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Old 24th March 2014
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The Missed Train

hello guys, this is a small story that had been going on in my mind for a while. Also, this is my first attempt at writing so I can't avoid mistakes completely, but I'll try to give my best.

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Old 24th March 2014
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here it starts

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Old 24th March 2014
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I lay on my back and looked up at the two massive globes of womanhood bouncing up and down on her chest like water-filled balloons. We were both completely naked as she humped my hard cock as only an experienced sex starving horny milf could. The sound of her huge ass slapping on my crotch and upper thighs echoed in the room. I felt like the happiest guy on the planet as I looked up to find that she was intently looking down at me from over her big bouncing boobs. Her hair, disheveled, fell behind her back and few strands fell in front of her partially covering her jutting tits. She knew me, loved me and cared for me even before I came to this world. Sandhya, that was her name, but I had always called her mummy for last 19 years.

It's usual Saturday midnight but this is not how I usually spend my weekend, lying underneath the soft body my gorgeous mother, in her marital bed, with my hard cock buried deep inside her as she makes loves to me. When the day started in the morning, I could have never thought that this day would have such a bright sunset and even brighter night.

I had always known that my mother is an attractive lady and always had a thing for her. Initially when I masturbated thinking about her, I felt bad but as time passed the guilt associated with that gradually disappeared. I could never think of actually doing anything sexual with my mother. I knew it was just a fantasy, a mind game that worked for me to help me attain a mind-blowing orgasm. Outside of my mind, she was just my mother.

So, as I was saying it was a usual Saturday morning and everything was normal. I woke up with a piss hardon and needed to pee. I headed to my bedroom's door with my erection making a huge tent on my sleeping pajamas. I poked my head out of the door to see if anyone was there. There are only four members in our family, mummy, papa, me and my younger sister who is 7 years younger to me. My sister's room was next to me on the right and bathroom was on the left. My parent’s bedroom was on the other side of the hall. Generally, I used to tilt my penis up along the belly when someone was in the hall otherwise kept it the way it was, as it used to make me feel strong and sexy. I gave a casual look around and came out of my room with my huge erection still obscenely tenting my pajamas.

Once in the hall, I realized that I was not alone in there. I could see that mummy had just come out from my sister's room. Her timing was so perfect and so unfortunate for me that I lost all my senses. I didn't look in her direction but knew that she had seen me with my aching boner poking through my pajamas. Trying to hide it will make her more aware of my situation so I just stood there motionless not being able to decide whether to go back to my room or head to the bathroom.

I had never been caught in this situation before and had no idea what to do, maybe it was dizziness of just being woken up. It was hardly 10 to 15 seconds standing there but felt like an hour.

"Good morning Abhi", I heard the soft voice of my mother as she broke the awkward silence. Abhi was first half part of my name and everybody including my friends and even some teachers used to prefer to use my half name instead of my full name.
"Good morning”,I said timidly , slowly lifting my head up to look at her. When my eyes finally met her, I saw that she had casual look and was smiling slightly and I dropped my eyes to the floor.

She came towards me and placed her hands on my shoulder.
"Look, your face has turned red like a tomato", she said with a slight giggle but that didn't help to lessen my embarrassment.

"Hey, don't be embarrassed, I know it's normal for guys to wake up like this", she said.

I was too embarrassed to open my mouth and continued looking down at my tent which had started to diminish because of the shameful situation I was in.

"Come on, it's not a big deal, look at me now", she said and I looked up and she was still smiling.

At this point, I must tell you about my mother and the kind of relationship we have. She is like any other Indian mother who wears saree most of the time. She has long hair that reach to her mid back. But Unlike most Indian mothers her age, she wakes up early in the morning and does yoga for one hour instead of doing household work. She likes to keep her body in shape by doing regular exercise and keeps her body and face clean and healthy without going to beauty parlor and solely relying on the ayurvedic homemade products.

I am not going to say that even at her age of 40 she looks 25, nor am I going to say that she is fair and has model-appropriate face like bollywood actresses as that would be a lie. She is gorgeous in her own way. She looks beautiful with her typical dusky Indian looking face and her long hair that she keeps loose most of the time. With her black eyes and with slightly thicker eyebrows for a woman she manages to look neither too fragile nor too strong. Her nose is wide with a little indentation on the side of her nostrils. Her lips are the best part, fuller and succulent with lower lips being more prominent than the upper.

As far as our relationship is concerned, she is very sweet and funny. We are very open to each other and she doesn't let any opportunity to have fun pass by. Being her first child and only child for next seven years she spent lots of time taking care of me. She had a job before me but after pregnancy, her entire life consisted of me. Even after my sister arrival to our family she managed to distribute her attention equally between us. I was very close to her and whenever there was any problem, instead of going to papa, I used to go to mummy. I had always been kind of a week guy, not physically though, who used to cry a lot for no reason and she was always there for me trying to calm me down. So it should not surprise you if I act like a momma's boy, because what I am, a momma’s boy.

So, where was I, yes, She was teasing me with her palms resting on shoulders. She was telling me to look up and I slowly raised my head.

"You probably have to pee a lot, don't you?” she asked.

I bowed my head once in affirmation.

"But what makes me laugh is the way you are flaunting it in front of your mummy", she said and laughed.

"Mummy please, I was just going to bathroom", I said defensively.

"I am just kidding, can't mummy have some fun with her naughty baby boy", she said as she ruffled my hair with her fingers.

"Now please, can I go now", I said looking away from her.

"Look at me", she ordered and gently turned my head to look at her but my eyes can't meet her.

"You are not looking Abhiiiii", she stretched my name as she often did.

"Now, I am", I said shyly looking at her eyes.

"You don't know but I have seen you flaunting your thing many times but this is the first time you saw me", She said and that was actually an information for me.

"It's normal and there is nothing to be embarrassed about it", she said.
"I am sorry, I won't do it again", I said.
"I am not saying to not do it just make sure to not get caught like this", she said. "Now you better hurry as it looks like it’s going to take you a long time in the bathroom", she giggled and forcibly turned my body to face away from her and pushed me towards the bathroom door.
"I am just going to pee", I said facing away from her and regretted as soon as the word came out of my mouth. Did I inadvertently tell her that I was going to jerk off in there!, hope she ignored that.

"So what else you can do inside there", I was wrong, how could I expect my mother to not make fun of me and this time she laughed.

I decided not to talk any further as I had no idea what I was saying. I entered the bathroom and heard her footsteps to go away. I peed and went to my bedroom and thought about what had just happened. Like always, I would have masturbated thinking about her but today I couldn't. I don't know why but I just couldn't. It was the first time something of sexual nature had entered her teasing. I wasn't feeling embarrassed as she mentioned several times that it's normal but I found myself strangely attracted to her, in a way I was not supposed to. But damn, she was literally flirting with me in a way she was not supposed to.

At breakfast table, papa, sis and I were sitting and mummy served us Aloo-paratha that she had prepared.

"How many bags do we have", my father asked looking at mummy and I realized that we are going to chachaji's house today for three days. I had almost forgotten about that after the morning incident. I really liked that place so far from the crowded city we live in, it was a small town 800 km from here and it felt nice to go out and breath fresh air once in a while. We had the reservations and we were about to leave from home at 3 pm.

" ..that's all", my mother finished listing the things we were going to take with us.
"So A taxi would be enough to take all the stuff to the station", He asked.
"I don't know, we have those large wooden decorative plates, they are delicate and don't fold", she said, "other than that everything will go fine", she added after thinking something.

"We'll see", he said.

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Old 24th March 2014
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Nice start...

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Old 25th March 2014
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You make no mistakes, keep going, so far so good. !

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Old 25th March 2014
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Keep Going.... Good Start.... +10

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Old 25th March 2014
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good start, keep going

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Old 25th March 2014
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here is the second part

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Old 25th March 2014
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After the breakfast was over and my father and sis left the table mummy came towards me with her plate. She ate after we all had finished eating and I usually sat there in the table until she finished her breakfast. She came and sat where papa was sitting and gave me a strange look. The way she looked at me, it felt like she had found something new inside me and something was definitely going on in her mind. Was she still thinking about the morning, I knew I was. It was weird but I liked the way she looked at me.

"You aren't still thinking about the morning", she said as she took a bite.

"I wasn't, but thank you, now I am", I replied.

It was so typical of her she never let anything go. She finished chewing her bite and looked at me again. I must tell you, every time she looked at me it felt like she was thinking about telling me something.

"Do you know...” she started to speak but didn't finish her sentence, "never mind", she started chewing another bite.

"Do I know what?” I asked getting curious.

"Nothing," she said.

"It's definitely not nothing", I insisted.

"I was thinking something then I forgot", she said.

"You can't start something to say than change the subject like that", I said.

"I can and I just did", she laughed.

"Now, that's not fair mummy, I am not going to talk to you until you tell me what you were about to say", I said getting up and going to towards my room.

"Fine", she said casually eating her breakfast.

I took a few steps away but realized she knew that I couldn’t do that. I have never spent a single day without talking to mummy. I came back and again sat in the chair and looked at her as she ate. She was pretending as if we don't talk as I had just said.

"Is it something about me that you know", I asked after some time.
She looked at me curiously and I realized how stupid I was to say that.

"Maybe", she said with a mischievous smile.

Now again it was my turn to think if there was anything that she knows about me but I don't know that she knows.

"No maybe, it is or it isn't", I said as she finished her breakfast and got up from the table to put the dishes in the sink. I followed her.

"So, I guess my little baby had been doing some other naughty stuff too", she teased.

She wasn't saying anything exactly but somehow got me blurt out everything for her. After putting the dishes on the sink she gave me another one of those new intent looks. I knew something was there behind those beautiful black eyes but wasn't sure what it was.

"I am busy now, so stop being a pestering me like a baby and let your mummy do her work", she said in her motherly warning tone and changed the subject.

"Pleeaasee", I gave a last try.

"Later", she sang and went to her room. I saw her disappear in her room and came back to mine.

Inside my room, I couldn't stop thinking about her when my smartphone beeped. New Message from mummy, I wondered why she would send me a message when she could easily speak a little louder from her room to say whatever she wanted to say.


By the time I finished reading the message a hard, aching boner was frightening to break apart the fabric of my jeans into pieces. She had stressed the word completely naked, what could she be implying. Why would she confess something like that to her own son, I pondered.

The confession she just made was a lot different from what she knew about me as her confession involved me. The looks she had been giving me started to make some sense and things started to get a little clear but I didn't reach to any conclusion yet, she could just be teasing me.

I read and reread the message again and again and my cock had started to leak precum. The thought of mummy standing completely naked outside my door just coming out of the bathroom was too much for me. Today I hadn't masturbated in the morning and as I looked at my tent I felt a need to loose my pants and I did. I didn't touch my cock and let it voluntarily shake with arousal. I had never seen her wearing anything other than traditional saree or salwar and imagining her standing completely nude, I couldn't resist to grab my cock. I had given a few jerks thinking about her voluptuous figure when my phone beeped again.

Another message from mummy.


"MY TURN?” I sent back and resumed my jerking thinking about mummy's beautiful body that I had never seen.

"YES, NOW TELL ME WHAT ELSE HAVE YOU BEEN DOING", her message came after a while.

I thought about what to reply. I could deny her altogether or I could play along in her new game. I went with later.

"WHAT DO YOU WANNA KNOW", I typed bravely.

"TELL ME SOMETHING THAT I DON'T ALREADY KNOW", her message came a little later.

The way she had looked at me at the breakfast table and reading the message I was sure that there was something else she knew about me. I thought about what I could write without going too far. As she had said something that involved me, I thought about telling something that involved her.

"WHEN YOU ARE NOT HOME I GET NAKED AND GO TO YOUR ROOM AND LIE IN YOUR BED, COMPLETELY NAKED, FOR HOURS", I sent not changing the subject of nakedness and something that involved her.

"NOT SURPRISED", her reply came a little later. Maybe she already knew that but how, I didn't know.

"YOUR TURN", I sent.



I had to wait a little longer for her next message but my phone eventually beeped.


The message had a URL of a sexy purple peek-a-boo dress. The model who featured that product was a big boobed blonde milf but as I imagined mummy’s dusky skin, my cock started to shake like a snake. It showed everything from underneath the neck to the crotch including full cleavage and inner boobflesh and underneath it was tiny black bra that did nothing to hide her big breasts except for her nipples and areola. Even thought I wasn’t fortunate enough to admire mummy’s breasts, but by looking at her tight stretched blouse pushing the saree way out of her chest, I could easily tell that mummy’s boobies were much bigger and that tiny bra wouldn’t even fit her nicely. Underneath she wore a matching black thong and like any other thong that wouldn’t have required more than two inches of clothes. I would have never thought that mummy, a homily housewife will have such a sexy outfit in her closet.

"MY JAW DROPPED TO THE FLOOR", I typed and sent.

"SURPRISED KIDDO?" she asked.

"HELL YES", I sent.

I was hard like never before and could cum anytime. Imagining mummy’s plump body in that tiny lingerie, her long hair flying about everywhere, her beautiful smile and deep black eyes, her massive chocolaty titties popping out from all parts of the tiny cups, her figure narrowing down at her waist and then flaring out and out falling down to her ass, her coffee-colored nicely shaped legs with strong thighs, I felt a powerful orgasm build up inside me. I was breathing heavily and looked at my penis vibrate on it’s own, such was the intensity of my arousal.

"YOUR TURN", my phone beeped.

I thought for a while and could not come up with anything interesting.



"CHICKEN? HUN..", I replied.

She was playing very intelligently from the beginning and just now she had challenged me to speak out anything she wanted to know about me and I had foolishly accepted that. I knew the game we were playing was dangerously inappropriate for a mother and son. I knew that we couldn't retreat the steps we were taking. But I kept following mummy like I had always done in my life. I followed my heart's instructions and did whatever felt right. Moreover, I was seeing and entirely new version of mummy and I liked everything about her. It was definitely an eye-opener for me and I wanted to explore more.

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