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Old 25th November 2012
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cfnm experience in India + humiliation+ femdom

Hi all, This is akhil again 30 years old working as a Manager Branding in a multinational in Chennai. I am single and have another experience which goes like this.... All names are changed for the sake of confidentiality * I stay in an apartment which has a North Indian Family opposite to my flat. The family comprises of a Father mother and 2 daughters. The elder daughter, Manshi*is 22 years and the younger, Swetha was 19 years. With out doubt both were like film stars. There is no necessity to describe them as you can straight away imagine from the fact that their mother will look like actress Jayaprada. Imagine the daughters!!! The daughters knew that they attract every mans attention. They were a little egoistic (that is what i felt earlier) and hence would not offer to speak with any one so easily. When i bought a new Honda City , they seemed to be a little impressed.

I was smart man in the apartment neither too young boyish nor too old. Being a manger in multinational my dressing were all smart and were improved further to attract these girls. It is common as every man wants to get noticed by the pretiest girls. * These girls would smile at me when they meet me in the lift by chance or in the car park some times. My parents slowly became friendly with their parents. My parents would tell me of these 2 girls and their career plans etc. So i had a pretty good background of these girls and what they were planning on for future and all. This gave me a good chance to get to speak to them or chat with them. So once while meeting Manshi on the lift i said to her that there was a vacancy for 3d animations engineer at one of the companies and the ad had appeared in the The Hindu. She had said thanks instantly and asked the date of the issue etc. Then i offered if she wanted she can meet me in the evening at my house and i will get her the ad. * With out fail she met me in the evening and to my bad my mother was at home. She was cool and was sitting in the hall and i gave her the paper pointing the advt for job. She said thanks and we started chatting about her career plans and i being a manger was the best person to advise on career plans and hence was able to give her lots of input which was interesting to her. It was almost 30 mins she was here. My mother gave both of us a coffee and my mum planned to leave for a relations house. She excused herself to both of us and left. She had plans to come back late by 10 pm and it was only 5.30 pm now. * Manshi got interested in talking with me and repented that she had missed so long the interaction with me.

As we talked it was 6.30 pm or so. Her sis came and was also chatting with us for some 15 mins and left. I asked her if we could go out for a drive for an ice cream. She accepted and i took her round in my car and had and icecream. She was wearing a jeans and top that just managed to cover her waist but not even her belt line of jeans. Meaning now and then will show off the waist. It loved to see it and it was so milky white with exact structure. No one can afford to stop looking at her. She was beautiful and well structured like a model or actress. * In her company and all my organ was a bit erect , not fully. After the ice cream shop we came back home at 8.00 pm. She got a* call from her mum to come for dinner as they were in opposite flat. She said she will finish dinner and come back for some time till my mum comes. *

I changed my clothes to lungi and t shirt in the mean time. She went to her house and changed to nighty and finished her dinner and was back in 15 mins. I was so much eyeing all over her as i was seeing her in nighty so close sitting in the sofa with me. She was wearing a bra but the see thru nighty was such that u need not guess the shape of her bra. She was wearing only* a panty inside and no petticoat. I was stunned to see the beauty next to me so gorgeous. She complemented me for my night dress. I returned the compliments but not on her dress but on her beauty. She blushed and thanked. Then i asked her if she had a bf. She said that not till now. Then i said that her would be husband is a lucky guy to have a beauty. She asked what was so beautifult in her. * By now i was sure that she wanted more of it as no girl will dare ask what is beautiful in her. She wanted me to spell out.
She asked what was so beautifult in her. * By now i was sure that she wanted more of it as no girl will dare ask what is beautiful in her. She wanted me to spell out. Then i said that on the whole she looked beautiful and that it would be too embarrasing to comment individually. In the back of my mind i was actually wanting her to ask me to comment more and more. The same happened, she requested that she would not feel embarrased even i would comment on her individual assets. I was flying in joy. * Then i was assuming that this is going to end up in something that had longed for. I started my comments on he assets like this...." Manshi u have the assets to drive any man crazy". She asked what drives me crazy. I said " Your tops seem to have the right shape and size". "Your bottoms seem to look great when u walk".* She said " why you put words like 'seem', do u doubt it?". I boldly said " To the extent that i have seen i could only seem and not be sure". She said " You are meaning some thing else to me, do u want to see it to clear your doubt?" . I said " Yes if you want me to comment on it". * She then said that she will show her tops only but her nighty had no buttons or zip to open up in the top. She had to take it all out to show her breasts. So she was hesitating or was acting to hesitate. I asked what she was waiting for. She asked me to close my eyes for a second. I did and when i opened after she asked me to i could see that she was on with her bra on top and her nighty tied around her waist covering half her thighs on one leg and till the knee on the other leg. I was aroused seeing her in that state of undress. God my member grew stronger and she was watching my lungi take a dent. The color of her skin, the complexion, the smoothness only 10% of her body above her waist was covered with her bra. The balance 90% letting my eyes feast this super structured female. I was lusting. You could say that i was looking at her like a dog looking at a piece of bone with the tongues out. I get a hard on even while typing this experience. She was a real beauty. * She asked how it is now. I said that i have not seen it fully. Then she said that i was naughty. I asked her why she asked me to close the eyes. she said that she had to take her nighty out of her head and then tie on her waist as she no buttons. I* said that i had missed that sight then. I requested her to do it once more and i wanted to see it. *

I said part by part seeing is no big thing where as her entire body at one stroke will look more appealing. She agreed and then took her nighty that was around her waist. Could u imagine the sight. She was in black panty and black bra. A super female who had just been in her jeans outfits and the one who was driving me crazy was all out in under garments. * My cock rose and started giving a precum out of my lungi. She saw that and was smiling seeing it. I said that i wanted to see more to make comments. She said that i was already appearing to be hot and uncontrollable. She said " I could see the dent on ur lungi and some oozing cum. The atmosphere was all hot for everything to happen. Neither of us could stop it. * She said she wanted to see me in under wear. So she came near me and pulled the lungi down and made me stand on my underwear. She took of my shirt as well. She could see my member thrusting in front and piercing out. Both of us were in undergarments. I could see her panty getting a bit wet. Her shape was something that no one could wait. * After taking of my shirt now she saw my underwear and smiled saying "Your Man in locked up, When should we release him". She came closer and with out*any notice held my member over my underwear. She pulled or rather dragged me near her holding my member around the underwear.
After taking of my shirt now she saw my underwear and smiled saying "Your Man in locked up, When should we release him". She came closer and with out*any notice held my member over my underwear. She pulled or rather dragged me near her holding my member around the underwear. Holding it tight she appeared she will never let my cock free. She asked me if we can go to the bed room. Even before i could nod. She took it for granted and started dragging me inside to the bed room pulling my cock tightly. She was a bit averacious , but never could imagine so much speed and vigour from a cute beauty like her. She was just the opposite of what one could imagine from her cute small girl apprearance.* ** Dragging me to the room , i was almost crying in pain and alarmed "Slowwww.. ". She turned a deaf ear to my cry and never hesitated to pull my cock and steering me to the bed room.

i had no other choice other than to keep myself close to her least it causes pain.A beautiful girl holding my cock and cock dragged with a iron clad hand, both pleasure and pain. Odd combination.** ** I was getting worried she is going to make me cry with the way i saw her handle my cock even before she could see it naked. She went inside the bed room and she sat on the cot. she did not have to pull me closer as i had myself volunteered afraid of the pain that would cause if i let her pull me. She asked how i felt.I said i like her holding the cock* but not dragging me with it. No sooner did i complete this sentence she pulled it closer to her breasts where i had to strain a bit.

She holding the cock was almost straining me and saw my face in pain. I said " PLeasssssssseeeeeeee".** ** She was cool and said she likes to see me cry in pain. She said she will let me go if only i do her a favour. I cried that i will do any favour. She said that she had a fantasy and that i have to do that for her. I pleaded her " I will do anythingfor you please let me free and say what ever you want". She little bit loosened the grip letting me stand a little more comfortable but did not leave my cock free. The last few seconds she held me i wished she let me than hold me. The pain was more than pleasure.* ** She said her fantasy was that i have to feel shy like a girl and she will behave like a man. She said that is why she pulled me like raping me and causing pain for me to see me a bit passive and soft. She had a different fantasy.

But i said ok to come out of the pain. Then she released my cock out of her hand.** ** She asked if i was ready to act* a bit shy like. I said ok. Then she again took hold of my cock for which i said " please i feel shy donot touch it". She let go and asked me to take of my underwear. I said i will not take off. She asked me to come near and i went. She held both sides of my underwear and pulled it down slowly and i was restricting her to pull it down halfheartedly. Thus the sides she was pulling came down and i the front part took the cocks protruding as a coat hanger and refused to come down. She pulled it further on the sides and the centre was pulling my erect member downwards to slowly starting uncover the base of my cock. she stopped there and looked at my face to see if i were feeling shy. I had to.* ** She pulled it down further and and my cock was out of the cage. i covered it immediately with my both hands. She* tried to take my hands off to see the member but as i was holding it with both hands was able to cover most of it. she then stood up and started kissing on my lips and holding me*close to her breasts. I was liking it. My hands covering my cock were touching her panties in the front. She was deeply kissing me and we both were enjoying the act.

She asked me to take her bra off. Her hands were around my back holding me tight. Inoder to remove her bra i had to uncover my penis. But asshe was not seeing it decided to take my hands behind her to remove the bra hook. Before i could remove the bra hook she could feel my member pushing her on her bellies and she grasped my cock in one go with both her hands. Oh GOD what a pleasure. She let go my lips and sat down instantly and stroked my penis rock hard and put her lips around it. i was trying to cover with my hands while she slapped on my hands signing i not bring my hands near. She commanded me " Raise your hands or i will drag u like this..."* I instantly raised. She was licking my cock all round and sucking it. I asked her if i could put my hands down as it was paining.** ** She asked me to unhook her bra. i did it. She asked me to keep my hands across my hips and keep watching. She took her bra completely and was naked on top now. She took my cock from her mouth and started to press it on her boobs. Her naked boobs and my member were rubbing agains each other. She was squeezing mymember between her boobs and was also brushing her tits on my shaft

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Old 25th November 2012
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Have u flashed ur cock to someone? share here
We lived in a row house and I love the aunties living next door. I pretend to clean the bike sitting without wearing the underwear and completely expose my hard on. Before that I usually apply lots of coconut oil for shining. Mine is cut penis and the red head is clearly exposed.

I watch aunties watching my cock as if I cleaning the bike. In my experience girls easily fall prey to this than aunties. This was done during my school days and I target college girls as they are bit matured and has eagerness to explore the cocks

I used to play chess with the my cousin sister and I apply the same tactics sitting in such a position exposing the hard on clearly. She loves seeing it when I was busy looking at the coins (pretending). But unfortunately could not proceed further...
Let me add the first real incident here:

I was studying college first year and was literally got used to this flashing. I was dare enough to venture into this as no one could get me caught red handed, instead everyone will try to get off such incidents and some may enjoy. But the girls/women/aunty staring at the cock were really less. May the conversion ration is somewhere around 10% i.e you flash it to 10 females and chances are there one might be peeping at it

My cousin brother moved to Chennai from Madurai on transfer along with his wife and 2 yr old kid. I always shagg off thinking his wifes rippen enlarged breast and lovely ass.

One night he was not able to return from work on time and has to stay back at office, being a small boy then I was asked to stay with cousins brother wife for that night. The moment I got this offer, I decided to flash by cock given a chance to do that

I was asked to sleep in the hall and she took the bedroom. I watched TV till late in the night and tried to get peep her. But she locked the room from inside and even I could not peep from the key hole as the cot was located in a different direction. I woke up very early and did a different trick.

I covered my face with bedsheet and left a small gap so that I can see outside. My hard on cock top portion was well out from the shorts. Waited for so long and she came out at around 06.00 am. She went into the kitchen, the though of she watching my cock, gives me an instant hardon and I pulled the top portion out from the shorts exposed.

First time she went across with my cock unnoticed....... Will continue
Waited few minutes for her, but I did not see her walk across. My penis was erected and desperately needed a hard pressing, hence I held my cock tight and shook it twice thinking that she might be with her kid. While I was doing it, she walked across and remember my face was still covered to pretend as sleeping to watch her reaction. When she was about to move out of that room, she turned across to look me.

Man that was a lovely sight as I could read the tension in her face and could join the pieces together to chart out that she was standing behind me and enjoying my cock's head before the movement in me disturbed her.

That was inviting esp the tension in her face, I moved the short down again by few inches to expose half of my hard cock with open red head. As expected she walked across in next few minutes and it was silent again. No progress as time passed on and I decided to bite the bait but suddenly turning my face behind....

What a sight that was.. I caught her red faced just behind my bed watching my cock. She least expected a sleeping guy to turn that fast and she was even not able to speak. Just pretended as if she was clearing the dress from the shelf.

I would have loved to show my cock and keep it secret, but.......

I was offered a bed coffee and was requested to keep a eye on her sleeping kid so that she can complete her bath before the kid wakes up. As soon as she entered the bathroom, I went outside to the side passage and tried to peep her through the window. Unfortunately there is nothing there to climb and I again ran inside to check out for holes in the door. I found a small crack at one corner of the door (do you know that if u keep ur eye on even a very thin crack, u can see the person fully inside, try it out)

She was standing in the same direction as me and it was a lovely sight to see her huge ass. That was definitely larger that was I imagined during masturbating.. I left my cock out and massaged softly. She turned towards me to give life for me by showing the breast and black hairs at pussy.. Within couple of strokes, I leaked inside my shorts. Never had the opportunity again

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Old 25th November 2012
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nice story dude....vist my theared


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Old 22nd September 2013
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now let me say i realy loved stories this type

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Old 26th November 2013
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good (1-6)

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Old 5th December 2013
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Its true but one has to be careful at times. We all love this

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Old 15th January 2014
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Old 17th March 2014
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I am soumya married with harikumar. I like to be made some situations like cfnm with my husband. He doesn't know about that. Now I am 24 & my husband at 30 . We stay with his family. His mother and sister and servent girl also lived with us. Mom at her early sixty and sister studies in her degree final year. The servant at 20. He was very serious minded person. I had a passion like to saw naked males. He didnt bother our sex ralation. He only think his business. I realise my sexual affair with the internet. He went to office after that I search many sexual sites in internet and saw many videos. Now I got an interesting site. It contains man flash their dick to girls.. like masturbate without lock the bathroom and the maid came their and saw it etc.. I saw and enjoyed a lot with that videos. I planned to show my hubbies dick to any girls. In sunday he wake up at 10 am or late. I wake up early and notivced him he lying with his lungi only. I got an idea and remove his lungi now he stark naked in the bed. I went out from my room and didnt lock the door. I went to kichen and found everybody to work in their. I help them. Mom said to servant to take her dress in her room and wash. I got a chance to the servant see my hubbies dick. I was excited and tell her to collect our dirty clothes in our room. She agreed and went to our room and she open door and enter our room I also follow her. She saw my hubby naked on the bed and shocked. she stare on my habbies hairy dick without any move. I saw her face got red. I enter in room and said sorry to her and said to her ' you didn't tell it to any one' she agreed and She collect our dirty clothes and leave room without moove her eye on my hubbies dick. I was so excited to see her aattitude. I had more courage to show my hubbies dick to any one after this insident. It was first insident. He doesn't know about that.

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