane alaga ur main aahein bharne lagi. Usne jab dekha ki mujhe maza aa raha hai to usne ek dhakka tej laga diya. Main phir se cheekh uthi. Uska lund meri chut mein thoda aur andar ghus gaya. Wo utna hi lund meri dal kar mujhe chodta raha. Thodi der bad jab main phir shant huyee to usne phir ek zor dar dhakka laga diya. Uska lund meri chut mein aur jyada ghus gaya. Wo mujhe isi tarah chodta raha. Main jaise hi shant hoti wo ek dhakka tej mar deta tha aur uska lund meri chut mein aur jyada ghus jata tha. 10-15 minute tak chodne ke baad hi wo meri chut mein jhad gaya. Is beech main bhi 2 baar jhad chuki thi.
Uska lund abhi tak meri chut mein kewal 6" tak hi ghusa tha aur 3" abhi bhi baki tha. Usne apna lund meri chut se bahar nikala aur mere muh ke paas kar diya. Main use choosne lagi. Thodi hi der mein uska lund phir se tan gaya. Usne mujhe ab ghodi ki tarah kar diya aur mere peechhe aa gaya. Usne meri chut ko phaila kar beech mein apne lund ko phasa diya aur bola, "abhi tak maine tumhein bahut aaram ke saath choda hai. Ab tum kitna bhi chillao, main koi parwah nahin karoona." Usne meri kamar ko jor se pakad liya aur ek jordar dhakka mara to uska aadha lund meri chut mein ghus gaya. Main chillane lagi lekin usne koi parwah nahin ki aur bahut hi takat ke saath dhakka marne laga.
Meri chut mein bahut tej dard hone laga. Main pasine se ek dam tar ho gayee. Wo ruka nahin aur poore takat ke saath meri chudayee shuru kar di. Thodi hi der baad usne apna poora ka poora 9" lamba lund meri chut ke andar ghusa diya. Phir wo 2 minute ke liye ruka aur bola, "ab jakar tumhari chut ne mera poora lund khaya hai." Ab main ise chod chod kar ek dam dheela kar doonga. 2 minute tak ruke rahne ke baad usne apne haathon se meri kamar ko jor se pakad liya aur meri chudayee karne laga. Mujhe abhi bhi bahut dard ho raha tha. Lagbhag 10 minute ki chudayee ke baad mera dard kuchh kam hua aur mujhe maza aane laga.
Wo mujhe badi bedardi se chod raha tha. Lagbhag 30 minute ki chudayee ke beech main 4 baar jhad chuki thi par wo rukne ka naam nahinle raha tha. Wo abhi jhada nahin tha. Usne apna lund bahar nikala aur meri gaand ke chhed par rakh diya. Main dar ke mare thar thar kaanpne lagi. Maine us se bahut minnat ki meri gaand ko chhod do, lekin wo mana nahin. Uska lund meri chut ke paani se ke dam geela tha. Usne meri gaand mein apna lund ghusana shuru kar diya. Main dard se tadapne lagi lekin wo rukne ka naam nahin le raha tha. Wo bola ab main tumhari gaand ke chhed ko bhi chauda kar doonga. Main chillati rahi aur wo meri gaand mein apna lund ghusata raha. 5 minute ki koshish ke baad aakhir usne apna 9" ka poora lund meri gaand mein ghusa hi diya. Main abhi bhi chilla rahi thi aur ro rahi thi lekin wo ruk nahin raha tha aur teji ke saath apne lund ko meri gaand mein andar bahar kar raha tha.
Usne lagbhag 20 minute tak meri gaand mari lekin wo jhada nahin. Maine poochha, "aur kitni der chodoge mujhe." Wo bola, "Meri umar 42 saal hai. Maine bahut chudayee ki hai. Mera dobara itne jaldi nahin jhadne wala. Abhi to maine tumhein lagbhag 45 minute hi choda hai aur abhi lagbhag 30 minute aur chodunga, tab ja kar mere lund se paani niklega." Main ghabda gayee. Maine kaha tum ab rahne do, baad mein apni ichchha poori kar lena. Wo nahin mana. Usne apna lund meri gaand se bahar nikala aur meri chut mein ghusa diya.
Chut mein lund ghusane ke baad usne bahut tezi ke saath meri chudayee shuru kar di. 5 minute baad hi usne meri chut se lund ko nikal kar wapas meri gaand mein dal diya aur chodne laga. Wo isi tarah har 5 minute ke bad meri chut aur gaand ki chudayee karta raha. Lagbhag 25-30 minute tak isi tarah chodne ke bad wo bola, "Main ab jhadne wala hoon. Tum batao ki mere lund ka paani kahan lena chahti ho, apni chut mein ya gaand mein." Maine kaha, "tum meri gaand mein hi paani nikal do, chut mein to tum pahle bhi nikal chuke ho." Usne apna lund meri chut se nikal kar wapas meri gaand mein dal diya aur meri gaand marne laga. Uske jhadne ka waqt nazdeek aa gaya tha aur wo ab ek toofan ki tarah meri gaand mein apna lund andar bahar kar raha tha.
Thodi hi der mein uske lund se paani nikalna shuru hua aur meri gaand ek dam bhar gayee. Paani nikal jane ke baad wo hat gaya. Meri chut aur gaand kayee jagah se kat gayee thi. Bistar par bhi dher sara khoon laga tha. Meri chut ek dam double roti ki tarah sooj gayee thi. Meri chut aur gaand mein dard bahut ho raha tha lekin mujhe jo maza is chudayee se mila uske aage yeh dard kuchh bhi nahin tha. Usne kaha tumhari chut mein dard bahut ho raha hoga to maine apna sir haan mein hila diya. Wo kitchen se paani garam karke le aaya aur meri chut ko sekne laga aur bola is se dard kam ho jayega. Kuchh der tak sikayee ke bad mera dard bahut had tka kam ho gaya.
Ab tak subah ho chuki thi. Main bathroom jana chahti thi par uth nahin pa rahi thi. Maine us se kaha main bathroom jana chahti hoon lekin uth nahin pa rahi hoon. Wo mujhe god mein utha kar bathroom le gaya. Maine us se kaha tum bahar jao mujhe nahana hai.
Wo bola, "mujhe bhi nahana hai. Hum dono saath hi nahate hain." Usne mere sare badan par sabun lagaya aur apne badan par bhi. Nahane ke baad wo mujhe god mein hi utha kar bistar par le aaya. Wo mere badan ko dekhne laga. Mere badan ki khoobsoorti use bardast nahin huyee aur wo phir se josh mein aa gaya. Uska lund phir tan gaya to main ghabda gayee. Usne mere mana karne ke baad bhi mujhe ghodi bana kar phir se meri chudayee shuru kar di. Is baar usne kewal meri chut ki hi chudayee ki. Usne is baar mujhe lagbhag 1 1/2 ghante tak choda tab kahin ja kar uske lund se paani nikla. Is dauran main 4 baar jhad chuki thi. Chudayee khatam hone ke baad maine us se kaha, "main chal nahin pa rahi hoon. Mere mummy papa aa jayenge to kya jawab doongi.
" Wo bola, "tum pahle nashta kar lo. Main abhi bazar se dawa le aata hoon."
Kuchh der bad humne nashta kar liya to bazar chala gaya. 1 ghante ke baad wo ek cream aur kuchh goliyan le kar aaya. Usne mujhe dawa khila di aur meri chut par cream lagane laga. Cream lagane ke baad wo khana banane chala gaya. 1 ghante ke baad mera sara dard khatam ho gaya. Khana ban jane ke baad usne meri thali mein saath hi saath khana khaya. Raat huyee to usne mujhe phir chodna shuru kar diya. Is baar wo ruk ruk kar mujhe chod raha tha. Jab wo jhadne wala hota to hat jata aur kuchh der aaram karta. Thodi der aaram karne ke baad wo phir se mujhe chodne lagta. Isi tarah wo bina jhade mujhe poori raat chodta raha. Subah ko hi usne apni chudayee poori ki aur meri chut mein hi jhad gaya. Poori raat mein main 8 baar jhad chuki thi.
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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
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Thakur Ki Haveli

drum dhum dhum baj rahe the jinhen 7 - 8 log baja rahe the or un'ke peechhe 2 tagarce graameenc ek mare baagh ko bamboo men bandh kar dhcote chal rahe the. un'ke pichhe ek bahut hee robila vyakti ghorce par savaar tha. us'ke kndhe se rifle jhool rahee thee jEse usee'ne is baagh ko maara ho. 17 saal ka ranvir us robile vyakti ke pichhe tha.
"Dekho…Maalik Thakur Saaheb ne sher ko maar giraya." A simple looking peasant said to another. yah kaar'van thceek ganv ke madhya men Akar ruk gaya or vriddh thakur ap'ne ghorce se neeche utar parca.
"Aaj hum bahut khush hai kee is naujawan ki vajah se humne yeh sher maar giraaya…" The old thakur roared at the top of his voice and than turned to look at young Ranvir
"Kaun hai iss ladke ke maa-baap?" The voice echoed so that every individual can hear it. Out came a poor man.
"Baba…" Automatically the voice came out of young Ranvir's mouth at seeing the man "Eh hamar baba hai." Ranvir turned to the Thakur.
"Tumhara ladka toh bahut bahadur hai…akele hi sher se bheed gaaya aur humko bachcha liya." The thakur roared again looking at the smiling young Ranvir who was indeed proud of his heroics.
"Ranvir ki jarroorat haveli mein hai…Humme hai Ranvir ki jarroorat aur aaj hum tumse tumhara beta apne saath le jaane aaye hai…kya tum humme apna beta doge?" The thakur wants to take Ranvir along with him.
"Aap hi ka to ladka hai, Malik…agar haveli mein rahega to kucch sikhega nahin toh yahan awara ladkon ke saath rahega to begad jaayega."
"Toh theek hai…aaj se Ranvir haveli mein kaam karega..hamare saath." The thakur smiled. Young Ranvir too smiled looking at the thakur but he was bit sad, as he was about to leave his village and his dear father.
"Baba…hum jaaye?" Ranvir asked his father hiding his tear…looking at his poor father.
"Jaa beta…thakur saaheb ki sevaa karna aur khoob kaam karna…jab baba ki yaad aaye to aa jaana…paas hi to hai hamara gaon." The poor father wanted his son to enjoy the company of the rich people and in return his son would get at least two-times meal which was hard to come by in this harsh village life of Thimburee, Bihar. The father departed his son with a heavy heart but he knew that whatever he has done was for the betterment of his son.
thakur ka carvan ganv se chal kar ek vishaal havelee ke samax ruka jise ranvir nihaare ja raha tha. thakur ghorce se ut'ra or ap'ne saath ranvir ko havelee men le gaya. havelee bheetar se bahut hee shaan'daar or Esho Aram kee tamaam khoob'sooratiyon se sajee thee.
"Aao humme tumhe kucch dena hai." The thakur was really impressed with the young lad's courage. He took out a magnificent dagger from the drawer.
"Yeh lo tumhari bahaduri ka inaam." The thakur handed the dagger to the young lad. Ranvir was totally taken a back by the thakur's generosity.
"Rakh lo…yeh tumhari bahaduri ki pehchaan hai." The thakur wanted Ranvir to accept the gift. Ranvir put his hands forward to accept the gift. Ranvir took the dagger out from its case. The sharp edge shined with its light gloss in the eyes of the young man.
"Bahut sunder hai na…?" The thakur asked him.
"Haan thakur saheb…bahut sunder hai." Ranvir was happy at getting this wonderful gift.
"Toh theek hai aaj se tum hamare khaas aadmi hue…hamari raksha karna aur jo hamse gaddari kare ya humme maare toh yeh khanjar utaar dena uske seene mein."
"Jee, thakur saheeb." Ranvir readily accepted the order…looking at the shine of the dagger. thakur bahut khush tha ki use ek imaan'daar or bahaadoor nowkar mil gaya hE jo us'kee jeevan bhar chaak'ree karega.
"Bhanu…idhar aao." The thakur looked at the other young lad who was standing at a distant hearing the whole conversation.
"Jee…Malik." Bhanu came hurriedly and bowed in front of the thakur.
"Aaj se yeh tum logon ke saath pecche wale makan mein rahega…iska khayal rakhna…samjhe?" The thakur ordered Bhanu.
"Jee…Malik." Bhanu nodded in agreement without looking in the eyes of the thakur. Both of the young guys bowed in front of the thakur and left.
bhanu ranvir ko ap'ne ghar men le gaya. yahan bhanu ap'ne vidhur pita ramanand, ap'nee chaachee maal'tee jo karib 35 saal kee thee or ap'nee 17 saal kee javaan beebee sumi ke saath rah raha tha. bhanu or sumi donon hee abhee teen avastha men the par ganvon men shaadiyan jaldee ho jaatee hE. bhanu ne ranvir ka paricha'y ghar ke har sadasya se kar'vaaya. baton baton men ranvir ko pata chala ki malti ne ap'ne pati ko chhorc diya hE or us'ke baad vah ap'ne jethc ke ghar men hee rah rahee hE. bhanu ka vyah abhee ek saal pah'le hee huA tha or us'ne bahut josh ke saath ap'nee khoob'soorat beebee ka paricha'y karaaya. lekin bhanu ek baat note naheen kar saka ki us'kee mast chaachee bhee is makkhan se lowndce men pooree ruchi le rahee hE.
sumi bhee bahut prabhaavit dikh rahee thee jab'se us'ne suna ki vah nihattha baagh ke saam'ne kood parca tha or baagh ko kaaboo men kar thakur kee jaan bacha lee thee. doos're us'ka pati gandcoo kism ka mard tha jo aksar us'kee gandc maar'ta rahata tha.
bhanu jo pakka lowndcebaaj tha rah rah kar ranvir ke gathce shareer ko dekhe ja raha tha. vah soch raha tha ki kEse is nowjavaan lowndce kee gandc or lund ka maja lootca jaa'y.

tabhee bhanu ranvir ko le nadee kee taraf chal parca. malti bhee kankh men ek gharca dabaae un'ke peechhe ho lee. nadee par pahoonch kar ranvir ne ap'na kurta utaar diya or keval ek lngotc men nadee men snaan ke liye utar parca. ranvir ka baalon bhara seena or gathca badan dekh malti kasak parcee. us'kee kaee dinon se pyaasee choot men tcees uthc'ne lagee par kya kar'tee bechaaree ap'ne shaadee suda bhatije ke saam'ne nngee to naheen ho sak'tee thee. udhar bhanu ka bhee lund ranvir ke putthce or langotc men lund ka ubhaar dekh machal uthca.
ranvir bhee kaam ke swaad se agyaan naheen tha. ganv ke apas ke milan'saar maahol men vah kuchh riste kee bhaabhiyon ko chod chuka tha. jab se us'ne sumi ko dekha vah ap'ne bhaagya par phoola naheen sama raha tha. vah yah baat achchhee tarah se jaan'ta tha ki yah keval waqt kee baat hE use jald hee sumi or malti kee choot mil'ne vaalee hE. kyonki ganv kee javaan larc'kiyon kee baat to chhorciye ganv kee adherc or'ten bhee use dekh kar Ahen bhara kar'tee hE. phir use ap'ne lund par bhee poora naaz tha, jo ek baar chud jaa'y usee ka hokar rah jaa'y.
ranvir ne ramanand ke saath raatree bhoj liya. khaana khilaate sama'y malti use bahut hee Agrah ke saath parows rahee thee. ranvir ka khaana jaroorat se jyaada ho gaya. ghar men or kamare naheen the is'liye us'ka bistar rasoee men hee laga diya gaya. jald hee neend ne us'ko A ghera or us'ke sap'non men sumi machal'ne lagee. n jaane raat men kab us'kee lngotc khul chukee thee or us'ka machal'ta lowrca baahar A gaya. jab use hosh Aya to poora bistar chitc pitca ho rakha tha. use kuchh sustee bhee lag rahee thee or us'ka bilkul man naheen ho raha tha ki vah bistar ko saaph kare. vah phir neend kee duniya men kho gaya or doos're din subah hee us'kee neend khulee.
doos're kam're men malti kee us'se bhee buree haalat thee. vah saaree saaya blouse sab khol nngee ho gaee. us'ne ap'nee donon janghon ke beech bhara poora jungle uga rakha tha. kaee der us'kee anguliyan jungle men vicharanc kar'tee rahee or phir gaharee utar'ne lagee. us'ke mukh se sis'kaariyan nikal'ne lagee. haa'y r..an..veeeeer kar'tee kar'tee tript hokar vah neend kee duniya men chalee gaee.
udhar sumi ke saath jo roj hota hE vahee ho raha tha. bhanu us'kee gandc maar'kar Aram se neend men kharraatce le raha tha. ranvir ko dekh kar us'kee jhantcon men to pah'le hee Ag lagee huee thee or phir us'ka pati use majh'daar men chhorc Aram se so raha tha. bhanu ke mast shareer ko dekh kar shaadee ke din vah bahut hee khush thee par shaadee kee raat hee vah maayoosh ho gaee.
bhanu ne vah josh naheen dikhaaya jo vah sakhiyon se sun'tee Aee thee. do din baad hee jab us'ne ap'ne pati ko ghar ke pichh'vaarce men parcos ke ek larc'ke ka lund choos'te dekha to vah man mashos kar rah gaee. lekin ab us'ke shareer men kaam kee jvaala dhadhak rahee thee or shaant naheen ho rahee thee. us'ne ap'nee choot soye pati ke mur'jhaaye lund se ragarc'nee shuru kar dee. us'ne pati kee jeebh ap'ne mukh men le lee.
"Maine tumse kaha tha mujhe yeh sab accha nahin lagta?" He showed her his anger.
"Toh kya accha lagta hai tumhe…" She looked into his eyes.
"…Doosron ka lund choosna?" Now it was her turn to retaliate. Bhanu couldn't think of an answer he looked the other way.
"So jaa." He could only order her to sleep.
Ranvir woke up early next morning, as he never forgets to do his morning exercises. He once again wore back his `longot' tightly enclosing his hanging nuts inside it. He did few `push ups' and `pull ups'. Malti too got up early as always to start her daily household work because than she would have to go to serve her mistress, the young thakurain of the haveli. She quickly wore back her saree and tied her hair bun and took her new clothes as she walked towards the bathroom to have her bath. She heard few voices coming out from the kitchen. She eagerly peeped inside the kitchen, through the half open door, in anticipation of seeing Ranvir in some awkward position but instead she saw Ranvir busy with his exercise totally drenched in sweat. Malti's was complete mesmerised when she gazed at his beautiful body gleaming in sweat. Her eyes remain fixed at the sight of the great cock covered by the sexy white `longot'. He was unaware of the fact that Malti was seeing him and so he continued with his exercises. Malti was going mad with lust as she saw Ranvir moving his perfect body. She felt dizzy as her lust for Ranvir took control over her mind. She had been away from her husband for a long time now and she suddenly felt the itch in her hungry pussy.
She quickly gathered all her attention and looked around to see if any one is awake. After seeing no one is awake…without making any noise she entered to room. Ranvir was facing the other side and he knew nothing about what's going behind his back. She quickly removed her saree and than her blouse and out came her heavy boobs with black nipples peaks. Her nipples were in complete contrast with her milky body…they were dark brown and erect. She loosened her petticoat string and it felt on the ground. She was completely naked in the room, which had only a small lantern burning with Ranvir sweating in the room. She closed the door, the door made a creaking noise, which captured Ranvir's attention. He looked back and was taken aback to see beautiful and fair Malti stark naked in front of him. He was numb to see her beautiful body in front of him to raid.
"Aap…iss halat mein?" Though Ranvir understood her intentions but still pretended. malti dowrc'tee huee us'ke paas gaee or us'ne ranvir ko ap'nee banhon men jakarc liya. vah ap'nee bhaaree choochiyan ranvir ke seene se ragarc'ne lagee. malti kee in har'katon se ranvir ka vishaal lund lngotc phaarc baahar nikal'ne ke liya machal uthca.
"Mujhe apni bana lo Ranvir…mein tumhe aaj paana chahti hoon." She told him openly about her intentions. Ranveer too felt his hold body shivering in passion as his cock rose to the maximum. Now his cock in any moment could tear his tight longot. He quickly loosened his longot to set his lund free. She gasped as she saw his massive cock coming to life. she was going to have the time of her life. Ranvir lifted her face and kissed her awaiting lips. she tasted damn good. Automatically, his hand came down to press her soft buttocks. He massaged them lightly with his finger and than pinched her. She moaned as she felt her juice leaking out of her cunt. Ranvir was much taller than Malti and so his cock was touching her stomach. He lifted her in her strong arms and placed her on his cot.
He quickly came all over her and she parted her legs to accommodate him between them. Ranvir than rubbed his erect lund on her hairy cunt making her to sigh again and she quickly started giving small pecks all over his face. Ranvir moved down and kissed her all over her nape gradually moving toward her soft breast and than put her erect nipples in his mouth. She clutched the pillow beneath her head as she moaned in delight. The two bodies ached and trembled in the dim light of a lantern. Ranvir got up, still on his knees. he rolled back his foreskin and showed Malti his pink cockhead. She smiled looking at his rod and he smiled too realising that she liked his cock.
"Bahut baada hai tumhara…surat dekh kar lagta nahin kii itna baada hoga." She smiled appreciating his erect manhood.
"Yeh mast lund tabhi accha lagega jab tum ise jeeb se chaatogi." Ranvir too became quiet bold in no time.
"Chooswaana hai apna lund?" She asked him.
"Majaa toh tabhi aayega jab tumhari chudai karoonga…chooswane ke baad." Ranvir smiled again giving few jerks to his lund.
Malti got up…Ranvir too came down off the cot. Malti remained seated on the cot Ranvir came forward with his lund just before Malti's face. She caught hold of his lund and gave him a few jerks and than quickly took the pink head inside her mouth. She first glistened it thoroughly with her saliva and than gave him a perfect head. Ranvir too didn't waited long to release his cum and quickly ejaculated it in her mouth. She gagged at the amount of heavy spurts coming directly from his lund into her mouth. Ranvir too was busy shooting the whole load out and caught hold of his cock again. This time his lund spurted out the cum on all over her beautiful face. She too closed her eyes and waited for the storm to get over. Ranvir's balls ached as he finished facialising Malti. She took his longot and wiped all the spunk on her face. Ranvir in the meantime came down on his knees and sucked her nipples. She wanted more so she lied down on the cot. Ranvir once again came between her legs and covered her whole body with his body. They again started their warm-ups for the final act of copulation.
Ranvir's lund was once again erect and he now wanted to plant his seeds deep into Malti's womb. He got up again but remained on the cot and placed his cock on her entrance to sexual bliss. Malti shivered at the thought of Ranvir's cock entering her body. She closed her eyes as the felt the hot head touching her bushy cunt. Ranvir parted her public hairs to have a look at her beautiful cunt. Her hairs were all locked among themselves as she never ever cleaned that area. Ranvir bowed to kiss her cunt and than placed again his cock at her entrance. She sighed as the hot meat easily parted her cunt lips to move inside her. Ranvir too felt the warm current in his body and sighed at the tickle he felt on his softer region. He moved ahead and buried his half cock in. still some part of his manhood left outside. Ranvir caught his breath again and gritting his teeth he pushed his love machine inside her hungry cunt.
"Abhi bi bahut kori hai…tumhari choot." Ranvir appreciated the tightness of her cunt.
"Bahut dinno se kissi ne nahin kholi…isliye thodi kori hai." She smiled. Ranvir again pushed his cock inside her…she gasped and moaned biting her lips. She was getting the enjoyment after so many years of waiting so she wanted to enjoy every bit of the moment.
"Dard ho raha hai…kya ahista chodu?" Ranvir felt as if his lund was too much for her cunt to take.
"Nahin…aaauur dabba ke chodo, raaaaaaaaaa…jjjaaaaa." She closed her eyes and bit her lips. Her backing gave Ranvir enough courage to march forward. now he thoroughly wanted to enjoy this beautiful female. He first buried his whole cock in her cunt and than rammed his cock into her making her to let out shrieks after shrieks. She never had be manhandled in this way before though her husband was a good fucker but even he was too a tamed fucker in front of the hard and rough fuck Ranvir was giving to her this very moment. His cock totally filled every empty space in her cunt and such was the impact of his cock that her cunt stretched completely to accommodate it into her. She had orgasm after orgasm but Ranvir was in no mood to bow down…even she bucked his pushes by pushing her cunt more on his cock meeting every push down with her very push up. The cot too joined them in making sounds as it creaked with every push Ranvir shoved into Malti's stretched cunt.

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Malti again ached her body and let out a cry. she had another orgasm but Ranvir was still going strong. Ranvir caught hold of her legs by her ankles and squatted in front of her with his lund still inside her cunt. He spread her legs and made her knees to touch the pillow beneath Malti's head. Now Ranvir can fuck her even more violently making her to cry more. Ranvir again banged his cock inside here making her to cry. She tried to stop Ranvir from moving any further because she felt that he reached the limit of her inner cunt with his cockhead touching the mouth of her womb.
She was unable to bear the raw fuck Ranvir was giving in to her. But her pleas fell in Ranvir's deaf ear and he rammed his entire lund into her cunt. Malti tired to free herself from her strong arms but Ranvir was way too strong for her. She had to gulp her pain and had to stay just the way so that Ranvir could finish it off fast for her.
"Mmmmuuu…jjjhhheee…jaaaa…aaannneeeee… doooo… mmmm…. uujjheeee mmmmaaaa… aaffffff kaaa.. ro." She was crying with tears coming out of her eyes. She can't bear this onslaught on her body. He was virtually raping her with all his might. Ranvir saw the plight in her eyes and let her go.
"Jaa raandi…tujhe maaf kiya…" Ranvir let his lund out of her battered cunt with all of Malti's juices also coming flooding out. She didn't had the energy to even get up but somehow she knew she had to get up before the sun rises. She somehow gather her all strength and got up looking at Ranvir smiling sheepishly and wiping his lunt with his white and stained `longot'. She collected her clothes and walked toward the door. Ranvir was still left thirsty and he was hungrily looking toward Malti as she walked towards the door with her swaying buttocks. His cock was still erect and was not going to calm down so easily. His eyes were glued to her buttocks and Ranvir's cock rose even more at the appetising sight. But he knew that Malti wouldn't give in to his wishes. so he has to get it if she is not willing to give it.
Ranvir caught hold of his `longot' and got up. He followed Malti as she limped towards the door. He caught hold of her hands and tied them at her back with her longot. Before she knew what was happening, He threw her back at the creaking cot. Malti was lying on her stomach as Ranvir climbed on her back. He rubbed his erect lund on the crack of her ass and than tried to push it in. Malti tried to free her self but there was not much she could do. Ranvir. Grabbed her by her waist and put her in his favourite doggy style.
Malti was now regretting her move to seduce Ranvir. she never knew that Ranvir was the master in the art of dominating females. She felt helpless as ranvir parted her ass cheeks to reveal her wrinkled arsehole. Ranvir smiled and put his cockhead at her rear hole. She tried to run away but Ranvir was well in control of the situation and he kept her down without letting her to move.
"Yeeeehhh…mat…karo…dard hoga." Malti pleaded to him. Ranvir too felt that Malti would scream if she gets hurt but he was an experienced fucker having experienced the pleasure of life at an early age. He grabbed his dhoti and stuffed it in her mouth. Malti gagged at Ranvir stuffed her mouth with his dhoti but she couldn't do anything as her hands were tied at the back with his longot. Ranvir looked around but he saw no one in the dark. He again tied to concentrate on Malti's arse. He again placed his cock on her arsehole and rubbed it on the wrinkled surface to get some friction. He closed his eyes and did this for a few seconds. He than got up and walked towards the jars kept near the stove. He took a can of mustard oil out and opened the cap. Malti looked helplessly as she could not do anything. she can't even run away as she was without her clothes and what would she say to her family when they ask her about the whole incident. so she remained quiet as she knew she had to suffer for her folly by paying for it with her rear.
She had never been buggered before and that was frightening her, as it was her first time of getting a cock in her tightest orifice. Ranvir took some oil in his palm and rubbed it on his cock and than massaged it with both his palms. He kept on doing it till he was satisfied that his journey in her arse would be a smooth one. He came again on the cot.
Malti closed her eyes with waited breath, as she wanted him to get over as soon as possible without hurting her too much. She had a coquettish nature but she never wanted her arse to be involved in any of her sex flings and that was the only reason that she never allowed even her husband to play with it. But here Ranvir was going to explore her rear. she was bit excited but scared too because she knew his cock would give her more pain than pleasure.
Ranvir again parted her ass cheeks to place his cock at her rear entrance and gritting his teeth he shoved his cock in her anus. Malti tried to scream but couldn't because of the stuffed dhoti in her mouth. Her anus stretched to accommodate his intruding cock. Malti felt her arse filling with his manly meat as she tried to control her pain. Tears came out of her beautiful eyes but Ranvir showed no mercy and gave another rough push into her arse. Malti was unable to bear the pain and tried to run away. Ranvir again kept her down and again inserted in cock in. It took more time than Ranvir expected to insert his whole lund into her arse. Her arse was stretched to the limit stuffed with his massive cock. Ranvir heaved a sigh of relief as he felt totally inside her arse. Now it was time for penetrating his cock in her arse. He rammed his cock in and out of her now battered and swollen arse while she cried in pain. Ranvir was not bothered about her pleasure but he was only experiencing his pleasure. He fucked her arse deeper for sometime and finally spurt his semen burrowing them deep in her arse.
He shot out a tremendous amount of load as the semen came out of her arse with his cock still stuffing it. Ranvir took pity over her and untied her hands. He took out his dhoti from her mouth and wiped the sperms coming out of her arse from it. Malti knew that she had been anally raped by an innocent looking guy of mere 17 years…but there was hardly she could do about it. She cried for a little while remembering the whole incident but than collected her clothes and wore them back.
"Mujhe maaf kar do." Ranvir said cleaning his cock with his longot. Malti looked at him but didn't said a word. She now wanted to forget the whole incident. she had to pay by getting her arse screwed for a little fun. She could hardly stand but she gathered courage and walked out of the room. Ranvir too felt sorry about the whole thing but he did not utter a single word. He knew he would ask Malti for her forgiveness later and was confident that she would forgive him. Malti went inside the bathroom to have her bath. Ranvir too wore back his longot and dhoti and went back to the cot to rest for a while. He closed his eyes and soon felt asleep. ignorant of the fact that some one was seeing what he just did to Malti. The shadow than walked back into the room. someone was the witness of the whole incident.
Ranvir got up quite late in the morning and he saw nobody around except for beautiful and dusky Sumi with her back at him doing her daily household chores. He at once got up and rubbed his eyes.
"Toh aap utt gaye." Sumi smiled looking at him and still doing her chores. Sumi looked beautiful in her revealing ghangra choli overflowing her mango-sized boobs. she didn't had her chunri wrapped around her to hide her medium assets. But Ranvir's eyes searched for the female whom he had early in the morning and she was nowhere to be seen. Malti was not there but away at the haveli to look after her young mistress, the young thakurain of the haveli.
"Chai" Sumi forwarded the glass brimful with refreshing tea. Though Ranvir always had milk instead of tea in the morning but he still took the glass, as he did not want to disappoint Sumi and also his chances.
"Mujhe pehle kyon nahin uthaya?" He asked Sumi sipping the hot tea as Sumi stood there gazing at his young body. how she wished he had a husband like him.
"Aap pehle nahaa lijeeye…phir aap ko inke saath jaana hai haveli par." Sumi told him his morning waiting schedule.
"Inke?" Ranvir asked her who was this `inke'.
"Mere pa…aa..ti..ke saath." She replied with a little discomfiture, as she now doesn't consider Bhanu as her husband. Ranvir again sipped in the tea, as he looked in the depths in her revealing blouse. Sumi guessed what was Ranvir centre of attraction or rather distraction…and she smiled and got up. Ranvir sensed the mischief in her behaviour and caught hold of her arm.
"Kya Hua?" She turned and smiled at him trying to free her arm.
"Kucch nahin bhabhi, bas tumhe dekhte rehne ka mann karta hai." Ranvir said sensing that she can easily fall trap to his advances.
"Kyon?…aisa kya hai mujh mein." Sumi pretended to be innocent. she already knew what Ranvir was trying to say. She knew that at that time she was the most beautiful female to walk on the surface of Mother Earth for Ranvir. She felt as if she was single again not married to an `arsehole' of a human. She always wanted this in her life, the love affair that you hid from others but enjoy when alone. Just than Bhanu shouted at her from the bathroom.
"Jaldi mera haath chhodo nahin to woh aa jayeenge." Sumi tried to free her arm.
"Aise…kaise cchod du…bhabhi...abhi abhi toh aag lagi hai." Ranvir was getting excited at the fact of fucking a lovely female.
"Abhi nahin raat ko saat baje…peeche wale khet par aa jaana…phir yeh haath de doongi pakadne ko." Sumi had finally made up her mind that she`ll enjoy her own life.
"Sach mein bhabhi?"
"Sach mein…main bhi chahti hoon ke aap mera haath pakade…mujhe pyar kare." Sumi was excited.
"Abhi kyon nahin."
"Abhi nahin …kyonki woh nahaa rahen hai…abh cchodo mujhe…aati hoon na raat ko." Sumi tried again to free her arm. Ranvir again twisted her arm. she moaned in pain…young Ranvir always loved to see a female moan either in pain or pleasure. It enhances his pleasure of teasing young females.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa….eee…eeeee." She moaned again in sweet pain. Ranvir finally let her go. She ran away and turned to smile at Ranvir again. Ranvir feasted his eyes on her naked back visible from behind…and than moved down having a look at her moving young ass. He began to fantasies how he'll fuck her in the night. He removed his longot once again and gave his lund a few jerks and closed his eyes to feel the pleasure.
Ranvir had his bath and was ready to go to the haveli with Bhanu where the thakur was waiting for him to come.
"Accha hua Ranvir tum aagaye…kaisi guzri raat?" The Thakur asked him… looking in his rifle.
"Jee theek hi guzri." Ranvir smiled not letting the thakur know about his wonderful experience with Malti.
"Toh chalo aaj phir shikar par."
"Shikar?" Ranvir interrupted him.
"Haan…shikar par…bas zindagi mein hamne ek hi toh shauk hai…shikar ka."
"Lekin…hum kal he toh shikar se aaye hai." Ranvir again interrupted him in between. The thakur looked at him and than at Bhanu. Bhanu knew that the thakur didn't liked Ranvir's straight answers. Ranvir on the other hand did not wanted to go because than his chance to fuck Sumi today will go away.
"Koi baat nahin…aaj hum phir shikar par jaayenge." This time the thakur was bit stern in his order, again looking back inside the rifle.
"Lekin…" Ranvir tried to said something but than stopped guessing that any more argument would anger his master. also he did not had any reason to explain to his master. Bhanu elbowed him o keep quiet.
"Toh theek hai…aaj hum shikar par jaayenge." The thakur again ordered him.
"Jee..aaj hum shikar par jayeenge." Ranvir finally bowed down in front of his Master's wishes. he somehow told himself that he'll get Sumi some other time.
"Theek hai…hum jayeenge." The thakur smiled and turned to Bhanu
"…apne saath 3-4 aadmi aur le lena…theek 5 baje hum nikal jayeenge."
"Jaisa aap theek samjhen." Bhanu replied before bowing in front of the thakur. Ranvir too bowed and left the room.
"Thakur saheb se kyon jabaan ladaa raha tha." Bhanu asked Ranvir as they walk out of the room and into the corridor. Ranvir did not reply but walk ahead.
"Paagal hai jo thakur saheb se `kyon' pucchta hai." Bhanu was angry with Ranvir… Ranvir just walked away but halt after seeing Malti going into a room.
"Yeh Malti bua kahan chali." He asked Bhanu referring Malti as `bua' … his father's sister.
"Who thakurain ki seva karti hai…" Bhanu said looking at Ranvir.
"Thakurain?" questioned Ranvir.
"Haan…hamare thakur saheb bhi bade rangeen mijaz ke hain. Ek baar shikar par gaye the aur aaye toh apni beti ki umar ki ladki ke saath. Kehne lage ki unhe iss haveli ka waris chahiye tha." Bhanu unfolded before Ranvir the hidden face of thakur…the aspect that was not open to him.
"Aur kaun-kaun hai thakur saheb ke khandaan mein." Ranvir kept on enquiring more about the thakur.
"Bas ek beti aur hai jo doctori pad rahi hai Patna mein…kabhi kabhi aati hai yahan par…ab ayeegi Holi par." Bhanu told Ranvir about thakur's only daughter.
"Kitne umar ki hai thakurain?" Ranvir was more interested to know about the young thakurain.
"Yehi koi 24-25 saal…bas?"
"Aur kitne din pehle hui inki shaadi?" Ranvir asked another question.
"2 saal pehle." Bhanu gave another answer.
"…Aur abhi tak thakur shabeb ke koi aulad nahin hai?" Ranvir had a mischievous grin on his face.
"Haan…toh?" Bhanu tried to guess something.
"Kucch nahin…" Ranvir stopped controlling his behaviour.
"…Kya naam hai thakurain ka?" He again continued with another question. Bhanu looked around and came close to Ranvir.
"Rajni." He whispered in his ear…the name of the young and beautiful thakurain.
"Ahista…" Bhanu stopped Ranvir from mouthing her name.
"…Koi sun na le." Malti came out of the room but at seeing Ranvir and Bhanu standing in the corridor… ran back into the room and closed the doors.

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