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Old 17th February 2014
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Old 18th February 2014
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Old 18th February 2014
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Originally Posted by nazia1987 View Post
It was almost 1:30 now and all 4 seemed exhausted.Shifa was made to stand up by the men who took turns sucking her milk tanks one by one and sometimes two at once.They were quite enough to not let other people know how the whore was being used.Shifa was closing her eyes and massaging her cunt over the saree.Vikram whispered something to Raghu and he nodded.vikram slowly started pulling the saree up with her petticoat until it came up to the waist and Raghu immediately started touching her wet pussy lips over the panty.I thought my wife was going to be fucked by them now.I was worried as all three of them were more or less strangers and may have sexual diseases but i was helpless and horny.After playing with her pink pussy lips for a while Raghu pulled her panties down to her knees and all three men had their hands over this beautiful treasure.
Raghu was fingering her cunt while Vikram was caressing her asshole.The other guy in whose chest Shifa's face was buried right now was grabbing and playing with anything he could get his hands on.I ejaculated seeing my shy wife in this condition.Raghu's cock was stiff again and it was massive.I thought this is it.My wife is to be fucked by this bull today.Just as he was trying to turn Shifa's pussy towards him by holding her waist,The bus started slowing down and everyone was alert now.All three guys put their weapons back into their pants and helped my wife dress up.I saw the third guy sniffing at her bra before allowing her to wear it back.They pressed her boobs and ass over her saree until the bus stopped completely.The lights were on again and everything seemd to be normal except my wife whose bright red lipstick was gone and her straight long hair was all messed up.She seemed to have enjoyed the night and the 3 guys were happy for sure.
Many people got down at that town and i called Shifa to sit beside me and vikram took the seat next to her.I didn't ask her about her messy hair as i knew it was of no use.She would make up some lame excuse.3 more hours of journey was left and the lights went off again.Vikram must have smooched her a dozen times during the whole journey as i had had enough and went to sleep for real this time.
When i woke up to Shifa's voice,i observed there were some stains on her blouse which meant she had blown Vikram gowda again while sitting next to me.What a bitch!!We got down at mangalore and headed to my cousin's house while i reminded Vikram about his plans to explore the beaches.He made a sad face and bid us goodbye and said he'll meet us in bangalore.I was kind of sad that my fantasy had encouraged my wife to be a slut she really is but everyone was happy and i couldn't blame anyone for all that was happening.
Well after this incident Vikram used to come to our apartment mostly when i wasn't around and i knew Shifa was sleeping with him and she was his bitch now.I even found birth-control pills in her handbag once and i was sure of her affair now as i always use condoms.Once when i was out of town for 3 days,our watchman Shiva informed me on my return that Vikram had visited my home all three days and one day with another man.I had asked shiva to keep an eye on shifa as she would be alone but vikram had kept her company all along.I was shocked to hear that and hoped that Vikram wasn't getting my wife fucked by his friends.This continued for about 1 year when he got transferred to Hyderabad and i felt relief after a long time.Now whenever Vikram comes to bangalore to meet "ME",i try my best to keep him away from my home but i know my wife still secretly gets fucked by his cock.
Nice story. Me Farzana from Kottara chowki message me

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Old 12th July 2014
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