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Old 11th March 2013
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My bold wife made me her pimp

I was loosing all the hope of getting married as I was rejected by all the girls with whom some talks were initiated for marriage. The reasons were my low salaried job in a private farm, no separate home( I live with my elder brothers family in a very small house) and my age(41 yr old). But with the effort of one relative finally my marriage was fixed with a almost same age lady who worked as nurse in a govt. hospital. She was an average looking little fatty lady and I found no ground to reject her. Ofcourse my consent was not much important. I was waiting for her to accept our proposal. One day we met and at the first meeting she clearly told me that she will not going to stay at my house rather I had to stay with her and since she was earning enough my private job is not important for her. And since her job might demand her presence at hospital at any time so she wanted her husband to do all the stupid household works. ..wow…seems to be a dominating lady who does not care whether her husband works or not and wanted him to be her househusband. I happily agreed…and my brothers and his wife also as I was nothing but a space occupying burden for them. I heard my bhabi saying many time to search for another place for me. Hope after my marriage she will freely scream and moan while having sex with my brother and roam freely with any dress of her choice.
Anyway after our marriage at a temple in the presence of very few relatives my wife Nalini did not visited my home even for once… and like a obedient husband I followed her to her small but single govt. quarter. She was not my first woman and may be I too not her 1st man. I already had sex with a prostitute …might be 5-6 times.
On the first night few of her colleagues were invited and with them we had a small dinner party. They had arranged the bed for us and by 10 pm we were left alone to enjoy our first night of wedding. While entered the bed room with little nervousness found Nalini waiting for me wearing a red saree. She was looking hot and sexy indeed. But there was no sign of shyness from my newly wedded bride. She asked me to get on the bed and told me that she can’t act like a typical Indian bride with a glass of milk or bowing down to my feet. I said ok…and she asked me to massage her feets as she was having pain in her legs standing so much time in the marriage court. And like a very good husband I touched the feet of my wife and lifting her saree and petticoat started massaging her sexy pair of legs. I was arousing…Kissed her toe and fingers …she rubbed my face erotically with her toe… and with love and care I kept kissing and licking her toe …mentally and physically submitted myself for the pleasure of my wife… bending down I touched her feet with my forehead asif I am praying for her blessings upon me…. She lifting her clothes and spreading her legs kept them in my shoulder and invite my tongue to her private area. I removed the sweaty pink panty and inhaled the moist smell …..Soon my tongue reached her big wet vagina covered with dark thick curly pubic hairs…she fondling her breasts wrapped my neck with her powerful strong thighs…. Don’t know how long I was just licking her both holes …I stopped myself only when she wanted to ride me from top….oh god…for next 45 minutes or so I was under her control…. Allowing her to play with my body in her own way… my body was thrashed with her strong powerful rough act to reach her orgasm… I was just submitting myself to make her please, to help her to be climaxed. And finally biting my lips, holding my shoulder she had her orgasm and fell near me like a corpse. Looking at her sexy big butts with the black hole in it I was rubbing my dick to ejacuate but before releasing my load she asked me to massage her a bit to relax her and I did accordingly…and finally inserting in the vagina of my tired wife from behind released my load and found that she already got into sleep… Hugging the big soft body of my new bride I too closed my eyes peacefully in the secure home of my working wife.


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Old 11th March 2013
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Everything went on a flash of thunder !!!! If you could just narrate the incidents then it would have been a good story .... waiting for more as the title that you have given does not justify the plot you have written...
So waiting for some good actions ....

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Old 11th March 2013
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congrats man..............nice story........... i love to join you

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Old 11th March 2013
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Nice start

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Old 12th March 2013
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good start carry on

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Old 12th March 2013
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nice story.....

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Old 12th March 2013
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nice story waiting to hear more

Pm me for chat

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Old 12th March 2013
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Nice Start keep it up

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Old 12th March 2013
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looks like it ll get hot

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Old 12th March 2013
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Suddenly I got awake with a feeling of earthquake. My body and the bed was trembling lot. As soon as sat on the bed in fear of the quake and opened my eyes found that Nalini was shaking me roughly and scolding me for sleeping like dead. Oh..it was my wife who was shaking my body holding my shoulders and not an earthquake. Scolding me lazy she asked me boil some water and to fill the hot water bag as she was complaining of back ache. She showed me the things in the kitchen and clearing her bladder got up to the bed again. Letting the water to boil I also went to toilet for nature’s call and took bath also.. After half an hour or so with the hot water bag I get on to the bed again. it 3.30 am and was still dark… nalini was lying naked wrapping herself with a bed sheet. I put the water bag on her waist and start massaging her butts. Looking at her big bubbly butts and the asshole I was aroused. Caressing her hips I started licking her…. put my nose in her hole to sniff her which made her ass tingle in pleasure. Hmmm she had not cleaned her properly after previous fucking session… her cunt was still wet and smelling tangy … but I did not mind to lick my newly wedded wife’s dirty sticky holes and put my tongue as deep as possible pressing my face firmly on her soft butts. She too got excited… asked me to go beneath her….as she was lying on her belly. As per her wish I slept under her… having the water bag on her back she spread her legs over my face pressing her smelly cunt over my mouth… uuuuh the smell and taste was not that great in that early morning hours but acceptable on the ground that she was newly married wife. I started licking and sucking her juice like a dog. Once I tried to breathe fresh air moving her body a little. But as the water bag slipped from her back she asked me to not to move her body again. So I adjusted myself in between her inner thighs. Licking and sucking when required I was inhaling the little oxygen available in her smelly wet vagina. Luckily a little gap from her anus side was supplying some air for me. With my passionate and submissive act of cunnilingus made her hot and she started rubbing her vagina on my face. My nose was giving her clit some pleasuring sensation …so she was rubbing her clit more with my nose blocking my nostrils …. I was using my mouth to breathe. … and trying to rimm her asshole with my tongue… she was grabbing and pulling my hairs tightly….moaning passionately. …and within few moments she went wild…… fucked my mouth with her big vagina …. And I was gagging below …. Hardly getting any chance to breathe … seeing her body went still for a moment I widely opened my mouth for some fresh air….and oh…no…..a loud fart from the big fleshy ass of my wife filled my mouth… oh…my newly married wife had farted on me and inhaled me with her morning fart….
No sign of guilt or hesitation on her part for farting on her husbands face on the 1st night itself… rather she giggled and laughed like mad asif she did something very funny. …. I told her ‘ dear can I insert u now…’ but she directly refused me saying ‘ are not u getting any pleasure…’ I said… ‘ yes..but …wanted to get more in ur sweet cunt..’ she told that I had ejacuated few hours back and now I should not make use of my penis again… otherwise I shall be feeling week all the day…’ saying so arranging her hairs she rubbed my face with her sticky vagina for some more time….unless she felt sleepy… finally withdrawn herself from me. …. Lot of her vaginal juice drained into my nostrils and as soon as I was released these were coming out of my nose forming bubbles…looking at my dirty face…she asked me to get it cleaned.
We slept upto 8 am or so. After taking bath and having breakfast we started opening the gifts of our marriage party. Somebody gifted her a whip, a pair of hand and ankle cuffs and a full body stockings with a small note congratulating her for owning a slave dog and wishing her to ride and treat her husband like a pet. Looking at the gift she giggled and showing me the whip told me that she will not hesitate to use that of I somehow disobey her. And I already knew she really would not mind that.
I took 1 week leave for my marriage whereas she took only 2 days leave. Knowing about my leave she told me … ‘well by the end of your leave u will be familiar to all the works u need to do… and remember never try to act as a typical husband… it’s me who married u..not u …be good to me and I’ll be too…otherwise this whip will do the rest of the work’…
By evening she told and showed me everything I need to do. I washed two pairs of her white dress of nurse, few other used clothes including panty, bra kept unwashed at the bathroom. She warned me that I should be reminded again and again for doing such little household works like in cases of servants. She also asked me to remember to iron her nurse dress properly every evening after washed. Her uniform was pure white saree, white blouse & petticoat,red belt, white socks, black shoe and white head scarf. She also taught me how to pinned up those to fit properly to her body. In the night we were invited by one of her colleague in a nearby quarter. … the woman was very hot and seems to be very close to Nalini… I came to know that it was her who gifted Nalini those whip and all to treat me like a dog. And she too treating her husband like her pet. The poor husband was obeying her infront of us without any hesitation. On the way to home Nalini asked me whether I had noticed her friend’s husband or not… told me to act like that all the time.
Before going to sleep I had to do some pedicure to her feet. For this I had washed her legs several times in a small tub. And finishing doing that while she stood up to go to bed she peed in the tub….oh…for the first time I had seen a woman peeing…it was a hot fetish feeling… rubbing my dick I was watching her cunt releasing the golden flow of fluid making…sssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhh sound. Soon after she finished her job I washed her properly. She asked me to clean the room and the tub and she was about to leave for bed room. Thinking something she turned around and asked me to drink some water from the tub….hmmm her urine diluted with her leg washing water. … I was hesitating since I was not that much submissive. …seeing my hesitation she shouted and asked me to drink some water myself otherwise she will pour the whole tub in my throat. Finding no way out as told I went on my knees and bowed down to worship the urine of my wife…. And hesitatingly started slurping the dirty liquids like a dog. Not good…the taste was…but to show her my loyalty I had to drink at least half glass. Then she left the room asking me to brush my teeth well.
That night In the bed…on making her fully aroused she after riding me sometime from top honoured me by allowing to fuck her from top. While I was fucking her she was Shouting and screaming like mad…. On reaching her orgasm she asked me to get down but I just could not controlled myself and released my load in her cunt…not at too deep… but when she came to know that I wet her with my fluid…she scolded me a lot for making her dirty and asked me to lick that clean…. And seeing me not obeying her for few moments pulling my hairs tightly hit a hard slap on my face….grabbed me to her dirty cunt to make it clean… Really licking own sperm dripping from her vagina was not that easy…. But my newly wedded dominating wife made me to do so. I really felt humiliated.

comments plz

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