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Old 4th April 2013
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Originally Posted by randyram4x View Post
U are cool,smart dude no doubt! Unlike other sasur bahu stories there is romance in your story which is very refreshing. Please keep the story going with lots of love and sex. Much later the bahu could take another lover with Mr. Ravi's consent as he would have become old. Just a thought..!
thanks bhai..will keep that in mind.. for now..let the couple enjoy their marital bliss

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Old 4th April 2013
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Shalu goes to the bathroom..and takes a bath.. she comes out wearing a yellow light coloured saree.. she wears the saree such a way that on one side you can see the slanting hem of the saree...right upto the navel...the cute little deep navel..where her father in law had put his tongue.. is clearly visible.. the side view of her blouse..showing the perfect curve of her breasts.. depicts the maturity of a perfectly developed woman.. she goes and shakes Mr. Ravi.. "pitaji..pitaji...uthiye.."

Mr. Ravi wakes up...slowly opening his eyes and looks at Shalu..so much beautiful.. and she is looking more appealing now that he enjoyed with her the first night of their marriage.. Shalu tells..aap naha lijiye..mai bahar jati hun kitchen me.. she starts to leave and then Mr. Ravi holds her by her hand... he stands up..fully naked..Shalu gets nervous..and faces away from him..slowly he pulls her towards him.. with her back towards him..he slowly puts his one hand on her waist..and presses it.. he brings his mouth near her neck,,,and Shalu's scent makes him more crazier for her..since she just took bath..so even more sexier.. he kisses her neck slowly.. and puts his both hands on top of her blouse..over the saree.. he presses them..but since the saree is in the way..he doesnt get the feeling...he puts his hand inside the saree..over the blouse..and presses it again... Shalu feels awkward,,,she feels like she is cheating with her husband..with his father...he licks her neck..with more force..simultaneously..pressing her breasts..over the blouse.. he gets excited and starts to unbutton the blouse.. Shalu says.."pitaji..nahi...abhi bahar jana hai"...Mr. Ravi: "Shalu..its ok..time hai.. kisi ne bulaya to nahi abhi tak,,,aur waise bhi sabko pata hai..nayi shadi hui hai..to time to lagega.." he removes her pallu... and then opens the blouse hook.. Shalu..feels her father in law..is way too sexual... but romantic too..

he puts his hand inside the blouse..and feels her young wife's naked breast again..and pumps it slowly.. he puts one hand on her belly....and pulls her back towards him..Shalu feels her sasur's hard penis..on her ass..over the saree.. suddenly someone knocks..."Shalu...chalo...aap log utho ab...sab table pe intezar kar rahe hain"....little they know..the newly wed sasur-bahu are right now..in middle of a a just started love session..
Shalu gets a good reason to go...she doesnt want her father in law to feel she has submitted herself completely to him.. "pitaji..jana chaie hume.." Mr. Ravi feels that it is time to go...but not before....hmm.. something comes up in his mind..

He turns Shalu around.. he pushes her on the bed... Shalu closes her eyes..the moment she sees him naked.. he pulls up Shalu's saree and petticoat.. and finds her panty..and pulls them down.. he separates her leg..and positions himself..on top of Shalu.. he positions his penis..on the opening..and rubs it..slightly.. Shalu moans.he pushes it inside a little... and Shalu's eyes widen... Shalu lets out a low áaaaahhhhhh... he pushes it completely inside..without any warning.. he feels the tightness...the walls of her vagina..gripping his tool completely..as if wanting to be inside..forever... he takes it out..and pushes again..this time with some more force.. Shalu shrieks....aaaaaahhhhhh...and keeps her hand on her father in laws... stomach..as if to tell him to take it out.. she looks like a goddess of sex..with her saree till her waist..and vagina exposes..and in unison with her father in law's penis.. her big breasts coming out of her bra... he starts pumping her slowly.. the movement making the sounds of copulation.... the to and from motion becomes rather fast now.. they start moving in rythm,,, shalu as usual,...hardly facing her father in law...gripping the already messed up bedsheet...tightly in her hands... Mr. Ravi...in sweat..and excitement...digs his teeth in her bahu's neck... Shalu moans...ouuuuuuu....please...aaaaahhh aaaaahhhh aaaaaahhhhhh... their mating sounds goes out to the next room..where two ladies who came to call them again.. and they sort of get embarrassed...

but here the passionate session goes on..the bed is a mess...with the spots of thick semen of the couple..at couple of different places.. and another wet spot just building up.. as the juices start to flow from Shalu's love hole...the fucking becomes more easier for Mr. Ravi...and more pleasurable for both.. shalu though is enjoying..but doesnt feel the courage..to display her feeling entirely..she just can't..its her late husband's father after all...Mr. Ravi with every push tries to push as much as he can..so that it goes in deeper and deeper.. after about 10-15 mins...Shalu gets an orgasm...and cries..tears rolling down her cheek..Mr. Ravi's face gets tensed.. he is also about to cum... he tries to delay it a little..by holding on to his PC muscles.. but the tightness of his young wife's vagina.. the feeling of the beautiful ex-wife of his son.. makes him lose his control..and he shoots in the vagina.. this time..more and more of it goes inside...the semen is warm..and Shalu can feel it..inside..gushing through her inner walls... Mr. Ravi lays on top of her...with his full body weight on the nubile body...

then hear the door knocking... Mr. Ravi kisses his wife on her lips..Shalu for the first time while kissing..puts her arms around her father in laws neck...and they kiss passionately for few minutes..playing with the tongue..neither of them want to leave...but they have to as they have guests in the house.. but Mr. Ravi knows..all guests would leave in the afternoon...which Shalu doesnt know.. and Mr. Ravi is excited about the afternoon... the sasur and bahu look into each others eyes..

Shalu says.."pitaji..wo contraceptive pills le ayenge kya aap"... Mr. Ravi.."bete uski jarurat hai kya? tum batao.. mai le to aunga...par please roz mat khana..." jo bhagwan ki marzi ho..use hone do...aakhir ek aadmi aur aurat ki shadi me bache ka sukh hona chaie.." Shalu says.."par pitaji...itni jaldi thik nahi hoga.. aap aur mera rishta thoda alag sa tha...thoda time beetne dijiye..warna sab kuch bolenge.." Mr. Ravi.."thik hai.. mai le aunga aaj... chalo..abhi mai jata hun nahane...tum chali jao bahar.." and he kisses her on her forehead,,, the couple get dressed properly... Shalu trying hard to cover her emotions... Mr. Ravi is ecstatic with two easy sessions with his bahu..where he thought he would have to make his young wife..explain a lot for the copulation...Shalu starts to leave.. Mr. Ravi goes to the bathroom.... two maids come in...and look at the mess of the bedoom.... they just giggle..about the unusual couple.. and start working...


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Old 4th April 2013
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Too much boss, keep up the great work and thanks for writing in english! Repped you btw!

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Old 4th April 2013
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wow!!!continue!!!They should start calling each others by names now!! ..
Shalu --- Shalu darling!!!
Ravi-- Swami!!!
I am a MALE btw..So, only FEMALES are encouraged to send me Personal Messages!!!

If my ID was not DonVeeto, it would surely be boobs_sucker or boobs_lover!!!

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Old 5th April 2013
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SO hotttttttt keep it fast but with big updates and use hindi words also in the middle of story. Anyways thanks for a good story.

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Old 5th April 2013
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Old 5th April 2013
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nice story keep it up.........

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Old 5th April 2013
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Lovely, Romantic, Sexy and Beautiful is the lovemaking between Ravi n Shalu and your description of it...keep going...

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Old 5th April 2013
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nice story

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Old 7th April 2013
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nice to read thinking of FIL. gud lead.

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