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Old 15th September 2012
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My wife forced me to suck her ex. lover

Well guys…I am Sanjay (42) and my wife Rita (40 yrs). I am average looking and she is a fair, little fatty hot sexy lady. Our only daughter is admitted in to a good residential school of state capital and now staying hostel. After 17 years of married life our sexual life was getting dull day by day. After our daughter left for hostel Rita get enough free time to revive her hidden sexual desires but I was getting bored with routine sexual acts. So I tried to ignite myself with porno sites and Blue films. And on seeing these BFs my wife became more aggressive on me in the bed. To add more spice I tried to use new ideas every week end to have more fun. I was little submissive from my inner mind so I started treating her as my mistress and myself as her slave. Several nights I drink her piss and played spanking games.. she was just wonderful in doing all these naughty games and started acting like a real mistress.. we bought some sexy outfits for her like stockings, high heel and very sexy lingeries for those night games.. on some nights she acted so cruelly that my whole body specially my buttocks, face and backs were paining for several days. She used to whipped me in my back and hips with my leather belts which left red scar mark in my skins for many days…She was getting wilder day by day… but these acts also become routine after couple of months…initial pleasure of pain was no more .. then for some days I started eating my lunch and dinner mixed with her little amount of urine in the plate. Sometime while eating these I use to sit on the floor under her legs and eat like an animal ( using the tongue only) and she sit on the dinning chair and take her meals like a queen.
Then we get into ass playing games… she use to blow big farts sitting on my face and I enjoyed sniffing her warm smelly air and taking them as my breath. One or two nights we played enema games…but it was too dirty to sit near her while she shits.. it smells like hell. Ofcourse I cleaned her asshole after she cleared her stomach.
Then I got the idea of 3-some sex from internet… I started telling her that I would like to watch her with other guys…. She was totally against it. But that fantasy always drives me crazy..i imagine a soft elder guy with her and describe her the fantasy like … “an aged decent guy comes to our home and she seduce him… then I prepare her for him..help him to enter into her holes and afte she reach her orgasm I cleaned her tired cunt and asshole with my tongue which were made dirty by the guy. Then I will massage her tired naked body to make her sleep tight lying naked beside the guy”.
At first she was hesitating to listen these things..but later she started getting excited and started asking me why I love to watch her with other guys..do I love her or not?.. if those things happened in real shall I take it lightly after sex.. Having the sexual intense I always use say that I would really like to see her satisfied with another dick.
But that time I really don’t know that this fantasy will change my life style and I’ll become a real submissive husband of my wife.
It happened like as follows…
She started asking me…how shall we get another faithful man.. who will never disclose these things to other ppl… I have no idea..but use to reply her that …ummm… probably by a wrong number call or through internet chat .. she then asks me…whether after that I’ll go for other woman to have the same feelings …involving my wife (MFF). I firmly replies…no never…I want MFM only…no MFF sex…I had to convince her by kissing her toe and drinking her bitter urine....after these type of conversation we both get excited and she starts fucking me wild. At that time I did not know that she was planning some real things… because always after sex..she use to tell me..she can not do that infront of me..i tease her replying that.. ‘ok u blind fold me and made me kneel down on the floor and tie my necks with a chain to the bed. while u have sex with that guy’..
To be frank then it was my dirty fantasy only.. I do not have the idea of consequences of the such reality.
After few weeks one evening when I returned from office she told me that some one is disturbing her all throughout the day by calling on her mobile.

Here the actual story begins…should I continue????????

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Old 15th September 2012
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seems interesting. please continue....

Old 15th September 2012
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nice one

Old 15th September 2012
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continue buddy
nice start

Old 16th September 2012
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carry on

Old 16th September 2012
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nice experience and nice narration ...

Old 16th September 2012
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plz get the bisex angle fast...m waiting...

Old 17th September 2012
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Old 17th September 2012
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Disgusting !!! Eating food with piss !!!

Pm me for chat

Old 19th September 2012
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Originally Posted by kirankats View Post
nice experience and nice narration ...
Forgetting about my fantasy world and sexual desire, I asked my wife to give me the no and told her that let’s complain it to the police. But Rita told me that that stranger was not actually disturbing her..his 1st call was a wrong number call and 2nd time he rang up to say sorry and in next call he is requesting her friendship. I thought some young boy may trying to enjoy her sxy voice..so not to be serious. All the evening Rita was acting little different, she was too polite and in romantic mood trying to fascinate me with her exposing nighty and soft behaviour.. after dinner when we went to bed as a foreplay I was licking and sniffing her asshole..suddenly she again mentioned about that ‘call’ and the guy…who may be.. she asked me…whether I gave her contact no. to any of my friend to fulfill my fantasy . I was falling into a trap…I said it was my fantasy only and in real I can’t approach any known guy to seduce her. She giggled and said ‘ hmmm so u r not suppose to offer me to any known guy..but ready to watch me with a stranger’ Then Rita started playing with my dick..licking it she once said..let’s imagine the guy who rang her that day…hearing about my favourite fantasy I started describing my desires and thoughts… when I said it would be very exciting to see Rita sucking a big dick hungrily.. but she said that she will not do that…rather I’ll have to make that dick hard with greedy sucking and get it prepared for her…and while they do the extreme things I should not watch them but will be blindfolded near them…I was too excited and about to cum but Rita made me calm down and said…let’s ring that guy and have some hot chat..wow… it was hot…getting hotter.. I called on his number and heard a manly voice seeking my identity… my phone was on loud speaker mode…then Rita introduced me with him…after few minutes nice conversation he asked what exactly we were doing at that moment.. he also told me that he is a 50 + guy with a 50+ wife who is very cold in bed.
When I said that we are still enjoying our life in various way he with deep breath said that he had not slept with anyone for atleast 8-10 years…he requested us to share our feelings/activities with him over phone. Rita was seemed to be hesitating but I was hot..i told him what I was doing with her…bringing the mobile near to her cunt I strted licking and kissing her cunt making sound so that he can hear … I was also briefing him about how rita looks like, her statistics, how we enjoy our nights etc. He was surely masturbating… Rita’s first question to him was how big he is… he told Bhbiji..my height is 5.10 feet with nearly 7 inch rock hard dick…wt 70 kg, fair and sporty.
If he is true he is much heavier than me.. I was only 5.3 ft, 59 kg and with a 5.5 inch dick.
Hearing about his body Rita was becoming too hot to handle…she was fucking me hard screaming loudly so that the guy can hear to her over mobile. The guy who introduced himself as Abinash once told that he has a dream to be act as a sex slave of one sexy couple like us…and ready to do anything for that…
Wow…all what was happening was just what we fantasize.. that night Rita climaxed twice before she allowed me to ejacuate…I had no idea of her plannings…I thought in real she will hesitate to meet that guy with whom we shared our sexual fantasys over phone.
But from next day while we have sex she always tried to involve that man over phone. One day on checking her mobile I found when I was at office she talked with that no. for almost 2 hours during the day…may be they were having phone sex…I never imagined that the guy is her old boy friend…
One day she told me that Abinash wants to visit our place.. I was shocked..it was very risky..if he leaks the secrets we will be in deep trouble…but Rita tactfully convinced me that if we met him in another place, how he will find our address and identity. He will not be allowed to take any photo etc. Though my dream is going to be fulfill I was hesitating because of society, fear of being exposed but at the same time thinking my wife with another guy was making me hot also. Somehow I am convinced and agreed to meet that guy on a distant city. He booked a family suite for two of us in a luxurious hotel and another nearby room for him. He informed us about the hotel and accordingly we check in to that hotel… taking shower we took little rest and were waiting for him. I was really tensed and nervous also.. am I really going to submit my wife to another man…I was feeling little guilty but my wife Rita was cool…just b4 he came she hugged, kissed me and told me that I am the best husband in the world…
When he knocked our door my heart beat was so high that I took few moments to open the door…OH my god…he was telling lie..he is not a 50+ soft guy but a tough handsome guy of my age. Nervously Shaking hands with him I told him that I was expecting a old guy…he laughed and replied…Bhabiji ko buddhe ka nehi…jawan mard ka jarurot hai…I saw my wife’s eyes are smiling with her face….she was wearing a transparent saree exposing as much as she can…

What a night that was…when I was helplessly watching my wife and the guy enjoying so erotically.

Should I continue..

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